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Recent Comments

  • Thank goodness! We have some gender pronouns… I was starting the picture all the “theys” as people with two heads.

    I still suspect the protagonist is a Zerg, but it could follow a similar plot line in another BL transmigration series that has a Zerg later replace the protagonist.

  • If electricity is involved, then one of the tails has power over lightning or electricity, not thunder.

  • Ooh. I wonder if Aryan is going to reveal what Manzy is really up to.

    Meanwhile, that’s such a waste of good meat. It’s funny that both the MC and ML are fine after eating it.

    The bonus chapter should be released soon! It is a cliff, and many readers may be trapped out home losing their minds from the epidemic after all…

  • Alien bro knows ALL the secrets.

  • Yunfeng sure is oblivious. Just a conversation with the MC would have been enough to clarify the situation.

  • I feel sorry for Ding Zhaolin. Even in the end, he only blamed himself rather than his abusive husband. Even if he wasn’t considered a good person, that’s no justification for his husband to mistreat him in such a way.

  • I love description! When I rate series, I dock them points if they don’t describe anything. Description is good.

    To be fair, if Rhine didn’t pull Desharow off the boat, someone else probably would’ve shot him instead. This was probably the best way for Desharow to survive in this situation.

  • I’m picturing the MC’s face turning bright read after the ML ate the food given to him.

    It’s refreshing to see an ML that doesn’t have the misunderstanding that the MC is attracted to him for once. A ML that is observant about common things and not OP while having a low EQ about relationships is very nice.

  • The plural pronouns confuse me when they’re used for individual characters. I’d really prefer he, she, or it. People can be its. There are obvious feminine names, so those ones could have female pronouns; the ones with masculine names can have male pronouns. Using plural pronouns in place of singular ones doesn’t make sense, especially when multiple characters may be involved; I can tell what takes place with only one ML or two.

    Egbert, though! Lol! What’s worse–Pansy or Egbert? Eggbert was the name of an egg I played on an old computer game when I was in elementary school….. Eggbert –> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speedy_Eggbert

    I didn’t suspect there could be a worse name than Pansy, but I was proven wrong. Lmao.

    I also suspect that the protagonist is related to the Zergs. He manipulated and controlled the strongest humans, purporting them as heroes before supposedly dying and then leading the MLs to their doom. They all rashly went out to fight like maniacs and got themselves killed, which suggest something impaired their thinking. They may have been on withdrawal from something. With these heroes suddenly dying, the human race lost all hope. Shaming the school and everything likely impaired other mechanics from advancing, too. Furthermore, it was already revealed that Zergs had infiltrated the humans after he died, which makes it very possible he might be one of the earlier infiltrators.

  • I was referring to the name Pansy in our world. I know the culture in this series is different, but no one wants to be a pansy here. I just suspect a woman named Pansy would be bullied less than a man with that name in our world. Of course, she may sneakily change it to Patsy instead.