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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh92.1 - The Cycle of Karma, What Goes Around Comes Around (6.1)


translator: baumkuchen  editor: glitterypanda

Unlike her older brother, Gan Tang’s voice held a hint of the Suzhou dialect. Other than being a little overly tall, she had a gentle temperament, seeming utterly harmless. Dressed in a simple white blouse paired with black pants, she looked just like a mermaid who’d gained a pair of legs. EkH815

But given that they were able to live till the eighth mission without the help of Yin-Yang Eyes, only a fool would think that this brother-sister pair was as gentle and harmless as they looked.

“Your eyes……”

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Sure enough, when Gan Tang walked closer, and saw his eyes, she sucked in a breath of cold air. She said to her older brother, “Is he the one that they’re talking about on the forums……”

After the seventh task, someone thanked Song Chunyang for helping them on the forums. j Udan

During that period of time, Song Chunyang simply turned into the delicious steamed bun that everyone was trying to grab. There were even people who started up analysis threads just for him, analysing the help Yin-Yang Eyes could provide in the tasks.

Some didn’t believe it, scoffing at such things, but there were also others who started offering generous bounties, wanting to form a team with Song Chunyang. The prices even passed six digits. For a time, it really interested the little poor Song Chunyang, but thinking about his alliance with Yuan Benshan’s alliance, in the end, he resisted and gave up on it despite the heartache.


Now, the person who had offered him six figures was sitting right in front of him.



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Gan Yu didn’t look at his sister. He kneeled down on one knee, looked up and asked Chi Xiaochi, “……Are you?”

Chi Xiaochi didn’t answer. He hooked a finger under the bridge of his gold-rimmed glasses and pulled them off of his face.

Gan Yu, “……” ir lIo

Chi Xiaochi held up the pair of glasses for careful inspection. “Sure enough, they’re fake lenses.”

Then, he placed the glasses on his own face, and drew close to the standard example of a gentle, elegant rich young master’s face that was Gan Yu’s. He blinked those heterochromatic eyes that gleamed like gems. “See for yourself.”

The heat of his breath on his face made Gan Yu’s eyelashes quiver slightly.


061, behind his sockpuppet of “Gan Yu”, silently let out a “deadly”.

He had applied a filter to his eyes a long time ago. No matter what, in his eyes, Chi Xiaochi would always be in his original appearance. This originally very put-on movement, on that face, was shockingly effective, making him look remarkably like an alluring demon.


Chi Xiaochi paid close attention to his ears. WuBcxK

This person’s temperament was truly too similar to 061’s. A little test should be enough for him to come to a conclusion.

Going by 061’s personality……

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But before he could see his ears turn red, Chi Xiaochi’s jaw was pinched once again.

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Chi Xiaochi, “……”

Gan Yu said, “For five hundred thousand, team up with me. How about it?”

Upon finding that it didn’t seem very likely that this person was 061, Chi Xiaochi instantly drew back most of his playfulness, pushing away his hand. After thinking it over for a moment, he said, “I already have allies.”

Gan Yu remained on one knee before him. “Seven hundred thousand.” lQyWCx

Chi Xiaochi smiled, “Doctor Gan has been able to live through eight worlds, does he still need my help?”

“There’s no need to take care of me,” Gan Yu pointed at Gan Tang behind him and said politely, “I want to ask you to protect my younger sister.”

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Gan Tang seemed to have no objections towards her brother’s actions, nodding slightly at Chi Xiaochi in agreement.

Chi Xiaochi propped a hand against his face. “I’ll think about it.” aU6nGP

Gan Yu didn’t even blink. “One million.”

Chi Xiaochi, “Deal.”


Xi Lou, “……” Did you think about it for even a second? 1X9it4

Actually, Xi Lou didn’t much approve of Chi Xiaochi allying himself with this suddenly-appearing pair of siblings, but upon comparison, this generous stranger who was offering him money seemed a lot more trustworthy than the person who slept next to Song Chunyang in bed.

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Seeing Chi Xiaochi agree, Gan Yu let out a light smile. “Right, I have one more condition.”

Chi Xiaochi raised an eyebrow, but didn’t rush to agree. hYaw1H

Gan Yu said, “Nurse Song, please help me put my glasses back on.”

Chi Xiaochi, “……”

Gan Yu really kept still, just kneeling in front of Chi Xiaochi. His temperament was still gentle, seeming to not have any forcefulness behind it, but his posture clearly didn’t allow for any refusals.

Chi Xiaochi didn’t actually mind. After being stunned for a moment, he took the initiative to hand him back his glasses, even helping him arrange the chain on the left side. ZrYHey

Gan Yu got up and handed him a sunglasses case that had been placed on the dressing table.

This was a necessary prop for when Song Chunyang used to pretend to be blind, but Gan Yu might have taken it to be a prop used to conceal Song Chunyang’s eye colour.

He said, “Let’s go to the film set.”

Chi Xiaochi knew, he had already wasted too much time here, it was time to go out and see what was going on. k2MdEm

He already had people by his side, so he had the courage to go out as well.

But what made him a little apprehensive, was that human head balloon appearing. Why had that happened?

Before he had even gotten to the set, the ghost had already appeared?

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Had he triggered any death flag just now? o1PAfR

Or maybe, in this film crew, all the non-tasker crewmembers were ghosts?


……But that wasn’t the case.

When they arrived at the set, as expected, the scene was in a mess from the director leaving in indignation. 6bVwld

Chi Xiaochi swept his eyes over the crowd, and found that everyone here was human.

Or to be exact, they were a special kind of “human”.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

According to what Xi Lou had said, they were this task world’s NPCs, like the “librarian” in the seventh task. They were just projections responsible for helping and pushing them to complete the task.

They were tangible, they had physical bodies, but they were just NPCs. Zbc g6

Even though Chi Xiaochi was actively looking for her in the crowd, he wasn’t able to find that beautiful human head balloon.

And in this patch of chaos, there were four people who were clearly keeping out of it. As they watched the busy scene, they whispered to each other, seeming to be discussing the next step of their plans.

Chi Xiaochi took the initiative to place his hand in Gan Yu’s.

Gan Yu subconsciously took it. LjU1RC

Chi Xiaochi said, “Help me along.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gan Yu, “En?”

Chi Xiaochi, “I’m blind.”

Gan Yu instantly understood. He grabbed his bicep, and guided him forward, even remembering to remind him like he should, “Walk carefully.” K942Td

Noticing his movements, Chi Xiaochi raised his eyebrows slightly.

Taking advantage of their current physical closeness, he whispered into Gan Yu’s ear, “Doctor Gan, why aren’t you holding my hand?”

Gan Yu stiffened.

Chi Xiaochi whispered in an even smaller voice, “Doctor Gan, when you help people along, isn’t it better to hold their forearms?” BfoFYx


——Chi Xiaochi was wearing a shirt with three-quarter sleeves, so his slender forearms were exposed. But Gan Yu had subtly avoided his forearms, which would have been easier to support him with, instead grabbing his bicep. It was indeed strange.

Seeing Gan Yu stay silent, Chi Xiaochi moved even closer to him, and called his name for the third time, “Doctor Gan, did you know that I have an aversion to touch?”

061 helplessly raised his hand and rubbed his ear. WjB3Qn

Chi Xiaochi had the ability to say the words “Doctor Gan” in such a way that it made one’s heart tingle, he really was impossible to deal with.

Chi Xiaochi was eagerly awaiting his response, but who knew that Gan Yu would reach out and wrap his arm around his waist, and directly pull him into his embrace.

Chi Xiaochi, “……”

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Gan Yu followed what Chi Xiaochi had done, saying politely, “My apologies, I’m not used to helping guide blind people. From now on, I’ll start studying hard.” H9gX5

Chi Xiaochi, “……”


He said to Xi Lou, “This damned hooligan.”

Xi Lou, “……” What qualifications do you have to talk about other people. NJkloY

Chi Xiaochi, “He’s mwaking this one so scawed, A-Tong.”

Xi Lou, “……” A your ass, go die.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Without anyone to pick up on his play, Chi Xiaochi could only feel that life was as lonely as snow. xZnfWT

Behind him, Gan Tang seemed to have picked up on the unnaturalness of her older brother’s actions, taking the initiative to walk up to them, saying gently, “My older brother isn’t very good at taking care of people, how about I do it?”

Chi Xiaochi was handed over to Gan Tang.

Seeing this girl who was as beautiful as a picture, despite him thinking that Gan Yu was 061 all this time, Chi Xiaochi couldn’t help but have second thoughts.

Even if Liu-laoshi had materialised to help him, where had this girl come from? XdQOai

Buy one get one free?

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Then going by that, was Gan Yu truly not Liu-laoshi?

Upon thinking that he wouldn’t be able to talk to 061 for a very long time, Chi Xiaochi felt extremely sad.


Translator's Note

popular person, sth that is in high demand

Translator's Note

not typo, uwu talk

Translator's Note

tong is from xitong (system)

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