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  • Huanhuan expects Yearning For to feel devastated when he knew the girl chasing him is not a girl at all.

    Looks like that plan has completely broke now xDDD

  • Or rather, people don’t understand the difference between having the rights to do something, being obliged to do that something and being humane in doing that something.

    Even if you have the rights to do it, you still have to think of whether it is right to do it.

    Also, having the rights to do it is NOT equal to being obliged to do it just because you can. Of course everyone HAVE THE RIGHT to choose whether they do something or not.

    Being triggered by the frequent misinterpretations and misunderstandings of the common people aside, Ren Jing and Ye Chen are truly connected by fate!! For RJ to “see” the death of Ye Chen even when the Death System has reversed(?) time is truly remarkable.

    Thanks for the chapter!! 0w0)/

  • I’m more curious why our Huanhuan didn’t react when Xiao Jingjing was mentioned by Lu Hang xDD

  • Or, after saving Ah Huai in a dress would be more appropriate xDDD

  • I’m trying to send help but I’m also in need xDDD so cute! Adorable! Meng overload (=^w^=)

  • The anchor, Ruan Tang has been invited to the Chef’s Association’s official live broadcast. Please stand by while the live chat server timed out.

    Probably since his fans from the other platform led by the local tyrant HE is crashing into the broadcast LOL XDD

  • on Outside the LawChapter 1 2 months ago

    Oh! Yeah, I refreshed and it was fixed. Great work! Thanks for the chapter :)) I’ll be waiting for the update tomorrow too! (I’ll have to check the audio drama sometime soon, though I don’t understand chinese :P)

  • on Outside the LawChapter 1 2 months ago

    The first chapter is here! And also, first comment! I’m excited for this novel.

    By the way, I think part of the translation somehow got moved into the tl notes? It skipped ahead after a phrase with tl notes. I checked and the tl notes had a bunch of (presumably) translation text in it. I don’t know what CG’s editor is like, but I think there’s some formatting error.

  • First! Also, looking forward to when MC realizes what he’s really supposed to do.

    *ahem*Taking care of ML*ahem*