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  • I want to swear after reading this. Swear so much. But I already tired when reached the ending.

    This is too much for my fragile heart. God, I can’t do this anymore.

    Keep asking to myself why am I reading this but still reading as soon as possible when I got the notification update….

    Thank you for the update by the way!

  • on 2013 (Doomsday) 3 days ago

    Woah! It’s look so interesting!! I will reading it later then~ Thank you for your hardwork!

  • I’m curious and anxious with the new world. Class A world… I hope CXC will be fine 🙁

    CXC as hamster really cute! I want to pet him hhh

    Thank you for the update!

  • I think because he saving CXC while on mission? Maybe like this: his host had a mission on XCX’s world and Liu-laoshi couldn’t endure it so he decided to follow XCX, left his host, saving XCX until exhausted his energy. His host then furious because Liu-laoshi didn’t help them so they decided to report him.

  • Oh I think I know this one!

    If I’m not wrong, is the title ” The People Who are Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead”? The MC is a novel author?

  • The ending is so beautiful QvQ

    But still it’s too much for me when I saw ZYS crying over ZX. Baby don’t be sad. Your husband will be okay QvQ

    And then, thank you so much for your hardwork to translating this extra story! ❤❤

    I’m really glad someone pick up this story :”)

    Woah still can’t believe FOD almost finish being translate! One more extra story and then finish! Everyone work very hard for translating FOD I’m so happy Q_Q

    (btw I decided to reading MCEA after know you translate that story too! I will wait for the update! Thank you so much ❤❤)

  • Me too. I feel bad without like button 😂😂

  • This level of stupidity really new to me 😂😂

    But I’m so glad other characters aren’t so brainless when handle protagonist’s affair.

  • Marshal He: My wife is so tsundere QvQ

    I really wonder about his expression when he get the package 😂😂

    Thank you for the update!

  • I didn’t want to cry but my eyes suddenly started to get wet Q_Q

    I even didn’t want to scolding the fake Lou.

    I feel sad for Liu-laoshi. In the end he was just an illusion on that world and maybe everyone would forgot about Dong Feihong sooner or later. It’s so sad Q_Q

    Dong Feihong was exist just for Chi Xiaochi. Laoshi, why are you always hurting me with your love and dedication to Chi Xiaochi? Q_Q

    Thank you for the update!