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Recent Comments

  • That sudden change of temperament though, hello ooc, but I forgive it because of Zhou Xu, after all I want to see him as a queen toppling everyone. And hey XD the obvious introduction of ML.

    thanks for the update💛

  • alcoholic spirits

    and my mind draws some ghosts that spent last 100 years addicted to liquor. i understand it’s alcohol, but the spirits part just made me lol. drunk ancestors.

    the manual forgets the important part – weapons. and i have lots of questions about this novel’s logic, but i’ll wait for a while.

  • Ahahah busted! How many times he thought that XHZ’s voice sounds like Yearning For and now he just called him Gege mixing things up, he even talks to him like he would usually talk in the game. Can’t wait to se XHZ’s reaction to it🤭 And how can this novel be so cute?! Everything is just adorable.

    Thank you so much for the hard work. This novel is such a joy!💛

  • Scum: Become my omega

    Ji Zuoshan: ok *loses all power*

    Scum: you weren’t weak like this before

    No shit Jason. At te point that this scum asked to come with him to battlefront he should have realized, that it’s def not love. But man too late, their lives were so entangled and he lost the right to be ALpha too. GOD I WAIT FOR CXC TO KICK HIS ASS SO BAD!!

  • I feel like Bathory who bathed in all the dog blood drama from this chapter. I feel drenched to the bone. This is literary abuse, honestly.

    Poor baby all battered up by the hand of this psycho.

    P.S. Whenever we’re in ABO world with Zergs I like to think they look like creatures from Star Troopers or Starcraft.

  • never expected that the case of mengxi will be solved soon and smooth. and author satisfactorily delievers news on two scums being arrested. good job.

    and i was waiting for the soul flag to transfer, like really it was a case before and difficulty grows, it wouldn’t be that easy.

    thank you for the update 😚💛

  • Oh.My.GOD!! 😁 It can’t be THAT coincidential, he knows!! ahaha OMG! Huanhuan you just gave yourself up completely ahahaha But honestly two guys appear and they say they were hiking and you miss that important part out. What will he do, haaaa What will Xiangxiang doooooo can’t wait~!!!!

  • Wah, update, thank you very much!

    CXC’s “Hah, men” is iconic.I love these sudden changed and plunging into action right away, it’s surprising and calls for quick adapting skills, which CXC definitely doesn’t lack. The setting already wows me💛

  • This scenario sounds like an Oscar movie script 😀

    But go-go Zhou Xu, I want to see a queen dominating peasants mwahaha

  • Kongkong, you know people would want to call you KingKong instead, right? But what a doting father he is, always appearing at the crucial moment, his parent radar works just fine.