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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh82 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (19)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

But Zhan Yanchao wasn’t worried about that. bpFlr

What Ji Zuoshan lacked, he could make it up for Ji Zuoshan.

He knew all too well that he wasn’t Ji Zuoshan’s match, and knew that Ji Zuoshan absolutely wouldn’t let him off easily. However, when he put on his mecha, Zhan Yanchao’s body ignited with a rush of hot blood once more.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This could be his last time ever in a mecha. Even if he lost, he needed to lose well.


During the tournament, in order to avoid disparity in equipment affecting the fairness of the match, all competitors used the standardised training mechas provided by the tournament hosts.

His weapon was a primary light weapon, just like Ji Zuoshan’s.

……This scene was so similar to every one of their practice duels in the past.

Donning his mecha, the dazzling light of the display screen spread out before his eyes. Their senses joined. Zhan Yanchao clenched his fist slightly and confirmed that his energy, like rippling water, had reached every part of his body.

l kSzv


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Both parties stood in the stipulated arena. The referee announced the start of the match.

This match had quite a few spectators. They were all anticipating that the two would begin by spouting off with their mouths, detailing all those times “you wronged me, I wronged you” in the past, then properly begin.

So when the two mechas began to move at practically the exact same time, slamming into each other, no one was able to react, including Wang Xiaoqing and Wang Xizhou, who had specifically set aside time to come spectate. soGiv0


Zhan Yanchao’s right hand swung out with his light whip, whirling like a golden dragon or snake made of light. Ji Zuoshan met it with one hand, letting the light whip wrap around his right hand and arm. After he was half-pulled to and half-sent himself to Zhan Yanchao, a light blade flashed out from his left hand, severing the light with a clang—— 


The metal fingers on his right hand directly grabbed Zhan Yanchao’s helmet. The moment his fingers closed around it, the crunch of gold iron shattering into pieces rang out! qGM6o2

Zhan Yanchao, despite being openly suppressed, unexpectedly neither panicked nor tried to run. He immediately hooked his leg around Ji Zuoshan’s knee and smashed a fist towards his temple!

But his punch didn’t land.

The moment he hooked his leg around Ji Zuoshan’s knee, Ji Zuoshan used that force to kneel down slightly. Sparks spurted from the thruster on his leg, pushing him behind Zhan Yanchao. He swung back around, keeping low, and stabbed his light blade towards the core system on his spine.

Not even having the time to turn, Zhan Yanchao reached behind his back. A light shield burst out of the weapon system on his hand, blocking the light blade that had been heading towards him with the force of a thunderbolt. 8QWgwt

The tip of the blade collided with the shield in a rain of sparks.


All this happened in the span of an instant. Watching this, the Wang family siblings were flabbergasted.

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This was their first time seeing what level Ji Zuoshan’s close combat ability was at. 3Lu8ri

Other than Ji Zuoshan exhibiting his strong spiritual energy at the very beginning of the summer training, he had only ever used the simplest methods to kill the Zerg and take his spoils.

The number of times he’d fought with other mechas was even less. His reputation was so fierce that the moment people from other teams saw a dark blue training mecha swagger over, parading itself out in the open, they ran even faster than when they saw the Zerg.

Hence, the Wang siblings hadn’t thought that Ji Zuoshan would have this kind of strength, just like how they hadn’t expected Zhan Yanchao’s own strength.

……They were all too clear on how horrifying the gold content in this short, three-second long clash of weapons was. 1M8ZDp

This kind of situation, could only occur when both sides had strength far above the norm.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The people who’d come to watch the ruckus had originally thought that they’d see an utter beatdown, but they didn’t feel any regret.

The sharp screech of gold iron clashing made their adrenaline spike. NrDXp7


His strike not hitting its target, Ji Zuoshan wasn’t interested in engaging further, so he withdrew.

Sure enough, Zhan Yanchao turned his light shield into a giant sword. Holding the hilt with both hands, he stabbed it backwards, the blade sliding a dangerously close, half an inch away from the front of his abdomen.

The killing power of a light weapon was enough to penetrate the outer steel shell of a training mecha. Placing his weight on a single foot, Zhan Yanchao pivoted and swung his blade in a horizontal slash, but found that Ji Zuoshan was actually already no longer behind him. O89Shx

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Dfobgf tf mbeiv aegc jgbecv, tf ofia tlr offa ifjnf atf ugbecv.

Al Iebrtjc kfvufv j iluta tbbx atf ifcuat bo j ybjawjc’r abk-gbqf lcab atf yjmx qjga bo tlr yfia, rkfqa tlw eq lcab atf jlg, atfc rwjrtfv tlw lcab atf ugbecv. “Df kjgs bo ktja’r yftlcv sbe. Tbe boafc mjc’a vfofcv jujlcra atf rfmbcv regqglrf jaajmx ogbw yftlcv. ……Kkfinf.”


Wang Xiaoqing had yet to come to know about Ji Zuoshan’s usual practice of coaching people in these past few days. “What is he saying?”

Rosie just smiled, not answering. She said, “Beg me.”

Wang Xiaoqing, “……” Hmph.


When he fell heavily to the ground, other than the feeling of pain in his body, Zhan Yanchao didn’t feel any anger, rather, a rush of hot blood flooded through his veins.

He rolled to the side, away from the crater he’d made when he hit the floor.


In the next second, the place where he had just been lying was smashed into pieces by a fist. RzTgI8

Before he could steady himself on his feet, he seemed to sense something, and suddenly raised his arm to block his face. Sure enough, Ji Zuoshan’s right leg slashed through the air towards him.

Zhan Yanchao originally thought that he’d be able to block it.

However, Ji Zuoshan’s right leg was actually just a bluff. As soon as he threw up his right arm to block the blow, he used his momentum to turn his body, sweeping out his left leg and landing a heavy kick on Zhan Yanchao’s face!

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When everyone thought that Zhan Yanchao was going to fall, Zhan Yanchao actually firmly took the hit and caught the mecha’s ankle with both hands. Several ropes of light climbed up the mecha’s leg. From the looks of it, he was going to imitate what Ji Zuoshan had just done to him, lifting him up and throwing him to the ground. dpXTkt

The thruster on the foot of Ji Zuoshan’s mecha was immediately pushed to its highest gear. Zhan Yanchao didn’t move. He firmly controlled his light ropes, not allowing them to loosen.

In the next second, Ji Zuoshan moved again. 

He turned back, placing both hands on Zhan Yanchao’s shoulders.


Outside the arena, Wang Xiaoqing’s muscles were tense and her blood was boiling. She clenched Rosie’s hands.

Wang Xizhou looked at his older sister. He bravely volunteered himself, saying, “Jie, don’t be scared, Ji-dage won’t lose. If you’re nervous, you can hold my hand.”

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Wang Xiaoqing didn’t even turn and look at him. “How am I supposed to hold your pickled pepper chicken claws.”

Wang Xizhou looked at his slender, soft fingers. “……” oFpcGK

Rosie said, “Don’t use any more force.”

Wang Xiaoqing, “It hurts?”

Rosie said honestly, “If you grasp my hands any tighter, I’ll get hard.”

Wang Xiaoqing, “……” Stinky hooligan, hmph. GU7 Qe

Wang Xizhou was dumbstruck.

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From the weapon system in Ji Zuoshan’s palm, out popped a light rope exactly the same as the ones Zhan Yanchao was using, but with a nail on the top. It swung over his shoulder and directly wedged itself in the rubber surface.

Zhan Yanchao, “……” Fuck! jz8HPM

Before his muscles could muster the strength to react, the light rope in Ji Zuoshan’s palm retracted, flowing back into his palm, making a sliding sound that made one’s teeth itch.

In the next moment, Ji Zuoshan’s mecha was then pulled over to behind Zhan Yanchao. By the time the light ropes hindering his legs passed Zhan Yanchao’s neck, Ji Zuoshan swiftly twisted his legs, making the light ropes form a cross and wrap around Zhan Yanchao’s neck!

Before the light ropes could wrap around his neck, Zhan Yanchao quickly retracted his weapon. However, Ji Zuoshan was one step faster than him, using the nail to silently land behind his back, wrapping his arms around his mecha’s waist and following that with a violent rain of elbow strikes.

When he was suppressed to the point of being unable to move, Zhan Yanchao heard Ji Zuoshan’s indifferent voice sound by his ear, “After suffering losses, you always try to use the same method to take revenge. ……Twenty, twenty one, twenty two……” 6pX0ef

After 30 attacks, Ji Zuoshan seemed to sense something. He jumped back.

Just as the audience was wondering why Ji Zuoshan was letting go of the good opportunity he’d gotten in his spurt of energy,  they couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air when they saw Zhan Yanchao get up.

——He had a light gun in his hand, pressed up against his own shoulder.

If he had been able to finish storing up energy, and had been able to shoot, he would have put a hole straight through his own and Ji Zuoshan’s shoulder. RN1DTu

……He really was a psycho!! 


Ji Zuoshan didn’t comment on his move, even nodding slightly.

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Since Ji Zuoshan had already left, Zhan Yanchao didn’t hesitate, turning and pulling the trigger, his gun aimed at the head of Ji Zuoshan’s mecha. Gv4MEr

Ji Zuoshan, however, didn’t move, letting that light bullet shoot straight towards him. However, when it had nearly reached him, it wasn’t able to move another inch further!!


The entire crowd broke out in an uproar!

Wang Xiaoqing jumped straight up to her feet in shock. Obi7dw

She originally felt a little embarrassed, but looking around, there were countless others who had jumped up just like her. Even the military officers in the centre of the referee seats had suddenly gotten up, staring closely at Ji Zuoshan in the arena.

What did it mean to have enough spiritual energy to stop a bullet?

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Many people didn’t even dare to think about it.

For fun, someone had been livestreaming the match on the internet, naming it “Revenge Battle”. TcYh1u

Ji Zuoshan’s name had long since appeared on the list of winners of the summer training on “The Scar” that had been released to the public. Furthermore, he was the only human sacrifice on there, and was even a human sacrifice who had turned on his master. This kind of identity made him well received by the lower class. There were countless people who had silently taken note of his name. However, there were also some nobles who looked at their reverent and respectful human sacrifices standing next to them and sneered at Ji Zuoshan.

Just a lowly human sacrifice, how dare he make a move against his former master?

This battle of adulthood was already a matter of interest to the whole country. The moment the video of Ji Zuoshan came out, there were naturally people discussing it, and there were also of course people coming to watch the ruckus. Some silently hoped that Ji Zuoshan would be able to destroy Zhan Yanchao, while others were fully expecting Zhan Yanchao to defeat this ungrateful human sacrifice so that those human sacrifices who had been inspired to become a little restless would put their ambitions to rest.


However, when Ji Zuoshan stopped the bullet with ease, the internet was like water which had a bomb thrown into it, exploding with a loud bang.

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And after that, the comments section of the video suddenly broke through the hundred thousands, and was still madly rising.

How could this be?

What did this mean? It meant that Ji Zuoshan’s spiritual energy was already so fine that it could control magnetic fields!! PMrs4I

What did this mean?

A miracle, hope, there was still a future!

Amongst the boiling sentiments, only Rosie was still able to sit still. She said to herself, “When did his spiritual energy develop to the 3S level? He didn’t tell me. Really not a good enough friend.”


Now, the “not a good enough friend” Ji Zuoshan was rubbing his palm slightly, as if he was grinding something.

Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, the bullet was slowly broken down into bits and reformed.

Any normal person would have already been shocked witless at this point. Those who had been defeated by Ji Zuoshan a few days ago and had been gossiping about him behind his back were even more shocked, constantly wiping off their cold sweat.

Many people were thinking that if they were Zhan Yanchao, they would probably have lost all will to fight by now and collapsed to the ground. eUpwX

However, after his gun had just finished storing energy, Zhan Yanchao precisely calculated the time to shoot, then made another shot. Just as the light bullet came to a stop in mid-air, he changed the gun into whip form, which slashed through the air like a dragon as it swung towards Ji Zuoshan’s side.

Some people were mocking surnamed Zhan’s recklessness, while others silently admired his courage to fight to the death.

Ji Zuoshan said gently, “You chose the wrong timing…… Thirty six.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As he spoke, the light whip reached the shield formed from Ji Zuoshan’s spiritual power and broke into pieces. lrAwgW

But Zhan Yanchao unexpectedly flew up, pushing himself into mid-air with his maneuvering equipment. He grabbed a broken fragment of his light whip, condensed it into a dagger, and held it like a pen in one hand as he aimed the blade downwards and stabbed it at Ji ZUoshan’s shoulder!!

This was an attack without any fancy tricks, truly with the attitude of one fighting for their life.

Ji Zuoshan retreated half a step, instantly removing his spiritual energy barrier. The two light bullets turned into fine grains of light powder, scattering to the ground, even harder to find.

Before he made his move, he calmly pointed out Zhan Yanchao’s problem, “Don’t casually hover in front of me.” KniXkI


He slowly calculated the number of moves he’d made against Zhan Yanchao.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

One hundred, five hundred, seven hundred.

On his seven hundred and ninth move, Zhan Yanchao, whose weapon systems on his arms and hands had already been completely destroyed, still wanted to stand up, but was thrown to the ground with a horizontal kick from Ji Zuoshan. The mechanical system on his left shoulder suddenly lost function. W15yl2

Just one more, and then it would be seven hundred and ten.


When his back fell to the ground, every weak point on Zhan Yanchao’s body was exposed in front of Ji Zuoshan.

He even had the heart to let out a faint smile. kcH6hM

He’d had a good time. That was enough.

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……Xiao Ji, this time, I’ll be your human sacrifice.


However, the hit and consequent pain he’d imagined never came. Z5i2yg

His training mecha was shaken to pieces starting from the joints, inch by inch, by Ji Zuoshan’s spiritual energy, accurate to the smallest part, but the body wrapped inside the mecha was utterly unharmed.

Zhan Yanchao even thought that he was hallucinating. Dazed, he sat up, and saw countless broken pieces of his mech fall off of his body.

The crowd watching, “……”Fuck, manually forcing him out of the cabin.

Zhan Yanchao stared blankly at the person who had walked over to him. e1rBCt


“You’re a future soldier of this planet,” Ji Zuoshan said gently, “I won’t destroy an excellent soldier.”

Not because of old feelings, not because he still had any fantasies, but just because his fighting skills were worthy of respect.

After that, he walked away, not looking back. JDUvum

As he stared at his back, Zhan Yanchao’s entire body trembled with pain.

So dazzling, such a good person, why did he lose him in the beginning.

Why was he only left with the view of his back now…… 

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On Chi Xiaochi’s display screen, Zhan Yanchao’s regret value rose straight up, all the way to 72 points. 5lTvXI


“Wait! Wait a minute——”

Zhan Yanchao struggled to his feet, clutching at his still faintly painful chest. He shouted, “Xiao Ji, what are you going to do? You don’t have enough energy to turn into an Alpha……”

Ji Zuoshan stopped. He turned back, showing half his face. The corners of his lips rose slightly in a smile. “I can transform by myself, without needing to take anything from any of you.” aYU9Cg


The author has something to say:

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Stupid bird: I’ll bring my quilt with me to squat below your house!

Xiao Ji: Be good, don’t fuss, go fight in the war. 6Wlhqf

The kiss chapter is next chapter, it’s almost done!

sere: damn??? That was so cool. Also kiss???

baum: it is next chapter, but next chapter is also a 5k+ chapter so…… In short, it’ll be the release after next orz

On another note, wow are fight scenes hard to translate T T IC0Y 6

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

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