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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh67 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (4)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

Rosie was one step faster than him. She took Ji Zuoshan into her arms and confidently let him lean into her hold, stepping backwards slightly. gETXns

As an outstanding Alpha candidate, Rosie had naturally slender shoulders and long legs, and her physical strength far outstripped that of ordinary people.

This situation had gone out of his expectations. Zhan Yanchao hadn’t thought that Ji Zuoshan would have the gall to betray him and was left stunned for a while, making him one step slower. By the time he came back to himself and hurriedly reached out a hand to catch him, he was too late to even grasp a corner of his clothes.

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Zhan Yanchao flew into a fury, “Give him back!”

Rosie took a step backwards. “What, Zhan, you want to fight?” xbVZF9

In the end, Rosie was still a young girl. Seeing Zhan Yanchao’s eyes red with rage, she was a little uneasy.

But the person was in her arms, he had chosen her, so it would be appalling if she handed him back at a time like this.


Zhan Yanchao took a step forwards. His tone was heavy, “Let go. Give him back.”


The situation had already reached this point. Rosie simply hardened her resolve, tightening her hold on Ji Zuoshan, who was hot enough to bake sweet potatoes, in her arms. “He chose me. Didn’t you just say that as long as Xiao Ji agreed, you’d let him go?”

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Then, she turned and asked the other students, “Didn’t he say that?”

The others didn’t dare to nod, but neither did they dare to shake their heads.

Zhan Yanchao was both panicked and angry. His heart was jumping wildly in his chest, making his blood pressure rise. “He’s muddled by the fever!” YgVt7W

Rosie said, “I’ll bring him back first. When his fever goes down, we’ll see if he’s willing to come back.”

Zhan Yanchao thought for a moment. He felt that Ji Zuoshan would definitely come back.

But he was his, why the fuck should he go back with Rosie?!


Zhan Yanchao said stubbornly, “Hand him over. This is between us. It’s none of your business.”

Rosie said, “Wasn’t it you who invited us over to see him? This is no longer a matter between just you and him.”

Zhan Yanchao’s face was white with rage.

Right at that moment, Ji Zuoshan let out a moan, seemingly finding the fever unbearable. He moved around, half-conscious, in Rosie’s arms. His cheeks were red and his lips were pale, making one unable to help but think about whether those lips would feel both cool and soft. AtdpMg

Upon noticing the unfriendly light in Zhan Yanchao’s eyes, Rosie’s left foot moved backwards slightly, and the tip of her tongue touched the back of her snow-white lips.

The moment Zhan Yanchao moved, Rosie quickly backed away and whistled.


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……Verbal password recognised. dXKbYL

……Connection successful.

……Initiating contingency plan B.

Black, brushed steel mechanical armour extended backwards from the steel bracelet on Rosie’s right wrist, covering her arm and half of her chest within moments. Rosie used one hand to hold Ji Zuoshan to herself by his waist while moving her armoured arm forwards in a horizontal block, wanting to block Zhan Yanchao.

Her body was nimble, optimised for evasion. If Zhan Yanchao chose to go head to head with her, she would need less than half a minute to find a chance to rush out the door. zNO0EF

Who would have thought that Zhan Yanchao was an utter madman, neither dodging nor avoiding. He clenched his left hand into a fist and directly hit her right arm with his bare fist!

With a dull clang, Rosie’s arm unexpectedly went numb!

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The toughness and hardness of this kind of mechanical armour meant for daily use couldn’t compare to that of combat mechas. 0PYwMd

Rosie was still holding someone in her arms. She couldn’t fight with Zhan Yanchao head on, so she could only use her strength wisely, swinging her armour-covered leg towards Zhan Yanchao’s knee.

But Zhan Yanchao unexpectedly just bore the blow, not even moving. With a swing of his whip, it wrapped around Ji Zuoshan’s waist. Just as his other hand was going to grab Ji Zuoshan’s collar——


“……What are you two doing?” 12ze3G

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If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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For Mister Zhan, his wife had died early and his eldest son was naturally sensible, able to stand on his own without needing to be taught, so he didn’t know how to educate his second son at all, only able to give him everything he wanted.

But this was just for the sake of a human sacrifice, so why bother quarrelling?

He coughed, then first scolded Zhan Yanchao, “Fighting with guests, is that acceptable?”

Zhan Yanchao sneered scornfully, but his eyes were fixed on Ji Zuoshan, who had been placed on the sofa, feverish to the point that he couldn’t keep himself upright, unable to even sit steadily. TYgrqA

Rosie was a clever child. She said, “It was just a game.”

Zhan Yanchao spat in contempt, “Who wants to play with you? You stole my person, I was just taking him back.”


Mister Zhan felt a little embarrassed. AgwQGY

Rosie’s words were clearly trying to find an excuse for their fight, to give them a way out of this embarrassing situation. After all, on this planet, private fights were so common they couldn’t be any more common. But who knew his second brat would stubbornly tear down this way out, jumping down with a blank look on his face.

And when Rosie explained the sequence of events, Mister Zhan almost laughed out loud.

In his point of view, this matter was just two children fighting over a toy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Rosie was a guest, so Mister Zhan automatically said, “Yanchao, you should give way. After all these years, I can tell that you don’t need a human sacrifice anyways……” a1NAX6

Whenever Zhan Yanchao went on one of his rampages, he would never place anyone else in his eyes. He rolled his eyes with uncomparable skill, “I don’t need one, but I won’t just give him up to someone else! He’s going to be my future Omega, why the fuck should I send him off!?”


Upon hearing this, Ji Zuoshan, on the sofa, moved slightly.

Seeing this, Zhan Yanchao turned joyous. He plopped his butt down next to Ji Zuoshan, reaching out to pat him on the face. “Xiao Ji, you’re awake?” rsl6RB

Ji Zuoshan didn’t make a sound, simply opening his eyes, watery with fever. He looked at him, then looked at Rosie.

Zhan Yanchao, seeing that Ji Zuoshan had woken up, smiled, showing off two rows of small, shiny white teeth. He grabbed Ji Zuoshan’s arm and glanced at Rosie out of the corner of his eyes, like a proud little rooster. “Say, are you willing to go with her? Ah?”

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Rosie stood there, a little confused by Zhan Yanchao’s proud attitude.

……He’d already whipped Ji Zuoshan into such a state, where did he get the confidence to believe that Ji Zuoshan would still be willing to stay? 5ObGJV


And in the next second, just as she expected, Ji Zuoshan nodded slowly.

Zhan Yanchao didn’t quite dare to believe it. Thinking that Ji Zuoshan had misheard him, he repeated himself, “I asked, are you willing to go with her?”

This time, Ji Zuoshan made a noise, “En.” WTBzPE


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If one were to say that his nod was like a slap across the left side of Zhan Yanchao’s face, that “en” was like another slap on his right.

……Very symmetrical.

Zhan Yanchao stared at him dazedly, then exploded with rage in the next second. “Ji Zuoshan! You——” c13Kjs

Seeing that Zhan Yanchao was going to act up again, Mister Zhan’s head throbbed uncontrollably. “Yanchao!”

Zhan Yanchao desperately suppressed the impulse to whip Ji Zuoshan and shouted, “He’s confused from the fever, it doesn’t count!”

Rosie thought, who was it that said he’d woken up just now.

Zhan Yanchao’s eyebrows furrowed. Then he found a reasonable excuse. “I bought him!” VfepF4

Rosie said, “How much, I’ll buy him.”

Zhan Yanchao replied roughly, “You’ll buy him my ass, there are so many human sacrifices out there for you to buy, why do you have to steal mine.”

Mister Zhao berated him, “Yanchao!”

Zhan Yanchao didn’t speak anymore, but he was still huffing with anger. rpKnY9

Mister Zhao thought for a moment, then gave his verdict, “How about this, Rosie, you take Xiao Ji back first.”

Zhan Yanchao was stunned. He directly jumped up. “Dad!”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mister Zhao looked at Zhan Yanchao, his heart filled with disapproval. uAcJWe

Over all these years, for just a human sacrifice, Mister Zhao knew best how much trouble Zhan Yanchao had caused. Zhan Yanchao’s cousin’s family currently having broken ties with them, was a result of the disaster that brat had caused that year.

Before, when this human sacrifice hadn’t said a word, Mister Zhan had even silently disdained Ji Zuoshan for not knowing what was good for him. Now that he’d taken the initiative to say that he wanted to leave, Mister Zhan was even a little glad.

When he was younger, he had been worried Yanchao wouldn’t be strong enough, so he had bought him a human sacrifice just in case, so he would be able to be at ease. Now, Yanchao himself was sufficiently outstanding, so why would he still need this trifling branch to serve as a foil?

Having the two separate for a while, would be good for Yanchao. 0pVy3o

Anyways, this human sacrifice was nothing more than a thing. They spent everyday together, so it looked like he wasn’t willing to be separated from him, but after they separated, Yanchao would fuss for a few days, but would probably then forget about it.

Even if Zhan Yanchao wanted to raise Ji Zuoshan up to be his Omega, so what? It wasn’t like the Zhan family couldn’t get an Omega with a clean background.

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Rosie stood where she was. She blinked her beautiful, pale blue eyes, then asked Mister Zhan, “How much?” YvdDJc

Mister Zhan said with a gentle attitude, “Let’s not talk about money first. Rosie, right now Yanchao and Xiao Ji are just in a little spat. If Xiao Ji wants to come back after his injuries get better, what would you do?”

This question was asked specifically on Zhan Yanchao’s behalf. Actually, Mister Zhan would rather Ji Zuoshan not come back.

In his opinion, Zhan Yanchao could become an excellent Alpha without a human sacrifice. If they did the unnecessary and used one, wouldn’t it be denying Yanchao’s abilities?


Rosie examined Ji Zuoshan’s wounds. She didn’t think this was still within the category of “little spat”.

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She ignored Mister Zhan’s question, repeating, “How much?”

A future Alpha would naturally have the tyrannical air of “I can’t be told no”. Rosie was like this. So was Zhan Yanchao.

Mister Zhan, a Beta, smiled helplessly. He persisted, asking again, “What if Xiao Ji doesn’t want to stay with you?” MVGFW9

Rosie said bluntly, “If he’s not willing, I’ll send him back.” That was what she had planned on doing before, anyways.

Watching Mister Zhan and Rosie come to an agreement, Zhan Yanchao was so panicked that his eyes turned red. “I won’t allow this!!”

Mister Zhan stopped him with a single sentence, “Yanchao, don’t be so headstrong. You beat him to this state, how can you still be upset with Xiao Ji for getting angry? Being away from you for a few days, will be good for him, and will be good for you!”



Zhan Yanchao blinked. He spoke as if this was obvious, “Xiao Ji won’t get angry.”

Rosie, “……”

She couldn’t keep herself from rolling her eyes. 0dvZJG

Zhan Yanchao ignored her. With a hint of pride in his voice, he said, “He naturally won’t get angry with me no matter what I do to him, and he doesn’t hold grudges either.” In this world, there was only Ji Zuoshan who would be like this to him.

But Rosie didn’t believe that there could be such a person in this world.

She walked over to the sofa. “Since you’re so confident, then just give him to me.”

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Zhan Yanchao was also a little angry.

Just now, Ji Zuoshan had embarrassed him three times in public. He decided to let him have a taste of what it would be like without him.

With a wring of his hand, he stomped back to his room in a huff. Even as he left, he didn’t forget to bring his steel whip with him.


Just like that, Rosie brought Ji Zuoshan away with her.

Alone in his room, as Zhan Yanchao thought of how Ji Zuoshan had leaned into Rosie’s arms, he was unable to suppress the stuffiness in his chest. Upon hearing the low revving of an electric car, he knew that Rosie was about to leave. He directly wrenched open his window and cursed loudly, “Surnamed Ji, go die!”

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Xiao Ji had an incredibly high fever and couldn’t afford to pay him any mind.

Rosie rolled down her back window, stuck out her hand, and made an incomparably striking middle finger. cj4BHT


……Rosie, just you wait!

Zhan Yanchao sat his butt back on the bed, his heart full of grievance.

The blanket on his body was bought by me, so were his clothes! So was his person! LwJXhl

Surnamed Ji really has no fucking conscience!

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Zhan Yanchao was so angry that he rolled all over the bed. As he bit the quilt, he thought hatefully that when he brought Xiao Ji back on Monday, he would have to bite him to let out his anger.


As Chi Xiaochi, who had just been a stiff corpse for the entire journey, watched the Zhan mansion disappear into the distance, he said happily, “See you fucking never, you son of a bitch.” BtnJhc

061 was actually also very happy.

Being able to smoothly leave the Zhan family, was Ji Zuoshan’s first step away from his tragic fate.

Chi Xiaochi said, “Ji Zuoshan actually being able to stand not beating him for so many years is truly nothing short of a miracle.”

Chi Xiaochi then said, “When I’m holding a piece of meat in my hands, even Dog Meat’s barks can sound better than he does.” 8T MHG

061 laughed.

Now, every time Chi Xiaochi showed off in front of him, 061 always had the urge to pinch his face.

Chi Xiaochi tried to fully express his joy, “Ah goodbye my friend, ah goodbye my friend, ah goodbye my friend ba goodbye ba.”

All of 061’s charmed feelings were instantly dispelled. He almost went offline on the spot due to his singing. ldUIq1

Chi Xiaochi asked sincerely, “What’s wrong, Liu-laoshi, doesn’t my singing sound good?”

061, “……” Sorry, goodbye.

At that very moment, another voice praised gently, “……It sounds good.”

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Chi Xiaochi, “……” wejEZm

061, “……”

Chi Xiaochi, “……Liu-laoshi, are you using a voice changer to try and tease me?”

061, “??? It’s not me.”

But before Chi Xiaochi could burst into cold sweat, that voice gave a stuttered self-introduction, “Hello. I’m, Ji Zuoshan.” rnqcpb


The author has something to say:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tone-deaf Ji joined the chatroom √

On the bug that is Xiao Ji’s spiritual energy~ 83jFwi

baum: my son has come online~~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

sere: me reading this chapter: good…good… good… WHAT THE ! PLOT TWIST

panda: Me tooo! It’s such a great plot twist! I’m so excited to be able to hear the original host’s opinions now!!!! In other news, do you think the brain did this on purpose, or he has no idea? And who do you think 061’s body is this time?


Thank you to Somebody and Mrow for the ko-fis~ :blobmelt:

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Translator's Note

not care about anyone else

Translator's Note

supporting role

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