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  • 😳 can i say that this is cute? 😏 thanks to author for not making them some plastic cliche characters, it’s reasonable that cxc doesn’t know how to even kiss, it’s sad but it’s also sweet that he’s so pure in this field.

  • the whirpool of emotions from this one💛😍

  • m-m-m I’m anticipating the apocalypse part so much~💛 that shen muze is so fu*ked, instead of doing te right thing he digs deeper and deeper. not to mention, imagine his surprise when gu bai comes along with his space, the jaw drop will break his leg, i bet you

  • 😂 that “through the wall” though, so casual, so bossy. you gotta love shang que he’s one of a kind. but omomomo if ruola actually would join their company! that’d be interesting. she’s already quite open-minded about ghosts etc. and her hair is ok. perfect candidate

  • Who else laughs like crazy at system’s reactions?? I can totally imagine its’ horror, after all this host is quite special XD This is fun so far

  • 🎉🎉🎉WOOOOOOOOOOOaaahhhhh YAY this escalated with 250m/h

  • Heh, of course he eats only that, but since there are no specific I doubt QJ follows NY during cooking from start to serving, that’s the loophole, YZ needs a moment to sabotage it with just a bit, since with virus the entire pot will become contaminated that will be bound to affect QJ

  • Wow, he yet to know that he chose the most pointless strategy, since QJ won’t be affected, but damn it’s a whole big reason to finally kick him out (better with that pointless arrogant dude who let’s their parents fight for him, what you was there first, just ewe). But I wonder, if people will find out about QJ or he’ll sense the zombie part before eating food? Lol, imagine if NY decides to keep the secret and turns around with his fire power – You shouldn’t have known about that – and burns everyone down~ (won’t happen, I know, because protags don’t do that, only villains)

  • Yeah, these novelw omen at least go to lencgths to get some prove, I could say that what she tried to do is pretty smart, it’s low blow, but it’s smart, she’s not an empty head who doesn’t understand the man she tries to cheat. Well, for the book I described the protag’s wife had a reason (though I don’t remember lol). But as for what you mentioned, talking seriously there’s a lot of cases of post-pregnancy syndromes including stress and even psychosis, same may happen to women who can’t get pregnant. I’ve heard of cases when such a “lie”, let’s call it, was used as preventive measure to a person’s nervous breakdown. But if they just decided to do that for some other reasons, then that sounds kinda weird. But imagine the possible dialogues, it’d sound like talking to someone mental: – You pregnant? – Yes. – How long? – Three motnhs. – Like four months ago you were also three-months pregnant. – But I’m three months pregnant. -…..
  • I accidently saw this one hahaha, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed.

    You may check it out, but tbh be ready for sometimes saying “that sounds too much”. Some parts of it are really from a wild imagination and not in bad/good sense, just when you think about the execution of some things that happen I often asked myself – How did you do that? I need details.