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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh47.1 - Love Song on Ice (4.1)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

After he hung up, 061 asked him, “……Want to go take a look?” 4Ovqs5

Chi Xiaochi, “Of course.”

Regardless of his misgivings, this “uncle”’s identity had been personally verified by Dong Ge’s mother. There likely wouldn’t be anything wrong.

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Half an hour later, Chi Xiaochi, bundled up in a pitch black down jacket, sat by the already frozen over decorative pond by the entrance to the sports school, waiting for this unknown uncle’s arrival. E7brq2

It had been a long time since Dong Ge had received a haircut. It had grown to become shoulder-length and was tied into simple ponytail at the back of his head by a black hairband.

With nothing better to do, Chi Xiaochi undid his ponytail and tied his hair into a little bun.


This was the hairstyle Lou Sifan had usually put Dong Ge’s hair into in the past.



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Dong Ge didn’t like cutting his hair. In order for it to not impact his performance during competitions, Lou Sifan would always come to his dorm room before competitions and help him put it into a bun.

From the age of 19 to 24, for a full five years, he had been in a secret relationship with Lou Sifan.

During this period, Dong Ge felt that he was blessed, but was occasionally a little dissatisfied. VS0E O

Other than the He Changsheng who had all along been a faint presence standing between them, he still had another equally big load on his mind.

—— Dong Ge actually didn’t like being on the bottom.

But every time he brought it up to Lou Sifan, Lou Sifan would always smile and say, then next time, I’ll let you top next time.

His tone was completely as if he was coaxing a little kid, and as to when exactly the so-called “next time” would come, only the heavens knew. M9jD w

Dong Ge brought it up a few times before dropping it.

He reasoned with himself: nevermind, it was really painful anyways, Lou Sifan might not be able to take it.


However, as time passed, Dong Ge’s way of thinking changed. NvO D9


He always thought that it was just him being too sensitive, but Lou Sifan and He Changsheng’s “friendship” was truly eternal. Even after Lou Sifan and him got together in secret, most of the time, Lou Sifan would still go everywhere with He Changsheng.

Dong Ge would always follow behind Lou Sifan like a little lackey, staring at He Changsheng, lost in thought.

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Why didn’t he know to not get in their way? 0L4VsJ

Didn’t he have any other friends? Why did he have to monopolise Lou-ge’s time?

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Nevertheless, their behaviour never went over the line. They were really and truly a pair of very proper good friends. Even if Dong Ge wanted to look for bones in the chicken egg, there wasn’t a single point to get angry about to be found.

Qtja kjr fnfc wbgf ecyfjgjyif obg Gbcu Xf, kjr atja Obe Vlojc kbeiv jikjsr mbwqjgf tlw ab Lf Jtjcurtfcu. Ccv la kjr cfnfg jcsatlcu firf, la kjr jikjsr tlr rxjalcu rxliir, ktlmt kfgf bo ugfja rluclolmjcmf ab Gbcu Xf. Ktf olcji mbcmierlbc kbeiv yf: sbe’gf cba jr ubbv jr Lf Jtjcurtfcu, sbe ralii cffv ab kbgx tjgvfg.


He Changsheng was like a needle wedged in Dong Ge’s flesh, making him feel a burst of piercing pain from time to time.

Later on, even without needing Lou Sifan to bring it up, Dong Ge would subconsciously make He Changsheng his target for comparison and competition.

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Clearly, one was a pair skater, and the other was a single skater. Their professions didn’t conflict at all, but Dong Ge couldn’t help but compare himself to He Changsheng. zdTf2B

In this Petri dish Lou Sifan had personally prepared, those negative emotions continued to flourish. 

Dong Ge’s hatred of He Changsheng grew and grew, until one day, those negative emotions reached their peak.


It was a weekend. bPdrhT

As usual, Lou Sifan went to the pair skater’s practice rink to find He Changsheng, to practice and chat together with him, and Dong Ge also followed him as usual.

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Since yesterday, Lou Sifan had been in an inexplicably bad mood. That morning, he had even barely touched his breakfast.

Dong Ge was worried that he would catch a chill. After skating for a while, he got out and left the training area, slipping over to the vending machine and buying a can of hot coffee. Worried that the coffee would get cold, he held it in his hands and slipped back as quickly as possible.

Just as he walked over to the side of the rink, he unexpectedly saw Lou Sifan directing a rare ugly look towards He Changsheng. He adopted a manner like he was conducting an interrogation. “Who was that guy with you when I came to find you yesterday?” gXBHTY

Dong Ge stopped. He began to listen carefully.

He Changsheng’s attitude was very mild. “A friend introduced him to me. I was having a meal with him, that’s all.”

Lou Sifan was unwilling to stop pushing. “Just a meal?”

He Changsheng said calmly, “I haven’t been in a single relationship for so many years, I want to try dating. Just testing the waters, no one says we have to get together. ……What are you so anxious about?” LQ d0b

He then asked, “Since it’s a date, why did you go find a man?”

He Changsheng shot him a look. “You’re homophobic?”

Lou Sifan said, “……I’m not. I just never thought that you were also……”  

He Changsheng, “……’Also’?” 0w7dv8

Lou Sifan, “I know about two or three couples in the team. It’s not strange.”

He Changsheng, “Oh.”

Lou Sifan paused for a moment. He asked tentatively, “Would you rather be on the top or on the bottom?”

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He Changsheng, “……We haven’t even compared our Eight Characters. You’re really thinking ahead for me.” PFOUi8

Having been friends for so many years, He Changsheng did not consider such a question offensive. 

A hint of a smile appeared on He Changsheng’s eternally iceberg-like face. “I haven’t really thought about it, and I don’t plan on casually testing it out. I might prefer to be on top, but if I like it enough, being on the bottom wouldn’t be so bad either.”

Lou Sifan said, “If you’re going to get intimate with someone else, being on top is always better.”

He Changsheng said, “Why?” 6Cv5bj

Lou Sifan replied in a joking tone, “Being on the bottom is so humiliating ah, and it also hurts. Even if you want to be on the bottom, then you’ll have to find a caring person.”


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The coffee in Dong Ge’s hand felt as if it had turned into a soldering iron, searing into his palm, the burning pain making his entire body tremble.

……“Being on the bottom is so humiliating ah.” QrdGb6

……“It also hurts.”

So it turned out, he knew.

Dong Ge suddenly felt like the him who had gladly endured that kind of pain and seen himself as blessed, was a fool.


Because of this, he got into an argument with Lou Sifan.

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After finding out the reason behind his anger, Lou Sifan very patiently coaxed him and admitted his wrongs, saying that he was just saying it casually, he wasn’t serious, if it was really that bad he could let Dong Ge have a go at being on top, and to take that as his apology.

Even though they eventually still reconciled, a prickly sense of jealousy and crisis had already crawled into Dong Ge’s heart.


He had been constantly criticised by his parents growing up, to the extent that a deep-rooted concept that been branded onto his heart.

——Not being liked by others was because he wasn’t good enough.

Even if he had already won innumerable championships at Grand Prix Finals both within the country and abroad at a young age and set a domestic record, Dong Ge still felt like it wasn’t enough.


Shortly after that, Dong Ge was faced with an important international competition.

When he was preparing for the competition, something happened: Lou Sifan brought him out to play with He Changsheng.

Since their last conversation, Lou Sifan’s frequency of looking for He Changsheng had increased significantly, and his reason was also very reasonable.

Lou Sifan gently said to Dong Ge, “Changsheng is an expert choreographer, if you let him, your senior, give you some guidance, your results will improve significantly.” kdWnXm

During this practice session, He Changsheng had a momentary breakthrough, performing a jump sequence of 4T+3A

Because it was just in practice, He Changsheng performed this difficult singles jump sequence quite easily.

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Lou Sifan cheered him on, smiling and saying, “Changsheng, the points you would get for this sequence could break the Asian record.” Mv6Cdt

He Changsheng said, “Don’t talk nonsense. I’m just jumping around in private. If it was in a competition, I’m not sure I would be able to do this well.”

Lou Sifan smiled and turned to Dong Ge, saying, “See your He-qianbei? You need to practice well, you got that?”


Sitting by the side of the rink, Dong Ge lowered his head and tied up the shoelaces of his skates. “……En, got it.” gD0ls7


A few days later, when he and the coach were discussing tactics, Dong Ge didn’t hesitate at all. “4lz+3T.”  EPTI39

The coach advised him to not take risks. Although Dong Ge’s jumping level was first-class, these movements were too difficult. For Dong Ge, the number one thing he should be pursuing was stability, he had a good chance of earning points with his step sequence.

Dong Ge said stubbornly, “I can do it.”

Since that He Changsheng could do it, then he definitely could as well.


……That was a decision Dong Ge would regret for the rest of his life.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Like He Changsheng had said, one’s performance in competitions and one’s performance in private were two different things.

Under the pressure of an away battle and the competitive atmosphere, Dong Ge stubbornly stood up to the challenge, performing the most difficult 4lz movement perfectly. BmpdJE

The issue lay with his second jump.

Due to him failing to control his landing, he lost his centre of gravity. His skates slipped and he fell heavily on the ice.

Dong Ge’s coach wrung his wrists and sighed, thinking, it was a pity, but he might be missing the cup this time.

But soon, he realised something was wrong. TdqZ6c

Dong Ge lay on the ice. As the accompanying music continued to play, no matter how he tried, he couldn’t get up.

With a cry of shock, he signalled to the referee team and rushed onto the rink.

Dong Ge’s entire body shivered with pain. He curled up into a ball. As his warm sweat dripped onto the ice, he murmured in a low voice, “……My leg, my leg.”

sere: what a terrible cliff but it only gets worse elDOns

baum: on another note, I’m kinda glad the author brought up the not switching issue? it’s always kinda rubbed me the wrong way when the person on the bottom wants to try being on top and the guy on top is always SUPER against it. I think I’ve even seen one where the guy on top kneed the guy trying to top for once in the crotch :v like, why? if you think it’s that bad, why would you make someone you love go through with that?

also, let me know if I’ve got the skating gifs wrong! I don’t really know much, my friend’s the fan not me lmao

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

an old-fashioned thing to see if two people are compatible, sarcastic

Translator's Note

quad toe loop + triple axel. According to my friend, it’s a really difficult move, but actually, 3a+4t is harder, bc by the time you land from the 3a you probably don’t have the rotational speed for a 4t.  

Image result for 4T+3A gif

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

quad lutz + triple toe loop. the main difficulty here is the quad lutz, it’s often seen as the hardest jump ever

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Image result for 4lz+3t gif

also, I think the author actually had both jumps as 4lz+3t first, then decided to change it to 4t+3a later, but forgot to change this part, because later she implies that Dong Ge did a 4t.

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  1. Man, I’m kind of shocked the author seems to be even handling the switching issue at all, I don’t think I’ve seen even one other danmei author treat it like the preference isn’t fixed, or like it isn’t SUPER IMPORTANT that one or the other tops. I love how it’s being highlighted here that Lou Sifan is being a massive tool for being both so overbearing and also careless with Dong Ge, never even trying to make the experience good for him at all, or considering how he feels. The essence of a selfish asshole who shouldn’t have been picked up from the trash >.>

    Thanks for the chapter o(≧∇≦o)

    • There are only 2 BL that I’ve read that had the top try to be a bottom (the tittle was something like my wang fei is a man or something) and the other that however was on better health or won something was the top (though the mc was mainly on bottom…… and I forgot the tittle…… the story starts with mc and ML being kind of enemies, got drunk, the mc treated the ML as a little husband and bedded/topping him)…….. it’s really rare

  2. I also agree…. the whole “top and bottom is set in steel” kind of concept prevalent in so many BLs….. might as well be BG if the authors are so against switching.

    My heart is aching just seeing the downward pathway Dong Ge is going down. I wonder if thr final breaking point would be discovering LSF and HCS getting together. aha…..

    Thanks for the update.

    • It is based on preference so there is nothing wrong with a “Seme×Uke” concept in BL.

      The concepts of “Versa” and “Jousoseme” are usually not tackled in most BLs, true, but it’s not the preference of the authors so you may as well respect that.

      In a BG as well, the concept of “Boy×Girl” is prevalent as well. However, you don’t usually see the girl topping or rather pegging the boy, don’t you?

      So don’t make it sound like the authors are against such. It’s their preference.

      • Yes there’s nothing wrong with a Seme x Uke concept (as being a “top” or a “bottom” /is/ reflected in real life), but the sheer prevalence of that semeXuke preference among female authors seems to point to an inherent homophobia within the BL community that does not allow for non-heteronormative representations of gay relationships (which, quite frankly, aren’t even heteronormative in the first place). So that’s why people are bothered by the overwhelming mountain-load of authors who have such a “preference.” Hope that made sense.

        • Then write one yourself. Besides, you guys are quick to assume that the authors have apparently an ‘inherent’ homophobia. If you want to address the issue then write a story that suits your preference, promote it, and encourage like minded people to do the same. Because the way I see it, you two are judging others for their preference…or rather you frown upon the seme×uke concept.

          • What qualifications do you have to act as though perpetuating harmful, heteronormative bullshit as if being a top or a bottom is somehow a personality trait and not a preference that can change?

            It’s harmful and really just feeds into the idea that LGBT relationships are a twisted version of “normal” straight couples because the top is bigger/more masculine and the bottom is smaller/more feminine. If I wrote a story on mental health but only stuck to the romantic, Hollywood version then I’d be harming people who have to live with these problems and other people’s perceptions of them. Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

            Honestly, kudos to the author for actually talking about this problem. If you want to defend someone, go find those authors who have zero knowledge of gay sex and act like lube and prep isn’t necessary

          • I think its less homophobia and more ignorance. Its always top or bottom, excuse me but being versatile is also a thing. Also, a lot of these couples are always their first time, expect curiosity and trying out the others position. Even if they don’t like it and just stick to their desired roles, at least point that they experimented.

            The problem in BL/danmei/yaoi I see is that the author always assign gender roles to each person in the gay relationship. One is always the masculine one (handsome, tall, muscular, tanned, CEO) while the other the more feminine (pretty, short, scrawny, pale, a regular employee). I’m always uncomfortable when an author stresses that.

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    Me, after finishing the whole chapter: *CRYING WHILE HUGGING MY PILLOW*

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    Thank you for updating this chapter :”’)

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    But I wonder which path will CXC make for DG? 🤔

    I wonder if he will make HCS get a lover soon, or ruin LSF or even get HCS to be with DG (HCS as 0 and DG as 1)?……. it actually doesn’t seen totally impossible since HCS did get attracted by the “wild DG” (the previous DG looked just like a lackey and had all his coolness score hit bottom)🤔

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. I am actuakky quite sensitive about things like losüng something you like doing it because of someone else( family,friends,lover etc.) in this life it is such a hard thing to find smth you love doing it and losing it like this… and in dong ge’s case this was the only thing he had. He must’ve been devastated. This is why i get so sad reading things like this. Hope Chi Xiaochi can get revenge for this. That jerk deserves to rot in hell. 🔥^🔥##

  6. Lou Sifan always wants to top despite apparently sucking at sex. Go figure.

  7. About the Top and Bottom thing. I’m very glad the author is including Vers guys in their stories since you really don’t see that much in bl novels. Unfortunately the whole Tops refusing to bottom like it’s going to ruin their life thing is true. A lot of tops are really like that.

    I really hope Chi Xiaochi beats them to pulp. Thank you for translating

  8. if the top does it properly, it shouldn’t be painful, right?

    more reasons why LSF is a massive asshat! ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

  9. It’s interesting that the author brought up the switching thing.

    Thanks for translating!

  10. A danmei novel that calls out the weird negative tropes in m/m stories all around the world… Ah, this novel owns my heart.

    Thanks for translating!

  11. Like everyone else, I’m glad the author raising this issue. Well, if the story has characters are being depicted as totally agree with being bottom, it’s not a problem. But when the 1 is outrightly saying “it’s humiliating” or don’t want to bottom because “it hurts” I really want to slap him and scream: “then just get a girlfriend! Oh scratch that. Maybe your girlfriend will even prefer dildo than your dick since your technique sucks big time!”

    Thanks for the translation.

  12. Oh My God he is a BIG BIG BIG jerk!!😡 im feeling sorry for our poor DongGe (the ori one) hope our XiaoChi will get revenge for him.

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  13. Being strung along just because LS thought the other guy was unavailable. Ouch. I feel for you DG.

    I can relate. Always being the second best, and youre paranoia of your partner leaving you for that other person.

  14. What a jerk.

    When it comes to positions, I always assume they share and do what feels good to them unless told otherwise. Whatever they decided to do or even if they don’t like anal sex, whatever they want to do is their business. The only time it matters is in smut, and any smut written well can be good smut.

  15. Remind of YOI…it’s has been a while since last watch it…

    Love is blind. If I heard words like that behind my back, might as well kick him off….in the end is not worth it at all…..

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  16. I am a little bit late but I love how you includes gif to show us the jumps ♡

    I am a big fan of Hanyu Yuzuru and admire figure skating since it’s such a beautiful but yet dangerous sport.

    This arc is so interesting and the author surprises me everytime with such simple but yet engaging well written plot!

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