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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh37 - Uh Oh, I’m Not My Dad’s Biological Son. 


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight 06e81n

(19 Chapters in this arc)

1.Uh Oh, I’m Not My Dad’s Biological Son.

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【444:Transfer to new world completed. Memory transfer in progress….】 S7cpvI

Xie He squinted his eyes. This time, his identity was that of a good-for-nothing son of a rich family named Deng Zhuo. The reason why Deng Zhuo had the qualifications to be a good-for-nothing son of a rich family was naturally because of his good father, Deng Jingwen. Deng Jingwen was evidently an extremely powerful existence in this world. No matter if it was in the dark or the light, he wielded exceptional power. He only had one son, Deng Zhuo. Although he didn’t give him much attention, he was never stingy with materialistic possessions. As time passed, Deng Zhuo became arrogant and despotic, a bossy maverick. This was because he didn’t have to care about poking any hornet’s nests as all he would have to do to solve the problem is say: It’s OK, because my father is Deng Jingwen.

This was truly a blessed child, who lived openly reckless.

【Xie He:Who’s my capture target this time, ne?】

【444:Deng Jingwen.】 UowcZt

【Xie He:…Baby, are you sure that the world I’ve transmigrated to this time is a harmonious society?】

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【444:Oh…according to the context thread’s reminder: The two of them are not biologically related.  O(∩_∩)O~】

【Xie He:Hehe.】

【444:……】 j z4Ah

Xie He opened his eyes and discovered that he was sitting on the sofa of a private room. He felt a soft sensation against his right arm. He turned to take a look and discovered that there was a beautiful, well-dressed woman with flawless makeup stuck to his side. Furthermore, his arm was squeezed against her chest.

That’s right. Not only was Deng Zhuo a rich boy, but also a homophobic, straight man. What he liked the most was a beautiful fair-skinned, long-legged, large-chested woman. Because he was so liberal with his wealth and was good-looking, he was very popular with the women at the night shows he often frequented. Only, for him to be so young and yet already indulging excessively in debauchery….

【Xie He:The difficulty of this world is rather high, ah.】

【444:( ⊙o ⊙) Ah! Really? Do you think that Deng Jingwen is rather difficult to capture?】This was the first time that he’d ever heard Host dada say that the difficulty level was high! AVaMjS

【Xie He:No. It’s because I can’t get hard for girls. Indifferent.jpg】


【Xie He:So, it’d be better for us to make quick progress. 🙂 】

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Xie He shoved the girl away and headed to the washroom. This body had probably ingested quite a bit of alcohol earlier on, which was why he felt rather light-headed after taking over. He washed his face with cold water and carefully examined the person reflected in the mirror. HWtsgm

Qlat bcf uijcmf, fnfc Wlf Lf, ktb kjr jmmerabwfv ab yfjealfr bo jii xlcvr, yfmjwf jyrfca-wlcvfv obg j wbwfca. Lf kjr gfjiis…jc fzagfwfis, brafcajalberis yfjealoei wjc, jt.

Llr tjcvrbwf, jgmtfv fsfygbkr; tlr vfilmjaf, yfjealoei, gfv qtbfclz fsfr; tlr tlut cbrf yglvuf; tlr ugjmfoeiis jgmtfv ilqr atja kfgf cjaegjiis gbrs…Ciatbeut tf kjr Sjra Crljc, tlr ofjaegfr jcv ojmlji ragemaegf kfgf nfgs vffq. Ktfgfobgf, tf vlvc’a jqqfjg abb ofwlclcf. Megatfgwbgf, tlr afwqfgjwfca kjr ygjrt jcv tlr ojmlji ofjaegfr oeiis gfoifmafv tlr kliioeicfrr.

Xie He was a little excited upon seeing this. Even a hundred women like the one outside could not even compare to the little pinky of this body. Xie He had no idea why the original host would want to do women, ah. He raised his hands to take a look. The fingers on both hands were long and slender. His pale pink fingernails glistened like pearls. Because he had never laboured in his life, his skin was exceptionally tender without a single callous….He thought that it would be better to just jerk off in front of this mirror than to do so in front of that woman outside.

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Even if this body didn’t have the Heartthrob’s Pedigree’s effects, it alone had the power to charm tens of thousands of people. As such, what about now, after the effect had been added? dMPAKz

Xie He felt that every time he transmigrated, he loved himself just a bit more!

However, this kind of beautiful boy, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had a good father, he would have long since been taken away by someone to be their exclusive property, ba.

【Xie He:I take back what I said just now. This world is much too easy.】

【444:……?】 TARKXp

【Xie He:With this face, I can conquer the world. 🙂 】


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Xie He wiped his face clean and then left the washroom. Right at this moment, a man entered from outside. The man was tall and had an elegant appearance. With one glance, people would conjure up goodwill towards him. This was Deng Zhuo’s senior at school, Ning Qi. He had just headed out to answer a call and had no idea that when he returned, the soul within Deng Zhuo would be that of someone else.

Ning Qi, who was the Ning Family’s eldest young master, was completely different from Deng Zhuo. He was God’s favoured one, who was a paragon of virtue and learning from a young age. He was “the other family’s child” that one’s own parents would compare you to. He was two years older than Deng Zhuo and was also the president of the student council. Ning Qi and the famed, idiot, good-for-nothing Deng Zhuo were polar opposites. However, these polar opposites were actually the best of friends. In Deng Zhuo’s eyes, Ning Qi was an extremely considerate upperclassman. He was mature and steady as well as witty and humorous. Not only did he take good care of Deng Zhuo at school, but he also was willing to lower himself to accompany him to places of entertainment and live a life of dissipation together. He was simply the perfect older brother! 3jd48l

Yes, in the extremely straight man, Deng Zhuo’s eyes, Ning Qi was nothing but a friend. However, in Xie He’s eyes, the gaze that Ning Qi used to look at Deng Zhuo with was full of naked tenderness and love.

【Xie He:Help me check his Favourability Value?】

【444:His Favourability Value is 80……】

【Xie He:Once again, proving that this is a world that only looks at appearances.】 1oGQ9O

【444:……】He had no way to refute this sentence! ORZ

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Xie He:Truly pitiful, ne. He clearly likes Deng Zhuo, but he has to feign indifference as he accompanies him to pick up girls. Heh…this is the bitterness that comes with being secretly in love, ah. Smile.jpg 】

Only, Xie He would not feel any sympathy for Ning Qi. In his opinion, this is all because Deng Zhuo has a good father. If their statuses were not equal, with Ning Qi’s identity, where on earth would he find the patience and forbearance to love this person in secret? Most likely, Xie He could capture him directly. He would most likely get his hands on him directly. He was not like the innocent system. He does not hold any expectations that this rich kid has any morals.

As soon as Ning Qi returned, he saw Xie He heading out and was extremely surprised, “Xiao Zhuo, where are you going?” E7s9KH

When the girl on the sofa saw this, she quickly chased after him and spoke sweetly, “Deng Shao, why are you in such a rush to leave today, ne? Let’s play a bit more~~”

Xie He was bent by nature. His gun could not be raised for battle. If they ‘played a bit more,’ he’d expose himself, so he coughed, “Oh…I suddenly recalled that I have a matter to attend to.”

Ning Qi actually didn’t like Deng Zhuo loitering with this heap of women all day. Thus, he went along with his words and said, “Where do you want to go? I’ll take you, ba.”

Xie He then said, “I have to go to my father’s place.” Nb2KSE

Rather than wasting time by putting on an act with this woman here, he might as well go to feel things out.

Xie He let Ning Qi take him to Deng Jingwen’s company. Usually, Deng Jingwen would have yet to return home at this time. Although it was not certain that he would bump into him at the company, this was also a way for him to learn about the other. After all, the original Deng Zhuo had practically never set foot on company grounds. He only liked to live a life of debauchery and had zero interest in the company.

Ning Qi dropped Xie He off at the company. As he watched Xie He about to disembark from the car, he suddenly grabbed hold of his wrist and gazed at him profoundly, “Xiao Zhuo….”

Xie He looked back and gazed at him questioningly. egnJRw

Ning Qi pursed his lips, seeming like he wanted to say something. However, in the end, he only said, “Don’t be late for Professor Song’s lecture tomorrow morning. He’s very strict. He’ll fail you at the end of the year for missing class.”

Xie He looked not in the least bit concerned, “And here I thought it was something serious, ne…OK, I know, la! Pesky.”

Ning Qi gazed at his brash expression and shot him a helpless and doting smile, sighing softly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He threw his hand off and climbed upstairs, not even bothering to look back. qFhvrU

However, even if he didn’t look, he knew that there was certainly a scorching hot stare upon his back, ah….

【444:To tell the truth, I actually almost thought that he was going to confess….】

【Xie He:If he had the courage to confess, he wouldn’t have waited until today. Smile.jpg】

【444:You’re right, (⊙o⊙) Oh!】 FULcCv

【Xie He:This is an insignificant, trivial matter. Deng Jingwen is the crucial point.】

Although Xie He spoke so relaxedly to his system, from the meager bits of background information and Deng Zhuo’s memories, he felt that Deng Jingwen would not be an easy capture target. Growing up, Deng Zhuo had a golden spoon in his mouth and was spoiled to the point of becoming undisciplined and out of control. However, as a person, he was too crude and lacked brains. He was only able to see the surface of things. For example, he thought Ning Qi was nothing more than a good older brother. However, Ning Qi actually had hidden intentions towards him. In Deng Zhuo’s eyes, Deng Jingwen was a good father. He was the person he respected and worshipped the most. Moreover, he believed that Deng Jingwen treated him very well, because Deng Jingwen satisfied all of his requests and dealt with all of the terrible messes he created. Besides, Deng Jingwen also did not demand anything of him, let alone ever hit or scold him. The only downside was that they didn’t have much interaction between father and son.

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But in Xie He’s eyes, none of these were merits. Things were not at all as beautiful as Deng Zhuo had imagined.

First of all, a loving and protective father would never be stingy about finding time to spend with him. Secondly, a caring father would not blindly spoil him and require nothing of him. HlY4p7

If Xie He were to sum things up, Deng Jingwen raising Deng Zhuo was more or less the same as someone raising an expensive pet. He gave him everything that he wanted and was never miserly with his money. However, he didn’t actually care about his son. From this, one could see that Deng Jingwen was actually an indifferent person. However, for Xie He to figure out just what kind of person Deng Jingwen was and how he really viewed Deng Zhuo, he could not rely on Deng Zhuo’s memory and had to personally see things for himself.

Although Deng Zhuo did not frequently come to the company, because of his fairy-like appearance, everyone recognized him. Therefore, Xie He very smoothly reached the twenty-eighth floor. This entire level belonged to Deng Jingwen alone.

When he looked over, he noticed that the office light was on. Very good! His luck today was not bad!

Xie He darted over, about to push the door open and enter, when he was suddenly grabbed by someone who pursued him from behind! He turned around and saw that it was a stern-looking man who donned a pair of thin, half-framed glasses. This person was Deng Jingwen’s right-hand man, Liu Yan. Typically, he was the one who helped Deng Zhuo buy things and cleaned up after him. Thus, Deng Zhuo and he were considered acquainted. KCezY4

“Deng Shao, you can’t enter right now,” Liu Yan held onto Xie He’s arm, smiling as he looked at him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although Liu Yan’s expression was perfect, Xie He did not miss the loathing in his eyes. It was clear that this man disapproved of this idiot young master, who only knew how to get in trouble, for quite a while now. From Liu Yan’s attitude, Xie He could tell what kind of attitude the people by Deng Jingwen’s side had of Deng Zhuo. Things were not looking too good, ne…However, Xie He would not-so-easily ignore his character settings just to change other people’s perception of himself. In the end, anyone other than the capture target was an inconsequential cannon fodder NPC. If it wasn’t necessary, then he would be too lazy to pay him any attention. So, he flashed an impatient look and shouted, “Why? I want to see my dad!”

“Mr. Deng currently has important matters to attend to. You cannot enter,” Liu Yan persuaded and spoke with patience, “How about you first wait outside? Wait until Mr. Deng is finished with his work and then, I’ll come call for you?”

If Deng Zhuo was reasonable enough to agree, he wouldn’t be a good-for-nothing. Xie He obviously could not act so reasonable. The more the other insisted on not letting him in, the more he believed that there was something inside that could not be seen. This was a rare opportunity, ah! Of course he had to go in now! In any case, he was naught but a good-for-nothing that failed to grasp the big picture. Odkgyx

Xie He flung Liu Yan’s hand off of him and glared, “Let me through!”

Then, he directly pushed the door open.

Liu Yan couldn’t stop him in time. He watched on helplessly, his expression extremely ugly, as Deng Zhuo entered. Only, soon after, an schadenfreude expression flashed through Liu Yan’s eyes. Knowing Mister’s temper, Deng Zhuo won’t end well, ba?

That’s right. For someone like Mr. Deng to unexpectedly have such an unreliable son… Liu Yan shook his head. 24Fzdh

Xie He stepped into the office and at one glance, could see Deng Jingwen sitting on the sofa.

The man wore a body-fitting grey suit, buttons fastened all the way up. He appeared to have a strict personality and was an utterly handsome man. His features were sharp, and he had clearly aged well. He didn’t have the unrestrained characteristics of youth, and his aura was more reserved. His deep, pitch-black eyes showed absolutely no emotional fluctuation. However, when he looked at you with his insipid gaze, it made one unable to resist. This was the oppressive aura that belonged solely to those that stood on society’s peak.

After looking for but a second, Xie He looked away. He then fixed his eyes onto the youth that was kneeling by the man’s feet.

The youth was fair-skinned, slender, delicate, pretty, and agreeable. He knelt by the man’s feet, naked. He was bent over and was just about to give the man some indescribable service when he was startled by Deng Zhuo, who had barged in abruptly. The youth had turned to look in his direction. Xie He met the youth’s eyes and saw that person’s lovable and charming face…this was his favourite type! d8jRZn

However, Xie He did not lose reason, let alone forget his goal for today. He thought about what Deng Zhuo would do and feel if he were to see something like this regarding his father for a moment. Then, he forced himself to endure the regret in his heart and strode forward to kick the youth away! He used an extremely disgusted and angry tone, shouting, “F*ck off! You’re not allowed to seduce my father!”

The author has something to say:

En, I realized that there were a few cute little angels that held beautiful misunderstandings. They thought that President Xie will be the father, which is to say, you guys subconsciously thought that President Xie is sadistic? Hahaha, unexpectedly cannot refute. 2333333

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In short, this author thinks that the settings of this world is very touching. I feel that it will be very exhilarating. Moreover, there are so many kinds of play I want to try…only, I feel very nervous. QAQ YPBVQc

Besides…why do so many people want to stock up chapters and then read it!!! Too cruel, too cruel. Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu.

You must love me!!!

This author needs love in order for her motivation to grow….


Eve: *fans herself* Oh god, I can already feel that this world is gonna be very hot…and kinky….

Kara: HAHAHAHAHA! I honestly have to say that ending image alone makes this my favorite arc already. I’m greatly anticipating this arc, especially because I can’t wait to see how XH turns this whole situation around. (⊙ᗜ⊙)

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Translator's Note

Little Zhuo. A nickname. Similar in terms of affection to Ah + name.

Translator's Note

Shao, for shaoye, or young master. It is being used as an honorific here.

Translator's Note

Talking about his dick.

Translator's Note

In Chinese, you’ll frequently see beautiful maidens—especially in cultivation novels—referred to as fairies, as an exclamation to their celestial beauty.

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    [【Xie He:The difficulty of this world is rather high, ah.】【444:( ⊙o ⊙) Ah! Really? Do you think that Deng Jingwen is rather difficult to capture?】This was the first time that he’d ever heard Host Dada say that the difficulty level was high! 【Xie He:No. It’s because I can’t get hard for girls. Indifferent.jpg】【444:……】]asdfghjkl

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