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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh46.2 - Love Song on Ice (3.2)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

Because of the strong expectations and persistence in his heart, Dong Ge set a new record for the youngest player to move from the junior division to the adult division. 0chO8S

At 15 years and 4 months, he was five months younger than what Lou Sifan was when he joined the adult team.

On the day he was told he could enter the adult division, Dong Ge hid in the toilet, both crying and smiling.

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When he was 11 years old, Lou-ge had saved Dong Ge at his most helpless, but he had nothing and could only repay him through his achievements. OY5LkF

Now, he’d finally caught up to him.


After entering the adult team, he and Lou Sifan lived together, practiced together, and trained for the same difficult maneuvers together.

Although the distance between them was getting shorter and shorter, to the point where he already had the slight potential to surpass him, Dong Ge was still used to looking up to Lou Sifan.

5 Fka0

But since his body had started to mature, he began thinking more and his desire became stronger.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Dong Ge wasn’t good at expressing his feelings through words, so he could only do so through actions.

He helped Lou Sifan wash his shoes and socks, helped him buy meals and bring them to his dorm, showed him his training notes, and brought him along to watch the competitions of his favourite skaters.

Dong Ge, who had never been sensitive to his emotions, didn’t know what it was he was feeling. He just did what his heart told him to do, sharing his life with him. 51L8As

Lou Sifan, kind and gentle as always, never refused him and even often encouraged and praised him.

“Thanks Xiao Ge~”

“The food is delicious, but if next time I could try your own cooking, that would be even better.”

“Xiao Ge, your handwriting is beautiful.” GbaLzk

“You also like him? That’s great, our hearts really are linked as one.”


He even dragged along He Changsheng, joking around with him in front of Dong Ge, “Xiao Ge is so virtuous, in the future, sister-in-law will surely live a happy and prosperous life.”

He Changsheng glanced at Dong Ge. “He’s not bad.” YCvoNu


Dong Ge didn’t really like He Changsheng.

To talk about it in detail, the reason was a little childish.

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—— Lou Sifan’s eyes always lit up whenever he looked at He Changsheng, but He Changsheng was always indifferent towards Lou Sifan, with a slight hint of ‘a gentleman’s friendship was as mild as water’. bxkSCN

Dong Ge felt like this kind of relationship was far too unequal and very unfair to Lou Sifan.

But he didn’t have the right to comment on the friendship between the two. He could only stand off to the side, silently watching.


He used to think he would spend the rest of his life as just an unknown admirer. P3rcSN

He never thought that an accident would occur, pulling him into the rushing torrents of fate.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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The year Dong Ge turned 19, Lou Sifan and Dong Ge participated in a National Grand Prix together.

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Dea ja atf mfifygjalbc yjcdefa, atfgf kjr j nfgs ragjcuf rmfcf: Ktf mtjwqlbc xfqa yibmxlcu vglcxr obg atlgv qijmf, jmmfqalcu fnfgs qfgrbc atja mjwf obg tlw, cba gfoerlcu fnfc bcmf.

……This was just because that day, before the banquet, he’d heard Lou Sifan tell He Changsheng that he had a bit of a stomach ache.

This was Dong Ge’s first time drinking alcohol. He didn’t know his limits, stubbornly helping Lou Sifan block three whole bottles of Chinese liquor and one whole bottle of foreign wine.

Only halfway through the banquet, Dong Ge, without any suspense, collapsed. sm5Fpd

After the celebration banquet ended, he hazily felt himself being picked up by another person who was also stinking of alcohol and brought back to his dorm.

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Due to becoming too old, Dong Ge’s roommate had retired and moved, so there was no one else staying in Dong Ge’s dorm room.

He leaned into that person’s chest, hugging him tightly, unwilling to let go. In a small voice, he called out, “Lou-ge, Lou-ge.” dpVJso

That person had also had quite a few drinks, and under Dong Ge’s subconscious movements, his body also started to heat up.


That night, muddled and confused under the influence of alcohol, Dong Ge only felt himself being split in half from the middle.

When he came to his senses and saw Lou Sifan, his naked body entangled with his, his entire person was struck dumb. dBx0YI

There were more boys and fewer girls in the sports school, and Dong Ge had also heard a few anecdotes about two boys kissing in the woods, but he never thought that when it came to him, he would actually directly hit a home run.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t feel upset about this situation, only scared that Lou Sifan would distance himself because of this.

Under Dong Ge’s unwavering stare, Lou Sifan soon followed in waking up.

Seeing Dong Ge, his entire body covered in mottled green and purple marks, Lou Sifan realised what had happened. For a moment, his expression sank to a frightening depth. zgxEWp

He got off of the bed, and asked, unable to look him in the eye, “……You’re alright, right?” 

This was Dong Ge’s first time, and Lou Sifan hadn’t made any sufficient preparations. It was especially painful, so painful that he couldn’t stand straight, but he still forced out a smile. “I’m alright, I’m alright.”

Lou Sifan got up and went out to the balcony. He lit a cigarette.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Dong Ge curled up on the bed for a long time before being able to muster up some strength and get up. He pretended to be very experienced in making beds, folding up the sheets stained with blood and cum, thinking about whether to throw them away or clean them. 52JINA

He tried his best to distract himself with those kinds of trivial matters, because he didn’t dare to think about what Lou Sifan was going to think about him.

Although he had always been warm and gentle to him, did he really like men?

Would he be disgusted by him? Or would he…… 


When he was enveloped in a warm embrace from behind, Dong Ge, who had been lost in his thoughts, stiffened.

Lou Sifan whispered into his ear, saying, “Why’d you get up?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Dong Ge breathed through his nose. He suppressed his emotions, then spoke, “……I’m tidying the bed.”

Lou Sifan said tenderly, “Leave it. I’ll do it.” ZFy6nV

Dong Ge, “Lou-ge……”

“Shh, shh,” Lou Sifan said, “I was the one who was wrong. I shouldn’t have been so rough with you. Taking care of you is what I should be doing.”

Dong Ge immediately said, “No, I was willing.”

Lou Sifan laughed. The almost imperceptible smell of smoke on the corner of his lips made Dong Ge shiver. Hn0URS

He said, “Then how do you know that I wasn’t willing.”

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Dong Ge was stunned for a moment, then his heart filled with an enormous sense of joy. “……Lou-ge……” 

Lou Sifan changed the topic, “I know how you feel, but the coach asked me not to get into a relationship. So, we won’t be able to make it public. I’m afraid I’ll have to wrong you.”


Because of his first-class appearance and a high approachability, Lou Sifan had a very good public image. He had many young female fans confess to him, saying that they wanted to marry him.

Lou Sifan said these words in a soft, slow voice, so how could Dong Ge dare to not listen?

He nodded. “En, I understand.”

Lou Sifan patted him on the head, and laughed, “Good boy.” IGifVk


Since then, Dong Ge became Lou Sifan’s secret little lover.

He was a cold beauty on the ice, only willing to bloom in Lou Sifan’s embrace.

On countless nights, Dong Ge would wake up from his endless pain and fatigue, caress the back of the person lying before him, and tremble with happiness. 3rkbAd

This was the back he had been constantly chasing.

Now, he was right by his side. With just a stretch of his hand, he could reach him.

Was there anything happier than this?

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Lou Sifan was good in every way. The only thorn in Dong Ge’s heart was that “Changsheng”, whose name, after becoming familiar with him, often fell from his lips.

“Changsheng practiced his basics for more than three hours today, how long did you practice?”

“You should eat a little more of this, Changsheng really likes it.”

“In the past, Changsheng also practiced single skating, later on……” NCsRr9

Lou Sifan talked about He Changsheng as casually as he ate or drank water.

Dong Ge had a proud temperament, and originally never liked being compared to anyone. After bearing with it a couple times, he asked Lou Sifan, “Lou-ge, who do you think is better, me or He-ge?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lou Sifan had just finished up with training and was resting and drinking some water on the sidelines. He was rather surprised by this sudden question of Dong Ge’s. “Why are you asking this?” 

“I……”  Ujn6rz

Lou Sifan said sternly, “I don’t want you to compare yourself to other people.”

Dong Ge didn’t say anything, but his heart felt both sweet and sour, his mood incredibly complex.

The sour part was, it was clearly always Lou Sifan often comparing the two of them, and making it seem like he couldn’t compare to He Changsheng in any way.

The sweet part was, Lou Sifan still cared for him, not wanting him to undervalue himself. ptOXAy


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But, only after a long time did Dong Ge finally find out, the person Lou Sifan really cared about in that sentence, wasn’t “you”, but was rather “other people”.


Chi Xiaochi read through all of Dong Ge’s memories once. Just as he was planning on taking a moment to sort out all the main points, he saw the coach walk into the canteen, and beckon him over. YkZMjc

Chi Xiaochi came over.

The coach said, “Your mother called.”

Chi Xiaochi started slightly, “What? What happened?”

  7 Xdez

In Dong Ge’s memories, it was clear that his mother seldom contacted him after he entered the school.


First Lou Sifan mentioned previously seeing him feed a small yellow dog, now Dong Ge’s mother suddenly called. None of these incidents had occurred in Dong Ge’s original memories.

……Too many anomalies had appeared today. nBg8d6


As Chi Xiaochi pondered over this, he followed the coach to his office and picked up that unexpected phone call.

The contents of which were even more unexpected.

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“……Little uncle?”

“Yeah,” Madam Dong said, “You’re already so old, how are you still so insensitive? I already told you to go find your uncle if you have any trouble. You said okay, but then you didn’t even call once. Your uncle contacted your dad today, saying that you’ve been in Binzhou for so long, but haven’t gone to find him once, and he was even quite worried. Tonight, he’s going to take you home for a meal, you two have a good talk. I already asked your coach to excuse you, don’t tell me that you don’t want to go.”

Chi Xiaochi was silent for a moment, preserving the setting of the Dong Ge whose words were as valuable as gold. “En, okay.”

He searched through Dong Ge’s memories, but couldn’t find even a single hint of this “uncle”. vOFyPR

He asked 061, “Who is this?”

061 said, “Probably an NPC.”

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Chi Xiaochi thought for a moment. He felt like there was something a little off. qyPJW7

No matter how alienated Dong Ge’s parents were from him, in the end, he was still their own child. It didn’t make any sense for them to be not in the least concerned for him. If they had relatives in Binzhou who could help out, why was it that when the original host was alive, he had never seen this “uncle” appear even once?


The author has something to say:


panda: Lou Sifan is such trash, but that’s why this is trash bin…! 

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Why do I feel like the worst is yet to come?


The uncle who was arbitrarily made into an NPC: “………” 16NEji

sere: i hate substitution tropes the most ug. For a moment i thought the little uncle was lou sifan oops

baum: lol them being related would be such a twist xD

Translator's Note

that’s what they call him, i think cause he’s DG’s father’s younger brother? but i kept it as little uncle just this once bc it sounds so cute lol

Translator's Note

Liu-laoshi’s sockpuppet in this world has come online qwq

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