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Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash Bin

Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash Bin 不要在垃圾桶里捡男朋友

RAW Source
Author: Riding a Whale South (骑鲸南去)
Total Chapters: 270 + 13 Extras
Genre: Quick Transmigration
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Translators: baumkuchen. Editors: serefina, GlitteryPanda
Release Schedule: Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Chi Xiaochi: fourth-rate citizen at birth, three-time award-winning film emperor, second-rate temper, first-class looks. He crawled his way out of hell on hard mode to become a winner at life.

Then, he was smashed into a vegetative state by a chandelier.

061: Hello, here’s a brief rundown on the scum gong reconditioning system. This system measures the regret level of the scum gong. Every time their regret level reaches one hundred points, you will be able to leave the current world. A friendly tip, usually, through dedication and self-sacrifice, our employees slowly foster a sense of dependency in the scum gongs, gradually making it so the scum gongs can’t live without them…

Chi Xiaochi: How many regret points is a complete loss of reputation and standing worth? How about a fall from grace? Or wanting something but never being able to obtain it?

061: ……

Slightly spoilery author’s note:
  1. 1v1, HE, gentlemanly, warm, loyal dog gong x satisfied after being playful for a moment shou. The gong is the system. It’s not complicated, scums remain scum, lovers remain lovers;
  2. No smut, fade to black;
  3. Sue-ish, fluffy, no logic, not the same as those reforming villain stories, be warned

Translated Chapters

Genius Cannonfodder's Counterattack Record

Getting Rid of that Bigshot

Love Song on Ice

I Hear I'm a Battle God

The Cycle of Karma, What Goes Around Comes Around

Translator's Note

This was in English in the original

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    • Hi, it’s 1v1 from what i’ve understand on NU and on the raw page.

    • Hello a newcomer here (*>∇<)ノ I just want to thank chrysanthemum garden for picking out a lot of good novels and translating them. Really I love this novel hope we all get along (●’▽’●)ゝ

  1. Hello, Thank you for picking up this novel! Sounds good so far and i;ve heard only good things about it! I’m looking forward to read it

  2. Umm..

    ‘This project is placed under teasers for the moment to comply with Chrysanthemum Garden rules.’

    So, does it means you’re gonna TL till the end or just a few ch/arc??
    I’m sorry, cuz if you’re not going to finish this then im not gonna wait patiently, and just leave to read MTL instead
    And thanks for bringing this gem up! o(♡▪♡)o

    • I’m finishing it lol

      It just that at the time of posting this I couldn’t update at least once a week, so by CG rules it can’t count as an official project

      But now I can, so I’m going to be moving it out of teasers

      • OOOH! THANK YOU!! i thought this is gonna be one of those novel that only got a few ch translated, so i was asking just to be sure
        Once again, thanks for translating. ♡♡♡
        I’ll be waiting for more (^ , ^)/

  3. Hello, I’ve seen this from NU and I think that this is interesting. Can I ask your permission to translate this to Indonesian?

  4. Hi, I wanted to know if I can translate this novel into Spanish on wattpad with the credits to Chrysanthemum Garden.💞

  5. This novel is truly very good, both on translation and on plot side, but…

    I don’t know, could I put forward a suggestion?

    It could need a trigger warning. Some chapters, although there’s no free violence, are a bit strong (arc 2 ch 1…. nightmare worthy for me).

    That said, it is, I think, the best QT novel I encountered since… ever.

    MC is just too marvelously savage

  6. This needs a sobbing madly tag!! I haven’t even finished the first arc yet but I’ve already drowned in tears!! The world is so real and everyone has so much emotions!!😭😭😭😭😭It’s not super sad or anything yet but this MC and ML… I can’t take it!! This better be a HE or I will blacken qq

  7. For the people who wait for arcs to be finished before reading them (like me):

    Arc 3 – ch. 64-86, 23 chapters,

    Arc 4 – ch. 87-121, 35 chapters,

    Arc 5 – ch. 122-150, 29 chapters,

    Arc. 6 – ch. 151-181, 31 chapters,

    Arc. 7 – ch. 182-210, 29 chapters,

    Arc. 8 – ch. 211-236, 26 chapters,

    Arc. 9 – ch. 237-270, 34 chapters,

    Arc. 10 – ch. 271-283, 13 chapters, END

  8. Queer Eye meets Marie Kondo in this novel where past life companions help gays with garbage boyfriends get their lives together. Does he spark joy? No? Does he make you wish you were dead? Then let’s make him wish he were dead instead 🙂

    A very cathartic series, all things considered.

  9. Hi ! My name is Emily and i would like to translate your beautiful work in french. So, do you allow me ? Obviously, you will be crédit in our website. I already translate an another novel of you but i am pretty fan of your projets.

    Thank you in advance 😁

  10. I waiting for Chapter system vs system, still two world to go. Just can’t wait to read it, i looking in mtl its got to anti-theaf chap haha 😅

  11. Hello , my name is Poppy and i would liketo know if i can translate this novel in Thai ?

  12. No meat and smut???


    I think this QT story is much worth reading for trashing the scum but I want a meat or slight NSFW for the both of them, sad:<