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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh69 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (6)


translator: baumkuchen  editor: serefina

As a humanoid combat training mecha, this mecha’s appearance was appropriately stellar. lDmgft

The mecha’s design was the standard inverted triangle. The eye lamps above the dark blue helmet gleamed. Its shoulders and waist were rather broad, etched with lines forming the shape of wings. Its abdomen was covered with a plate of armour, while its lower half was protected by steel armour covered in golden spirals. Its legs were perfectly proportioned, having been adjusted to fit Ji Zuoshan’s body exactly.

Disregarding its performance, in terms of aesthetics alone, this mecha was absolutely top-notch.

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And there was no need to doubt its intelligence. Its posture as it kneeled on one knee looked just like an actual human.


Chi Xiaochi asked Ji Zuoshan, “How is it?”

Ji Zuoshan said, “This model is an ordinary at-home training mecha. It’s enough for everyday training. However, it still needs some internal modifications and fine-tuning to fit my style of operation.”

When it came to mechas, Ji Zuoshan’s tone changed completely.

Chi Xiaochi turned to Rosie. “Can I make some modifications?”


Rosie crossed her arms. “You know how?”

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Chi Xiaochi didn’t speak, and just nodded.

Rosie smiled and said, “Then do as you wish. The modification room is next door. But I’ll tell you now, I only have this one extra mecha. If you break it, I can’t help you.”

Rosie walked over to the door, but before leaving Ji Zuoshan alone with his new mecha, she turned back and asked, “Are you going to school with me?” A5t9on

Ji Zuoshan replied, “En.”

Rosie asked, “What will you do when we meet Zhan Yanchao?”

Ji Zuoshan looked at the girl. He said, “I’ll be fine, I’m just afraid that Miss Rosie might not be able to take it.”

Rosie also had that type of personality where even if she ran into the south wall, she had to break it. She whistled, “Alright. I also want to see exactly how strong Zhan Yanchao is in a mecha.” 9Ujgk


As soon as the door to the training room closed, Chi Xiaochi went up to the mecha’s side. “Hello.”

The mecha looked up and said gently, “. It is a pleasure to serve my master.”

Chi Xiaochi said to 061, “Hey, it’s someone from your line of work.” h3FuJS

061 replied in his head, no, it’s your armour.


In its factory settings, this mecha was already Chi Xiaochi’s. This armour belonged to Chi Xiaochi only.

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Ji Zuoshan seemed to truly love mechas. Rosie came by to check in on him several times, yet he would always be enthusiastically working on his new mecha.

Illuminated by the electric glow of lights radiating from all around, Ji Zuoshan was as taciturn as always, but there was an indescribable burning, zealous passion in his eyes.

She didn’t call him out to eat, leaving him to work alone all night long.

By the time he had finished adjusting every aspect of the operating system until it suited him perfectly, it was already two in the morning. He simply crawled inside and wearing his new mecha, quietly fell asleep. WHBjnX


Because of how tired he was, Chi Xiaochi didn’t even give 061 the chance to coax him to sleep.

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061 couldn’t hold back his smile. jth u5

……The feeling of enclosing Chi Xiaochi in his body was truly very good.

He dimmed the interior searchlights to their lowest setting and the air conditioning system to the most suitable temperature. Then, he slowly sat down and quietly immersed himself in the sound of breathing coming from inside his body.

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Jtl Wljbmtl kjr erlcu Al Iebrtjc’r ybvs, yea atf rbecv bo tlr ygfjatlcu obiibkfv Jtl Wljbmtl’r ecldef gtsatw; j ilaaif iluta, jr lo tf mbeiv yf kbxfc eq ja jcs wbwfca rb atja bcf mbeivc’a tfiq yea tbiv bcf’r ygfjat jcv tlvf tlw lc atf wbra agjcdeli qijmf, ifra tf kjxf eq.

061 was a little vexed, because this kind of cautiousness, this kind of concern was something he had never felt before. But as he thought and thought, he once again couldn’t help but want to laugh. 4MQYP

The mecha, which had already been named “Blue”, raised its hands and pressed them against its chest. Thinking about how Chi Xiaochi was lying inside, he felt like this was truly good, this night was truly short.

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The weekend passed in a blink of an eye.

By Monday, Ji Zuoshan had already patched up his tattered school uniform. His new mecha had already arrived in the morning after having been dismantled and sent over to the school’s training room by Rosie’s family jet. VbXCKS

This mecha academy was private, and students were allowed to bring their training partners or human sacrifices. Furthermore, Zhan Yanchao’s messy reputation had spread far and wide in the school. Hence, as his peripheral product, Ji Zuoshan was immediately recognized the moment he and Rosie stepped into the classroom.

“Isn’t that Zhan Yanchao’s human sacrifice? Why is he following Rosie now?”

The few people who had been invited to the Zhan home a few days before immediately began to spread what they’d seen and heard that day. They could be said to be in high spirits, completely unlike the quail-like state they’d been in as they watched Rosie and Zhan Yanchao face off.

When they described the incident, they couldn’t help but exaggerate, vividly turning the event into a battle out of a cultivation novel, with Ji Zuoshan, this little unrestrained hussy, at the centre of the storm. tdw3z0

After hearing about the incident, everyone sighed.

“It’s over. With that personality of his, Zhan Yanchao is going to explode.”

“Definitely. Rosie’s going to get it. Do you guys still remember what happened when Zhan Yanchao just joined the academy?”

“I heard about it, that senior called Leon?” c16WLE

“Yeah, Leon. At that time, Zhan Yanchao had just started school not too long ago. Leon took a fancy to Ji Zuoshan and said that he wanted to buy him, so he said a few words to that effect to Zhan Yanchao. Not only did Zhan Yanchao turn hostile, he even said to everyone that everytime he saw him, he would beat him up. In the end, he did as he said. Not even in the training rooms, even if he saw Leon out shopping, in the corridors, or going to the toilet, he would give him a rain of beatings. Afterwards, Leon would avoid anyone even named Zhan and transferred out not even a year later.

“Tsk tsk tsk, what’s so good about this surnamed Ji other than his face?”

“What else is there other than his face? He’s a natural born Omega, you can’t learn it even if you tried.”

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“Can’t learn, can’t learn.” k 0dY2

The people discussing were rather schadenfreudic, pointing and poking at Ji Zuoshan, as if they had already expected that he wouldn’t dare to talk back.


Rosie originally wanted to say something, but seeing Ji Zuoshan’s unaffected face, she decided not to care about it.

This was different from that situation a few days ago. This would depend on whether Ji Zuoshan himself wanted to fight this battle. JzR4Oc


And in the next second, Ji Zuoshan sneered, saying, “A flock of pheasants.”

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Ji Zuoshan was usually reserved, keeping to himself, but the moment he opened his mouth, it was a large-scale AOE attack. Even Rosie shot him a surprised look, resting her chin in her hand.

The people closer to him asked a little disbelievingly, “What did you say?” MA3Ndk


The Ji Zuoshan inside his body had long since gotten used to bearing such insults. Towards this sudden situation, he was a little at a loss. “Mister Chi……”

Chi Xiaochi kicked away his chair and stood up. At the same time, he said to Ji Zuoshan, “If you want to be the strongest Alpha, you must have the appearance of an Alpha. Even though Zhan Yanchao is a son of a bitch, there’s still something you can learn from him. Let me ask you, if it was Zhan Yanchao, what would he say when met with someone who dares to chew his tongue right in front of him?”

Ji Zuoshan thought for a moment. “He’d smash his stool against the other person’s face.” tOpj2E

In accordance with his words, Chi Xiaochi picked up his stool and directly swung it at that big mouth who had said “can’t learn”.

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“You’re all clucking like a flock of pheasants.” Chi Xiaochi brushed off his hands. He said, unhurried, “If you can’t learn, no problem. You can reincarnate.”


Rosie looked at her new sparring partner with a face full of admiration, thinking, he finally seems a little more like it. a0MtTb

Just as the person who had been struck on the feet wanted to flare up, with a turn of his gaze, he caught sight of Zhan Yanchao striding towards the classroom.

His expression changed slightly. He had no other choice but to sit down resentfully, but he still couldn’t get over it in his heart. He snapped at Chi Xiaochi, “Just you wait.”

Chi Xiaochi shot back, “Wait for what, wait for you to reincarnate?”


Inside his body, Ji Zuoshan was a little stunned. However, after seeing the frustrated look on that person’s face, he felt an instinctive delight. All four of his limbs and bones loosened up by quite a bit.

Chi Xiaochi sat down as well. He asked Ji Zuoshan, “Too much?”

Ji Zuoshan said, “Just a little.”

Chi Xiaochi didn’t take this to heart. He then asked, “Happy?” oWFdPg

Ji Zuoshan said, “……Happy.”

Chi Xiaochi smiled, “Then that’ll do.”


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061 promptly reminded them, “Zhan Yanchao’s here.” BXSu I

Actually, even without 061’s reminder, Chi Xiaochi had already heard the suddenly rising discussion and commotion.

Zhan Yanchao stepped into the classroom with an ugly look on his face. Instead of going to his seat in the front row, he went straight to the middle row of the classroom and grabbed Ji Zuoshan’s arm. His eyes were bloodshot. “Have you had your fun? If you have, then come back.”

There were dark shadows belong Zhan Yanchao’s eyes because he already hadn’t been able to sleep for two nights straight.

He’d flip over, then think, why hasn’t Xiao Ji come back yet. mcnaeo

He’d flip over again, then think, Ji Zuoshan remembered rewards and not beatings. When he came back, he had to give him another round of lashes.

But when he saw Ji Zuoshan, Zhan Yanchao couldn’t think of anything else.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He, Ji Zuoshan, really had skill, making it so that he couldn’t stop thinking about him after not seeing him for more than a day!


Unexpectedly, Ji Zuoshan just sat there, quiet as a mountain, and easily dislodged himself from his grip.

Zhan Yanchao asked, uncomprehending, “What are you doing?”

Upon seeing Zhan Yanchao, Ji Zuoshan once more became that Ji Zuoshan who valued his words like gold. “Didn’t we already settle this? I belong to Miss Rosie.”

Zhan Yanchao replied unhappily, “Settled with who?” kLMFQJ

Ji Zuoshan said, “You said it, you said you’d let me choose. Now, I don’t choose you, I’m not returning to the Zhan home.”

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An uproar of discussion broke out in the classroom.

Zhan Yanchao’s handsome face turned bright red. Never in his life had he been shut down like this in public.

He trembled with anger as he pointed at Ji Zuoshan’s nose and scolded, “Ji Zuoshan, I’m giving you face, don’t refuse it.” CZKHQI

Ji Zuoshan said indifferently, “I don’t want any of the face you’re giving.”

“……I fucking spoiled you, didn’t I?” Zhan Yanchao cursed. He swung his boot at the leg of Ji Zuoshan’s table and didn’t bother being polite with him any longer. He grabbed onto his collar, planning on dragging him off.

But in the next instant.

Smack. v0lV1W

His arm was met with a smack from Ji Zuoshan. He used his strength very skillfully, making the smack both loud and sharp. His hand hit Zhan Yanchao’s humerus, making his right hand lose all strength and forced him to loosen his grip.


Zhan Yanchao’s heart filled with a huge grievance and anger, “Surnamed Ji, you dare hit me?”

He just let him loose for a day, how had his heart already become this wild? emgzWB


Zhan Yanchao had never been a person who was good at identifying problems with himself. He immediately turned his gaze to the instigator, Rosie, glaring at her hatefully, wanting nothing more than to peel her flesh from her bones.

Ji Zuoshan straightened his collar, then sat back down next to Rosie. He said softly, “For you.”

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Rosie was stunned. She thought of how she’d been hit in the arm by Zhan Yanchao that day, and the corners of her mouth immediately hooked upwards, but that smile still didn’t get the chance to fully form.  6L89bW

Seeing the two whisper to each other and smile, Zhan Yanchao’s eyes felt worse than if they had been poked with a needle. He wanted nothing more to immediately knock Rosie down and beat her up.

……His right arm that had been smacked by Ji Zuoshan was sore, swollen and painful, and it took effort even just to lift it.

He would never have hit me before!

The moment this thought came into being, Zhan Yanchao’s embarrassment and anger went up a level, making him wish that he could lunge at Ji Zuoshan and bite a chunk of flesh off of his body. 42EY F


Seeing the tense atmosphere, the person who just had a quarrel with Ji Zuoshan couldn’t help but chime in with schadenfreudic glee, “Surnamed Ji, you’re really being unfair here. Zhan……”

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Zhan Yanchao’s inner anger and resentment suddenly erupted. 

He turned and shouted at him, “What does this have to do with you? Fuck off!” W0YXO

Having been waiting for the opportunity to curry favour with Zhan Yanchao but actually being cursed at by him, that person felt endlessly embarrassed, but he wasn’t willing to lay down the flag and still the drums at this time and be reduced to a laughingstock, so he had to stick out his neck, “What do you mean, ‘this has nothing to do with you’? I still have an account to settle with him.”

Zhan Yanchao’s thoughts were in turmoil. He just wanted to get this insensitive thing to shut his mouth and beat it so he could quickly solve the issue between him and Ji Zuoshan. Who knew that Ji Zuoshan would actually leave him to the side and stick his head out to ask, “What account do you have with me?”

That person sneered, “Don’t act dumb. When training starts, I’ll settle it with you.”

Ji Zuoshan said, “Don’t bother, you won’t be able to. Rather than fight me, you’d be better off jumping out the window in your mecha right now.” 3P6NRY


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Zhan Yanchao’s eyes widened slightly.

This was his first time seeing Ji Zuoshan sneeringly mock someone like this.


Just at that moment, the bell rang. The teacher walked into class. Seeing Zhan Yanchao still standing, his eyebrows furrowed, but he didn’t dare to say anything.

Zhan Yanchao wasn’t the type to take this insult without a fight. He strode back to his seat and wrenched out his chair with a bang, almost knocking the table of the person behind him over.

For the entire mecha class, he didn’t listen to a single word, covering his paper with turtles, then filling the turtles’ shells with Ji Zuoshan’s name.


In the beginning, upon hearing the firmness of Ji Zuoshan’s tone, that person who’d taken the initiative to provoke him had been a little nervous, thinking that he had some kind of trump card, but when he saw Ji Zuoshan pilot his new, re-assembled mecha out, he couldn’t help but double over in laughter. “You’re going to fight me in that crap?”

As private school students, most of them used their personal mechas to show of their status.

This person’s personal mech was a heavy-duty mecha. It was 3 metres tall, and covered from head to foot in a shiny copper covering with a silk sheen. The size of its body was even bigger, and even outfitted with simple weaponry with light firepower.

Meanwhile, the two metre tall “Blue” looked like a weak youth in front of this heavy-duty mecha. 1HcgB


Zhan Yanchao’s eyes erupted in flames.

Could it be he would rather use such scrap rather than return to the Zhan family?

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The author has something to say:

Stupid bird: Puffing out its feathers in anger.

baum: hi i’m back!! Finals really murdered me and now I’m scrambling to catch up with all the translations I have to do, so it’ll be unedited for now orz  update: it’s been edited!

Also special thanks to namio for helping me figure out Blue’s name, because my dumb ass couldn’t see Blue from 布鲁 (bulu) Do you guys know that 布鲁 is Snubbull in Chinese? I was really almost going to name 061 Snubbull lmaoo tWRO2D

sere: hello but also now I have finals :’( im happy this story is back tho

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

can also mean prostitutes

Translator's Note

lit. to not show the mountain and to not reveal the water

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

means simple minded, can’t learn etc

Translator's Note

means cuck — just take it as a general insult

Translator's Note

another similar insult

Translator's Note

okay. This one’s a bit dubious. Author says 云金, which I honestly have no idea what it could mean. My dad says it could be 云锦, which is a silk brocade, so maybe it just means it looks expensive?

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