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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh27.2 - Getting Rid of that Bigshot (4.2)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

Chi Xiaochi laid on the bed. Despite not having set a foot out the door, he knew what was happening in the outside world. He was diligently paying attention to everyone’s movements. BQJ1e

It was not until Zhou Kai pushed open the door to Shen Changqing’s room that he shut off the surveillance monitor 061 had given him, put down the book he was using as a prop, and looked up at him.

Zhou Kai sat down by the bed and said, “Are you feeling better?”

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In the days after beating Shen Changqing, he was always abnormally gentle, as if that crazed person hadn’t been him.

Furthermore, because he had absolute control over Shen Changqing, he could even easily omit the bridge part where the average abusive husband would kneel on the ground and beg his wife and children for forgiveness. wFd0L8

On the bed, Shen Changqing’s hands were pressed to the book. His expression was calm, but his fingertips were unconsciously shaking slightly. “Much better.”

Noticing his subtle movements, Zhou Kai laughed.


Then Chi Xiaochi watched with wide eyes as the goodwill level of 40 points displayed on the dashboard rose by 7 points.


Chi Xiaochi, “……”

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061, “……”

061 thought, this guy really is a pervert.

After Chi Xiaochi came back from his shock, he said happily, “Fuck, from now on, we can cash in our cards from Zhou Kai.” 4fEw2J

061 didn’t know what to say. He could only correct Chi Xiaochi out of his sense of societal responsibility as a system, “……Don’t swear.”

Chi Xiaochi thought for a moment, “Fuck, we have cards to cash.”

061, “……” This batch’s student was the most playful he’d ever had.


Zhou Kai ran a hand through Chi XIaochi’s hair. Chi Xiaochi bore it obediently, but bit his lips so hard they turned white.

Zhou Kai asked happily, “……Are you scared of me?”

Chi Xiaochi shook his head, then lowered it.

He looked around and found that the clock was missing from the bedside table. He casually asked, “The clock?” UTV4Hu

Chi Xiaochi whispered, “When I was turning over in the middle of the night, it fell to the ground and broke.”

Chi Xiaochi knew that Yi Song wouldn’t have dared to speak out about being beaten and Zhou Kai thought that the “Shen Changqing” in front of him was still that Shen Changqing that had never dared to lie to him. He let out a casual “en”, not paying much attention at all to this insignificant loss.

He raised his hand and patted Chi Xiaochi’s chest, which had been fastened with a thick layer of bandages, “Don’t be scared. It’s not like I’ll hurt you right now.”

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Chi Xiaochi, “Thank you.” Thank your eight generations of ancestors EU12Fd

Zhou Kai said, “Staying all alone at home to heal from your wounds, you’re probably really bored, aren’t you?”

Chi Xiaochi frowned slightly. He took a long time to reply, “It’s alright.”

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Itbe Bjl rjlv, “Efmbnfg kfii. Pc akfcas vjsr, atf mbwqjcs klii yf tbivlcu j wlv-sfjg qjgas. P tbqf sbe’ii yf jyif ab jaafcv.” Ktlr kjr jc fzmfiifca bqqbgaeclas ab fztlyla atf vffq mbcpeuji ibnf yfakffc atf mtjlgwjc bo atf ybjgv jcv tlr qjgacfg. Rjaegjiis, Itbe Bjl kbeivc’a ifa atja mtjcmf rilq ys.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shen Changqing was clearly startled. He rubbed the wounds on his chest, as if wanting to dispute something, but in the end, he still gave up.

“……Okay.” DsVBha


The past Shen Changqing has also experienced such a choice, but in the end, he had compromised.

20 days later, he had endured the pain from his still dully aching chest and gone to play the role of Zhou Kai’s good partner.

And Chi Xiaochi had also compromised. The aim was to do something in 20 days. aClAg1


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As soon as Zhou Kai left the room, his goodwill level that had risen to a frightful “80” began to fall.

Chi Xiaochi didn’t hesitate at all, quickly announcing the name of the cards he wanted to exchange for. 061 also didn’t dare dawdle and immediately started exchanging points for cards.


In the end, he got five cards.

Two amnesia cards; their function was to eliminate specific memories, but could only eliminate fragments of memories shorter than ten minutes.

One item displacement card; its function was to move items to a specific location, provided that the items to be moved weren’t heavier than 10kg, and the range of movement couldn’t exceed 500m.

One hypnosis card, a new product that had just been released in the system shop. It had a very short effect, lasting only half an hour. RfqEav

And lastly, one strength enhancement card, which lasted one minute. Within one minute of using the card, the strength of the body would soar rapidly, but it was followed with a serious side effect: one minute later, the user would have all the strength in their body exhausted, their four limbs powerless.

Simply put, it was “a minute of power, two hours of paralysis”.


After a series of exchanges, in the end, there were still 39 goodwill points left. Ulb2dk

Chi Xiaochi refreshed his storage, then expressed his satisfaction, “Very good. Take from the citizens, use for the citizens.”


With Sam there, Zhou Kai couldn’t be considered very busy, as he left all the trivial things to Sam while he was only responsible for making decisions for the company’s major affairs.

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Due to that evening party, coupled with the fact that Shen Changqing was currently injured, he couldn’t do anything to Shen Changqing in those 20 days. ye8SJs

Overcome with boredom, he remembered that he still had a safe haven.


It had to be said that he still had feelings towards women. Even though he couldn’t produce a physiological reaction, but at least on the psychological front, it was much more pleasant than doing it with a man.

He had never been violent to his young and beautiful little mistress. Firstly, he was worried about leaving marks on her body. Secondly, he really did like her a little. 7SHD8i

But that like could only remain like. He would forever be unable to marry her and bring her to his home.

Meanwhile, that little lover was quite cooperative and “contented”.

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She could take his money, do some charity, and live in a villa. Other than having to depend on props to resolve herself when paying her public grain, everything else was good.

Naturally, she was content. uNBYUG

As a result, the two hit it off right away, getting along rather well both on the bed and in conversations.


Listening to the real-time audio relayed by 061, Chi Xiaochi sighed, “Old but brimming with strength.”

061, “……Isn’t us doing this a little perverted.”  skIyUh

Chi Xiaochi said, “Don’t stick gold on our faces. It’s very perverted.”

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061, “……And you’re still listening.”

Chi Xiaochi, “I’m collecting information.”

If it had been someone else saying this whilst eavesdropping on another person’s privacy, 061 would definitely think of that person as an extremely sanctimonious pretend gentleman. IEOgmj

But Chi Xiaochi saying this had a kind of inexplicable credibility.

Because from the very beginning, Chi Xiaochi had never tried to be anything like a gentleman.


After listening in for two nights, and recording many, many AVI files, 061 felt like both his ears and soul had been severely sullied. jWXvqu

061 bitterly complained, “……I’m about to grow a sty.” 

Chi Xiaochi replied, as if he had really seen the world, “Young people, ah, really don’t have much resilience.” 

061, “……”

Young Teacher 061, without saying anything more, downloaded a《Heart Sutra》off the internet and played it all around him, giving his soul a break. mv9WL8


Having had a good two-day weekend over at his lover’s place, Zhou Kai returned to his company, refreshed.

On that Monday morning, they had a regular meeting. After it ended, he returned to his office to work on his paperwork.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There weren’t many things to do today, so Zhou Kai planned to play golf in the afternoon after finishing off some simple paperwork. 0eD7P5

He called the golf course he usually frequented to make an appointment and told the secretary about it.


But at about 10, a male assistant from a subordinate department called Zhou Kai’s secretary to inform him that the Autumn Conference that had been scheduled for next Tuesday had received some last-minute changes.

The secretary conveyed the news to Zhou Kai. zpECn8

It wasn’t a small matter and needed to be discussed in a meeting. Zhou Kai quickly made the decision to cancel his golf plans. An emergency last-minute meeting would be held at 3pm in the central conference room on the fifteenth floor, which all mid-level leaders of the company and above needed to attend.

Because this event involved many departments, Zhou Kai specially requested that department leaders who couldn’t attend the meeting needed to participate in the meeting in real time through a phone or video call.

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This kind of unforeseen event happening was a common occurrence. When the secretary received the notice, he proceeded to inform them one by one.


Chi Xiaochi, who was constantly monitoring Zhou Kai’s every move, saw this and said, “Liu-laoshi, do it.”

After these few days, he finally had a serious task to do. 061 resolutely complied with Chi Xiaochi’s request.


At 3pm that afternoon, the company’s top and mid-level leaders, including Sam, and a group of people who’d started the video call and were waiting for the meeting to begin, stared at the empty seat left for the chairman. They looked at each other, at their wit’s end. AZBrjX

The secretary was going crazy with panic. He called Zhou Kai’s number, but no one picked up.

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He contacted Shen Changqing, but Mister Shen replied, Isn’t Mister Zhou at the company?

The secretary wanted to contact the secret lover, but he had only ever heard of their name and had never seen said person. He didn’t at all know where to start.


At 3:30, upon seeing everyone clearly becoming deeply worried, Sam stood up and began to appease them, “Everyone, don’t worry. Frank and I will stay back to try to contact Mister Zhou. The rest of you can return to your respective departments and get back to work. If there’s any news, I’ll contact everyone.”

Sam stayed back and everyone else scattered.

The secretary was panicked to the point of wanting to call the police. He suspected that Zhou Kai had been kidnapped. Otherwise, how could he possibly not come for the meeting? 

Sam asked, “Could it be that Mister Zhou forgot?” HzENXf

The secretary didn’t even consider this before replying, “Mister Zhou has always been rigorous when it comes to his work……”

The moment the words left his mouth, the secretary thought of the oversleeping incident that had happened not long ago. His heart skipped a beat, and he immediately denied that idea to himself.

It wasn’t until 4:30 sharp that Zhou Kai answered the secretary’s calls.

The secretary was panicked to the point that his entire face was covered in a thin layer of sweat, “Mister Zhou, where have you been?” 9UxjsK

Zhou Kai frowned, “I’m at the golf course. Didn’t I tell you about it this morning?”

The secretary was stupefied, “You…… did you forget that there was a meeting this afternoon?

Zhou Kai opened his mouth and asked, “What meeting?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

sere: geez poor bby 061 its too much for his slowly corrupting heart (courtesy of CXC) to handle nv0QVD

Translator's Note

Basically, fuck you and your eight generations of ancestors

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

In this case, means don’t underplay it

Translator's Note

growth on the eyes, means he’s seen many things he shouldn’t have and didn’t want to see.

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    Chi Xiaochi thought for a moment, “Fuck, we have cards to cash.”

    061, “……” This batch’s student was the most playful he’d ever had.]

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