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  • Ngl, when it started on that Fang guy and surnamed Luo’s part, I skipped it like “blah, blah, blah, beep, beep, beep, f-f-u凸”

    The way some people think really makes me “ugh”🙄. Especially that spicy chicken Fang. And that surnamed Luo should REALLY stop giving false hope to said spicy chicken. Yeesh.

  • on Very HappyCh113 - Love 1 week ago

    She isn’t dumb she was just one of the crazies that’s all hehehe. She has conscience, that alone, is enough.

  • Another point that proves that zombies are indeed cute! (at least to me hehe) The Xie CP are too OP! O(≧▽≦)O

  • Damn, after all the adrenalin rush I’ve experienced in this arc, it’s finally almost OVERRRRR

  • Happy Little PeePee😏

  • I want a pet zombie

  • on Very HappyCh72 - Not Bitter 2 months ago
    Song Yu? My baby boy? Ahh, how I missed this sour candy so much QvQ ❤

    Also, Zhao Zhao is loved, and the world is beautiful.

    btw, the people around Ting Ting and Zhao Zhao are either reborn or have memories of the past and I can’t believe my oblivious butt for realizing it a bit later.

    But now Zhao Zhao and Ting Ting was given a second chance and finally met in this life, how wonderful. One of the rare times the universe has been merciful.

    Despite the fact that the LiYan CP have no memories of the last life or aren’t reborn, with ZhaoZhao’s good luck, life, love and fortune in the form of one, TingTing, everithing will turn out gucci. Same goes for Yan Ting❤

    Don’t ask why I made this long speech that nobody reads anyway, but let’s not make this long thing any longer and end it here, hehe.

  • This is the first time I’ve felt sorry for a villain type character hahahaha. Pity, pity, pity you He Fei😂

  • The bottoms are genderbent lmao also @ Sister A of ♡, I see that you are very much rotten yourself, eh ;))

  • Btw when Mama Le YaoYao asked for the blessing/protection from a god, did he accidentally summon Xu Yao? (o.O) ((prolly nah, but i can daydream, hehe))

    Ai, the suspense (*>.<*) Now I’m v excited for the next one! Thanks for the chapter!