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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh4 - 444: Ding. Capture target’s Favorability Value +10. Current Favorability Value is 50


Welcome Shirubame to the team! Praise her for catching all my brain farts Orz…. from missing parts of the sentence to reading sentences incorrectly. :blobsleepless:

Translated by Eve hY8rfe

Edited by Shirubame

【444:Ding. The capture target’s Favorability Value +10. The current Favorability Value is 50.】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【444:Host dada, I don’t know how you do it!】

【Xie He:In order to capture the target, you must first loosen the reigns, that’s all. There’s no need to make a fuss over it. Moreover, what’s so great about an insignificant 50 points? For a guy, a f*ck buddy, a good friend, a coworker, or even any good-looking person can get 50 Favorability points. 】 dDQcpF

【444:(⊙o⊙) Oh.】

【Xie He:If we were to go by the system’s standards, towards the hosts that I have slept with, they would all get about 50 points. That’s the minimum amount paid in exchange for the other’s body as the most basic sign of respect. In comparison, Zhou Yizhe can be considered extremely miserly, making me have to resort to scheming in order to get these points.】

【444:……】He shouldn’t have any illusions in regards to Host dada’s moral integrity_(:зゝ∠)_

【Xie He:Men are born cheap. As long as you plan well, getting 80 points is not a difficult task.】 WNpEvC

【444:What about over 80 points?】

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【Xie He:Above 80 points means that he’ll like you exclusively. Men will begin to think with their brains here. It’s easy to get a man to cheat but difficult to keep a man faithful. To make a man only love one person requires not only strategy, but typically also requires luck. 】

【444:Luck! The system store also sells that! The Level E Luck Buff only costs 10,000 points!】

【Xie He:Baby, even a rich man wouldn’t waste money like that. I’m just saying that one typically requires luck.  But would you say that I need it?】Moreover, Level E Luck doesn’t sound good at all…… iPL dr


【Xie He:Rather than rely on luck, I much rather prefer the feeling of having everything under my control:)】

444:I feel that Host dada’s aggressive nature is leaking out, what to do……

Naturally, Xie He could not continue to stay at the hotel. He packed up all his belongings, took a taxi to a small, less conspicuous hotel, and stayed there for five days. QiIadl

During these five days, he didn’t turn on his cell phone. Every day, he only looked at the news and surfed the internet. He casually let 444 put on a film for him to watch. The system store offered all kinds of movies, shows, and stories from all kinds of worlds. They were very cheap and could played directly inside his head.

Xie He was very satisfied with this kind of life. 444, however, felt a bit anxious.

【444:Host dada, are you really not even a little bit worried? You’ve already wasted 5 days! 】Zhou Yian should already be worried to death, right?

【Xie He:Look at the news. The no-good youth Ding Mou was arrested after an unsuccessful rape attempt. 】 FHOhQq

【444:You’re still able to care about this sort of thing?】It was such a small, unremarkable piece of news from this world. You’d easily miss it……..besides, it had nothing to do with them anyway.

Xie He sighed. He shouldn’t hold any hopes for 444’s IQ. He should just consider him a mascot. As long as 444 is obedient, then it’s fine.

【Xie He:I’m willing to bet that the next time I see Zhou Yizhe, his Favorability Value will increase by at least 10 points.】

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We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

【444:Why……】 bDOtJr

【Wlf Lf’r rwlif tfiv j qgbobecv wfjclcu:Dfmjerf P’w mbcrajcais bc tlr wlcv.】

Glcu Zlcu kjr mifjcfv eq rb delmxis atja la kjr bynlber atja atf batfg qjgas jigfjvs tfiv tlw lc tlr tfjga. Ca atf nfgs ifjra, tf tjv jigfjvs fcmgbjmtfv eqbc j qijmf ktfgf Itbe Tlhtf tjr cfnfg ifa jcsbcf fcafg yfobgf. Bcbklcu atlr, tf mbeiv jvnjcmf tlr mjqaegf qgbugfrr jmmbgvlcu ab tlr ragjafus. Ktlr rb-mjiifv qbilms bo “xcbk atsrfio jcv xcbk ats fcfws” klii regfis yglcu tlw nlmabgs. Pc bgvfg ab mjqaegf, bcf wera ifa ibbrf — atlr xlcv bo wfatbv rbecvfv fjrs, yea la kjr yfsbcv jc bgvlcjgs qfgrbc’r jylilas.

Actually, by the third day, the marks on Xie He’s body had already more or less disappeared. This “Heartthrob's Pedigree” deserved to be called first-rate. Aside from emitting charm, it also strengthened his body. It certainly had upgraded all his attributes.

Nevertheless, Xie He continued to live there calmly for five days. When he felt that the time was about right, he unhurriedly returned to the home that he shared with Zhou Yian. 2KDIE6

When he returned home, it was already night time. Zhou Yian wasn’t home.

Although he had only left for 5 days, the comfortable little nest had already fallen into complete disorder. Zhou Yian’s clothing was strewn everywhere, and the kitchen was a mess. One could evidently see that Zhou Yian was not in the mood to trifle with such things during these last few days. There was a 100% chance that he had been rushing about, looking for him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He pulled up his sleeves and began to tidy up. After about an hour, the house had once again become all clean and tidy.

Afterwards, he went to bed. UsDVk9

【444:Host dada, aren’t you going to give Zhou Yian a call?】

【Xie He:Don’t fuss. You just need to wait and see.】


Zhou Yian returned with heavy steps. Zhao Qing had already been missing for 5 days. He only knew that he was last seen at the hotel at which he had been working. However, before the party had even ended, Zhao Qing had already left. After, there were people who saw him leave the hotel on the second day…….After that, he was never to be seen again. It was as if Zhao Qing had suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth. nr4gic

Zhou Yian clenched his fists, vexed. A deep regret and uneasiness tortured him incessantly. How could he have been so careless? Why did he let Zhao Qing go to such a place to work? Why did he not protect him better?

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Where was Zhao Qing right now? Could something have happened to him? Would he end up losing him?

When Zhou Yian thought this, he felt his stomach drop, and he found it hard to breathe.

He pushed open the door to his home and groped about in the darkness for the light switch. With a “pa”, the light turned on. He squinted his eyes. When he looked at the interior appearance of the house, his breath abruptly hastened. Tx6H7Y

Everything looked as it did when Zhao Qing was around……

The look in Zhou Yian’s eyes changed, and he sprinted to the bedroom door. However, when his hand landed on the door knob, he hesitated. Extreme fear and unease enshrouded him. Was Zhao Qing here? Had he returned? Everything…….was everything a hallucination?

He gritted his teeth and slowly turned the door knob.

The bedroom was only lit by a bedside lamp. Under the yellow glow lied a youth on top of the bed. His body was slightly curved, and his two hands were wrapped around a pillow. His sleep seemed to be fitful. His eyebrows were furrowed, as if he was suffering from a nightmare. jNQhPR

Zhou Yian approached with light steps, extending a hand to caress the young man’s face. He felt a warm and soft sensation against the palm of his hand. In that instant, the knot in his heart unraveled.

It wasn’t just a hallucination.

Zhou Yian lowered his head and lightly kissed the youth on the forehead.

The youth had originally been in a very shallow slumber. At this time, he slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Zhou Yian, his eyes expressed his love for him, as it had in the past. Only, Zhou Yian did not discover the guilt and shame that flashed beneath this love. kV2Gqr

“You’re finally back. I was so worried,” Zhou Yian pulled Xie He tightly into his arms, his voice hoarse.

【444: Beep. Zhou Yian’s Favorability Value +5. The current Favorability Value is 90.】

“I’m sorry……” Xie He’s drooped eyelashes were trembling, and his lips were a bit pale. He hesitated before stammering, “M-My phone ran out of battery, so I didn’t get your calls……” This lie was very clumsy, but it was already the best he could do.

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Zhou Yian could feel the wariness of his beloved, and spoke lovingly, “It’s fine. I was just worried about you. If you didn’t get my calls, then so be it. As long as you were able to come back, it doesn’t matter.” TP7igz

When Xie He heard this, he felt even more ashamed. His lover treated him this well, but he had done such a thing with another man. After returning, he even had to cover it up with a lie. This was the first time that he had lied to Zhou Yian…….Xie He felt like his heart was being squeezed, and he asked in a shrill voice, “Aren’t you going to ask me where I’ve been?”

Zhou Yian feigned calmness, “I’ll wait until you want to tell me.”

He could feel the other’s fear and dread, like a small animal afraid of being abandoned.

He definitely had experienced something unpleasant. The look in Zhou Yian’s eyes turned a bit harsh. He was definitely messed with, that was clear. However, Zhou Yian would not show that he understood this before the youth, let alone force him to say it out loud. He didn’t want to make matters any worse. hWPeov

This time, he will protect his beloved well.

Xie He reached out and hugged Zhou Yian, burying his face into the other’s chest. Before the person that he loved the most, he was finally unable to suppress his weakness. At the same time, he didn’t want to let Zhou Yian see his tears.

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This lie was like a fishbone stuck in his throat. It was also a ticking time bomb, buried between Zhou Yian and himself.

For the first time, he felt that a shadow had been cast over their love, and he had no way to make it go away. OyWa40

He wanted to be honest, but he was also afraid of being loathed and abandoned. This fear made him unable to speak the truth.



From that day on, the two people acted as if everything had gone back to normal. f6k Pb

Zhou Yian didn’t mention Xie He’s disappearance, as though it had never happened at all. Xie He also did not want to think about the events that occurred that day, so he acted as if completely unaffected. However, when all was said and done, he still felt ashamed. So, he treated Zhou Yian all the more attentively, as if he wanted to make up for something. Zhou Yian, as well, for fear that Xie He would recall those unpleasant things, acted even more considerate and gentle than normal.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

From the outside, the two people looked to be lovers joined at the hip.

But everyone knows that one day, it will come to light. Beneath this sweetness lies a poison that can spill over at any time. 

Zhou Yian was by no means happy during these past few days. He tried his best but still couldn’t find out what had happened to Xie He. This issue was like a giant hand, squeezing tightly around his heart. There were several times where he had nearly outright asked Zhao Qing…….However, when faced with the youth’s warm eyes, that were so soft and pure, as if they’d be irrevocably hurt by even the slightest thing, how could he ask this kind of question? Zzl9oy

Furthermore, he discovered that, after this incident, their sex life had become much less harmonious. The normally meek youth began to evade his attempts to get intimate.

Xie He looked at Zhou Yian, whose eyes became more and more melancholic. His own heart felt unwell. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get intimate with Zhou Yian…….. He just didn’t have a choice. He only had to close his eyes, and he’d think of that night’s insanity. He’d think of that unfamiliar man on top of his body……invading his body by force…….It was embarrassing, shameful, dreadful, and fretful—it made him incapable of wholeheartedly accepting Zhou Yian. He was clearly the man he loved most, but getting intimate with him would only make him recall those embarrassing memories. This ordeal caused him to suffer endlessly.

Zhou Yian’s heart hurt to see him like this, so he didn’t ask about it again. Even if it was hard to bear, he just had to hold the youth into his arms and kiss him, that’s all.

【444:Host dada, although you’ve been refusing him these past few days, Zhou Yian’s Favorability Value towards you has increased to 92!】 rfBzcw

【Xie He:That’s normal. He originally loves me. It was just that he had it too easy before. He felt no sense of crisis. Now, he’s experienced what it would feel like to lose me. For the Favorability Value to make a breakthrough, it’s only expected. Ah men, you can’t chase after one too much.】

【444:Did you also predict this? *Starry eyes* 】

【Xie He:What do you think?:)】

【444:Only, Zhou Yian isn’t the capture target. Even if his Favorability Value is this high, it’s of no use, ai~】 V2dGTv

【Xie He:The deeply rooted bad habit of mankind is that………to them, stolen things are much more desirable. Whether or not there’s a use for this, you shall soon see. 】

After the two people ate breakfast, Zhou Yian said while smiling, “I’ll take you out to eat tonight! My older brother wants to meet you.”

Xie He looked at him doubtfully, “Your brother?”

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Zhou Yian smiled, embarrassed, “Yeah. I have a brother. I didn’t tell you about him before.” SHmiuo

He also hadn’t thought that Zhou Yizhe would suddenly wanted to meet Zhao Qing. However, he had always admired this brother of his. His older brother came from a good family and was also capable. Although they drifted apart after they both grew up, he still respected him deeply. He was really happy that Zhou Yizhe wanted to see Zhao Qing. If Zhao Qing gained his brother’s approval, then that would be equivalent to gaining the family’s approval. Perhaps then, Zhao Qing would not have to worry so much?

He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Zhao Qing. He didn’t want to lose him. Perhaps this was a good opportunity to confess about his past…….

Xie He immediately felt nervous, like a disgraceful daughter-in-law who was about to meet her in-laws. He spoke nervously, “Your brother………what if he doesn’t like me…….”

He said this because of his previous experience with Song Ruyi, who really didn’t like him. He very clearly remembered that despising look she gave him, as if she was far above him…….He had yet to tell Zhou Yian about this matter when that other issue occurred. c5iD Q

Zhou Yian kneaded Xie He’s face and gazed at him with deep love, “You’re so good. He will definitely like you.”

Despite of what was said, Xe He still felt very anxious. He tidied himself up well and wore his most formal attire. He was more meticulous for this than he was for an interview. However, he couldn’t cover up the slight dark rings beneath his eyes.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Zhou Yian found it both funny and extremely embarrassing. In any case, he loves Zhao Qing, so he didn’t say a word. No matter what he looks like, he’ll still find him handsome.

The restaurant where Zhou Yizhe made a reservation had an elegant ambiance. The private room was situated by a rock garden with flowing water. It was not grandiose, but it held the tranquil charm of antiquity. It made the people who walked in move with utmost care. It was obviously not a place that ordinary people could go into. 4HW2X7

Xie He was nervous and bewildered. He looked over to Zhou Yian suspiciously. Why would his brother choose this kind of location?

Zhou Yian felt a bit guilty. He grasped onto Xie He’s hand tightly and smiled, “Don’t worry. It’s just my brother.”

Xie He also did not want to lose Zhou Yian nor did he want to be despised by Zhou Yian’s elder brother. He forced himself to reveal a brilliant smile, “En.” Today he will definitely do well!

Zhou Yian looked at him tenderly, leading Xie He into the private room by the hand. ivKkP2

“Ge, we’ve come.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The man in the private room lifted his head when he heard this. He flashed a faint smile, “En.”

Xie He had heard this voice countless times in his nightmares. When he saw that handsome, nearly cold face, he felt as if all the blood in his body had froze over.

【444:Ding. The capture target’s Favorability Value is currently 60.】 q7cj 5

The author has something to say:

444:I should not have any illusions with regards to Host dada’s moral integrity_(:зゝ∠)_

Xie He:I shouldn’t hold any expectations for System’s IQ :)


Eve: I shouldn’t have believed that I could translate this through my tears. I know it’s fake but oof.

Translator's Note

Previously ten thousand people seduction bloodline. Shirubame got “MacDaddy bloodline” from MTL and jeez, do you know how tempted I was to go with it?

Translator's Note

哭笑不得 lit. not know whether to laugh or cry

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