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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh64 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (1)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

061 looked at his still slightly bleary eyes and let out a soft sigh. o35SkB

He said, “Not yet.”

Chi Xiaochi was confused for a moment. “……En?”

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Currently, Chi Xiaochi was still in his true appearance. Because he’d just woken up, his cheeks were slightly red, his hair was tousled and messy, and his brain wasn’t as quick as usual. His entire person looked shockingly docile.

061 had to spend a bit of effort before finally tamping down on the smile at the corners of his mouth. gvJP7F

He asked, “You’re just going to end your break like this? Not going to see your family?”

Chi Xiaochi laughed.

“Your friends?”

He said, “I turned on the television and watched a bit. Each and every one of them is better than me, not missing any arms or legs.”


Seeing him like this, 061’s heart was incredibly soft and aching.

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Clearly when he had been taking care of him, Xiaochi’s vitality had been rather good. After two days of not seeing him, there was once more a hint of dark green under his eyes, like he hadn’t been sleeping well.


With his mental state being like this, 061 didn’t feel comfortable letting him off to do missions. xpFH1d

In the next second, Chi Xiaochi’s vision blurred. He was sitting on the bed in Lou Ying’s room once more, the warmth left by his body from before still having yet to dissipate.

A slight buzzing noise came from the pocket of his pajamas.

Chi Xiaochi reached in and found that at some unknown time, a phone had appeared inside.

The flickering screen displayed a line of text: “It’s me, I’m here.”  eAzHcf

Chi Xiaochi knew whose prints were all over this phone and that message, but he couldn’t help but tease him, “Who are you?”

The text response came in seconds. “It’s your Laoshi.”

In the next second, another message came in. “I’ll stay with you. Sleep.”

Chi Xiaochi didn’t know why, but he really wanted to tease 061 a little. “I can’t sleep.” hkAl61

061’s next message didn’t come for a long time.

His voice system had been shut off, there was no way for him to read to Chi Xiaochi.

After sending this message, Chi Xiaochi placed the phone down next to his pillow, but his heart had strangely calmed.

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There was someone staying by his side. ZLsS4t

This kind of feeling truly put one at ease. Gradually, he even began to feel a little sleepy. He hugged his soft pillow and looked out at the shadowed moon from the window, hazily thinking about the matters weighing on his mind.


About three minutes later, a message came. “Don’t be afraid. The shadow is me.”


Chi Xiaochi lay on his side along the edge of the bed, opening his eyes wide and staring at the wall.

On the wall, his own shadow moved slightly.

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A pair of long, beautiful hands stretched out and waved at him.

It should have been a bit of a scary scene, but Chi Xiaochi wasn’t afraid at all. wJOXfe

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ktf akb tjcvr lcafgijmfv. Zbnlcu ufcais, atf lcvfz olcufgr qgfrrfv bc fjmt batfg, wjxlcu j rlwqif tjcv rtjvbk qeqqfa bo j ilaaif qeqqs.

Ktf “ilaaif qeqqs” bqfcfv lar wbeat, ifaalcu bea j ofk rbecvifrr yjgxr, atfc lc j vfoa mtjcuf, ugfk akb rboa fjgr, jmalcu bea j gjyyla fjalcu ugjrr.


Chi Xiaochi watched attentively, not looking away for even a moment, his mind calming to the point he became a little sleepy. aDdwLY

061’s pair of shadow hands were soft, flexible, ever-changing, and full of techniques, acting out a Painting of a Hundred Animals.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As his eyes were dazzled by endlessly morphing hand shadow puppets, they began to blur, becoming heavy. He seemed to sink into a wonderful dream. In the dream, he was a snow-white hamster, cupped in someone’s hand, gently being stroked along the fur down his back, gradually melting into a soft hamster pancake


Unable to observe Chi Xiaochi’s real-time body data, 061 performed alone for a long time before confirming that Chi Xiaochi had already fallen asleep. zEV2hb

When one forcibly used energy in a non-task world, the drain would increase by a hundredfold.

About a quarter of an hour ago, 061 had already run out of energy. After persevering for so long, he was already exhausted of all his strength. 

Using his last drop of energy, he caressed Chi Xiaochi’s forehead with the shadow.


On the verge of unconsciousness, 061 entered standby mode.

Immersed in boundless darkness, he actually had a dream.

Only natural born data wouldn’t dream, but ever since his reformatting, 061 already hadn’t dreamed of anything for a long time.


In that dream, he seemed to be the same as he was now, just a piece of utterly helpless data, without even a body to board, only able to slowly move forward along a length of wire.

He was following a teen wearing a high school uniform and pushing along a bicycle.

It sounded a little perverted, but 061 didn’t have any untoward thoughts in his mind.

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He vaguely remembered that he was sending the boy home. LhzqXt

Before, every once in a while, after a task had been finished and while his host was resting, he would always come back to see this person.


The youth pushed his bicycle as he walked along the path back home, holding an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

The entire way, his back was turned to 061, and 061 didn’t know what the youth looked like, but he was clearly recording his changes in his mind. jq5ODN

He thought, the youth’s appearance had changed a little.

He’d gotten thinner, as well as paler.

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His posture as he walked back home was rather unlike that of a high school student, bringing out a natural distinguished and accomplished air. Paired with his perfectly proportioned figure, he was handsome enough to make people unable to look away.

061 swam through the electric currents from one utility pole to another, following after the youth like a fish in water. vdJIgR

As long as he got home, he could put his heart at ease.

The youth didn’t look back even once as he walked all the way to a crossroads. The afterglow of the setting sun spilled onto his shoulders, giving his collarbone a faint glow.

His head was lowered, seemingly thinking about something. When the red traffic light turned on, the youth took a step forward.

At that moment, a car trying to beat the red light rushed straight towards the youth. n0epDt

061’s heart dropped. Before his thoughts could catch up, his body moved. Gathering all his energy, he took a human form and rushed straight up from behind the youth, grabbing the back of his bicycle and firmly dragging him back——

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Caught off guard, the youth fell onto his back. The car’s tires almost slid right past the front wheels of his bike.

He looked around dazedly, but didn’t see a hint of his rescuer.


And 061 didn’t get the chance to see the youth’s face clearly.

When he woke up from his dream, it was already bright outside, but he still felt incredibly tired, as if he’d just saved that youth and exhausted all his strength.

At this time, Chi Xiaochi was also already awake. He was holding his cellphone in his hands, standing in the communal bathroom and brushing his teeth.

He sent a text message over. “Good morning.” TzYs4R

Chi Xiaochi picked up his phone, spat out the foam in his mouth and replied, “Did you rest well?”

It seemed that 061 not sending a greeting the very moment he woke up had already let Chi Xiaochi realise the unusual condition of his body.

061 said, “I have. You should take me out somewhere to play.”


061 wasn’t being serious, but unexpectedly, the Chi Xiaochi who had been holed up at home for all these days actually left the house.

Chi Xiaochi sent 061 a text, “I haven’t been shopping in a very long time.”

061 replied, “Then let’s go shopping.”

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Chi Xiaochi’s current appearance had been adjusted by the system, so he could safely go shopping with a mobile phone without having to avoid camera flashes and all kinds of lenses. BRK7bf

They went to a flower and bird market. Chi Xiaochi showed strong interest in a white-furred hamster, but because he currently had no way of taking care of it, he could only give up on the idea out of helplessness.

Through a mobile phone, Chi Xiaochi and 061 discussed where to go for lunch, where to go to play video games, what to buy and what not to buy over the course of the day, resulting in his arms being full of bags.

At last, he returned to Lou Ying’s room and put away his things, planning on staying here to rest for another night.

After getting into his bed, Chi Xiaochi, who was so tired he didn’t want to move, played with his phone and voiced his feelings about today’s day out. “Liu-laoshi, I was very happy today.” yjXoOn

061 replied, “Me too.”

Chi Xiaochi’s face was filled with contentment. “It’s been a long time since I felt like this.”

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Fixing his attention on the words “a long time”, 061’s expression was indescribably soft. “After we finish the next task, I’ll play with you like this for half a month.”


Since they’d already made their agreement for “next time”, it was now time for them to get on with the tasks they were supposed to do.


The next day, Chi Xiaochi woke up naturally. After cleaning himself up, he accepted the transmission with a refreshed air.



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Upon waking up from the chaos, Chi Xiaochi made a simple examination of his surroundings, then spoke in grief and indignation, “Liu-laoshi, am I still your most beloved student?”

061 had known in advance that this would be an A-rank difficulty world, but because of the confidentiality agreement, wasn’t able to inform Chi Xiaochi. His heart was naturally filled with guilt. Hence, as he analyzed the situation around them, he didn’t forget to comfort Chi Xiaochi, “……You’re my only student.”

Chi Xiaochi, “Hah, men.” m4jwf0

061, “……”


—— Chi Xiaochi was lying in a confined space only big enough for one person. The cracks at the corners were filled in with a material like lead or iron, making it unimaginably heavy.

With great difficulty, he lifted his knee, aiming upwards.  gDs90y

With this light bump, the clang of binding iron chains sounded from outside.


Looking left and right, Chi Xiaochi felt like this was the ‘legendary’ turning into a lootbox upon landing


And at present, this body was incredibly weak. His arms were so sore they were impossible to lift and his two hands were covered in scars. He tried to call out, only to find that his throat was so hoarse he couldn’t speak a single word.

It seemed like before his arrival, the original host had already been shouting and screaming, exhausting all his strength.

The situation was this vile, but he was unexpectedly able to calm himself down and make a normal association, “Am I a vampire? Have I been caught by humans? Am I to be dragged off and covered in garlic in a few moments?”

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Meanwhile, 061, who’d just received the world information, fell silent.

Even though the situation wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t by any means good either.


Before he could transmit the information to Chi Xiaochi, they heard the sound of muffled conversation from outside. 8cEaOu

One person asked, “Is there still movement?”

Another answered, “There hasn’t been in a while. But he just moved a little just now.”

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Soon, the soft sound of a key unlocking a padlock sounded from outside.

When the “coffin” was wrenched open, before the piercing sunlight from outside could damage Chi Xiaochi’s eyes, 061 placed a filter over his eyes. hfF0jx

But Chi Xiaochi still reacted quickly, curling up and acting out the normal reaction a person who hadn’t seen the sun in a long time would have upon seeing light.

From the gaps between his fingers, Chi Xiaochi caught a glimpse of the approaching person’s face.

Chi Xiaochi frowned slightly.

—— Upon meeting the mission target of every world, the goodwill value and regret value would automatically materialise. OzbEFK

And the goodwill value of the person before him, was actually a shocking 100.

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Before he could look closer, someone grabbed him roughly by the back of his neck, dragging him out of the confinement chamber like one would drag out their trash, dragging him all the way to a resplendent reception hall and throwing him to the ground.

Only then was Chi Xiaochi able to get a clear look at the entirety of the person. uRXk7H

It was a youth around the age of 17 or 18, with features as gorgeous as a rose and a steel whip in his hand. His chin was raised, and his voice was aggressive and haughty, “Do any of you still want him?”


The author has something to say:

Happily scattering candy~ jKh4kU

Even outside of the worlds, Lou-ge is doing his best to protect his Xiaochi~

Starting a new world~

sere: that’s a date ya know

baum: aww hamster Xiaochi~ also yay we’re starting a new world! before anything really happens, I’d like to ask: what normally warrants a trigger warning? does the detail to which it’s described matter, or should it be mentioned even if it’s a passing reference? and how in detail should the trigger warning be? I’d just like to know, because I’m not used to putting out trigger warnings orz nFU Kq

Translator's Note

Related image

Translator's Note

market selling plants and pets

Translator's Note

primordial chaos, the formless mass before creation in CN mythology, they’re just saying after being transmitted

Translator's Note

PUBG reference – you get dropped into the PVP from above, so turning into a lootbox upon landing means you died as soon as you spawned

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    I really hope they can be happy together.

    • I think because he saving CXC while on mission? Maybe like this: his host had a mission on XCX’s world and Liu-laoshi couldn’t endure it so he decided to follow XCX, left his host, saving XCX until exhausted his energy. His host then furious because Liu-laoshi didn’t help them so they decided to report him.

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    For me, though, I fed like just a “so and so raped such and such” isn’t worth warning for in a cnovel setting unless the MC or ML is involved. Graphic description is less common and so is more likely to take a reader by surprise, esp if the rest of the novel is pretty fluffy or lacking in conflict. Use your own judgment and don’t worry too much about getting it wrong, I kind of feel like anyone who got through the second arc of this novel can endure whatever comes next without too much prep.

  6. Thank you for translating this bittersweet, lovely series!

    Below are my two cents regarding trigger warnings; hope it helps.

    My note for this series so far is: [Past NON-CON and violence (not by ML)]Since C novels are a minefield of DUB-CON, I usually don’t bother warning for DUB-CON. I also don’t warn for homophobia and sexism (up to a ‘normal’/expected level in Chinese culture). If the homophobia and/or misogyny is present almost every single chapter, then I do warn for it.You can write a general trigger warning, then write a more detailed/spoiler-y trigger warning under a drop-down arrow?Like so:General trigger warning: [DUB-CON impregnation]Spoiler-y trigger warning: [DUB-CON impregnation under alcoholic influence, ML didn’t tell MC that MC’s pregnant]Other notes I have for various C novels:[Suicide in Arc 1, threat of NON-CON in Arc 3][Past NON-CON, yandere][Background NON-CON in Arc 2][Mind control DUB-CON in Arc 3][Past life’s NON-CON, violence; suicide ideation][NON-CON involving a child, child abuse, casual misogyny][Homophobic & misogynistic slurs; past NON-CON impregnation]

    • (Idk why all my spaces in the comment are stripped, lemme try again…)

      My note for this series so far is: [Past NON-CON and violence (not by ML)]Since C novels are a minefield of DUB-CON, I usually don’t bother warning for DUB-CON. I also don’t warn for homophobia and sexism (up to a ‘normal’/expected level in Chinese culture). If the homophobia and/or misogyny is present almost every single chapter, then I do warn for it.You can write a general trigger warning, then write a more detailed/spoiler-y trigger warning under a drop-down arrow?Like so: – General trigger warning: [DUB-CON impregnation] – Spoiler-y trigger warning: [DUB-CON impregnation under alcoholic influence, ML didn’t tell MC that MC’s pregnant] Other notes I have for various C novels:- [Suicide in Arc 1, threat of NON-CON in Arc 3] – [Past NON-CON, yandere] – [Background NON-CON in Arc 2][Mind control DUB-CON in Arc 3] – [Past life’s NON-CON, violence; suicide ideation] – [NON-CON involving a child, child abuse, casual misogyny] – [Homophobic & misogynistic slurs; past NON-CON impregnation]


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