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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh37.2 - Getting Rid of that Bigshot (14.2)


translator: baumkuchen  editor: glitterypanda

Everything had happened too suddenly. Zhou Kai had already exhausted all his strength squeezing Shen Changqing’s neck, where did he have the energy to think about whether it was dangerous or not.  4YirL0

The moment the car hit the wall, Zhou Kai, who had taken the initiative to unfasten his own seatbelt, jumped up uncontrollably, falling forwards, and was then directly struck by the airbag, right on his chest, and was ruthlessly sent back into his seat. Because of the backlash, his face also slammed against the airbag, making his nostrils fill with blood.

He didn’t even see another person appear in the driver’s seat just then. His vision went black, then went dizzy, followed immediately by unbearable pain.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Kai wanted to move, but every part of his body hurt like hell. Just moving a little would cause a loud buzzing to start up right by his ear, as if a housefly was nesting in his ear and started moving about wildly.

  WV sMn

Chi Xiaochi quickly snapped out of the mood he’d been in just now, asking 061, “Is Zhou Kai still alive?”

061 consulted the data, “Systolic blood pressure of 110, diastolic blood pressure of 69, heart rate of 71, body temperature of 36.5 degrees, there hasn’t been an inflammatory response yet. A cut on the face, a broken right calf bone, his right rib was broken by the impact of the airbag, some slight bleeding has occurred in his liver, there’s a rupture of his urinary tract, a fractured thigh bone. His most serious injury is a contusion on his back vertebra.”

Chi Xiaochi said, “Make it simpler. Is he going to die?”

061, “Unless complications occur, he won’t.”


Chi Xiaochi, “Then that’s fine.”

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061, “……What are you thinking of doing?”

Chi Xiaochi, “I’m not going to do anything. I’m going to fulfill his instructions, that’s all.”

  S9J 6U

Chi Xiaochi tested the car, and found that this car was actually worth every cent. The engine hadn’t been damaged, every one of its functions could still be considered operable. Especially Chi Xiaochi, except for twisting his left wrist during the violent impact, he had otherwise come out unscathed, he hadn’t even broken the skin.

The only thing that had been severely damaged was that piece of decaying goods that had taken it upon himself to unfasten his own seatbelt.

Chi Xiaochi pointed at him and said to 061, “Do you see that? That’s a living example. In the future, remember to fasten your seatbelt when driving.”

061 couldn’t help but let out a laugh. FPGB7O

Zhou Kai was nestled in the front passenger seat like a worn rag, curled up together with the deflated airbag, his head propped up against the cracked window. He was in so much pain that black spots were flying before his eyes, making him moan nonstop.

Chi Xiaochi restarted the severely damaged car, apologising repeatedly, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry—— I’ve wasted your time…… I’ll send you back home right away.”

Blood trickled down his head, blurring Zhou Kai’s vision. He felt as if all the bones in his body had been, one by one, broken into pieces by someone wielding a hammer, faint with pain yet unable to faint. His two hands scrabbled around next to the sunken front passenger seat.

Back home? In this kind of situation right now, why would they still be going home? TsojMB

Don’t tell him he was just going to look on unfeelingly as he died?


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Jtl Wljbmtl ugjrqfv atf raffglcu ktffi, tlr nblmf oliifv klat jc ecvfgabcf bo fzagfwf vgfjv, bc atf nfguf bo yfmbwlcu wbgylv, “……Xb tbwf, Zlrafg Itbe kjcar wf ab ub tbwf.” cspGK8

Zhou Kai couldn’t speak. He looked at the driving Chi Xiaochi, only thinking that this man had gone crazy.

Because although unhinged muttering was spewing from his mouth, his eyes were incredibly clear, filled with mocking.

He was doing this on purpose? He didn’t want to take him to receive medical attention…… 

Then where was he taking him? EIUDgS

At present, Zhou Kai had become a puddle of fleshy pulp, bound to be stepped on by others. He was extremely terrified, he wanted to open the car door, but the lack of strength in his fingers notwithstanding, even if he had the strength, the door next to him had already been warped slightly by the crash, he had no way of knowing if it could even open.

But where was this car actually going…… 

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No, no, he absolutely had to try!

He forcibly lifted his arm, struggling with the pain that was burning through his entire body, boiling him alive and pressed his feeble, powerless fingers against the door handle—— ViJZR6



He watched helplessly as the lock button on the windowsill popped up, blocking his only way out.

Where could he find the strength right now to fight with Shen Changqing for control of the car? 1m7osO

Zhou Kai gasped heavily, taking in ragged breaths, and turned his head towards Shen Changqing. Shen Changqing was also looking at him, a smile in his eyes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chi Xiaochi said to 061, “Alright, the car door’s been locked. Today, nobody can even think of getting off of this car.”


Zhou Kai opened his mouth and let out a pleading whine of “ah, ah”. His eyes misted over with tears. 6wQWmt

……He finally knew what fear was.

At that moment, the regret level that had been stuck at “5” moved at last.

It broke through the 10s, 20s and 30s, momentarily stopping at 35, then broke through the great hurdle of 40 with another breath.


Chi XIaochi didn’t intend on acknowledging Zhou Kai’s plea, only focusing on driving this broken car in the direction of Zhou Kai’s villa with single-minded devotion. 

When said out loud, it sounded a little strange, but he kept thinking back to the embrace from just now and of how he felt when he woke up in bed a few days ago to find himself rolled up in a blanket.

Because he’d thought of the distant past, those countless days and nights filled with the sweet smell of snacks, the sound of the electric fan, the sound of games, and Lou Ying.


Lou Ying’s home had a game console, one of the big treasures he’d picked up from the garbage dump and had been restored by his skillful hands.

From then on, Chi Xiaochi often ran over to Lou Ying’s home to play games. But unfortunately, with his naturally handicapped gaming hands, incurable by any means, he could only get beaten bloody over and over again by Lou Ying.

But he still enjoyed it, never tiring of it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

If he won, he was happy, and if Lou Ying won, he would be just as happy. NZpS3G

For an entire summer vacation, he would go downstairs to look for Lou Ying every day, to share his snacks, to play his games, to sleep under his quilt.

Often, after he fell asleep, Lou Ying liked to put him on top of the quilt, roll him into a roll and place him on top of the bed.

Chi Xiaochi had asked him, “Why did you roll me up.”

Lou Ying had laughed, “Sushi rolls are made like that.” HvV1R

Chi Xiaochi had said, “Lou-shifu, roll me one that tastes like nori.”

Lou Ying fed him a piece of nori, then took the rolled-up Chi Xiaochi and carried him over to the sofa. The two of them watched a Hong Kong gangster film on the movie channel, thump thump thump, bang bang bang, it was especially lively.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But once Chi Xiaochi watched this kind of film, he would become drowsy, often only watching one half before falling asleep on Lou Ying’s leg.

  SNCL 1

Afterwards, when Chi Xiaochi was on his own, he liked to roll himself up to sleep.

That time, after he woke up, he’d also asked 061, why did you roll me up.

061 answered, “I saw you sleep like that once. Do you not like sleeping like that?”

This answer was very reasonable. Chi XIaochi didn’t ask any further. eWC5s6

But today, in 061’s embrace, he unexpectedly rediscovered a familiar feeling.

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He didn’t feel repulsed, didn’t feel disgusted, but rather felt a little wistful.

……He probably really had been single for too long.


By the time the car slowly drove into the villa district where Zhou Kai lived, it was already late at night.

From a long distance away, he could see police lights flashing in front of the Zhou home. Chi Xiaochi didn’t try to run or evade it, slowly driving the car over.


As early as an hour ago, the police had received a report about Zhou Kai openly threatening his partner, his actions tending towards violent crime. qnWu69

For better or for worse, Zhou Kai was a public figure, and when the police hurried over to the company banquet, the first thing they saw was the mess of glasses and plates on the floor. Then they heard that Shen Changqing had brought Zhou Kai home. How could they still possibly dare to delay? They hurried directly to Zhou Kai’s villa in order to prevent the occurence of some horrific event.

After knocking on the door, the servant, Yi Song didn’t give any details, looking abnormally flustered, not allowing the police officers inside to investigate.

The police sergeant in charge of the group of dispatched officers became suspicious of his attitude. The Zhou-Shen duo weren’t contactable and were late to return, so he simply brought his men to guard the doorway to the Zhou home so as to avoid any mishaps.

About a quarter of an hour later, a broken car staggered into view. jITnVl

The driver was Shen Changqing, with a face full of tears, and in the front passenger seat was Zhou Kai, who’d already passed out.


As soon as the car stopped, Shen Changqing climbed out of the car, a blank look in his eyes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Under the light of the street lamps, the swelling on his wrist couldn’t be any more obvious, and there were even finger-shaped bruises on his neck. 2TsgC9

A young, black police officer ran over to investigate Zhou Kai’s wounds.

Seeing Zhou Kai’s already green-tinged face, he gaped speechlessly for a moment, then with a turn of his gaze, he saw the dash camera that was still recording.

He took it down.


On the other end, the police sergeant noticed that Shen Changqing, after getting off the car, had no intention of harming people. His mental state could still be considered fine, so he let down his guard towards him. He first contacted the hospital, then turned to question Shen Changqing, “You got into a car accident? Why did you call the cops? Why didn’t you contact a hospital?”

Shen Changqing, wrapped in a shock blanket, trembled, “……Mister Zhou told me to go home.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“He told you to go home so you just went home? Such severe injuries——”

“He told me to go home, so I had to go home,” Shen Changqing said hoarsely, “Or else he’d beat me to death.” XUpGDq

The police sergeant wanted to say something, but then he heard the black police officer call out as he raised the dash camera, “Sir, please come over and take a look at this——”


The author has something to say:

A gentle reminder: Please fasten your seatbelt when driving. KRIzyb

baum: I think in his original world, CXC must have been the best at improv out of all the other actors lmao

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

technically, term used was tachograph, but later on they use video and audio from it? which from what I googled, neither a tachograph nor a black box would have, so I guessed that it was one of those fancy multi-purpose dashcams. Please correct me if I’m wrong though!

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