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  • Ahahaha we think the same (if you’ve seen my other comment)! My approach towards this novel was always the same, since this novel has really nice twists it’s worth waiting for them! It’s my guilty pleasure to read comments and occasionally tease ppl, because all the reactions to chapters are so cute, makes me wanna hug people and say ‘god, you’re all so cute, wait for it it’ll be even more interesting, it won’t disappoint you~!’

  • Haha don’t take me seriously~ I was just teasing. I know for sure that the best thing with this novel how unexpected it is and it’s better to stay in the dark~

  • Throughout the novel I want to call him His Majesty Xie Yang, because he’s queenly.

  • I can answer your question about Zehui, do you want that spoiler?)))))

  • They deserved a little bit more chapters, they’re too sweet to let go. Alas. 💛 Our babies happy ending.

  • I bet everyone will be convinced it’s a relationship when their wedding will go on a hot search.

    #Boss of Canghuan and a popular movie star Li Zhao got married. Love story of the century#

    Li fans: NO WAY, REALLY?! It wasn’t only brotherhood?

    Ting Ting inside: Only NOW you notice?!

  • It’s such a right story, with so many accurate details on ‘be good, do good deeds’, because kindness doesn’t cost you anything. There are so many tiny details on how maliciousness and critique can have harmful impact on people, but it has load of bystanders with cold attitude (like that Xu Bei, who knew the director of Shadow would commit suicide, because he couldn’t fulfill the promise to his daughter, but he just sat back and watched, like Junnan harassed female actors and then they couldn’t seek justice, like baby Zhao was treated badly because he was no one in the eys of the crew). I think in this novel it’s really portrayed greatly and akes you think – wait, what if Li Zhao wasn’t there, you’ll be that apathetic bystander.

    I know there are two more chapters only, but I must confess I WANT MORE. It’s that type of happy pairing that you want to hear more about just because they’re so good.

    Happy ending everyone~! 💛

  • Temporarily lighting a candle for Zehui fails finding candle emoji

  • It’s not really a spoiler, since the author themselves came out with this info 😂 To appease all the worried. But I’m not saying how exactly it will happen. If I’m not wrong the surprise will come relatively soon.

  • Xie Yang is still the best husband material and it will get even better later.

    And yeah, Qiu XIng 🐭 will be cured, but not in a way you expect him to, so be ready for a big surprise, I’m sure everyone will love the development. At least it’s my favorite part ❤