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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh32 - Getting Rid of that Bigshot (9)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

By the time the stock market closed that day, Zhou Kai’s company’s shares had plummeted all the way to green, dropping to a record low. They had black employees resigning one after another in protest, and amongst them, there were even three young white people and two Asians. jmM8qU

The whereabouts of Simon, the vice head of the department of public relations, were unknown, leaving the department head so busy he practically became a spinning top.

He contacted Zhou Kai and pleaded warily, “Mister Zhou, the current situation is very grim. You can’t just keep hiding. Your only way out now is to personally appear and publicly apologise.”

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Zhou Kai instantly blew up. “Apologise? What for? For that group of n*****s? Can they keep complaining until their voices reach the heavens? I don’t think so!”

The department head’s face turned the same shade of miserable green as the company’s stocks. vNYGL

Zhou Kai slammed his hand on the table and started cursing in anger, “Each and every one of those n*****s are always acting like everybody owes them something! It’s not like I’m white, I’ve never killed their ancestors, I’ve never did them any wrong. Who’s it hurting if I talk a little about not liking them in private?” 

The department head’s body was drenched in sweat. He didn’t at all know what to say.


Zhou Kai of course knew that in the white man’s world, political correctness was everything. No matter how much he disliked black people in private, he absolutely could not say that in public.


He had always been cautious, never even toeing that bottom line. Who knew that the one time he did, it would be broadcast to the entire country. He had practically hopped back and forth across that bottom line. No, not just a hop, it was a striding step, a huge leap across.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Kai’s skin prickled with that thought, cold and hot sweat mixing as they dripped down his body.

But the more it was like this, the less he was willing to admit his wrongs, and also, the less he could actually admit his wrongs.

The department head, both mentally and physically exhausted, put forward a suggestion, “If you’re not willing to come forward, I think you could ask Mister Shen for help. After all, Mister Shen is also involved in this matter. If Mister Shen is willing to say some good things on your behalf, perhaps he could divert the public’s attention……” i aqmT


If the department head hadn’t mentioned it, Zhou Kai would really never have thought that this matter also involved Shen Changqing.

When he tried to think about it carefully, he felt his head throb. Carelessly waving his hand, he said, “Go contact him then.”

After years of observation, he had a lot of faith in Shen Changqing. He knew there was a door on his mouth and he wouldn’t blindly say just anything. n31KWj


And so, the department head contacted Shen Changqing.

In the department head’s mind, Shen Changqing was a reticent and passive young man, a dodder flower raised by Zhou Kai.

So his objective for this phone call was simple: Persuade Shen Changqing to cooperate with him, have him hold a press conference following a script he wrote and express his support and understanding for Zhou Kai. iA9Zbr

After the call connected, he skipped over any superfluous conventional greetings and went straight to the point, asking, “Mister Shen, have you seen the video being spread around the internet?”

The voice from the other end of the call was a little hoarse, “En, I’ve seen it.”

Inwardly, the department head thought, sure enough, he’s long since found out.

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He asked, “What do you think about this matter?” ocRa U

Shen Changqing asked, “Which one?”

The department head’s voice stuttered. He vaguely felt like there was something a little strange, but still replied in a warm voice, “It’s the matter of Mister Zhou’s improper conduct. I hope you can offer some assistance. I have here a draft of a speech……”

“Is this matter very important?” Shen Changqing sniffed his nose, then asked.

The department head was slightly stunned. SydF2U

Shen Changqing said worriedly, “Compared to this matter of Mister Zhou having an affair, the other issue is probably more important.”

These words directly jabbed at the department head’s concerns. But he wasn’t at all planning on discussing this matter in detail with a dodder flower that wasn’t of great use to him. “Mister Shen, you’ll only be responsible for the part you can be responsible for. We are enough to manage everything else, please don’t worry.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Shen Changqing’s voice was slightly hesitant, “Really?”

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“Qtfc klii atf mbcofgfcmf yf tfiv?”


Vtfc Jtjcudlcu rjlv byfvlfcais, “P’ii ilrafc ab sbe atfc.”

Ktf vfqjgawfca tfjv ifa bo j rlut bo gfilfo, “Ktfc Zlrafg Vtfc, P’ii ojz sbe atf gbeut vgjoa bo ws rqffmt. Uifjrf ojwliljglrf sbegrfio klat la jr rbbc jr qbrrlyif, jr kfii jr atf defralbcr atja atf gfqbgafgr wjs jrx. P’nf qgfqjgfv fnfgsatlcu obg sbe jigfjvs.” vhNwQd


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After he hung up, Yi Song went to receive the fax.

As for Chi Xiaochi, who was regarded as a puppet by everyone, he dutifully played the part of a qualified puppet, going off to pick out the clothes he was going to wear, then turning and going to the bathroom to wash up.

Under 061’s daily treatment, his fracture had recovered quite well. As long as he didn’t press on it, it wouldn’t hurt. 1Mb8C4

He began to remove the brace, then put it to the side before moving to a stool to sit down, so as to not slip and fall.

061, seeing Chi Xiaochi busily setting about on his task alone, couldn’t quite bear it, “Call Yi Song over to help you wash up.”

Every day, Yi Song would help him scrub his body clean. Every time he did so would cause incredible discomfort to Chi Xiaochi, and after just ten minutes of washing, he would need half an hour to recover. It was really miserable.

Chi Xiaochi turned on the tap for hot water. Hot water surged down from the shower head.  D1683i

He said confidently, “I’ll do it myself.”

Immediately after, he choked, getting water up his nose.

Each cough could be said to be etched into his bones and inscribed on his heart

It was not until energy filled his chest and the pain subsided that Chi Xiaochi was finally able to catch his breath. y4V A6

Cleaning his body was still alright, it was just that hair was too difficult to manage. No matter whether he used shampoo or just rinsed his hair with water, the action was too difficult for the current Chi Xiaochi.

Noticing the rare frustrated expression on Chi Xiaochi’s face, 061 let out a helpless laugh, saying, “Just wash your body first. I’ll help you wash your hair.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After a simple wash, Chi Xiaochi returned to lay the bed according to 061’s instructions, closing his eyes to rest. XdRQOd

After all, this body was injured. Even a simple shower would tire it out.

He heard the sound of slowly approaching footsteps. The man locked the door, brought over a stool, put down a basin of warm water and a bottle of shampoo and sat down by the head of the bed.

061 whispered, “Don’t move.”

Chi Xiaochi really didn’t move, letting a wave of energy wrap him up and smoothly move him to the side of the bed, just nice exposing a small half of his head.   rgaTKP

Shen Changqing’s hair hadn’t been cut in a long time. It felt very soft, and was a little long.

061 gathered up his hair, picked up the comb he’d prepared, and after teasing the knots out of his hair little by little, he lifted up the basin of warm water, dampening the dry tips of his hair bit by bit.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As 061 began to massage the shampoo in, Chi Xiaochi, whose scalp was being touched, huddled away uncomfortably for a moment.

061 asked, “What’s wrong, did I pull too hard?” izYNps

Chi Xiaochi instinctively opened his eyes.

The face that appeared in his vision gave Chi Xiaochi a shock. “You……”

Unexpectedly, 061 was wearing Chi Xiaochi’s own original face. He smiled at him.  NCGTci

He asked, “Like this, it’s like you’re washing yourself. Does it feel a little better?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Chi Xiaochi stared at that face, and gave his comment, “……It’s even weirder now.”

But although he didn’t say it, he indeed didn’t feel any of the usual resistance or disgust. Qp5r7G


061 laughed, “Then just close your eyes, and pretend you can’t see.”

Chi Xiaochi closed his eyes.

Without his sight, he could feel the warm water flowing through his hair even more clearly, as well as how 061 was massaging shampoo through his hair as lightly as possible. He felt like he had fallen into an old dream. 9TZ0wH

He felt like he had been very fortunate lately.

With 061 around, he would often think of Lou-ge, of that distant, happy time.

……It was satisfying just to think about it.


Unexpectedly, Chi Xiaochi, who hated people touching his body the most, fell asleep under 061’s slow and careful massage. He woke up to the gentle sound of air blowing out of the hair dryer.

061 looked down and asked, “Awake?”

He’d unexpectedly slept for a while, how nice.

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Chi Xiaochi didn’t say anything. 061 also didn’t continue asking any more questions. AHNhwE

The warm wind, combined with the feeling of 061’s soft, slender fingers, created a sleepy atmosphere in the room. His other senses were magnified by leaps and bounds. The smell of the Yi Song’s freshly-mown lawn drifted in through the window. The sunlight shone onto the sheets, relaxing his four limbs and muscles.

One person and one system spent an hour of quiet and peaceful time together.


An hour later, the department head arrived with his assistant outside the villa in his car. RBsEA2

After their experience that day, Yi Song and the rest had already experienced being harassed. Upon receiving the call, they opened the metal gates, allowing the car to directly drive in all the way to the villa’s doorstep.

The crime of trespassing wasn’t a small one. The journalists squatting outside didn’t dare to act blindly. They could only stretch out their necks like geese and raise the cameras in their hands, hoping to catch a glimpse of Zhou Kai’s figure.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The department head entered the villa and saw Shen Changqing.

At first inspection, the department head was extremely satisfied with Shen Changqing’s condition. BzPA2i

He was a lot slimmer than the last time he’d seen him. His slender waist was outlined exceptionally clearly by his suit. The colour of the clothes he was wearing was low-key, making his complexion seem even more pale in contrast. He was the very image of a victim disturbed and tormented by the earth-shattering news.


The department head seated him in the car and directly drove away.


This was Chi Xiaochi’s very first time leaving that beautiful cage since coming to this world.

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Shen Changqing sat upright, the speech draft clenched tightly in both hands, “Will it really be okay like this?”

The department head comforted him, “Don’t be nervous.”

He also asked a few pre-prepared questions. Shen Changqing answered, stuttering, but in any case, it could still be considered appropriate. Despite this, the department head was a little dissatisfied. However, matters had already reached this point and there wasn’t any spokesperson more fit to saving the show than Shen Changqing. FdUmJq

061, looking at Chi Xiaochi whose ears were red from nervousness, said, “You really like this kind of plot.”

Chi Xiaochi said, “I hate it, this one is incredibly nervous, alright?” 

061 laughed out loud.

He couldn’t imagine how Chi Xiaochi could still perfectly maintain the innocent, nervous face of a newbie as he said those kinds of words. zYxVmU


The reporters were all already seated, just waiting for Shen Changqing’s arrival.

As soon as Shen Changqing took his place on stage, the magnesium lamp lit up in a flash, startling a loud noise out of his throat. He turned a pleading gaze towards the department head.


The department head also knew that even though this Mister Shen had started out as a model, he had already been retired from the circle for many years and it had been a long time since he last faced so many reporters. In addition, the situation he had to face could be said to be very important. Him being a little nervous was only natural.

The department head pulled the microphone over to himself, cleared his throat and gave a simple pre-conference speech.

No one cared at all about what he said. Soon, it was time for the eagerly-awaited section where reporters got to ask questions.

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This news conference was being broadcasted live on TV and streamed on the internet. At the beginning, the number of real-time viewers was over two hundred thousand. The moment the segment where reporters could ask questions began, it soared all the way to around the four hundred thousands. MoTxsu

After all, while Shen Changqing hadn’t made any racist remarks, he was one of the one of the leads in this sensational news story. People were more concerned about what attitude he was going to take towards Zhou Kai. Would he choose forgiveness, or would he draw a clear line between them?


Sure enough, the first reporter’s question was rather pointed, “Have you seen the sex tape starring Mister Zhou that’s been spreading around the internet?”

Shen Changqing answered in a soft voice, “Yes, I have.” XT MiW

The reporter asked, “Did you know Mister Zhou was bisexual?”

This question was within the list of questions prepared by the department head.

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He looked towards Shen Changqing, his gaze filled with encouragement.

Shen Changqing’s eyes reddened almost instantaneously. “He, he…… I, I didn’t know, he’s been really busy as of late and I, I’ve been injured, no, sick, so I haven’t been together with him for a long time now.” IoVNMw

The department head’s face turned green.

According to his prepared answer, Shen Changqing just needed to say he didn’t know.

The latter half on his answer was totally drawing legs on the snake

And the reported immediately caught onto that bit of information from his stammered answer, “You mean that, he, while you were injured, engaged in an improper relationship with Miss Lily? How did you become injured?” 71Dbar


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The author has something to say:

Chairman Chi: I’m a cute newbie, I don’t know anything, this one is utterly terrified, alright?

sere: freedom of speech means no legal repercussions not no repercussions dumbass. ALSO THEY WERE SO CLOSE GDI SO SO SO CLOSE zpo0Gs

baum: lmao time to start getting used to this orz The tension…

thanks to Nyurr and Kimikat21 for the ko-fis~

Translator's Note

he won’t spill things carelessly

Translator's Note

I’ve seen dodder flower around a lot, but not sure what it means. Maybe because it’s parasitic? so dependent?

Translator's Note

means heartfelt/unforgettable

Translator's Note

panda: haahhh so cloossseee!!!!


Translator's Note

ruining the effect by adding something superfluous

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