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Strategy to Capture That Scum GongCh45 - This Beast!


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara iFoGam

10. This Beast!

The other’s body was full of the marks that he’d left. That exquisite and fine face…was a rare beauty…it was enough to turn any self-restraint he had into a joke!

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Deng Jingwen’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and his eyes darkened even further. This was his boy, so it was only natural that he could only like him—he could only belong to him.

Deng Jingwen fell silent for a while and suddenly said, “I hope that you can change your identity and stay by my side.” nYxUQv

The boy seemed to realize something, and alarm immediately flooded his eyes. He only wanted to be his son! He parted his lips to plead, “Sir, I’ll be very obedient. Please don’t throw me away….” He hugged Deng Jingwen’s neck. For the first time, he kissed the other out of his own volition…

Deng Jingwen was not a person who was easy to sway. It was just that in that moment, his heart softened for some unfathomable reason as he gazed into the boy’s wet, black eyes. It was to the extent that this was the first time that he didn’t treat the other with callousness and even wanted to….

Perhaps he could give him some time to adjust.

【Ding. The target Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value+2. The current Favourability Value is 82.】 6fbqti


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After that, Xie He did not leave the house for three days. In the end, Deng Jingwen did not mention the matter of formally announcing his identity again. Nevertheless, Xie He knew that this was only temporary. For someone like Deng Jingwen, it was already not an easy task to make him defer a decision. To completely change his mind, the current Favourability Value was not enough.

【444:I don’t really understand, ah. Can’t you openly be together after announcing your identity to the public? Isn’t it advantageous for you to establish your relationship? +_+】

【Xie He:Baby, you need to know that if you love someone as cold-blooded as Deng Jingwen more than he loves you, when the novelty fades, all that awaits you is to be thrown away. You’ll be considered a little toy lover who can be abandoned at any time. The status of a unique and unrivalled son is obviously much more advantageous.】 kS xYa

【444:Since it’s like that…why did you provoke him, ne? If it wasn’t because of what you did, he wouldn’t have thought to publicly announce your identity….】

【Xie He:This isn’t the same. :)】


【Xie He:At the start, when he expelled me from the family, he didn’t announce it not because he cared about this son of his, but because he hadn’t cared about what identity I was using to stay by his side. A toy only needs to be obedient. His identity is insignificant. Meanwhile, he wants to announce my identity now, because he has begun to mind what identity I use to stay besides him. He cares about what our relationship looks like to outsiders…this is a good thing. It means that in his eyes, I’m not just a toy. He wants more.】 m5Ap2b

【Xie He:When a man starts wanting to stake a claim on your heart, when he begins to care about the relationship between the two of you, that means he’s begun to fall for you. 】

【444:A Favourability Value of 82. According to common sense, this can indeed be classified as love! \\(≧▽≦)/】

【Xie He:Baby, you can’t calculate love like this.】

【Xie He:The threshold for love is different for every person. For Deng Jingwen, this isn’t love. At most, love is just sprouting. However, I can turn this into love. I have the upper hand in this relationship. I can make him demand love from me repeatedly only to have it incessantly end up in failure. Men always submerge themselves in their defeat. The more he can’t have me, the more he’ll want me. Besides, it’s so much cooler calling him Dad :)】 WRNJKo

【444:……】The last sentence was the real reason, right? _(:зゝ∠)_


Because it was the first time Xie He took the initiative to be intimate, Deng Jingwen’s ruthless side exploded. He went a little too far; Xie He was unable to get out of bed for a few days after.

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Regardless, Xie He did not show any unhappiness or fight him over this. Instead, he became even more well-behaved and lovable than before. When he saw Deng Jingwen return, he struggled to right himself on the bed and smiled with his pale face, “Dad, you’re back.” 1NrzFD

Deng Jingwen’s expression changed, but he still didn’t correct the boy. Although it was very piercing to the ear, what the boy called him didn’t matter. What really mattered was making the boy understand deep down inside that he wasn’t his father. For this, threats and torment weren’t enough on their own.

Clearly, he was just a spineless, integrity-less, good-for-nothing idiot. However, he had a hard-to-believe perseverance in calling him Dad. This made even Deng Jingwen unable to remain indifferent.

【Ding, the target Deng Jingwen’s Favourability Value+2. The current Favourability Value is 84.】

Deng Jingwen walked over and pulled the boy into his arms, “I’ll take you down to eat.” ULhj5l

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He sat the boy on his lap and then used a spoon to feed him.

From start to end, the boy was very lovable and obedient. Deng Jingwen’s expression softened greatly. He recalled how, in the past, the boy used to hate being intimate with him in front of other people, even at home. When they left the house, he didn’t want to be held. Now, however, he was so well-behaved. SVFTlI

It seemed that as long as he made him afraid, he would be thoroughly dependent and subservient to him.

Another few days passed. Xie He had recovered more or less. He also no longer mentioned going to school, let alone leave the house even once. Every day, he would guard the door, waiting for Deng Jingwen to return like a little puppy instead. His cautious and prudent appearance made it seem like he thought if he made even the slightest mistake or if he was absent-minded for even a moment, he would be thrown away.

No matter what Deng Jingwen asked for, he would comply. He would even incessantly repeat that the one he liked best was Dad.

Deng Jingwen thought, This child isn’t actually that dumb. He knew what methods to use to make his heart soft, how to make it so that he wouldn’t publicize his current identity. Actually, perhaps his methods were really a bit effective. 10Ys2W

This morning, Deng Jingwen once again did Xie He until his legs went soft and then told him, “You should go to class.”

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Xie He revealed a questioning gaze and spoke nervously, “W-why….?”

The corner of Deng Jingwen’s lips rose, “Didn’t you want to learn so as to not make me lose face?”

Xie He heard Deng Jingwen mention his lie, and his body froze in an instant. He suddenly wrapped himself around Deng Jingwen’s waist and rubbed his head intimately against the other’s chest, “Daddy, I just want to be with you. I don’t want to go to school.” LqAvbD

Heh…he’s also learned how to act spoiled. Deng Jingwen smiled coldly. He carried the boy off of the bed and dressed him before saying, “Don’t be afraid. I’m just letting you attend your classes, that’s all.”

Xie He gazed at him imploringly, “Dad….”

Deng Jingwen remained unmoved. He personally drove him to the campus gates.

Deng Jingwen pinched Xie He’s chin and kissed him, voice glacial and unquestionable, “Go, ba. I’ll come get you when your classes are over.” 5xjNY7

The boy needed to be clear on who he belonged to. He had to know the price he would pay for womanizing. If he dared to make the same mistake again, he would not let him off easily.

Xie He knew that he could not change Deng Jingwen’s mind, so he got out of the car, face drained of all blood.

Xie He slowly walked into his classroom and directly sat in the last row. He then laid his head on his desk.

Throughout the class, quite a number of people came to talk to Xie He, but he was disinclined to pay any attention to them. With much difficulty, it was only when class started that it was finally quiet. The last few days, he was continuously played with by Deng Jingwen, so he wasn’t too lively right now. Moreover, in order to show that he already knew his mistake and would not do it again, he obviously needed to keep a distance between himself and these flowers! GfFPI6

After class, he was surrounded by girls.

“Zhuo Zhuo, what’s wrong? Why won’t you talk to us?”

“Xiao Zhuo, you don’t look good. Are you sick?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xie He pursed his lips, expression twitchy, “I’m fine. Make way!” JeTgs

Although his attitude was bad, his voice was weak and hoarse like a little animal that was puffing up its fur in anger, making other people unable to get angry.

In fact, this only made the girls more concerned about him. Each and every one of them began to say that they wanted to take Xie He to the infirmary.

Xie He glared, “I said I’m fine! You guys are annoying!”

The aloof Ren Huihui, who sat in the front row, looked at Xie He and couldn’t endure it. For once, she stood up and advised him, “If you don’t feel well, you should go get examined.” Mv N6w

Xie He looked at Ren Huihui. She was the female goddess who Deng Zhuo had once chased for so long but never attained. Right now, it was the first time she took the initiative to show concern for him, so he should feel moved. Furthermore, Xie He was also a gentleman to beautiful ladies. However, when he thought about Deng Jingwen’s snitches who were currently monitoring him, he could only stiffen his expression and say, “Scram.”

Ren Huihui was stupefied. Soon after, her eyes turned red, and she immediately left the class!

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The surroundings fell quiet…for a moment, no one went to persuade Xie He again. Xie He even scolded Ren Huihui. It was evident that he really didn’t want anyone else’s concern.

After all, they were only classmates. They’d already expressed their kindly intentions. The others glanced at Xie He and then returned to their seats, not bothering with him anymore. 2OuiSM

Xie He laid his head on his desk again, closing his eyes to sleep.

【Xie He:Baby, remember to tell me when Ning Qi comes. :)】

【444: OK! \(≧▽≦)/】

The next two classes passed by peacefully. Xie He did not leave his seat even once. In the end, he really did fall asleep. When he awoke, the bell signalling the end of class had just sounded. His arm had already become numb. Ik36O2

【Xie He:Ai, sleeping like this isn’t comfortable at all. I miss Dad’s big bed.】

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【444:Hold on for a bit longer? It’s about time to leave school.】

【Xie He:If Dad’s as cold and unfeeling as this, he can’t blame his baby for having an illicit affair. :)】

【444:……】 JnihcE

【444:Oh, Ning Qi has just come over.】He had been so triggered by Xie He saying “baby” that he had nearly forgotten about official matters. _(:зゝ∠)_Baby is very alarmed, OK?

Xie He squinted his eyes upon hearing this. He very quickly returned to character. Now that he mentioned it, he really did miss Ning Qi, this youngster. He liked the gentle and considerate type!


Ning Qi had not been at ease at all this whole time. Since the other day, Deng Zhuo had disappeared. All of his calls to Deng Zhuo had been declined, and he was even blacklisted in the end. He was blocked outside of the Deng Family’s estate every time he went looking for Deng Zhuo, so he could only endure it and wait. However, what made him the most ill-at-ease was that he could not find out who the man who forced Deng Zhuo was. Deng Jingwen clearly protected the boy very well. With this reasoning, this shouldn’t have happened. nctyop

In any case, the most inconceivable thing did indeed happen.

Ning Qi secretly loved Deng Zhuo. Actually, even Deng Zhuo didn’t know just how many people knew that Ning Qi liked him. Therefore, when Deng Zhuo finally reappeared at school again, people very quickly came to inform him of this news.

At once, Ning Qi went to quietly wait outside of Deng Zhuo’s classroom.

He really missed the boy. However, since everything that had happened, he discovered that they had gradually grown apart. He could not silently watch and accompany him like before. Now, even meeting just once was so difficult. When he thought that he might even lose the ability to see the boy at all one day…Ning Qi’s eyebrows furrowed tightly. He felt depressed. 0Ca4pK

When the bell sounded, the other students all left one by one. At the very end, only the boy was left in the classroom. His head was laid on the desk. It seemed like he was asleep.

Ning Qi wore a helpless expression and walked over with quiet steps.

The boy was still the same. Even in class, he could sleep without a care. It was just that when he approached, he discovered that things were not so. The boy looked like he was sleeping, but his shoulders were trembling slightly. He was awake.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ning Qi looked worried and called out softly, “Xiao Zhuo?” 0rqMsx

The boy didn’t move as if he didn’t hear him.

Ning Qi felt anxious. He reached out to lift the boy’s head. He could then see that the boy’s face was red, his eyes teary.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?! I’ll take you to the hospital!” Ning Qi immediately reached out to carry the boy.

Xie He suddenly lifted his hand and slapped Ning Qi’s hand away. He shouted, “Don’t touch me!” If Deng Jingwen discovered that he and Ning Qi were together…he didn’t know what kind of punishment he’d face after going back! YLT9lm

He glared at Ning Qi, “I don’t need your concern. I want to go home!”

Ning Qi was much more mature in his thinking than the boy. It was obvious that something had recently happened considering the attitude the boy used against him and the grievances in the boy’s red eyes just now. How could he let him leave like this?

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Ning Qi saw that Xie He’s body was weak and slowly said, “My dorm is nearby. How about you take a rest there, OK?”

Xie He turned his head away, “I want to go home. You, stay away from me!” After saying this, he headed out. However, he suddenly stumbled on the steps. Fortunately, Ning Qi had a hold on him, so he didn’t fall. mZSQRY

Ning Qi sighed and steadily supported Xie He, “You can’t go home by yourself like this. Rest for a while at my place first.”

As he said this, he supported Xie He to his dorm in an unquestionable manner. He then directly locked the door.

Xie He could not free himself from Ning Qi’s grip, so he could only be brought back to the dorms by him. However, when he thought that Deng Jingwen would soon come get him and that he might see him and Ning Qi together…he said in a panic, “I said, I’m fine. I want to go home!” As he said this, he thought about running out.

Ning Qi did not speak. He went and hugged the boy, patting him on the back soothingly. He then pulled his clothes off! 9UBQ0b

Xie He did not expect Ning Qi to do this. At once, he began to struggle, voice full of fright, “What are you doing?!”

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Ning Qi looked at the boy’s body, eyes practically glowing with rage. His guess had come true…the boy he treated as a precious treasure, who he had always carefully protected in the palm of his hand, had unexpectedly been ruthlessly played with again by some other man.

He used all of his power to stay calm. He would not lose the last strands of his rationality again!

Xie He bit his lips and did not make a sound. His eyes were full of tears. DJkqu9

Ning Qi said, “Is this why you don’t dare come near me? Because that person will punish you, right?”

Xie He sobbed, “I said that it’s none of your business. Let go of me!”

Ning Qi stared at the flustered boy. His heart had nearly been squeezed into a ball. Pain, pity, and anger mixed together. His hand clenched tightly into a fist. He could not bear to say even a single harsh word to the boy. In these few, short months, he had already been tormented to this state.

That fearful and panicked expression, the suppressed sobbing…at this moment, he was shaking in his arms. He was no longer as brash and as willful as he used to be. He would never see that dazzling smile in those beautiful eyes ever again. All that was left was a cautious carefulness. Even though he had been treated so cruelly, he didn’t dare to go against them. He would only silently bear it. uZV5zf

Ning Qi sucked in a deep breath and spoke slowly, “I asked you who it was last time. You weren’t willing to tell me. Can you tell me now? Let me help you, OK?”

The boy didn’t make a sound.

A long time later, Ning Qi gently raised the boy’s face and saw that he had been silently shedding tears.

The boy fixed his eyes on him. His eyelashes were stained with his tears. He choked, “Why do you want to help me, ne….?” MtT 1X

Ning Qi said, “Because I like you.”

The boy suddenly laughed, laughing hysterically as he sobbed, “Like, ah….”

So, this was what “to like” someone meant. Ning Qi liked him, so he treated him gently and worried about him. It’s because he liked him that he wanted to help him, that he was unwilling to let him feel hurt or sad, much less ever hurt or force him.

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Everything…was because he liked him. PjdQYz

Xie He actually wasn’t that dumb. He already knew more or less what liking someone really looked like. However, he still deceived himself. Dad treated him like this because he liked him. Because he liked him, he wanted to do those sorts of things to him.

It was just that, faced with Ning Qi’s gentleness, he suddenly couldn’t deceive himself any longer.

Liking someone didn’t look like this. If he actually liked him, he wouldn’t hurt him without any misgivings. If he actually liked him, he wouldn’t make him suffer like this. If he actually liked him, he would not treat him like a toy to be played with. Everything Dad did, not one of them was done because he actually liked him…It was only a merciless possession. And, Xie He was just unwilling to admit that.

He didn’t want to admit that the father he respected and loved the most—the man he called Dad for eighteen years—actually didn’t like him in the least. VdnXBb

That was why he treated him so cruelly.

He was afraid that when he admitted this, he would no longer be able to hold on.

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Eve: Greatly anticipating gong abuse. Please~ Also, please make Ning Qi our first sweet supporting gong~

Kara: I’m not ready for the gong abuse…my fragile heart can’t take this…DZ just wanted a loving father!!! Can’t we go back to the somewhat lighthearted beginning? 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 8GsMcf

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    I couldn’t wait and visited a site to read this novel in chinese, but realised that it’s slightly different!!

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    • It’s probably because our RAW sources are different. I bought the official raws on jjwxc. This particular text has been updated quite a bit by the author. Jjwxc only has the most updated version. Pirated sites however will only take the first draft. I’ve glanced at pirated sites raws for this text before and there are some substantial differences. I will, however, be continuing to use the official raws.

      As for your particular link, it’s broken so I can’t say anything about it.

        • Yup. There’s a discrepancy between RAW sources. Another discrepancy is the fact that it says this is ch 46 in the link you sent when it’s ch 45 on JJWXC, lol.

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          But yes, if you continue to read ahead on pirated sites, be forewarned. I’m not criticizing you or anything. It’s just that this author seems to have rewritten large sections, if not full arcs since original publication. Therefore what you’re reading will inevitably be different from what I’m translating.