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  • I’m actually not angry with Bao Yao because I’ve been there. I play with my brother too and I’ve lost count how many arguments we had because I played too poorly, or in gaming terms, was being a “cancer.” So this just had me laughing because I relate so much. Thanks for the chapter and happy birthday!!! Much love translator!

  • on TattooChapter 28 3 months ago

    Oh my god is the only thing I can say. I cried a bit at the part where Xiao Ke said Zhou Zui doesn’t need to spend his new years alone again. Aww.. i love this novel! Thank you so much for introducing these two to us translator!! And of course, I’m sending love to the author too. This is just too wholesome and I feel so jealous. I wish I have someone to spend my new years too. Ahhhh, O LOVE THISSS

  • Whaaaaaa omg what’s going onnn!! So excited to know more

  • yyeyyyyyyyyy happy new year translator sann hahahaha thanks for the ud!!! Omg omggggg kk have now heard our Liang liang’s soft and tender voice! LET THE ROMANCING START UWUUUUU

  • Hello hahaha, thanks for the ud. Everytime you update, I read the chapter and go back to the last chapter to look at the spoilers without contenxt and everytime I’d go, aaah so that’s why hahahaah.

  • Never mind never mind I’m an idiot! Just as I posted the comment above, the page refreshed again and the words appeared. Sorryyy

  • Hello, there seems to be some jumbled words in the text. I’ve tried to refresh the page many times, as I know this is one of your precautions for content stealers, but the jumbled words won’t disappear! Help! Also, sorry if I’m being a nuisance, thanks for the chapter huhuhu but I can’t really understand this

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  • Oh damn +1!!!

  • Omg hahaha, two pendants ah. Chen You better be careful, you might not really get a pendant next time. Extremely curious though, his two pendants must be really important if that is his prize from the system.

  • So I decided to comment about thanking you first before I actually read the chapter and now I am giggling but also kind of not. Since I know this novel will turn pretty dark soon the ending last arc killed me huhuhu. But omg whats with him having two dingdings hahahaha. Thank you once more for translating!