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  • Please don’t be sad boss. We have coughhumansacrificecough Zhengdu here! You will be okay now 😳😳😂😂

    ASHDKDKDJ! As passerby, we live for getting all the juice gossip from their drama 😌😌👌

  • (Shang Que firmly believed that the entertainment industry was full of dangers.)

    He traumatized! Our fearless boss traumatized! 😂😂😂😂

    But kinda understand his feeling. Even me, sometimes, fear the entertainment industry and fans culture too 😂😂

    Thank you for the update JP! ❤❤

  • I feel bad for our boss 😔😔

    When people questioning your life experience and then telling your experience was a lie just because they can’t find the truth about it. It’s kinda sad 😔😔

    Fan culture indeed is toxic. I always feel dizzy when read their drama but in the end, I’m still reading it because I want to have a good laugh 👉👈😂😂

    *lit candles for the haters* I hope your reincarnation will be fine after all of this. Jiayou!

    Thank you for the chapter!! ❤❤

  • I feel bad to ZYC, honestly. Well, I mean, no one even care about him and never tried to ‘education’ him before. It’s hard to me for blame his previous action to JZC completely :((

    I wonder if back then JZC wasn’t feeling inferior with his status, could he helped ZYC for become a better person? 🙁

    (((He had never been afraid of animals. What he was afraid of, were things like pheromones, which could turn educated people into animals.)))

    I really love this part! I read some ABO manga and sometimes I dislike this genre because some characters sometimes trying to justify their unreasonable action because of omega pheromones 😔😔

    Thank you for the chapter! Have a nice trip!

  • Imagine it….

    Boss: Didn’t you say there was nothing wrong with being gay? So what if we being gay!? I’m just trying to show my feeling to you hmph!


  • (((A strange thought passed through his mind, but immediately dissipated. He only said, “We look so gay……”

    Shang Que argued, “Didn’t you say there was nothing wrong with being gay?”)))

    Yep. Zhengdu will get a boyfriend sooner or later. Good job, boss! 😂👍

    Thank you for the update! ❤❤

  • Zhengdu already has a company under his name from our boss, right? A raise will be hard for him 😂😂

    Boss, just give Zhengdu a boyfriend. It will be a great help 😂😂👍

  • I already saw your comment on some previous chapter and back then I really think maybe he is. But now I’m not sure? Is the Taotie really that strong? Because Yin Xun mentioned about calamity too I started to wondering 😂😂🤔🤔

  • Almost choking because of my laugh 😂😂

    The last paragraph remind me when I bought my first phone and back then, the store salesman eagerly told me about his phone product, made me really speechless! 😂😂😂😂

    Thank you for the update! ❤❤

  • I know Yuehu’s identity as fox spirit was a fake identity and now I really curious!

    (((If he were to make this ancestor angry, don’t even talk about Lu Qingjiu, even the entire Shuifu village would suffer a calamity.)))

    Yuehue seems like powerful creature? More powerful than I imagine. I think about something and want to know but I reluctant to search the answer hhh

    Thank you for the update!