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  • The anchor, Ruan Tang has been invited to the Chef’s Association’s official live broadcast. Please stand by while the live chat server timed out.

    Probably since his fans from the other platform led by the local tyrant HE is crashing into the broadcast LOL XDD

  • on Outside the LawChapter 1 7 days ago

    Oh! Yeah, I refreshed and it was fixed. Great work! Thanks for the chapter :)) I’ll be waiting for the update tomorrow too! (I’ll have to check the audio drama sometime soon, though I don’t understand chinese :P)

  • on Outside the LawChapter 1 7 days ago

    The first chapter is here! And also, first comment! I’m excited for this novel.

    By the way, I think part of the translation somehow got moved into the tl notes? It skipped ahead after a phrase with tl notes. I checked and the tl notes had a bunch of (presumably) translation text in it. I don’t know what CG’s editor is like, but I think there’s some formatting error.

  • First! Also, looking forward to when MC realizes what he’s really supposed to do.

    *ahem*Taking care of ML*ahem*

  • Qi Zhuo went mad and clearly lost his head and sense of taste at the same time while the other two canon fodders probably couldn’t think of anything wrong with it nor any insults and thus just copied Qi Zhuo lol

  • Maybe,,

    Xiang Huaizhi: catches Jing Huan from the bottom of the pit Are you okay?

    Jing Huan: *heart fluttering x2 combo* Gege! That slag man charm is foul play! >~<


  • It’s almost like a tsundere met a tsundere-oh wait. That’s exactly what happened lol

    Thanks for the chapter and looking forward to the next one! Hopefully MC and ML encounter won’t be too far away from now…

  • sigh if chapter 108 is 10% then we have approx. 972 more chapters to go..

    Thanks for the chapter and good luck with the next 972, Tetractys!

  • Ruan Tang : makes delicious sounding food

    Readers : *splashed by vinegar* I want to crawl into the screen and eat (snatch) the food-

    He Yun Yi : *gets special food delivery* *smirk*

    He Yun Chen : *bathed in vinegar* I want to crawl into the stream and eat (snatch) the food (my wife)-

    Li Kai : *in the background* now you know how I felt back then ;n;

    Love this novel as usual <3

  • I regret the spontaneous decision to read this while waiting for the bus. QAQ I swear I’m not crying, there’s just someone cutting onions here!

    I’m so sad Ah Huai didn’t get to see the newly budded flowers the Zergs wanted to gift their king and Alves-! ( ╥ д ╥) Poor Alves waiting patiently for his king to wake up– that really broke my heart 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。