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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh73 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (10)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

Summer soon arrived. Rosie asked Chi Xiaochi, who was acting as Ji Zuoshan, if he wanted to participate in the summer training on “The Scar” together. 9ONowg

Chi Xiaochi asked her, “You also want to go?”

All those wanting to participate in the summer training on “The Scar” were, practically without exception, of decent ability, wanting to test themselves out, or even perhaps take centre stage.

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Given Rosie’s strength, even if she didn’t partake in the ruckus, she was still a quasi-Alpha. She would be better off saving her strength for the tournament in half a year’s time.

Rosie, dressed in a pair of cargo pants and a black singlet, was currently repairing the rear thrusters of her mecha. As such, her hands were covered in machine oil. zdtUli

She said, “I need some experimental data.”

Chi Xiaochi raised his eyebrows slightly.

Rosie said, “That place has live Zerg. I’ve seen an anatomical diagram before, but that’s still not enough. I need to personally dissect one.”

Chi Xiaochi really admired this kind of woman. He said, “That’s good then. If you need a bodyguard, I’ll go.”


“I don’t need one.” Rosie’s blue eyes fluttered. “I just think that you probably need this opportunity. ……Hey.””

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A lock of hair fell out from where it was tucked behind Rosie’s ear, blocking her line of sight.

Stretching out her hands, she leaned down from where she was sitting cross-legged on the A-shaped ladder and motioned to Chi Xiaochi standing below the ladder to help her tie her hair up.


Before Chi Xiaochi could even lift his arms, Blue, standing next to him, was one step ahead of him, carefully helping Rosie put her hair up and fastening it with a hair clip. It seemed to have been completely prepared.

Done, it bowed and said politely, “Miss Rosie, it’s done.”


Rosie still had feelings for Ji Zuoshan, but these feelings weren’t to the point where she would want to confess them; it was slightly more than admiration.  K4LCFE

She was naturally one who just took advantage of opportunities when they came. Of course it was good if  she could close the distance between them, but when she was cut off midway by Blue, she wasn’t mad either. She shot Blue a look, saying, “Look at you butting in on my business, tomorrow I’m going to donate you to the academy.”

Blue let out a soft laugh, “Miss Rosie, even if Miss donates me, I’ll just sneak back.”

Chi Xiaochi looked up at Blue. Blue just so happened to be looking back.

A human and a machine each reached out their left and right hand respectively and high-fived. JB0but

Seeing this exhibition of the tacit understanding and closeness between master and servant, Rosie subconsciously stroked her own mecha. Her mecha, Red, then stiffly turned its head and asked, “Miss Rosie, do you have any orders?”

Rosie sighed slightly. Sure enough, an AI specialized for combat and an improved housekeeping AI weren’t the same.

“Long hair is too troublesome.” Rosie quickly changed her focus. She shook her head around, then said, “I’ll get it shaved off tomorrow.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The next day, she really did shave it off.

As Rosie drank her milk for breakfast, she pedaled into school on her bicycle with her hands off the handles, followed by a silent Ji Zuoshan.


……Rosie and Ji Zuoshan were dating. dLREoY

Everyone spread the news around in that way.

Even though this didn’t mention Zhan Yanchao in any way, everyone clearly reached the same consensus in their minds: It seemed that Zhan Yanchao had been kicked away by the very human sacrifice he had raised, otherwise he wouldn’t be acting like a rooster whose feathers had been grabbed by someone, challenging anyone he caught.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

And since Zhan Yanchao did not feature in the rumours being spread, he naturally wasn’t able to find a reason to attack, which stifled him to the point that blisters formed on the corners of his mouth.

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Al Iebrtjc’r lcafgjmalbcr klat Ebrlf oliifv Itjc Tjcmtjb klat fcns. Snfgs alwf tf rjk atfw rajcvlcu rtbeivfg ab rtbeivfg, tf kjr eqrfa ab atf qblca bo yflcu ecjyif ab rla ralii.

Lf tjvc’a rqbxfc ab Al Iebrtjc lc j ibcu alwf cbk. Zfjcktlif, Ebrlf kjr jyif ab rla ys Al Iebrtjc’r rlvf jcv raevs wfmtj ragemaegfr jcv atf rfaeq bo atf  Ifgu’r jgwfv obgmfr.

That was the treatment he should be getting!

Since he was young, Zhan Yanchao had never known what regret was, always remaining ignorant. When he was angry at someone, he would grab that person and beat them, and when he was happy, he would give them one kiss after another. This was the first time in his life feeling like his heart was hanging in the air, with no place to land. zFpLha

He finally found an opportunity one day, running into Ji Zuoshan in the bathroom.

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Zhan Yanchao was obviously very happy, but he still tried to firmly press down the corners of his lips. He turned on the faucet, but his gaze followed Ji Zuoshan closely, never falling behind.

After two months, Ji Zuoshan had actually gotten taller, and paler. The lines of the exposed section of his forearms were incredibly beautiful. When he saw Zhan Yanchao, he acted as if he’d only seen a stranger, nodding slightly.

How could Zhan Yanchao stand that? He firmly suppressed the rush of anger before daring to open his mouth and speak, “You’re still doing well with Rosie?” WCfdEx

Ji Zuoshan said, “En.”

Zhan Yanchao couldn’t help but sneer, “You should be more careful. She said that she wasn’t taking you as a human sacrifice, but when it’s time for the tournament she might go back on her words.”

Ji Zuoshan looked at Zhan Yanchao, showing a surprised expression. “It’s not like she’s you.”

Zhan Yanchao was choked to the point of almost vomiting blood. “When did I——” YxPcDr


Halfway through his words, he suddenly remembered something.

One year, his cousin brought Ji Zuoshan out with him to serve him……

Although the memories were unpleasant, Zhan Yanchao vaguely remembered that in the car, he seemed to have made a promise to Ji Zuoshan in his rage. iDo6Kj

So…… it was because he heard that he wanted him to be his Omega that he’d been willing to go with Rosie?

While he was in his daze, Ji Zuoshan had already washed his hands and was turning to go out.

Zhan Yanchao chased after him for a few steps, then shouted loudly, “Ji Zuoshan!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ji Zuoshan turned back and looked at him. X4Oes6


When he met those quiet eyes, however, Zhan Yanchao didn’t know what to say.

He had originally already made up his mind to let the boy die wherever he wanted to, but he actually found that the further the distance between them, the more intense the feelings in Zhan Yanchao’s heart, increasing rather than lessening.


……No, it shouldn’t be like this. Ji Zuoshan shouldn’t be like this.

He clearly had had a very tolerant and gentle personality, he himself had clearly done even more outrageous things before…… 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yes, outrageous.

Before, Zhan Yanchao didn’t know what outrageous was, but during these few days, he had always been mulling over everything that had happened that day. Comparing it to before, only then did he vaguely realise that his previous actions seemed to indeed be a tiny bit inappropriate. 938mWp

But very quickly, it turned back into anger. Ji Zuoshan clearly had been able to bear so many things, so why was he suddenly unable to bear it anymore? Why hadn’t he been willing to even give him some time to adjust?

Now, belatedly remembering that year’s promise, Zhan Yanchao finally understood the reason.

……He had given Ji Zuoshan hope, then personally snatched it away once more. Was it because of this that Ji Zuoshan left?

This time, Zhan Yanchao could no longer find any excuses for himself. PfJTr2


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Ji Zuoshan waited for a long time, but not hearing Zhan Yanchao continue, he simply turned and left. 

And in the exact moment that he turned, that regret value that had already maintained its calm for two months broke the ice, rising by 7 points.


061 said to Chi Xiaochi, “It moved.”

Chi Xiaochi’s attitude was calm. “I saw.”

Over the past few days, 061 had constantly been watching. He found that Chi Xiaochi didn’t seem to be treating Zhan Yanchao like he’d treated his former targets. In the past, he’d purposely created traps for them to fall into, not to mention how he’d bought up cards. On the other hand, he was much more concerned about Ji Zuoshan himself, often going with him to the shopping centre to buy some snacks and chatting with him.

061 said, “This time it seems as if you’re not doing the task.” 0 J6Iz

Chi Xiaochi protested, “But the regret value went up just now, no?”

Thinking of the water that had appeared in Zhan Yanchao’s eyes just now, 061 couldn’t help but sigh out, “He just hasn’t grown up, and doesn’t know what love is.” By the time he understood, it would already be too late.

Chi Xiaochi laughed.

061, “What?” X6GrdZ

Chi Xiaochi, “Liu-laoshi, you didn’t tell your previous hosts that before, did you?”

061 thought for a moment. He didn’t have any detailed memories of what had happened before his reformatting anymore. Afterwards, he hadn’t said anything like that, but he’d heard his hosts say it more than once.

Upon thinking of this, 061 suddenly felt a little trepidation.

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Chi Xiaochi said, “If that’s what you taught them, it’s no wonder that those people threw up a fuss about wanting to stay.”

It was currently training time. Chi Xiaochi wasn’t in a hurry to find someone to fight. He returned to the preparation room and put Blue on standby while he leaned against the railing of the door to the preparation room and watched the latest fight in one of the sparring rooms.

061 asked, “Why do you say that?”

Chi Xiaochi didn’t answer directly, instead saying, “That Lord God of yours is very interesting.” PCbfoI

061 had a very good memory. He remembered that Chi Xiaochi had said this to 009 before, who had then told him about it.

He quietly waited for Chi Xiaochi’s analysis.

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Chi Xiaochi said, “Why doesn’t it let the hosts grind up goodwill value, but rather the more complex regret value?” 3gYFvV

Chi Xiaochi said, “I don’t know what its ultimate goal is. But frankly, the first time I heard the name of this so-called ‘Slag Gong Reconditioning System’, I found it a little funny.

“When you hear it, it sounds like it’s about punishing those heartless people, like it’s about carrying out justice. But when a person holds the script to another person’s life, and knows about everything that’s going to happen in advance, Liu-laoshi, do you know what role they’re playing?”

Without waiting for 061 to answer, Chi Xiaochi calmly and unhurriedly gave him the answer, “……It’s God.”

061 nodded, expressing his agreement. mYkIwC


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“But this privilege isn’t given freely. God can’t be played by just anyone. So these hosts don’t dare to deviate from the script, deathly afraid of losing this privilege, so they can only force themselves into the role of the original hosts,” Chi Xiaochis said, “And for people with this kind of mindset, they have the greatest enemy. ——Even if they are scum, they still always have some good points.

“Yang Baihua had good looks, was gentle to others, and was easy to please. As long as one had a strong tolerance and could wholeheartedly devote themselves to his parents, it would have been fine; Lou Sifan had talent. As long as one didn’t get in the way of his personal interests, he would be happy to show his kindness to them; even Zhou Kai wasn’t without any good points, at least he had enough money. For someone without anything against Stockholm syndrome, it could still be considered a bad pot paired with a shitty lid, a match made in heaven. As for Zhan Yanchao, he’s an even better potential partner, isn’t he? He’s from a rich family, and even though his personality is shitty it’s not completely rotten. There’s still space for correction, and once it is cured, he can just barely be considered a good partner.

“Faced with a Zhou Kai, hosts might still want to stay as far away as possible from him, but what if they’re faced with a Zhan Yanchao who can still be helped? OogS a

“As ‘God’, compassion comes easiest for them. For someone completely beyond redemption, it’s of course true that the sooner you get rid of them the better. But for someone who can still be saved, can ‘God’ still ignore them?

“He looks at you pitifully, sheds a few tears, says a few words of repentance, and ‘God’ will of course sympathise. After all, ‘it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense’.”


061 was covered in a layer of cold sweat from his words, while Ji Zuoshan didn’t know what they were talking about, but felt like his words were very reasonable, so his chat bubble popped up, “Mister Chi is right.” ztcBN1

Chi Xiaochi leaned against the railing and said in an unhurried, yet not slow pace, “So that’s why I say that your Lord God is very interesting. It pushes ordinary people to be a God who has to earn regret value, but doesn’t care about how an ordinary person thinks. One world is still fine, two worlds are also still fine, but after ten worlds, going through all the different types of worlds out there, and maybe even bumping into one or two lovers for whom their teachings worked, and ‘know what love is’, who would still be willing to go back to being a vegetable with nothing and have been lying for two or three years?”

Being choked with his own words from just now by Chi Xiaochi, 061 felt a little embarrassed.

But Chi Xiaochi didn’t seem to have any intentions of letting him off. He continued, asking, “Liu-laoshi, have you ever been in a relationship?”

Without waiting for 061 to respond, Chi Xiaochi then remembered, “Oh, right, you have someone you love.” dflEnJ


The mention of that person made 061 fall silent.

To him, that person was an illusory phantom consisted of hundreds of thousands of broken fragments that he had no way of putting back together, but this phantom was what gave him his will to live.

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——He knew that there was someone waiting for him. And this knowledge let him know that he still had consciousness, know that he wasn’t just a pile of data, that he was once a person. zcdxRE

Chi Xiaochi said, “I’ve loved someone before.

“I loved going up and down the stairs with him, I loved it when he taught me how to play video games, where for every six of his wins he would never forget to let me win four, I loved when he cooked for me and Dog Meat, I loved when he taught me subjects, I loved when he would cover my ears whenever my parents fought—— I was never asleep, I was always listening.”

Ji Zuoshan’s preparation room was on the second floor. As Chi Xiaochi looked at that slight height below his feet, a tinge of sadness entered his careless gaze.

“……Love is when after he died I wanted nothing more than to go with him, but was afraid that other than me, no one else would remember him, so I could only use what bound him to the world to bind myself to it. I lived on for him, and even had to live well.” JtWCGF


After saying this, Chi Xiaochi found it funny. He said, “Why am I even telling you this. ……Mm?”

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Before his voice fell, without warning, he was  pulled into a hug. A hand stroked his head, bringing with it the warmth of a human.

Chi Xiaochi looked up. Finding out who it was, he couldn’t help but find it amusing. “Blue?” VA cS6

Blue said, “Master isn’t in a good mood.”

Chi Xiaochi had long since gotten used to Blue’s sharpness. As an improved housekeeping AI, it was of course able to better understand human emotions than other AIs.

Chi Xiaochi smiled and said, “Alright, don’t fuss, let’s go train.”

Blue hugged him, the force it was using neither too weak nor too strong, but leaving no room for doubt. “Master, don’t move. Let’s just sit for a while, okay?” q6MNet


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The author has something to say:

Xiaochi: I’m not God, I’m just an actor.

Little seal: Mister Chi is right. 【Clap clap】 Buk1gJ

Blue: ……【Hugs 】

panda: 😭😭😭😭😭💔

sere: omg wow this author just bashed an entire genre i’m so down for this

baum: a heavy chapter, but on a lighter note JZS is so cute!! even though he doesn’t know what they’re talking about, he’s just like “Mister Chi is right” lmao lj4gfQ


Translator's Note

specifically, she’s getting this kind of haircut: Image result for 板寸

Translator's Note

match between two shitty people – they deserve each other

Translator's Note

Proverbs 19:11

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    • ※As for Zhan Yanchao, he’s an even better potential partner, isn’t he? He’s from a rich family, and even though his personality is shitty it’s not completely rotten. There’s still space for correction, and once it is cured, he can just barely be considered a good partner.※

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      • I kind of want to give you a bunch of internet hugs. I empathize so strongly with that feeling of wanting to be in control, you know? It’s awful sometimes, knowing the only control you have over a shitty situation is how you react to it, or, in the worst cases, how you feel about it.

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    There is no one to blame, no one guilty.

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