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7. A Scene of Bloody Slaughter on Campus


Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He’s eyes opened wide when he heard those words. His lowered eyelashes trembled. Afterwards, he slowly crawled to his feet and put on his clothes, latching onto the wall for support. His calves were still shaking lightly.

However, Li Hongxuan did not have any sort of protective, tender feelings and only shot him a cold glance, “What, you don’t want to leave?” fNCpWu

“No…I just…don’t have much…” Xie He’s voice was hoarse, his complexion pale. His fair neck had been terrorized, leaving it full of red splotches. He raised his eyes and silently gazed at Li Hongxuan.

This one look made Li Hongxuan’s heart race.

He had thought that he would see grief, indignation, loathing, hate…he had thought that he would see a pair of eyes polluted with all sorts of ugly emotions. However, in reality, those pair of eyes were just as clean and clear as they had been in the past. Although they carried some fear and weakness, there was not the least bit of resentment. This seemingly weak and naive man…he unexpectedly had not been beaten down by his torment.

Xie He was evidently afraid of Li Hongxuan. He only glanced at him before averting his gaze quickly, turning around, and making his way out the door.


Only, after taking one step, pain flitted across his face. Without warning, he kneeled onto the ground! However, he stubbornly refused to make a single sound and carefully stood back up, walking slowly, one step at a time.

Li Hongxuan stood in place, gaze on the departing, lonely, and emaciated figure. He suddenly felt jittery and kicked the chair.


Xie He returned to his dorm and laid on his bed, rubbing his waist. ioKrqA

【Xie He:Tsk tsk, that big tool of his works well.】


【Xie He:I like it.】

【444:Host dada…can I ask you a presumptuous question?】 n2fUV0

【Xie He, whose mood is not bad:Ask, ba.】

【444:According to my incomplete statistics, within the 100 hosts that have tried to capture you, aside from two that died in accidents, the rest of them were all able to get your Favourability Value to at least 80. Within that group, 68 of the hosts were able to get your Favourability Value up to 90, and 21 were able to get it to 99. There were all sorts of hosts, including the naive and upright kind, the pure and cute kind, the pretty and flirtatious kind, the gloomy and vicious kind, etc. You liked them the question I want to ask is, is there a type that you don’t like?  】

【Xie He:The answer to this question….】

【444:I am all ears.╰(*°▽°*)╯】 egM4uh

【Xie He:I would also like to know. 🙂 】


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【Xie He:I’m just kidding. I indeed have a type that I don’t like.】

【444:Which type? _(:3ゝ∠)_】 tXWdyh

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【Xie He:The ugly type.】


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Unfortunately…if it wasn’t because the capture required that he kept his character settings, it wouldn’t be bad to have a go with him. He looks like he would very likely have a big stick too and be good in bed. It was also said that the thing of foreigners was really impressive.

After a few days passed, it was, once again, time for Xie He’s English lesson. He had just entered the room when he saw Li Hongxuan and his group of four sitting in the very last row. This scene was just like what he had seen on their first meeting.

The only difference was that the expression they used to look at him with now was different from that of before.

Xie He basically did not dare to look at the back too much. He painstakingly ignored their seemingly tangible gazes and fully concentrated on lecturing. Because he had left a good impression on the students previously, there were quite a few students attending his class. There were also quite a lot of students who stayed behind after class to ask him questions. Xie He answered each of their questions patiently. The gentle and kindhearted Teacher Su, who spoke softly, seemed to capture the love of many students in one go. g6Gadb

After much difficulty, Xie He finally sent away the last of his students and went to gather his teaching materials before hurrying out.

As a result, as soon as he exited, he was blocked by a tall figure at the entrance.

Xie He’s expression changed, “W-what are you doing….”

Allen fixed his eyes on Xie He, gaze explicit as he smiled, “Teacher Su, I have also come to ask for guidance, ah. You should not discriminate, ba.” 6rXqSa

“What do you want to ask?” Xie He asked, apprehensive. He tightly clutched the lesson plan in his hands as if grabbing onto something that could alleviate the unease in his heart.

Allen noticed this, the corner of his mouth lifting as he used English to ask: “Mr. Su, how’s Li Hongxuan’s technique in bed? Did he satisfy you?”

Xie He’s eyes widened. He finally realized that this tall boy had already ripped apart his facade to reveal the sinister face beneath. He had unexpectedly asked such a question in such a deadpan manner!

“M-move out of the way!” Xie He’s face flushed red in humiliation. He wanted to go around him, but Allen seized his arm. 5Adegi

Allen pulled Xie He towards him. His warm breath fell onto the other’s face, and his eyes reflected Xie He’s panicked appearance, “Teacher Su, how about you get a taste of my skills? It shouldn’t be any worse compared to his.”

Xie He angrily said, “Let me go!”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I can’t do that. I still have to pursue you,” Allen revealed a coquettish smile, “I think that it’s better to act on impulse rather than choose a fixed date. So, today, will Teacher Su do me the honour of having a meal with me?”

Although his tone was polite, the strength in his grip conveyed that he was forcing him, that he was not allowed to refuse. Aadu69

Xie He had just suffered such a loss; how would he be willing to be cheated again? He struggled, wanting to escape. It was a pity that his strength was evidently insignificant when facing against Allen’s. This seemingly handsome and gentle foreign man had a strength that was incompatible with his outer appearance….

Very good, to pursue by forcing someone!

Xie He used a terrified gaze to stare at Allen as if he was wordlessly asking him with resentment: why is it me, why are you unwilling to let me off!

Allen could feel the person in his hold quiver. Those panicked black eyes were like that of a startled little white rabbit. They trembled, arousing his desire from the depths of his heart. He bent down and spoke into the other’s ear, “Teacher Su, it doesn’t look very good to play this game of tug-of-war in such a public place, no? If someone asked what we were doing, how would you explain it?” aQq7m

Xie He’s voice was shaking as he spoke powerlessly,“I-I don’t owe you anything anymore. You can’t be like this….”

“I never said that you owe me anything still,” Allen smiled and repeated once more, “I only wish to pursue you. I am free to do that, no?”

Xie He broke away from Allen’s grip. He did not dare to let other people see his student and him like this, fearing that Allen would shake out those unbearable things and pull him under in desperation. Just as it seemed like he would fall into Allen’s hands again, Xie He saw Li Hongxuan and Sun Zeyang slowly walking towards them from behind.

When he saw Li Hongxuan, he couldn’t help but recall those horrifying memories. However…what made him feel painfully conflicted was that Li Hongxuan was the only person who could save him! wlBA5u

When Xie He saw him, before he even had thought things through, he shouted, “Student Li Hongxuan!”

Li Hongxuan indeed had seen them since earlier. However, he did not plan on meddling. Except…seeing Allen so close to the teacher made him feel not too comfortable. Who’d have expected that this teacher would call for him again?

He hesitated for a second before striding forward with his long legs, taking big steps towards them. He looked at the two people coldly.

Sun Zeyang said in his heart: This is really too f*cking much. It can’t be that these two people are going to fight over this teacher again? Am I still dreaming??? 4uXibI

Allen gave Xie He a warning glance before turning around and revealing a languid smile to Li Hongxuan, “Ah Xuan, I didn’t believe you to be such an obedient person. As soon as Teacher calls, you come running over.”

Because of Xie He, there was already a gap in the superficial relationship between the two boys.

Li Hongxuan did not bother with Allen’s mocking tone. With an expressionless face and indifferent gaze, he said, “It’s fine. It’s still better than being obedient to you.”

Xie He took advantage of this moment to struggle, wanting to escape to Li Hongxuan’s side. YZzC4u

Li Hongxuan noticed this, and doubt flickered through his eyes. He had clearly hurt him, so why was he willing to ask him for help? Only, this was not the time for pondering. He quickly restrained the expression in his eyes and spoke insipidly towards Allen, “Where are you planning on taking him?”

“I plan on courting Teacher Su, so I wanted to invite him to have a meal with me,” Allen deadpanned.

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“Oh,” Li Hongxuan revealed a mocking smile and spoke slowly, “Since you’re courting him, then you should obviously listen to Teacher Su’s opinions. It’d be better for you to first let go of him and then let him choose for himself.”

The smile on Allen’s face faltered, and he spoke coldly, “Li Hongxuan, do you have to stick your hand into my affairs?” cWLdb7

Li Hongxuan shook his head, “I am only allowing you to give Teacher Su an opportunity to choose for himself. No matter what he chooses, I won’t interfere. However…if you want to seize him by force, this time, I can’t stand by and not do anything.”

“You—” Allen’s voice was ice cold.

What Xie He would choose, everyone could tell. To let Xie He choose was equivalent to giving up on him. However, Li Hongxuan’s words were invulnerable. From beginning to end, he did not target him. He was only giving Xie He a chance, that’s all. If he became enemies with Li Hongxuan over this matter, if he fought against him over a mere toy, even his family would not support him. His position in his family would even be influenced by this unreasonable, stupid action of his!

Li Hongxuan did not take up arms. He simply stood there, and he had ruined his game! In the end, the reason why he could bully Xie He was because Xie He had no backing. However, what if Xie He had someone backing him up, ne? Then, the foundation that had been originally established would have to be completely destroyed and rebuilt! 0dE4vg

He was not afraid of Li Hongxuan, but it was not worth it to make a scene over Xie He.

Allen pieced together the difficult-to-deal-with relationship in an instant. After, he realized that it was only under two circumstances in which he would be able to get his way.

One was if Li Hongxuan gave up on sheltering Xie He.

The other was if Xie He took the initiative to choose him. QJsrKB

Both were very unlikely at present.

Allen was a decisive person. Although he really liked Xie He, he was not willing to risk his interests over him. In the end, he was just playing around. That’s all.

It was just very regretful that he likely could not eat this delicacy.

“What Ah Xuan said is right. It was I who was being rude,” Allen let go and showed Xie He a gentle smile, a flawless mask once again covered his appearance, “I apologize, Teacher Su.” fa43o

Xie He did not believe in his facade again. He quickly hid behind Li Hongxuan.

Allen’s smile finally completely disappeared. This kind of scene was truly too offensive to the eye.

He was not someone that liked to wrong himself. Since he decided to give up, there was no reason to stay here. Xie He was but a toy. If he couldn’t have him, he wouldn’t have him. Once he thought in this manner, his mood became much better.

Before leaving, Allen glanced at Xie He and directly met with the teacher’s line of sight. lZw0F6

The young teacher stood behind Li Hongxuan and only exposed half of his face. On his pale face were a pair of glossy, black eyes and slightly pursed, pink lips. When he used that pitiful, cautious gaze to watch him…it really evoked a feeling of tenderness.

Unexpectedly, he felt truly…a bit unwilling.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Ding. Allen’s Favourability Value +2. The current Favourability Value is 80.】

Xie He watched as Allen walked far away before finally sighing in relief. Only then did he notice that Li Hongxuan had turned around at some unknown point in time and was staring at him with a profound gaze. P4QdJl

Only then did he recall his fear. After all, Li Hongxuan was not someone that was easy to deal with…however, no matter what, this was the second time he had helped him avoid being forced by Allen. Xie He earnestly looked at him and whispered, “Thank you.”

The corner of Li Hongxuan’s lips raised slightly, “No need. I never aid others for free. This time, you should have already considered that before calling out to me, ba?”

Xie He’s face paled. At the beginning, when he called out to him, he was not thinking. However, he had indeed anticipated that things would be like this after calling out. After falling silent for a moment, he seemed to throw all caution to the wind, “What do you want this time?”

Li Hongxuan’s gaze slowly moved downwards, falling onto Xie He’s pale pink lips. They looked soft, sweet, clean—like a petal of a newly bloomed flower…he suddenly wanted to taste those lips. That time, he couldn’t taste it because of Allen and unexpectedly regretted it a bit. RNhO4E

“Don’t move,” Li Hongxuan said, his voice becoming quite deep.

Xie He looked at him, bewildered.

The next second, a kiss fell onto him. Xie He’s eyes widened.

Li Hongxuan pinched Xie He’s chin, giving him no way of avoiding it. He kissed those soft lips heavily. It was really like…they carried a faint, sweet fragrance. DLWb9M

They fascinated people and made them reluctant to part.

【Ding. Li Hongxuan’s Favourability Value +5. The current Favourability Value is -15.】

【444:Host dada, the Favourability Value finally increased. QAQ, really not easy!!!】

【Xie He:En.】 GWEZl9

【444:Host dada, are you not happy?】

【Xie He:Hehe, is it worth getting happy over 5 Favourability Points? The pace is too slow. It’s such a good opportunity, but all he wants is a kiss. My students are indeed too kindhearted and reserved. 】

【444:……】He cannot agree to this statement.

【Xie He:Thus, it’s time to add fuel to the fire. 🙂 】 froSm9

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Chrysanthemum Garden.

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