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  • on PsychicCh23 - Enchantment 12 hours ago

    He has mancrush power with his enchanting eyes! It’s nice that Zhao Wenyan showed up to bail the MC out, even though they’ve more or less cut off relations with each other.

    Those poor officers are spooking themselves so hard.

  • No problem. A lot of people get mixed up on the two.

  • Retranslating the early chapters would be good. A lot of them have sentences that just don’t make sense.

  • “Ye Lan was only aiming at him now and wasn’t capable to do more.” Lmao! This MC… Did he just forget who would have killed him twice already if it weren’t for the system’s intervention? That arrow has long been fired, my friend.

  • Sounds like obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) rather than obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). OCPD involves being picky and controlling, spending more time organizing things than getting things done, tidying up every indecent thing to the eye compulsively, etc. OCD involves ritualistic behaviors, such as constantly counting prime numbers, stepping out the door with the right foot six times and then the left foot six times and then jumping in order to leave the home without feeling overwhelmingly anxious, spending hours in the shower just to wash your body in a specific order (even when it makes your skin raw), and repeating the same task until it feels “right.”
  • This is the end of chapter 4. Just two more chapters to go before Chrysanthemum Garden is caught up with o3o’s translations. Chapter 6 was quite exciting.

  • Paranoia is a specific type of delusion where the patient feels as though people are out to get him/her when they aren’t, his/her food has poison in it, he/she is constantly being watched by something when he/she isn’t, etc. It results in a lot of fear and anxiety, and patients may feel the need to defend themselves from whomever or whatever they feel is out to get them. Paranoid delusions are the most common type of delusion.

    The term the text is probably looking for is “grandiosity” rather than “paranoia.” Delusions of grandiosity involve the patient having false beliefs that he/she is a god, he/she is a billionaire when he/she isn’t, a famous movie star is in love with patient, etc. This suits the MC more.

  • on PsychicCh21 - A God 4 days ago

    Did anyone guess that the MC’s former boss would bail him out? I sure didn’t.

  • I see. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Poor Zhuang Zheng. He needs to recover from this trauma and work on solving the serial murder case.

    I suppose the lawyer may have been sent by the unlucky man.