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5. Beep, Elderly Card


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Zhao Ling and co. instantly froze. Although they knew Deng Jingwen didn’t want Deng Zhuo anymore, it was one thing to deal with matters behind the other’s back and another to do so in front of him….When they thought about what they were currently doing, they all couldn’t help but feel uncertain—very uncertain. After all, who actually knew what Deng Jingwen’s real stance on Deng Zhuo was, ne? Was he really not concerned about him anymore? However, just as they were about to release Xie He and wait for a time where no one was around to deal with him, they discovered that Deng Jingwen looked away, expressionless. He continued walking away as if he hadn’t seen anything at all.

Zhao Ling was startled. Soon after, he looked as if he had come to a realization! The gaze he directed towards Xie He no longer held any misgivings! 1qZ0B3

Xie He watched as Deng Jingwen nonchalantly turned away. The hope in his eyes slowly extinguished. In the end, all that was left was a dull gray….

Because he was too shocked and full of grief, he even forgot to resist his enemies….

Dad…how can he be like this…he really…doesn’t want me anymore.

In a split second, he lost all standing that he had in this world. Upon pulling off their disguises, everyone’s faces became malevolent and frightful. He finally understood that without Deng Jingwen, he was nothing!


He would undoubtedly fall into Zhao Ling’s hands. When he thought about everything that he would face…he could only shudder,

In that instant, he was fully submerged in dread.

“Dad, Dad…” Xie He cried out in vain, “Daddy…I’ll listen to you from now on. Please let me stay…don’t throw me away…please….”

Zhao Ling sneered, “Hehe, now you know how to be afraid. If only you knew that this day would come. You’d have known that you should’ve acted more modest and low-profile rather than brash and ostentatious from the start.” fCgEtN

Tears rolled down Xie He’s face. From beginning to end, his gaze was on Deng Jingwen, watching as his silhouette gradually got further away. Suddenly, a strength surged from who-knows-where, allowing Xie He to shout loudly, “Dad…I agree! I agree to everything! Please come back! Come back, OK?!”

He didn’t want to fall into Zhao Ling’s hands! He didn’t want to be humiliated by these people! He didn’t want to live a life worse than death!

That’s his dad, ah! That was the man who had protected him, had loved him, had given him everything since he was young! He was a god-like existence in his eyes…so long as he could stay by his side, he would agree to anything!

So…please don’t throw me away…. g1JEzR

“Stop dreaming. Face the facts, ba,” Zhao Ling smiled disparagingly. When had Deng Jingwen ever taken back something he had said? He had probably wanted to get rid of this idiot son for a long time already. Deng Zhuo, this youngster, was just dreaming, ne.

“Take him away.” Upon Zhao Ling’s command, several people began to drag Xie He away.

However, Deng Jingwen, who was already quite far away, suddenly halted his steps. He then turned around and walked towards them.

Zhao Ling was dumbfounded upon seeing this. Hadn’t he been turning a blind eye just now? What was happening? Don’t say he suddenly changed his mind and wanted to meddle now, ah! When Zhao Ling thought of this, he broke out into a cold sweat. Nz3Dqx

Deng Jingwen’s gait was unhurried. Neither quickly nor slowly, he walked until he stood in front of Xie He.

He didn’t spare even a single glance at Zhao Ling as if the other was nothing but an insignificant insect. He said to Xie He, “Have you thought it through?”

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Xie He looked at him with misty eyes and sobbed, “I’ve thought it through. I’ll listen to everything you say. Please let me stay. Please want me….”

Deng Jingwen gave him a profound look. A long time later, he said, “Alright.” gJYokd

Xie He flashed a moved and happy expression, “Dad….”

Deng Jingwen raised his head and told Zhao Ling and his friends, “Let go.”

His tone was frigid, but there was no anger. However, it still caused Zhao Ling and co. to shiver. They then proceeded to let go of their hold on Xie He.

“S-sorry!” Zhao Ling bowed, face pale. JRBv2o

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“Let’s go.” Deng Jingwen gave Xie He a cold glance.

Xie He was finally free. He didn’t even bother to wipe away his tears as he stumbled after Deng Jingwen and climbed into the car.

………………… AxFe7p

All along the way, Deng Jingwen did not speak. Xie He secretly peeped over at his grave and stern profile with an apprehensive expression. He sat, ill-at-ease, not daring to move even the slightest bit. He was afraid that if he made a mistake or said the wrong thing, Deng Jingwen won’t want him again.

Only after losing it once did he know how to treasure everything that he had. He did not dare to act as unbridled as he had in the past.

The car pulled into the huge Deng Family residence. Xie He cautiously followed Deng Jingwen up the stairs.

【Xie He:Baby, what’s coming up next isn’t suitable for children.】 kbgPTc

【444:O(∩_∩)O~I understand~I just invited 521 and 818 to go shopping with me. I’m going to take a trip to the system space~】

【Xie He:Go, ba. Have fun. You can spend up to 5000 experience points.】

【444:Host dada, I wuv you! (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ】It felt amazing to have a big thigh to hold onto! What he loved the most was the envious gazes of other systems~

Deng Jingwen sat on the sofa in his bedroom. He used a deep gaze to look at Xie He and said apathetically, “Close the door.” 5Vn N2

Xie He promptly turned around to close the door.

Deng Jingwen spoke once more, “Come here.”

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Xie He walked over. Since he had just been crying, there were still tear streaks on his face. His head was drooping in a lovely and pitiful manner.

The gaze Deng Jingwen used to look at him became increasingly darker. His boy…was wearing another man’s clothes. It had only been one night, and already, other people coveted him? Moreover, he was completely unaware….When he thought this, Deng Jingwen’s voice grew cold, “Take off your clothes.” uszyV

Xie He trembled slightly. Originally, he had a deep veneration and fear towards Deng Jingwen. After experiencing the events this time, he was even less daring, especially in regard to provoking the other’s anger. He bit his lips and took off the pyjamas. He then turned his head away, extremely embarrassed.

Deng Jingwen looked at his boy. That slender and slim body, that gorgeous and bright face…even if he was in a miserable state, he was still breathtakingly beautiful like a blooming Roseleaf Raspberry flower just waiting to be plucked. Why…had he not noticed this before?

Deng Jingwen’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and he stood up from the sofa.

He pinched the boy’s chin, voice low, “Since you want to stay by my side, then you should understand your status.” ptyjAv

Fear and resistance appeared in Xie He’s eyes. He was silent for a good while before he forced out, “I understand, Dad.”

“Call me Sir,” Deng Jingwen said.

Xie He blinked his eyes, pained. He already promised to let Dad top him and yet Dad still wanted to deprive him of his right to call him this? However, he had no say….He suppressed the sadness in his heart and choked out, “S-sir….”

This word was like lighting a fuse. Deng Jingwen could no longer suppress his desire. k5WCOd

He kissed those soft red lips with force. However, it felt like no matter how much he breathed in that sweetness, it wasn’t enough, so he couldn’t help but apply even more strength….

When he thought about how this beautiful rarity was about to be his, Deng Jingwen, who had never been moved before, unexpectedly felt some fluctuations in his heart. There was even a sliver of impatience. This was his boy! He personally watched as his dazzling beauty gradually bloomed….

Everything, from his body to his heart, ought to be his!

When he was entered, the boy struggled and cried with all his might. 4EFLPw

However, Deng Jingwen only hesitated for a second. Soon after, his eyes were covered by a layer of callousness once more, and he seized the boy back with no hesitation!


Deng Jingwen carried the sleeping boy into the bathroom. The boy’s fair body was completely covered in marks he’d left behind. The sight was both shocking and erotic, enchanting to anyone who saw it. He didn’t want to be this rough at first. However, the boy’s struggles only excited the sadistic part of him. His desire for absolute control made him want to torment the boy into subservience. This was his instinct. Since he wasn’t his son…then he had to learn how to serve him.

Only…he gently caressed the boy’s face and couldn’t help but kiss him as if marking his territory. He was the unrivalled…treasure that Deng Jingwen wanted. If he could learn to be obedient, then he wouldn’t mind treating him a bit more gently. 39EDST

【Ding, the target Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value+10. The current Favourability Value is 55.】

When Xie He woke up, he found himself in his own bedroom. His body had already been cleaned up. Lying within his sheets, he flipped his body around, feeling comfortable. Deng Jingwen had actually had misgivings considering this was Deng Zhuo’s first time, so Deng Jingwen had very patiently prepped him. Moreover, his technique was very good. It was just that this body was really too sensitive and tight! Moreover, little Wen was also too big, so Xie He was still slightly injured. He probably wouldn’t have much of a sex life for the next few days. When Xie He thought of this, he suddenly felt a bit regretful….

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【444:Host dada, I’ve come back, la~~】

【Xie He:Did you have fun, Baby?】 pycvfx

【444:I had fun!!! \(≧▽≦)/ Host dada, did you have fun?】

【Xie He:I had fun. 🙂 】

Xie He didn’t want to get up too early, so he laid down and fell back asleep. When he woke up again, it was already midnight. He dressed himself and was about to go down to find something to eat. He really was a bit hungry right now.

However, when he got off the bed, he found that both of his legs were trembling. Just how delicate was this body, ah? Before, the reason why he could act like a useless rich boy was because the people he bullied didn’t dare lay their hands on him out of respect for Deng Jingwen, ba? Xie He laughed internally as he headed downstairs, supporting himself with the railing. xUtvE3

He slipped into the kitchen. Because it was already midnight, there were only some leftovers. In any case, the Deng Family lived a very extravagant lifestyle, so even their leftovers were sumptuous. There were also many delicacies that only existed in this world. Even if Xie He was a very picky eater, he found it to be not bad. He held the plate in his hands and ate in satisfaction….

【444:Host dada, Deng Jingwen is coming over!】

Xie He was eating very happily. However, a conflicted pain emerged from within his eyes as if he couldn’t swallow the food…He ate half of it before inadvertently turning his head. At this moment, he saw Deng Jingwen’s tall body standing at the entrance of the kitchen. Instantly, his face paled in fright! His weak body swayed as if it would fall to the ground at any moment.

Deng Jingwen narrowed his eyes slightly. Looking at the frightened boy, he didn’t know why but his heart softened for some inexplicable reason. Although he wasn’t his child, he had single-handedly raised him after all. Before, along with that cocksure attitude of his, he was an extremely fussy eater. He would throw a tantrum if it was too cold, too hot, too salty, or too bland. Now, he would unexpectedly sneak to the kitchen to have some leftovers in the middle of the night…. FD1rsa

Although he would not be as indulgent with the boy as before, he didn’t plan on giving the boy a hard life.

It was probably because he had been a bit too fierce yesterday….

He walked over and grabbed the plate in the boy’s hand. With a cool voice, he said, “Don’t you know to warm this up before eating?”

Xie He gazed at him timidly, not uttering a sound. lnAV7

Deng Jingwen directly turned on the gas stove and poured the contents of the dish into a pan. A few minutes later, it was nice and hot. After heating up, the food emitted an alluring aroma. Xie He thought that it must taste even better now and gulped.

“Eat, ba,” Deng Jingwen placed the food in front of him.

Although Deng Jingwen was expressionless as usual and his eyes were as apathetic as always, Xie He looked at him with a grateful gaze and spoke with a moved tone, “Dad….”

Those bright, clever eyes seemed to say, Dad, you still love me, don’t you? 5O6MdL

Being looked at like this and called in such an intimate voice made Deng Jingwen’s heart tremble. This was really…a simple-minded child who would not learn his lesson. Clearly, he had been so cruelly treated by him and yet a single warm meal would cause Deng Zhuo to call him ‘Dad’ again with a worshipful and grateful gaze.

For once…he didn’t correct him.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Ding, the target Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value+5. The current Favourability Value is 60.】

Xie He ate very happily. He then rubbed his stomach. I’m full! 0oG6VA

Deng Jingwen saw him finish and said, “Come up.”

Xie He nodded, “Mn.”

Deng Jingwen brought him to his bedroom and glanced at him from the side. With an indifferent voice he said, “I placed the ointment on your desk. Remember to put it on.”

After speaking, he turned around and left without paying any more attention to Xie He. Jp951N

Xie He closed the door and fell onto his bed.

Actually, he had noticed the ointment the first time he woke up. Deng Jingwen had already helped him apply the ointment once. It was already very rare for Deng Jingwen to do something himself. He would certainly not help him apply it every day. Anyway, Xie He wasn’t about to listen to him. As a straight man, he would be embarrassed to put ointment on there, ah. Furthermore, with Deng Zhuo’s temperament, there was a 200% chance that he would only agree overtly and then refuse to put it into practice. Especially since he had gotten a taste of sweetness just now, he was even more unlikely to change.

Xie He reckoned that with Deng Zhuo’s personality, he would only eat and sleep at home with no plans on going to school. Every day, he would happily call Butler Zhang ‘Grandpa Zhang.’ Because Deng Jingwen would leave the house early in the morning and only come back late at night, he didn’t pay any attention to him. Actually, except for when he wanted to sleep with him, Deng Jingwen would not think about Deng Zhuo.

Butler Zhang already knew about Deng Zhuo. Seeing him, he couldn’t help but feel tenderhearted and treated him as well as he had before. Lr8RCX


A week passed like this. Deng Jingwen thought that Deng Zhuo should be more or less recovered by now. So, one night, he called the boy to his room. When he thought about the boy’s injury, it wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about looking for someone else to relieve his desires. It was just…so long as he thought about the stunning, seductive appearance of the boy weeping beneath his body, no one else could enter his eye. He just thought that other people would spoil his appetite. Therefore, it was because of this that he patiently endured for one week.

When he thought that he could finally embrace the boy again, Deng Jingwen felt a rare moment of anticipation.

It had already been a very long time since something had been able to make him feel like this. u v2Wh

【Xie He:It’s a pity that I’ll have to disappoint Dad, ah. Sigh.jpg】

【444 weakly says:If he’s disappointed, it seems like the one to suffer will be you, ne….】

【Xie He:I won’t. He’s not the kind of person who would mercilessly destroy flowers. :)】

444:@[email protected] Did he recall incorrectly? Hadn’t the other forced him to make a decision once already? Next time, he should check the condition of his internal storage…. k9JKER

Xie He stood inside Deng Jingwen’s bedroom, looking at the other carefully.

The boy evidently had a psychological shadow regarding Deng Jingwen’s room. Therefore, he was very afraid. Indeed, in the next moment, Deng Jingwen pulled him over and directly pressed him down onto his large bed.

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The boy trembled, but he didn’t resist. He only used his watery eyes to look at Deng Jingwen….In any case…it’ll be over after bearing with it for a while. He only had to let Dad vent a bit, and then, he will turn back into the Dad who loved him dearly—back into the Dad of his memories…

And not that cold-hearted and unfeeling man who wanted to end the relationship between them. 6vTthK

The boy could feel his clothes being removed. He endured the complicated sadness, disgust,  suffering, and torment inside of him, closed his eyes, and waited to be invaded.

However, time passed, but Deng Jingwen did not move.

A long time later, he heard Deng Jingwen’s frosty voice above him, “You didn’t put the ointment on.”

The boy was frightened by that icy voice. Fear filled his beautiful eyes, “I…I…” v6fMCu

“Why didn’t you listen to me?” Deng Jingwen said.

The boy couldn’t utter the reason. He defied him, not speaking, and evaded his gaze.

Deng Jingwen’s expression cooled. Heh…indeed, with that personality of his that never seems to learn, he’ll shine if you give him even a single ray of sunlight. He had thought that the boy would learn to be good after learning that kind of lesson. Who knew that he didn’t change at all…it seemed that he had been too gentle.

Deng Jingwen calmly re-buttoned his shirt and said insipidly, “Come down.” AXo9cl

The boy crawled off the bed in a hurry. He didn’t dare to put back on his clothes and stood before the man. Because he was nervous and ashamed, his face was slightly flushed.

Deng Jingwen looked at him. His eyes grew increasingly dark. His lips curved up slightly, and he spat out freezing words, “You need to learn some rules.”

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