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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh66.2 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (3.2)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

trigger warning


Ji Zuoshan was left in a very safe position, the rest camp in the rear. He was only responsible for the dressing, feeding, and living circumstances of Zhan Yanchao alone. In order to avoid causing any adverse effects, he never took a step outside.

……Up until that day.

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When Zhan Yanchao and Ji Zuoshan were eating, a rash staff officer intruded into their tent. The moment he saw Ji Zuoshan, he couldn’t look away. TG84Hf

This staff officer was particularly eye-catching. Ji Zuoshan couldn’t help but give him a second look.

This single look instantly ignited Zhan Yanchao’s temper.

This time he came back from the frontlines having suffered some light wounds, so he was in a bad mood. How could he bear his own Omega making eyes at someone else? He directly threw Ji Zuoshan into a small grain storehouse and locked him in, swearing at him all the way. He passed him a pen and paper through the window, telling him to inspect the stock and report to him later.

When they were both Betas, Zhan Yanchao really liked to lock Ji Zuoshan into a little black house. He’d even previously specially commissioned a coffin for Ji Zuoshan and would stuff him inside and lock him in for a day and night at the slightest provocation.


In his point of view he was simply being unreasonably gentle with this time’s punishment.

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However, he forgot to give Ji Zuoshan a bottle of suppressants and forgot that he had been charged with the duty of leading a team in three hours. 


Only when warmth filled his body, did Ji Zuoshan realise his heat had come early. bOcye1

He leaned his body against  the window, calling Zhan Yanchao’s name in distress.

No one listened.

Ji Zuoshan started banging on the railings, but had no way of controlling the pheromones flooding out of his body, exceptionally fragrant and intoxicating.

Even his voice changed, “Stop joking around, Yanchao!” bKcNxL

In that tent there were no signs of Zhan Yanchao, but a few people who had come to get a glimpse of the source of the smell had appeared, poking their heads over from nearby.

The past Ji Zuoshan wouldn’t have been stopped by these few metal bars, but now, even using all his strength, he had no way of escaping from this space enclosed by a thatched roof and metal fences.


……The people on the battlefields were all Alphas. What Ji Zuoshan couldn’t do, they could do with ease. M0rhLz


By the time Zhan Yanchao returned in his mecha and noticed the chaos over at the granary, it was already too late.

His gaze turned red and his control snapped. He instantly drove his mecha straight over, crushing everything in his path.

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Infighting and killing one’s fellow soldiers before battle was a huge crime. Moreover, the cause of the disaster had been brought here by Zhan Yanchao. Mister Zhao had to expend great effort in order to save Zhan Yanchao from having to face a court martial. SQst9g


When Ji Zuoshan woke up, he was immediately met with Zhan Yanchao’s furious face.

He pointed at Ji Zuoshan and scolded loudly, “Don’t you know how to resist!? You just let them—— do that. Didn’t you use to be able to fight very well?”

As he watched him stomp around in anger, Ji Zuoshan tried to make excuses for him as he had in the past. pyF GJ

But he was tired.

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Ljnlcu rmbivfv tlw fcbeut, Itjc Tjcmtjb rja vbkc ys tlr yfvrlvf jcv gfoifmafv bc tlr wlrajxfr obg j wbwfca. “P rtbeivc’a tjnf ibmxfv sbe eq…… Dea vbc’a kbggs, P’nf xliifv fnfgsbcf ktb vjgfv ab ijs j tjcv bc sbe, jcv P kbc’a vlrvjlc sbe yfmjerf bo atlr lc atf oeaegf, vbc’a kbggs.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ji Zuoshan shivered slightly.

But he was still indifferent, without even the energy to get angry, “En. I see.” iwU Jp

He didn’t really want to see Zhan Yanchao, but he couldn’t get up at all. Those Alphas were complete beasts in rut, directly breaking his legs. And Zhan Yanchao had been stripped of his military rank and could only stay at home all day.

The first, second time coaxing, the third, fourth time coaxing, Zhan Yanchao could still taker it. But having to face a dead face all day, he absolutely couldn’t bear it any longer, but he didn’t know what was wrong, so he could only let his anger out on Ji Zuoshan.

He felt that Ji Zuoshan definitely cared a lot about his attitude, so he repeatedly expressed, “I already said it! I won’t disdain you, really! Why don’t you believe me?!”


Ji Zuoshan almost wanted to laugh.

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He didn’t want to say another word to Zhan Yanchao.

Zhan Yanchao, forced to the point of helplessness, had a flash of inspiration one day, coming up with a good idea.

He told Ji Zuoshan’s siblings about his current state. EuZAXt

The children were both shocked and scared. Each and every one of them made a fuss about wanting to see their brother. Zhan Yanchao brought the children back home, full of joy and expectation. Upon reaching the door to the bedroom, he said loudly, “Xiao Ji, look, who’s here?”

Ji Zuoshan put down his book and glanced at the door.


Upon seeing those little, tear-streaked faces, Ji Zuoshan suddenly lost control. LCHruq

He pulled up the quilt to cover his face and screeched, “Leave!!! Make them leave!!”

Shocked by his loss of control, his younger siblings started crying even louder.

Zhan Yanchao said, dissatisfied, “You don’t recognise them anymore? These are your younger brothers and sisters.”

Ji Zuoshan didn’t speak, but Zhan Yanchao pushed one of them forward and hurriedly said, “Quick, go to your gege.” DCzRG6

His simei who had been pushed forward by him said, trembling, “Erge, I, I’ll leave first, don’t be sad.”

After that, she quickly ran out. The remaining  few children fled like rabbits, eyes red with tears, each fleeing faster than the other.

Zhan Yanchao simply couldn’t understand. “What was the point of calling them over, why are they running?”

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Ji Zuoshan yanked down the quilt and glared angrily at Zhan Yanchao. jA1 Vd

He didn’t know how to scold people. Even though he was currently trembling with rage, all that came out of his mouth was a single light sentence, “Zhan Yanchao, you’re too much.”

Zhan Yanchao’s face was filled with a lack of understanding. “What did I do?”

Ji Zuoshan was tongue tied.

He originally had an endless amount of hate to let out, but seeing Zhan Yanchao like this, he already lost all the strength to let out what he thought in his heart. WvLBRd

……Just let it be. What else was there to say.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ji Zuoshan didn’t continue, but Zhan Yanchao was filled with energy. He asked, “Ji Zuoshan, what exactly do you want? I already said, those people are dead——”

Ji Zuoshan turned his back to him, thinking, next he’ll definitely say, he doesn’t care about that. 5ha2 d

……Isn’t that just fucking great. 

After Zhan Yanchao left resentfully, Ji Zuoshan looked up at the ceiling, let out a bitter laugh, then vomited a mouthful of blood.


Ji Zuoshan was satisfied to just get by in this manner and began to think, when his injuries got better, he wanted to leave the Zhan home, leave Zhan Yanchao. LW2d4

He really couldn’t stand Zhan Yanchao’s childishness anymore.

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He didn’t want there to be a next time.

He told his younger siblings his plans. His younger siblings were all completely in favour of it, even saying they wanted to go with erge, they were all already adults, they could take care of erge.

They set a date to leave, and a place to meet up. 3Z9QXp

Who would have thought that on the day he had prepared to leave, one of the Zerg units made a detour to the rear and dropped in a large amount of mechanical Zerg

Even though there were reserve mechs in the rear, those who could fight basically consisted only of Betas and a few low-levelled Alphas, so Zhan Yanchao also joined the guard team, rushing over in his own mecha.


In the chaos, Ji Zuoshan wanted to go find his younger siblings, but ran head-on into a mechanical Zerg that had fallen from the sky. cMwok3

Since it had seen him, there was no point in running.

Ultimately, he and the mechanical Zerg fell beside the ruins of a fortress that had had several holes blasted into it. The mechanical Zerg’s legs pierced into his lungs, while he ran the mechanical Zerg’s brain through with a steel bar.


Before he died, he struggled to cling onto life for a long time. h5dZBb

He saw Zhan Yanchao walk out of his mecha, hurriedly searching for him. He also saw how his eyes were red when he called his younger siblings over to question them.

He heard his simei yell loudly, “Erge left in the chaos. You won’t ever be able to find him”.

Zhan Yanchao threw his simei to the ground in one move, then rushed towards a few of the Zhan family’s soldiers standing off to the side and shouted, “Even if you have to search to the ends of the earth, you have to bring him back to me.”

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Hearing that, Ji Zuoshan laughed. kBjOpm

Before his consciousness faded completely, he dragged himself towards a burning house and threw himself into the flames.

The fire would burn away his face and body. He didn’t want to be found by Zhan Yanchao for the rest of his life.

His only regret, was that he wouldn’t be able to go to that place he and his siblings had agreed on.

  gM FHK

After watching the entire story, Chi Xiaochi fell silent.

He briefly issued his impressions, “A shriveled calf.”

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061 approved of this description.

Chi Xiaochi asked, “What’s the current situation?” g2Th9u

The response 061 gave him made him let out a slight sigh of relief.


Currently, there was still half a year before the two turned 18, and they were still attending to the mecha academy. 

This time, Zhan Yanchao was once again making trouble out of nothing. Gbz8dR

A few of the new transfer students hadn’t yet found out about the terror that was Zhan Yanchao, and of course didn’t know about the relationship between Zhan Yanchao and Ji Zuoshan.

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In their eyes, Ji Zuoshan was wearing the same school uniform as Zhan Yanchao, so he should be a student with a relatively high status.

Seeing how quiet and handsome Ji Zuoshan was, a girl called Rosie began to like him and pulled him over to talk.

After noticing this, Zhan Yanchao sneered and said, this is my human sacrifice, don’t touch him. W97bgO

Rosie disliked the existence of “human sacrifices” the most and she really liked Ji Zuoshan, so she just casually said, Zhan, given your strength, you don’t need a human sacrifice, so why not give him to me?

In the end, upon going home that week, Ji Zuoshan was given ten or so lashes by an enraged Zhan Yanchao and locked into the little coffin that had been specifically prepared for him. Only when he was finally unable to bear it anymore did Zhan Yanchao proudly invite everyone, including Rosie, from that day over, to let them see that this person belonged to him.


Hearing Rosie’s almost provocative words, Zhan Yanchao sneered. He turned and looked towards Ji Zuoshan, “Xiao Ji, you’re so amazing. You’ve only met a few times, but you’ve already seduced this person up to here.” 9i40Rd

Rosie said in a rude tone, “I’m talking to Ji Zuoshan, what are you butting in for.”

Zhan Yanchao laughed, “Alright, you talk to him. I’ll see what he can say to you without my permission.”

Rosie looked at Ji Zuoshan encouragingly. Reaching out her upturned palm, she gave him a sincere invitation, “Will you come with me? I don’t need a human sacrifice, you just need to be my sparring partner.”

Zhan Yanchao found this rather funny. “Alright, those terms seem very attractive. If Xiao Ji agrees, I’ll let him go.” XONGiC

Rosie raised her eyebrows. “You’re speaking the truth?”

Zhan Yanchao cracked his whip and proclaimed, “There are so many people here, they can all be my witnesses.”


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In the last life, Ji Zuoshan had also received such an invitation. ghiJZS

But the Ji Zuoshan of that time had his mind muddled with pain, only leaving the vague thought: If I stay here, I can also be an Alpha.

Anyways, he wouldn’t dare to trust Rosie. He was afraid that she was another one of those tricks that Zhan Yanchao had planned for a long time to probe at his true feelings.


But this time, Ji Zuoshan raised a shaking hand. rnmjfb

Zhan Yanchao was utterly unconcerned.

He believed, Ji Zuoshan would definitely push Rosie’s hand away.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

However, Ji Zuoshan actually lightly placed his hand, covered in wounds, onto Rosie’s palm.

Then, he fell forwards, his fever-ridden body falling into Rosie’s arms. d 6Kcv


Seeing this, Zhan Yanchao’s smile froze on his face. His cheeks were both stinging and hot, as if he had been given two harsh slaps across his face.


The author has something to say: Ah0pya

Sending over a friendly explosive to launch this stupid bird into the sky.

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panda: I am so, so relieved that CXC spawned before the tournament! Poor little JZS still has a chance! 

sere: im so so glad that JZS doesn’t have stockholm syndrome and doesn’t like the shit pile anymore


Translator's Note

off-screen gangrape

Translator's Note

fourth younger sister

Translator's Note

second older brother

Translator's Note

I googled it and got stuff about the mechanical skin for zerg update in starcraft so… idk.

Translator's Note

an insult comparing someone to a newborn, shrivelly calf

Translator's Note

referring to ZYC, stupid bird just means a really, really stupid person

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  1. Ji Zuoshan, ohhh, poor boy. My heart bleeds for him. That Scum is so awful. Even at the end he thought he was right! What a joke.

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    Sometimes it feels a bit off to make the *ssholes regret before they’ve done what they truly should be regretting. I’ve never known that there were so many different flavors of *sshole though.

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  7. One yeas ZYC deserves to be hung drawn and quartered, but how did this idiot host never even once speak up? Obviously you can’t expect this scum to have common sense so why did he never speak up? Also why did he f^cking go along with ZYC sacrifice bullsh!t? Obviously if he became an alpha himself he can take care of his own siblings so why?

      • Yeah but from day 1 he never called him on his BS. I understand he was basically a slave but there were time where he rightfully could have caked him out but never did.

        • Look. Even from just a practical standpoint, as a slave, whose life and more importantly, his siblings’ lives were in the Zhan family’s hands, do you think he had the position or the right to speak up against ZYC in the first place? Also, regardless if he spoke up or not, do you think ZYC would have listened? All speaking up would have done would have gotten him punished, or worse, his siblings punished.

          And as for “beating ZYC up and becoming an Alpha”, please remember that his siblings, while he was at the tournament, were still in the hands of the Zhan family. What do you think they would have done to them if he made ZYC into an Omega? What do you think they, a large family who have had power for generations, would have done to him, a new, lone Alpha? It would have been better to become an Omega, a reality he had accepted upon selling himself to the Zhan family as a human sacrifice, and ensuring his siblings’ safety and continued support from the Zhan family in exchange.

          Furthermore, this isn’t even considering how much he must have felt he owed the Zhan family, and how powerless he must have felt, which I think namio explains a lot better than I ever could.

    • You’re speaking from a very privileged place in this case. The power disparity between ZYC and JZS is clear from day 1, and no, it’s not realistic to expect him to speak up against someone who essentially held his life in his hands. Furthermore, he was a child when this all started, and as it happens with many abuse victims, less so than the romanticized Stockholm Syndrome what happens is that they would try to find weak justifications to mentally survive the abuse. Living in such inhumane conditions shatters minds, they’re in a place where they’re constantly in distress and stressed out for YEARS, but they have no realistic exits. Rather than peers in this case, ZYC is more like representation of authority, because if he gets annoyed at what JZS does, the family might get involved. So no, he doesn’t have the blessed opportunity to “speak up”. An abusive household isn’t a democracy, I’m afraid to say. I recommend reading up on childhood abuse and what the trauma does to people. I’m sorry I got snippy, but psychology, neuroscience and epigenetics don’t say that your expectations are reasonable. “The Body Keeps The Score” is a good book for that.

      Up until he was 18, the Yan family was also feeding his younger siblings. For someone like JZS, that was a debt he couldn’t repay.It wasn’t a wise choice by any means, but calling someone who had no power in a relationship where he could be turned into a bloody pulp over situations he has no control over an idiot is uncalled for.

      • Maybe I’m misusing the term speak out. I’m not suggesting he get up and rebel, but could he not have asked questions about why a seemingly well educated person seems to have no common sense or basic knowledge of the world they live in? And as to the place of privilege I’m speaking from, it a place of a 12 y/o who used to live with an unreasonable bi polar adult. An adult that would rant and take for no reason no matter what I did. So when I finally asked the adult if they knew what they were doing, and what did I do that was so bad that I couldn’t get a single kind word for weeks at a time, said adult replied ‘so, I don’t care.’ So believe it or not even though it hurt to hear I knew where I stood and how to protect myself from the constant diatribes. So yes even as a child you can speak out rather than sit there and wonder why the person persecuting you is so fvcked up. So if that’s my so called privilege then yeah I still wonder about this passive mentality. I understand that all people are different but there’s nothing wrong with me questioning this passive slide into death the host seems to have in this world
        • Remember, in this case, JZS has less of a status than a normal human being would. He is a slave to ZYC and in this world where violence is the norm, that means ZYC basically has the rights to do anything, even kill him, once he signed his life to him. And judging by ZYC’s immaturity and short temper, if he can lock JZS in a shed just for LOOKING at another alpha, I don’t doubt that he would kill JZS in a fit of anger if JZS showed any sign of defiance, which questioning him would count as. Also, JZS doesn’t care much about himself, otherwise he wouldn’t have sold himself into slavery; his primary motive in staying with the Zhao family is to ensure his siblings are taken care of, and I think he would have made excuses for ZYC’s childishness as a way to self-comfort or as a type of denial. It’s not like he can do anything about his situation (at least until his siblings are grown) and it’s easier to make excuses for ZYC than properly confront the idea that ZYC really is overly immature and childish and very stupid.
          • You hit the nail on the head. I guess I’m really mad that he doesn’t seem to care about himself. This dude needs the MC therapy more tan almost any other host so far except the big shot arc


    the only solace I have is Chi Xiaochi getting into this I’m sobbing

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