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  • Thank you for picking this up. I actually gave up for continuation of it, but here it is getting a new push 😚 though MTL is also an option but good translations are still better 😉

  • My reaction exactly


  • Ohohoho, this is indeed interesting~ 👍

  • Thank you 💛 I really like those as well! It’s interesting to explore those as a phenomenon, since it’s a different society and there could be a really good drama (e.g. manga by Kusabi Keri about beta and omega subordinate who gets marked later or there is alpha/beta pair in manga by Sachimo), but many don’t utilize it at all or use it to write/draw nonsense and pRon (e.g. I once stumbled upon ABO novel where in first chapters unconscious alpha rapes a pregnant omega till bleeding, but next morning instead of taking him to the hospital took him to cafe and bought him cocoa or smth and omega wasn’t even concerned with child’s health just drank happily and was crazy about his alpha who just fucked him around a year as if in sleepwalking and some ppl on NU made excuses for it with same “it’s pheromones” shit).
  • Oh, in no shape or form do I try to make excuses for that part of the ABO universe. Generally I don’t like this genre myself, there are only few works that take these verse to another level of exploring the social injustice of these verses or unfortunate love (like beta/omega or alpha/beta couples). And my previous comment concerns only these few works that are different from majority of ABO shitpile.

    Personally, as I said, I also don’t like that part of ABO/omegaverse genre, more than that it is quite disgusting, it seems to be created to be an excuse for writing badly thought through porn and nothing else. I’ve seen/read countless works I couldn’t help but scold for this trope or forcing, which is basically making a cult of rape and normalizing it, since many take this excuse “but he couldn’t help it, it’s pheromones” and create stories devoid of any moral integrity. These type of stories I’d like to burn.

  • Ahaha but hormones are a real thing and pheromones too, not as exaggerated as in ABO novels, but I mean we all have our own scent, but combination of endocrine profiles of two people is important. For example if two people’s EP doesn’t fit you won’t have comfortable sex life and health might also be affected (nothing serious but minor problems might appear), the opposite goes for people with fitting EPs. But funny thing is it doesn’t mean you will like those people as a person. It might be someone you dislike a lot, but in the end your compitability is high, while it can be opposite with the person you’re attracted too, but your compitability is very low. ABO world may be exaggerrated, but part of these basics are part of what ABO is built upon, ironic right?)))))))
  • This is too good 👀

  • I just binged released chapters and must say Feng Yang is a baby, just the best kind 😀 I’m so waiting for continuation💛

  • +2

  • Both Father and Mother Xu were distressed to death 😂 they’re already dead though