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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh70 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (7)


translator: baumkuchen   editor: glitterypanda


Chi Xiaochi ignored his mockery, going straight into the cabin of his mecha.

The nerve connection signal was transmitted to the main frame and connected to the main system. Chi Xiaochi’s field of vision opened up. He felt as if his body had become one with the mecha. His eyesight, his sense of touch, were all completely assimilated.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


There were countless sparring rooms in the mecha academy, seperated into those for public and private use. OxYFkS

This was one of the public sparring rooms, with an area similar to that of a standard track and field court. It was surrounded by a sphere of grade 6 reinforced glass, which could withstand the full force of a 1000 ton mecha. Its purpose was to allow students to fight, as well as for others to watch and learn.

Of course, it was also a place for the aggressive, fierce and brimming with energy to duel.


Zhan Yanchao stared closely at Ji Zuoshan’s new mecha, his expression hard to read.


Ji Zuoshan used to have his own personal mecha, which had been designed together by him and Zhan Yanchao.

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He had wanted it to be painted blue, but Zhan Yanchao didn’t like that, thinking that it wouldn’t look good. He grabbed the drawing, took the initiative to change it to white on his own and said forcefully, “My mecha is black, we need to have couple colours!”

Even now, he still remembered the stunned look on Ji Zuoshan’s face and the tinge of red on his cheeks. “What couple……”

Zhan Yanchao loved this look of his to death. He proudly wrapped his arm around his shoulders. “It’s us, of course. What, have I wronged you, Ji Zuoshan?” AFLdWd

Ji Zuoshan lowered his gaze, looking very cool and calm. “No.”

Zhan Yanchao’s heart moved. Without even thinking about it beforehand, he placed a loud, rough kiss on the reddest part of Ji Zuoshan’s cheek.

This was their very first intimate contact, which in the end turned into a farce —— Ji Zuoshan wouldn’t kiss him, and Zhan Yanchao was the type to not care about anything else when something caught his attention. The more Ji Zuoshan resisted, the more Zhan Yanchao wanted him to kiss him. They pushed back and forth, rolled here and there, until Zhan Yanchao got annoyed, and bit into Ji Zuoshan’s neck, the taste of blood filling the gaps between his snow-white teeth.

Ji Zuoshan didn’t make any exclamations of pain. He just sat on the grass and held a hand to his bleeding wound as he helplessly made a statement of fact, “……You bit me again.” TXUz30

Zhan Yanchao said, sounding pleased with himself, “Who asked you to not kiss me. You brought this on yourself.”


Thinking of that scene, then seeing the Ji Zuoshan in someone else’s mecha once more, Zhan Yanchao’s eyes turned bloodshot with rage, both angered and wronged, and also filled with a rush of ruthlessness. He even started to hate that extra mecha.

……It needed to be beaten until it exploded! sTY5Ft

It was said that a gentleman doesn’t stand under a dangerous wall. The dangerous wall that was Zhan Yanchao was more well-known of a danger. Currently, the only one willing to stand next to him, was the singular Rosie.

She had neither wanted to nor planned to stand next to Zhan Yanchao either. It was just that only after the crowd around them scattered like a flock of birds, did she notice that Zhan Yanchao was already standing less than five feet away from her.

Rosie just shot him a single glance, then turned away.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This place had the best view. Besides, she didn’t have the habit of giving way to others. sr73ZD

Compared to herself, she was more worried about Ji Zuoshan.

The mecha she had given to Ji Zuoshan had only average combat capabilities, and the AI program that had been inserted within was one from her family’s service that had gone through slight editing and improvements.

If Rosie was remembering correctly, the last host it had was a sweeper robot.

Rosie was also a new transfer student. She didn’t know each and every student’s personal mechas, so when she saw the heavy-duty mecha that the person piloted out, she was slightly stunned. However, she recovered after a moment. BfH9XN

She pulled an energy drink out of her carry-on bag and drank it slowly.

Mechas were just tools. The thing she was here to see was Ji Zuoshan’s combat ability.

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If Ji Zuoshan wasn’t worthy, if the mecha was destroyed, it would remain destroyed. YrClyP

If Ji Zuoshan was worthy, she could even make him ten mechas.


The low hum of the engine started up from behind him. The race car-esque rumbling pushing at his back made Chi Xiaochi’s back burn.

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Even with the air conditioning, Chi Xiaochi had started to sweat. C 71JI

This tension came from this body’s fighting instincts.

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Dflcu jyif ab boolmljiis erf j mbwyja wfmtj bcmf wbgf, atlr ybvs jigfjvs mbeivc’a tfiq yea agfwyif klat fzmlafwfca. Llr ybcfr, ktlmt tjv bcmf yffc aegcfv mbiv, kfgf rbjxfv lc tba yibbv. Pa kjr ilxf tf kjr yflcu ylaafc ys jcar, wjxlcu tlr ybvs yegc klat lamtlcfrr.


Al Iebrtjc mbeiv pera yjgfis reqqgfrr tlr nblmf, rb atja lar agfwbg kbeivc’a yf abb bynlber. qdjKnR

He asked Chi Xiaochi, “I, to what extent should I beat him?”

Chi Xiaochi looked at the other party.

The other party, in his giant rugged, muscled, copper yellow military level mecha already couldn’t wait any longer. It clenched its giant steel fists, and provoked, “Come on, dwarf.”

Chi Xiaochi asked Ji Zuoshan, “How long has it been since you last fought?” syu8OU

Ji Zuoshan thought for a moment. “A very long time.”

He’d become an Omega, then had to wait in the darkness for so long.  He thought that he’d long since decayed.

But now, at this very moment, standing in front of an opponent once more, he found that he hadn’t forgotten a thing.

Not only had he not forgotten, after so many years, his instincts were still as intense as raging flames, burning until each and every one of his bones were crackling. bPZr4d

Chi Xiaochi asked him, “Can you still fight?”

In this round of questions and answers, Ji Zuoshan’s voice had changed slightly, like a piece of iron had just been pulled out of a thousand degree furnace, burning bright gold, liquid slag still flowing across its surface, looking as flexible as a piece of cheese.

And when this piece of cheese met the cold air, it slowly solidified, the bright flames on its surface fading and restoring it to its original colour, but it had already become steel.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“You don’t need to hide for anyone, and you don’t need to worry about anyone,” Chi Xiaochi said, “Fight this battle for yourself.” Y0EvSx


The other party had already become impatient. Seeing that the mecha had stopped after taking a few steps, as if it didn’t know what to do, he even thought that the other had come to a late realisation about his own capabilities and couldn’t help but say contemptuously, “Want to admit defeat? Fine, you……”

It was at that very moment, that the dark blue mecha moved.

The thrusters below its feet immediately shot straight to full force. Starting from “fine”, and ending at “you”, the mecha had already slid forwards to stand before the abnormally large mecha at an incredible speed! 1OdH0

Even Ji Zuoshan, who had already taken back control of his body, hadn’t expected that this mecha’s thrusters would be this stellar, but after just a moment, he caught up with the mecha’s speed.

After the sharp, long screech of its two feet sliding across the ground, its right foot pushed off, jumping up at a distance about three metres away from the other, flipping over his shoulder, light as a sparrow hawk, while a pair of steel fingers shot out like lightning as he flipped over and straightened up, pinching the other’s neck.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


In the other party’s eyes, before that fast-moving mecha reached him, it had jumped up, and suddenly disappeared. 7L6 ne

What the fuck……

In the very next moment, a terrifying feeling of suffocation came from his neck.

Before that person could react, his entire mecha had been grabbed by the throat and swung backwards!

In the moment where he was in mid-air, his mind was blank. xLsq1Y


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Meanwhile, in the eyes of all the onlookers, after Ji Zuoshan’s mecha flipped over that person’s mecha’s shoulders, he locked its hand around his throat, and with a bend of his waist, dragged the entire mecha off of the ground. When his two feet landed steadily on the ground, he grabbed the other mecha’s neck and, in a beautiful suplex, threw that tank-like mecha over his shoulder and onto the ground with a loud bang!


The students who had just been chattering noisily fell into a collective daze. dqc3R6

Rosie, biting onto her straw, sucked in a sharp breath. Even Zhan Yanchao had a face full of disbelief.



A thunderous noise sounded. Ji Zuoshan’s mecha, kneeling on one knee, lifted its head. Its white eye lights suddenly turned into the bright red of battle mode. sXRDCS

Without waiting for any response from the heavy mecha, Ji Zuoshan sprung forwards and held it down.

……When the heavy blow fell, the clang of gold and iron clashing filled his ears, making the ears of the person in the mecha ring.

But the Ji Zuoshan in the mecha was expressionless. He drew up his fist and swung it at him. The impact of the punch hitting him from bottom up made his visualiser shake!


The person that had been thrown to the ground wasn’t a straw bag either. After being given two good hits, other than feeling pain and dizziness, he could actually still react.

He activated his mecha’s back thrusters, trying to get out from other Ji Zuoshan by heading in a lateral direction.

As expected, before he could move more than three metres, he could no longer move even an inch.

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——Ji Zuoshan had caught hold of his foot! rpC8t1

……Not good!

Seeing that Ji Zuoshan was going to repeat his earlier trick, and send him to the ground once more, the person whose body had already reached mid-air no longer cared about anything. He pressed down with his left thumb.

The armour on his left wrist snapped open, and a mini pulse gun was suddenly aiming at Ji Zuoshan’s mecha!

With his right hand occupied with holding on to the other mecha’s ankle, without needing to think, Ji Zuoshan reached out his left hand, blocking it with his palm. 2ljSa4


That person was brimming with confidence.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His pulse gun was made together with his mecha. Their shots could pierce through mechas made with grade 4 steel.

The mecha covering his body was made out of grade four steel, while the mecha covering Ji Zuoshan’s body was, from what he could see, just made of ordinary grade 3 steel. AOdyzm

Every shot from the pulse gun needed three minutes to charge up. Fortunately, he’d started up the pulse gun the moment he left the preparation room in his mecha, preparing to blow Ji Zuoshan’s mecha’s head off after he had beaten him black and blue.

Even if it was coming into use now,  quite unlike what he had expected, where did he have the time to care about all that?

……Wait for his palm to be blown off!



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The sharp pulse of light slammed into Ji Zuoshan’s mecha’s left hand with a roar, but the explosion that the person had been expecting didn’t happen.


Even Ji Zuoshan’s movements paused slightly, but very quickly, Ji Zuoshan’s left hand which had closed into a fist opened once more. FX1oj

A magnetic pulse was flowing slowly in his left palm, like a tamed beast.

That person sucked in a cold breath.

——Damn it, it was actually an energy storage shield?!

Before he could realise how bad the situation was, Ji Zuoshan aimed his palm at his head. ddAwpz


With a loud bang, that bulky head was pierced through by the pulse!

As its head had been injured, several of the mecha’s functions started to fail. Just as that person’s panic and fear began to rise, Ji Zuoshan had already slammed him back down onto the ground, one jab with his elbow damaging the still-running thruster. At the same time, he pulled the right leg of his mecha backwards and twisted, damaging its fragile joint, and actually causing parts to fall out with a soft clang!

That person could vaguely guess what Ji Zuoshan was going to do next. Just as he was about to shout, a wave of pure spiritual power from close up forced him to scream uncontrollably. VHCw3X


……What was this thing?!


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……It was, of course, Ji Zuoshan’s inner spiritual power. XhWLpz

Before, Ji Zuoshan didn’t like to be too ostentatious, so he had never been one to lightly bring out his rich and powerful spiritual power to show others.

Even if he wanted to show others, he wouldn’t be able to pass the barrier that was Zhan Yanchao.

Zhan Yanchao hadn’t allowed him to spar with others, only with him. And when it came to Zhan Yanchao, he was usually scared of hurting him too much, so he would stop at mere taps every time.

Ji Zuoshan had never been an ambitious person. The things he cared about were all firmly planted in reality, like his younger siblings, and like Zhan Yanchao. SgGnNu

Now, this was Ji Zuoshan’s first time trying to find his own limits.


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Overwhelming spiritual power was terrifying to any creature.

It was a power that forced people to instinctively submit, fear, and even dread. Srd7CZ

Not just the person before him, even the Chi Xiaochi sharing a body was given a headache from that intense spiritual power.

But before the pain could spread, it was as if in a place beyond his reach, a pair of hands gently closed over his eyes, keeping all the discomfort out.

Chi Xiaochi thought he’d gotten used to it.

But actually, in a place he couldn’t see, 061 dived into the sea of data, and, using the vast data to form walls, built a dense, airtight fortress for the portion of spiritual energy belonging to Chi Xiaochi. x12dCP

After the spiritual energy calmed down from its confusion, it looked left and right, like a restless hamster.

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061 couldn’t help but laugh.

He integrated himself into the fortress, and, using his own spiritual energy, gently poked the hamster’s cheek.

……Oh, you. IrAuxs


Ji Zuoshan already had an absolute advantage, but he didn’t stop.

Because Ji Zuoshan still hadn’t reached his limit.

This steel mech before him became his best test subject. xw9bNF

His spiritual power multiplied the limits of his physical body by several factors. He ripped open the back armour plate of the mecha like he was ripping open a cardboard box.

That person was already about to be scared crazy.

“Ji Zuoshan, don’t tear…… Don’t tear it!”

Mecha strength, 70%. L2bRzJ

“Ji Zuoshan, Ji Zuoshan, don’t fucking fight anymore, hear me?”

Mecha strength, 55%.

“Don’t fight anymore, I admit defeat, I admit defeat!!”

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Mecha strength, 30%. NjE1FM

“You…… you’re fucking crazy!”

Mecha strength, 9%.


When he was forcefully pulled out of the destroyed cabin, his entire psyche almost collapsed under the view that assaulted his vision and the pressure of Ji Zuoshan’s mental power. croWpf

Mecha strength, 0%.

The mecha fell to pieces, its arms and legs scattering across the floor.

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Through the intense ringing in his ears, he heard Ji Zuoshan’s cold voice, “I told you, rather than fight me, you’d be better off jumping out the window in your mecha.”


The author has something to say:

Xiaochi: Let’s have our family’s little seal perform a “destroying a mecha with his bare hands”.

baum: sere’s edited the last chapter, so I’ll be updating that shortly after publishing this. please check it out! :>

panda: Ji Zuoshan’s OP level srsly went thru the roof right there and I was not prepared…In other news, ahhhh 061 has just been pure gold these last 2 chapters! gkD5bT

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

by calling us a couple

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

It’s a Gundam G reference, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what the technique is called. I’ve watched the episode (ep 12) 2 times but I still can’t figure it out orz

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