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Psychic 灵媒

RAW Source
Author: 风流书呆; Feng Liu Shu Dai
Total Chapters: 294 (Completed)
Genre: Crime, Fantasy, Modern, Supernatural, Thriller
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Translators: Frozenmirage. Editors: Noks, Qiuxue
Release Schedule: Sporadic, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


Have you heard? There’s a certain kind of person in this world, who, even without any substantial contact, and with just a flash of thought, can discern a lot.

Their eyes have the ability to penetrate through to the past, to clarify the present and to break the veil of the future. They can see what you see through your eyes, smell what you smell through your nose, taste what you taste through your tongue, and can even perceive what you think through your heart. 

This kind of a person is calleda psychic.

A story about the awakening of a ‘guabi’, who is merely plodding through life, from his deep slumber. 

*guabi, a slang term, meaning ‘dead idiot’ = people who are penniless and jobless (shout out to bobeep for this term’s explanation~~)


A story about Fan Jialuo, who’s alive but not really living, who is penniless and jobless, who cares little about the people around him, but who still wants to fight for righteousness in this broken world… and maybe experience what it feels to become human once again…

Follow his journey as he counterattacks the injustices around him in his own way…

Translator’s notes:

  1. Some chapters may be a bit dark and can leave you feeling a pang in your heart, so read with consideration; will put warnings before such chapters…
  2. Slow burn romance, feel free to guess who’s the ML, hehe~~
  3. 1 vs 1 and HE 


Spanish translation by Angie

3 chapters/week

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In regard of re-translation of whichever of my project is, I would say no from this point onward. If you really want to take the project, please translate it from the original work as to support the author. Thank you.

*the above link of translation is not included

Translator's Note

People who can communicate with Gods, spirits, and ghosts; often also called shaman; high-level psychics are called priests, prophets, angels, or saints, and have become the center of faith of ordinary religious people in ancient times.

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  1. Looking forward to this one! Congrats on finishing your first project 🎉🎉 Let’s warmly welcome the second one! Cheers🥂

  2. Oh this sounds interesting!!! Gonna brace myself for the dark parts, but I can get through anything with the power of the HE tag!!

    Thanks for picking this up! 🙂

  3. FOD, How to say I love you and Lord of End of the World to name a few, yep I trust Fengliu Shudai on this one too hoho. Thank you for picking this up, Frozenmirage-san! ❤

    • Let me tell you. This novel is so good alot of post twist and face slapping that make you want to read more. I already read this. But I want to read the translation version. Omg cant wait.😍😍

  4. I’m always up for a slow burn romance! They’re my favorite.

    I should brace myself for the suffering and heartache, it seems.

    Thanks for the new novel!

  5. OMG, t his novel seems to be my new fav😍

    Frozenmirage, I want to ask you in advance for permission to translate this novel into Russian! Hope you don’t mind!

  6. I love this already 😭❤ I keep searching for MTL everywhere but can’t find it. I should stack up some chapters before reading this because I know for sure I’ll end up wanting for more.

    • Look for the raw and copy paste the text to machine translator yourself. That’s how I read it in advance anyway.

  7. I was confused about who the ML is until around chapters 70-100. Lmao, my guess keeps moving here and there. It’s sooo good. Gonna stack the translation chapters while I mtl this to finish.

    • Waiiiit!!!!

      Will it really take so many chapters to discover who the ML is?? And here I am, illuding myself thinking who the ML might be at chapter 6…..

      Well, thank you for the information!! Also please forgive eventual English errors!!!

    • Ahahaha! I totally get what you mean when you say that it’s hard to figure out who the ML is lol.

  8. No joke, after reading what was here, I MLT’d the rest due to being unable to resist and freaking hell people, you will not regret reading this!! Gosh it’s no joke when I say that any case the MC get’s involved in is upgraded to hard mode lol. And damn would you not see that twist coming! 😆 All in all, it was pretty damn cute~ Thanks for introducing me to this awesome story!! I’m a hardcore fan of this site~

  9. Thank you very much for the translation, really, excellent work as always…👍😍😍

    And I can only say wooo… Super interesting, I’m scared but intrigued.

  10. No puedo creerlo pero me interesó con la primera línea de la descripción, me ha gustado y aquí me tendrás leyendo. Gracias.

  11. Hello, thanks for the translation. This novel caught me a lot when I advanced a few chapters in MTL.xD

    I would like to know if I can translate it into Spanish, I will put the corresponding credits and links. Thank you very much in advance

    • Hello Angie, feel free to translate it to your language but I can’t guarantee you 100% accuracy because translating from Chinese to English need some ‘adjustment’ and really, this novel had so many beautiful words arrangement on it that its impossible for us to perfectly convey… You can contact me on discord to send the link so I can put your translation link here…

  12. Hi Frozen-san, I like this story, thank you for translating it.

    I want to ask if you don’t mind, I want to translate this into Indonesian, is it ok?

    • Hello Xiao R, yes you can and I don’t mind, it just, I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy of the translation because we edit it here and there, so yeah~

      You can send me the link here, on my comments, or discord…