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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh33 - Getting Rid of that Bigshot (10)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: glitterypanda, serefina

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the department head stopped Shen Changqing with a gesture of his hand. He took over the conversation, “This topic diverges from the subject of this press conference. Mister Shen will not be answering any such irrelevant questions.” QnckYI

Shen Changqing nodded his head in agreement.

The department head once again consoled him with his eyes.

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In the eyes of people familiar with Shen Changqing, Shen Changqing was someone who tried his very best to please everyone, and was cute, open and guileless. The most important point was that he was incredibly reticent. In these three years, he very rarely spoke to people. His English wasn’t very good, so him stammering as he spoke was considered normal. Dc xOu

It was exactly because of this that even now, no one suspected him of having ulterior motives, so much so that even Zhou Kai, who was watching the broadcast in real time, thought the same.

He even laughed, feeling like Shen Changqing’s ill at ease appearance was truly stupid to the point of being cute.


Another reporter asked aggressively, “As early as over three years ago, someone caught Mister Zhou and Miss Lily shopping together on camera. Later, Mister Zhou clarified that they only had a working relationship. What do you think about this matter?”


Shen Changqing lowered his head and whispered, “I’m not very clear on this matter.”

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He’d answered this question very well, not saying anything unnecessary. The department head’s mind was set at ease.

However, at least six or seven camera angles clearly caught a single, perfect tear falling from Shen Changqing’s eyes.


Shen Changqing was very good-looking and was born with an innocent face, making his current panicked and hurt appearance seem even less fake.

A lot of the comments made by those following the story in real time were sympathising with him.

“What kind of questions are these? Can’t they be a little kinder?”

“My god, stop pressuring him.” OQJVo4

“He’s the one who’s been hurt the most here.”

Of course, there were also people saying that he was being just as bad by speaking for Zhou Kai, that he was in on it all, and that perhaps both of them were racist against black people in private. He could be eating steamed buns made with human blood and just acting pitiful on the surface to gain sympathy.

From this, it could be seen that no matter whether it was inside or outside, within the country or overseas, or even in an entirely different world, as long as they were given the right to anonymity, everyone’s anger and righteousness would always be especially abundant.


The third reporter spoke in a much gentler tone, “Has Mister Zhou ever expressed similar racist views to you? What do you think of his remarks?”

“……He’s never said anything like this to me before.” Shen Changqing seemed to have rediscovered a bit of courage. He said, “Racial discrimination is wrong under any circumstance.”

At that moment, the department head cut in, “These remarks were made by Mister Zhou whilst inebriated, after a few drinks. It’s extremely improper to use these private remarks that were made while he was drunk to comment on Mister Zhou’s personal character.”

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Immediately, a reporter bitingly pointed out, “Drunk? Drunk with Miss Lily? Miss Lily was very sober in her speech. She seems very much in agreement with Mister Zhou’s views, even making her own racist remarks about Miss Fiona. So, with that said, what is Miss Lily’s purpose in showing concern for people of colour and her series of charities?” 4taXTY

Shen Changqing did not speak, while the department head replied icily, “This, we don’t know.”

They were too busy to even look after themselves, so there was no reason for them to waste their effort thinking about how to protect Lily.


Following that, all kinds of tricky questions emerged in succession, but all the official spokesperson Shen Changqing needed to say, in summary, was that he wasn’t clear, he didn’t understand, and of course that he chose to forgive him. g3674N

Chi Xiaochi said to 061, “Liu-laoshi, I feel like the Holy Father halo above my head could be used to generate electricity.”

061 expressed his agreement, “Build a nuclear power plant.”

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Chi Xiaochi, as a Holy Father, said, “Then I hope it will be able to provide for 6 billion people.”

  1Oc VA

Soon, there was yet another reporter raising their suspicions towards Shen Changqing, “Judging by the lighting in the background and a few other details, the audio recording and the video were clearly not recorded on the same day. In the audio recording, Mister Zhou Kai’s reasoning is equally sober. Mister Shen, how would you explain this?”

The department head furrowed his brows.

This question was truly sharp. The current best solution would be avoidance and not answering, or utilizing the “I don’t know” method, denying all responsibility.

He cut in, saying, “Mister Shen……” B9FqG4

The reporter directly cut him off, “Mister Department Head, I don’t think this question deviates from the subject of this conference.”

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Shen Changqing reached out a hand, pulling the microphone over to himself.

He bowed his head and answered formally, “I’m very sorry, I didn’t…… I couldn’t take good care of Mister Zhou.”

  mfY 3k

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As soon as he said that, all whispers of conversation going on the conference hall abruptly died down.

Vtfc Jtjcudlcu rqbxf nfgs ribkis, jr lo agslcu tlr yfra ab mtbbrf qgbqfg jcv rlwqif kbgvr ab mifjgis fzqgfrr ktja tf kjcafv ab rjs, “……Zlrafg Itbe, atfrf vjsr, tlr ybvs tjrc’a yffc lc atf yfra rajaf. Lf’r tjv ojlcalcu fqlrbvfr, yffc obgufaalcu atlcur, jcv fztlylalcu rswqabwr bo tsqfgrbwclj…… Qtfatfg la’r atf fwqibsffr ktb tjnf gfrlucfv bg atbrf ralii ecvfg beg fwqibswfca, atfs mjc jii afralos ab atlr. Ktf reqqilfgr ktb tjnf kbgxfv klat Zlrafg Itbe mjc afralos ab atlr jr kfii.”

This didn’t need to be said by Shen Changqing. Practically all the reporters present still remembered the news about Zhou Kai falling dead asleep during the runway show.

The reporter who’d raised the question immediately grasped the key point. “You mean, Mister Zhou Kai is suspected to currently be showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease?” e4c1TS

Shen Changqing let out an “ah”, as if he hadn’t thought that the reporter would make this kind of inference. He turned to look at the department head.


In an instant, hundreds and thousands of thoughts churned through the department head’s mind.

What Shen Changqing had said was a fact known to everyone in the company. Him saying this was also not sudden or abrupt, it was very clear that he was trying to gain the public’s sympathy towards Zhou Kai. YVMH8O

But that said, Alzheimer’s was indeed a good justification for exoneration.

If they could prove that Zhou Kai had only said such disgraceful words because he was sick, could the public possibly grab onto a mentally confused sick person and criticize him harshly?

Thinking up to here, he returned Shen Changqing a look of “continue”.

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With a pale face, Shen Changqing continued, “With this particular situation, we are currently in contact with a hospital… and are about to begin treatment. If… there is any progress, I will… promptly let everyone know.”  ZrA9XN

Having spoken to this point, he became a little agitated. He pressed down on his chest and coughed a few times. His face became even paler.


The reporters below fell silent. However, there were of course a few who still hadn’t grown eyes

A female reporter asked with some slight indignation and unwillingness in her tone, “Mister Shen, could it be that you can accept Mister Zhou Kai and Miss Lily engaging in an affair?” 6r Hnq


Chi Xiaochi gave her a gratified look.

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Little comrade, I’ve accepted his impotence and violent behaviour for so many years now. This is only an affair, everyone should loosen up.

But the Shen Changqing he was acting as fell into a long silence. l7RvHr


061 asked, “Do you want to let it all out?”

Chi Xiaochi asked, “What for?”

061, “Right now is a good time for you to beat a drowning dog.” EezBIm

Chi Xiaochi, “I’d rather beat a drowning dog that is already unconscious. A dog that’s just fallen into the water is bound to become angry.”

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061 understood his meaning, “Now still isn’t the time to expose everything?”

“I don’t have proof,” Chi Xiaochi said, “Material evidence? For the injuries on Shen Changqing’s body, they could just say that Shen Changqing fell on his own, after all, when Shen Changqing got injured in the past, he didn’t once go to the hospital for a formal diagnosis and treatment; Witness testimony? Where would I get that from? Yi Song? The maids? Doctor Aaron? Who would help Shen Changqing? Who could help him?”


……That’s why he’d said, the time was not yet right. 


Presently, the Shen Changqing he was acting as bowed deeply towards the reporters below, “This is my family matter, please let me deal with it myself.”

Of course, his chest, which had not yet fully healed, could not take such a bend. He shivered in pain, and his tears fell straight down. 0zMGnK


Zhou Kai, sitting before the computer, had no idea whatsoever that he was about to fall into a long-premeditated trap.

Full of interest, he sized up Shen Changqing. He felt that how this little guy looked when he cried was really enjoyable.

As for what he said about him being sick, it was probably what the department head or the department of public relations told him to say. This was indeed the best method of resolving the situation now. RMKdFI

He didn’t need to admit his mistakes in public, he could keep the company, he could work from home, enter semi-retirement, play golf, travel, swim, it could also be considered a good life.

Even though he would no longer have his warm, fragrant and soft jade,  fortunately, he still had an obedient, sensible Shen Changqing.

As long as he still held the main seat of power in the company, he would still be that Mister Zhou who could do anything.

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But that dog called Help discomfited Zhou Kai. MwPysX

Even though Zhou Kai didn’t like Shen Changqing, that didn’t mean that he could accept Shen Changqing feeling too strongly for another pet.

Right now, the dog was in the pet hospital undergoing treatment, so it wasn’t convenient, he would wait till they took it home before thinking about how to deal with it.


On the other hand, Sam, watching the broadcast of the news conference, excitedly clenched the fountain pen in his hand tightly, doing his utmost to restrain his innermost excitement. o4c02U

……An opportunity.

This was the opportunity the email had mentioned.  

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The opportunity Shen Changqing had given him.


Since Zhou Kai had picked him for promotion, he hadn’t regarded Sam as a human being.

Zhou Kai flaunted himself as his benefactor, humiliating and disparaging him at every turn as being utterly worthless.

Whenever he worked overtime until six in the morning, and, extremely tired, laid his head on his desk for a while, he would always be mocked by Zhou Kai, who always got up early to go to work, ‘Do I give you such a large annual salary for you to come to the company to sleep?’

In the past, Sam had thought it was because he had high expectations of him that he would be especially harsh. gXN2Wt

It wasn’t until later that he gradually realised that Zhou Kai only needed a slave to obey his every order, and most of all, that cultivating an intelligent and capable subordinate into his slave suited his taste even more.

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After realising this, he wasn’t reconciled. He wasn’t reconciled with how he had to lower himself to accept every disgrace with an ingratiating smile. He needed to get something back from Zhou Kai to compensate for his lost dignity.

This gambler’s mentality made him fall deeper and deeper, making his psyche even more twisted.

Sam looked forward to Zhou Kai getting into an accident. He was no longer hoping that he would leave the company to him. Rather, he simply wanted to see him fall from his position high up in the clouds to the depths of the valley, to see how he looked after the incomparably miserable fall. vQ3mY7


Just as he was shaking from excitement, Zhou Kai called.

Doing his utmost to suppress his excitement, he answered the phone, “Mister Zhou.”

“Have you seen Shen Changqing’s news conference?” Zhou Kai said, “Find some doctors, the more prestigious the better, to prove that I really am sick. I’ll hand managing the company here to you for the time being. I’ll be going home first. If there are any important documents, directly send them over to my house, understood?” tXqhj2

Sam said, “Understood.”

……Sir, you can be rest assured, there will be no more overly important documents.

After all, even if they are your henchmen, they won’t be willing to listen anymore to a demented old man who caused the company to suffer big losses.


By the time the department head drove Chi Xiaochi away from the conference hall, it was already dusk, with darkness descending all around.

Chi Xiaochi sat quietly, looking out the car window at the brilliant nightscape speeding past, thinking.

061 asked him, “What are you thinking about?”

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Chi Xiaochi said, “I’m thinking about the mid-year gathering.” G1f0vY

061, “……Is he still going to hold the mid-year gathering?”

“Given his personality, you think he won’t?”

061 thought for a moment, and found that Chi Xiaochi was right. 

Given Zhou Kai’s peacock-like pride, in order to endure this period of devastation, he absolutely had to return to standing before everyone in his shining spotlight and exhibit his awe-inspiring glory for a good while. vGkQp8


Upon thinking of this, 061 unconsciously asked, curious, “……What if Zhou Kai doesn’t let out any racist remarks during the mid-year gathering?”

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Chi Xiaochi didn’t even blink, saying, “Then it’ll be time to start plan B.”

061, “……” Since when did you have a plan B. 3Dc Ue


“Videos of his affairs and his assaults on Shen Changqing with his face showing will start to appear on every major video platform before the mid-year gathering,” Chi Xiaochi said without even a moment of hesitation, “After public opinion ferments, Shen Changqing will, as a victim, apply for divorce from Zhou Kai, rip Zhou Kai off for a large sum of support payments, sue him in a court of law, force him to put on a monitoring bracelet, and completely stay away from him. After that, Shen Changqing will participate in the public charity that Lily once participated in and become an ambassador and spokesperson against domestic violence, constantly showing up in the public view. Shen Changqing has capital, and more than that, he has abundant experience with suffering from domestic violence. I’ve also done similar things. As long as he dares to put himself out there and I help him out for a while, he will be able to start a life belonging solely to himself. As for Zhou Kai, he has too many handles to grab onto. As long as I can help Shen Changqing protect Help and leave Zhou Kai, I’ll be able to drag him down just like I did today.”

061 fell silent for a long time. “When has he beaten you?”

Since entering this world, Zhou Kai hadn’t had the time to lay even a finger on Shen Changqing. tTFcAB

Chi Xiaochi looked out the window. “I’ll enrage him. It won’t be hard.”

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061 didn’t know why, but he felt a little anxious. “Ku Rou Ji? Is that necessary?”

Chi XIaochi raised his brows slightly, “Isn’t there still plan A? Also, Liu-laoshi, we’re in a world with A-grade difficulty, not being prepared to sacrifice anything isn’t very good.”


061 knew, Chi Xiaochi’s actions had their reasons.

As he’d analyzed before, Chi Xiaochi’s period of safety in this world was too short.

With the mid-year gathering as the cut-off point, while Shen Changqing was still injured, Chi Xiaochi could still be considered safe.

To Zhou Kai, after the mid-year gathering, Shen Changqing would lose his value as a beautiful decoration, and as for what would happen after, it was anybody’s guess. SF0e5W


But at the mere thought of Chi Xiaochi being beaten, 061’s heart felt inexplicably upset.

Just in case, he asked, “Do you still have a plan C?”

“Yes,” Chi Xiaochi laughed, “After grabbing a knife and castrating Zhou Kai, and flush his tools down the toilet with mine. If the real-time regret level doesn’t pass 1000, I’ll give you a kiss on the mouth. After a few years in prison, I’ll use myself as an example and publicly advocate for love and peace and oppose domestic violence, starting with me.” 0WJmuL

061 couldn’t help but be amused by him, “In the future, you can discuss whatever plans you have with me.”

Chi Xiaochi, “……En?”

061 said, “Don’t take risks on your own, you still have me. If it’s me, I can help you a lot, I’m not here just to read to you, buy you ice cream and watch movies with you.” 

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Chi Xiaochi raised his hands in surrender, “It’s habit, habit. In the past, it was just me doing everything, it’s become a habit.” 8sNv50

061 felt slightly helpless, “Bad habits need to be changed.”


Chi Xiaochi was stunned for a while, feeling like 061’s gentle, concerned, and a little bit regretful tone sounded a little familiar.

He didn’t think any deeper, and said sincerely, “Liu-laoshi, you really are my close-fitting little cotton-padded trousers.” RMrLdl

……What fucking cotton-padded trousers. 

061, “……From Ordos?”

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Chi Xiaochi said, “From the North Pole.”

061 and Chi Xiaochi burst out into laughter together.  qgXnTv


Just like this, a person and a system lightened up the conversation.

After their frank conversation, 061 reminded him, “It’s going to get very hard for you.”

Shen Changqing needed to slowly move out from behind the scenes to the center stage, and Zhou Kai wasn’t a fool. kHhCxl

The moment he realised that Sam was intending to seize power and linked all the previous incidents together and thought about it, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to realise who had been behind all of it.

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What would happen then, 061 found it hard to imagine.

“……Yes, it’ll be very hard.”

Chi Xiaochi agreed with 061’s assessment. “However, it’s also Shen Changqing’s chance.” CmvbRD


Shen Changqing’s body was after all weak. After saying those words, Chi Xiaochi felt a little uncomfortable. He leaned his scalding forehead against the car window that had been coated with a layer of mist by the car’s air conditioning. He thought blearily, quickly get it done, so he could quickly go back.

Lou Ying’s aunt and uncle had long since moved out of the city. Other than himself, there was no one who would sweep Lou-ge’s grave.

This car was a little old, and its shock absorption capabilities weren’t every good. With his forehead stuck to the window, Chi Xiaochi could feel the unbearable booming, roaring quakes of the rumbling car. OnUWVL

He closed his eyes. In his daze, he felt a soft warmth place itself between his forehead and the car window.

For some odd reason, Chi Xiaochi didn’t detest this kind of contact very much. He leaned into it lightly, rubbing his forehead against his burning hot palm. He said, “……A little cooler.”

061, “……Ai.” 

He adjusted the temperature of his palm to about 15 degrees Celsius and dialed the constant temperature system a little higher and turned it on. Like a warm, dry quilt, a warmth from within enveloped Chi Xiaochi’s body, letting him sink into an incomparably cozy tranquility. 8GND12


The author has something to say:

Xiaochi’s bottom line has been broken through a little!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His hair can be rubbed and his forehead can be stroked now qwq 6rhFvK

sere: more like uwu cuz 061 is honestly the most perfect boyfriend ever and isn’t even yandere like in most bl novels

On another note im here on the other side of the Great Firewall so i may not be editing for the next 3 ish weeks sooo see ya in about 10 chapters

Translator's Note

can’t see the current situation

Translator's Note

female body

Translator's Note

the trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence

Translator's Note

considerate person. I see it usually used to refer to one’s son lmao

Translator's Note

A region in Mongolia

Translator's Note

like aircon and heating but for the body

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