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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh46.1 - Love Song on Ice (3.1)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

It was already mealtime, so there were already a lot of people gathered in the locker room. 8gHaY5

The moment Chi Xiaochi stepped inside, his vision was filled with long, shiny, pale legs.

The people in the dressing room only spared Chi Xiaochi, who’d just entered, a quick, sweeping glance before going on with their discussion about which one of the girls on the team looked the best, their debate on whether A’s attractiveness or B’s attractiveness was more worthy of an 8 in full swing.

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Guided by Dong Ge’s memories, Chi Xiaochi found his locker.

To a child, this should be his most secret place. kSTtX3

After opening it up, Chi Xiaochi carefully examined the simple objects inside.

Dong Ge’s locker was really only used to store his clothes, shoes and socks. There weren’t any posters of sports stars, no hidden porn stash, no electronics like mp3 players, there wasn’t even a keychain. The keys in his jacket were simply held together by a little metal ring, distressingly simple.

Chi Xiaochi stripped out of the tight-fitting clothes on his body, and sighed, “……No wonder.”



061 knew what he wanted to say.

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The original host Dong Ge was impeccable professionally, but his personal world was truly too closed up and barren.

No wonder when he saw just the tiniest hint of light, he rushed to it like a moth to a flame.


But right now, 061 wasn’t too concerned about the original host. He was more concerned about Chi Xiaochi’s mental state.

Just now, when He Changsheng had let out that “Lou-ge”, he noticed the terrible state Chi Xiaochi had been thrown into.

He asked, “Are you alright?”

Chi Xiaochi put on a down jacket. As he was tidying up his sleeves, he spoke, “……That person is a lot like Lou-ge. But he’s absolutely not Lou-ge.” 2Vd8IJ

061 didn’t quite know whether to laugh or cry.

He said, “I wasn’t asking about Lou Ying. I was asking about you.”

“When I was young I was also bullied like this,” Chi Xiaochi didn’t answer his question. He spoke very quickly, “That trick just now was taught to me by Lou-ge. Lou-ge even taught me that if I was locked by someone in a tight space, it would be easier to escape by kicking the door close to the lock; if that person were him, he definitely wouldn’t help speak for Xue Yibo’s group, if it was him……”

061 gently but firmly interrupted him, “……Xiaochi.” HZRdaP

Chi Xiaochi closed his eyes. He reached for the locker and grabbed the tin door, his fingertips turning white from the force.

After a while, he finally wrested back control over his emotions, “Sorry. What did you say just now?”

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061 didn’t ask, “I said we should go eat.”

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Cr tf obiibkfv atf mgbkv ab atf mjcaffc, Jtl Wljbmtl gf-jvperafv tlr wbbv, ibbxlcu wemt wbgf cbgwji.

Cr tf qlmxfv eq atf meaifgs jcv rabbv lc ilcf obg atf vlrtfr, tf ibbxfv jgbecv, tfiqlcu Gbcu Xf raevs atf ojmfr bo fjmt jcv fnfgs jmdejlcajcmf.


From the accent of the cook serving them food, he seemed to be someone from Sichuan. He was particularly friendly, speaking one or two lines to everyone.

Children of this age never knew to care about other people’s emotions. The person standing in front of Dong Ge was constantly chatting with his friends. As he received his dishes, “this” and “that” were flying everywhere with his pointing finger. No one cared about the old man who was wearing a mask but was exceptionally eager to start up a conversation.

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Soon, it was Chi Xiaochi’s turn.

The cook chatted with him, “Whatcher want today? Dis old man will get it for yer.”  TweD1j

Chi Xiaochi said, “I want a cut o’ ground meat, less peppah please.” 

The cook’s eyes lit up. He gave him a big spoonful of eggplants with less juice and more vegetables, an ample portion.

“Kiddo, you’re from Sichuan too?”

“Native.” t4d8Ue

The cook gave him a thumbs-up, “That’s a good accent.”

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Chi Xiaochi said, “The Sichuan dialect is so vivid.”


061 couldn’t stop laughing. Wrkn7f

Chi Xiaochi said, “Whatchu laughing at.” 

061 felt like Chi Xiaochi was especially cute, but praising a big man for being cute would always be a little weird.

So he said, “Your Sichuan dialect sounds very natural.”

Chi Xiaochi said, “It’s simple, isn’t it all Chinese?” k4LVSA


……That was true.

According to 061’s observations, Chi Xiaochi’s social skills and his ability to learn were terrifyingly strong.

Before Chi Xiaochi entered the system, he had appeared on a variety show as a flyby guest. The variety show was located in Changsha. While doing his task, after just offhandedly hearing a few lines of the local dialect, he could chat with the people there in the local dialect. DCuG 4

The most amazing part was, up until they finished the task, both the locals helping out thought he was a native.


However, it was strange that such an interesting person ran his life so cleanly and simply, never willing to climb the social ladder by forming friendly relations with anyone else in the circle.

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His meal tray in his hands, Chi Xiaochi looked around left and right, saw Xue Yibo and his little group who had just changed clothes and made a beeline over to them, placing his tray next to Xue Yibo’s.

Xue Yibo’s face had received quite a heavy beating. His cheeks were slightly swollen, making him look like a groundhog.

Upon noticing who was approaching, Xue Yibo’s eyes bulged out of their sockets, “What are you doing sitting here?”

Chi Xiaochi picked up his chopsticks. “Is there anyone sitting here?” RG14VN

Xue Yibo, “……No.”

Chi Xiaochi, “En.”

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After that, he began to eat, minding his own business, not paying any attention to the people around him that were staring at each other in bewilderment.


Xue Yibo and his group exchanged looks for a while. Through eye contact, they unanimously agreed, that Dong Ge wasn’t at all scared of them and if they turned and ran, it would be them losing their share. 

So they each gritted their teeth and began to eat, but would occasionally glance over at Dong Ge from the corners of their eyes.

After a while, Xue Yibo truly couldn’t take this silence anymore and tentatively asked, “Dong Ge, how do you know Fan-ge?”


To them, this group of kids, Lou Sifan was like an idol.

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And the Dong Ge who Lou Sifan knew, in their eyes, also gained a slight legendary air.


Chi Xiaochi took a bite of eggplant. g8DBpr

In the original host, Dong Ge’s memories, after he had been soaked, Lou Sifan appeared and before this group of bear children, took Dong Ge away. He hadn’t brought up the fact that they knew each other.

Afterwards, this group of bear children became uneasy and got Dong Ge’s roommate to ask Dong Ge, what kind of relationship did he have with Lou Sifan.

At that time, Dong Ge answered honestly, “We aren’t familiar.”

This sentence put Xue Yibo and the rest’s hearts at ease, and let them confirm that Dong Ge had no background. He just had the fortune of being saved by Lou Sifan by a stroke of good dog’s luck. Bdk8G5

From then on, Dong Ge was once again subjected to a lot of bullying by them, both in the dark and in broad daylight.


This time, Chi Xiaochi, who had taken over Dong Ge’s body, said, “You’re talking about Lou Sifan, huh.”

Xue Yibo sucked in a breath of cold air. huOiHL

……He actually dared to call Fan-ge by his full name?

After arousing their appetite, Chi Xiaochi lightly added a sentence, “……We aren’t familiar.”


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An answer that was exactly the same as in the past timeline, but which received an entirely different result. uKDYyd

Xue Yibo and the rest immediately let out looks of deep veneration.

Xue Yibo said, “What do you mean not familiar? Fan-ge even remembers your name.”

Chi Xiaochi said, “It’s not like my name is hard to remember.”


To a group of schoolchildren who’d just graduated and come to this closed-off place, the power of authority was overwhelming. The instructors were number one, followed by the seniors.

For instance, for this line of “my name’s not hard to remember”, under normal circumstances, Chi Xiaochi would be scolded for “not knowing how to appreciate others’ kindness” and “arguing for the sake of arguing”. But now, with Lou Sifan’s support, it instantly gave him a hint of elegant indifference.

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To Chi Xiaochi, scaring this group of bear children was easy.

They all shut their mouths, directing reverent gazes towards Chi Xiaochi. b0dMWI

After successfully curing their brattiness, Chi Xiaochi said to 061, “Send me the rest of this world’s information.”

061, “Okay.”


The next half of Dong Ge’s life passed like a carousel of paper horses on a rotating lantern before his eyes. 3MB75n

Before seeing what had happened, Chi Xiaochi had already made numerous assumptions based on the existing information, such as Dong Ge’s unrequited love for Lou Sifan, such as Lou Sifan being a pervert who liked to groom young shotas.

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However, even Chi Xiaochi hadn’t imagined that the future matters would be like this.

sere: um guys? Stay hype over this cliff cuz the fall’s gonna hit hard


Translator's Note

Okay. so everything here is in Sichuan dialect, so in order to represent it in english, it’s all been written out in an accented form of english. no offense was intended in picking this accent, if any people from Sichuan are reading this, please don’t get mad orz. For context, dialects in China are pretty much like different languages, and the Sichuan dialect is pretty widely used, so there really isn’t any implications associated with this kind of dialect (for instance, the Shandong dialect is seen as manly), so it’s really tough to pick a representation becuase most distinct accents in English each come with their own associations

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

lit. eat a reassuring pill

Translator's Note

dog is used here as an insult, they’re looking down on Dong Ge

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