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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh83.1 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (20.1)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: glitterypanda, serefina

Ji Zuoshan, who had steadily passed through layer upon layer of selection processes in his school, other schools, and every region in the world to successfully rank first all this time, actually hadn’t collected enough energy to turn into an Alpha. vFhlpD

This was their first time seeing something like this occur in the long history of this assessment.

However, after many repeated measurements, the officials announced in disbelief, that Ji Zuoshan had already successfully transformed into an Alpha.

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No matter the jealousy, worship and confessions coming from all sides, this was Ji Zuoshan’s first time experiencing the feeling of evolving this clearly.


It had to be said, it felt a lot better than regressing, and was a lot faster.

As the current master of Ji Zuoshan’s body, Chi Xiaochi was of course made a lot more directly aware of all the changes to his body.

When taking a bath in the new villa allocated to him by the army, Chi Xiaochi looked down and checked, “Ah, it got bigger again.”

Ji Zuoshan was a little embarrassed. “Mister Chi, don’t look.”


Chi Xiaochi, “We’re all men, what are you scared about. Haven’t you ever been to a bathhouse?”

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Ji Zuoshan, “……” Now that you say that, that’s right, huh.


When Chi Xiaochi got into the public bath and was stimulated by the hot water, he began to exude some of the pheromones stored in his body. vO Lxd

Chi Xiaochi exclaimed, “Woah, a red wine bath.”

In comparison, Ji Zuoshan was sincerely disappointed. “Why is it still this scent.”

He said it was the same, but actually, it was a little different.

The original faint scent of red wine and oranges of his pheromones had turned into red wine and mint, like a delicate ice sphere that had been immersed in the taste of mint in a glass of high grade red wine. When one smelled it, they first felt refreshed, then intoxicated. vTBCt1

Ji Zuoshan mumbled, “Liu-laoshi, didn’t we agree on it being oyster scented?”

061, “……I never agreed with you on that.”

Chi Xiaochi righteously fought for justice for his family’s child, “Liu-laoshi, look what you did, you’ve wronged my child.”

061’s voice turned unbelievably soft in the span of an instant, “I’m sorry.” iLqdEn

Ji Zuoshan, “……” You can’t treat us so differently like this.


After bathing, he wrapped himself in a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom. His younger brothers and sisters were all obediently doing their own things: Sanmei was making a structural drawing of the mecha in the study, simei was checking wudi’s homework, pointing out mistakes in his math from time to time, wudi stuck out his head to look as he nodded, xiaodi was peeling an apple and cutting the already peeled apples into pieces, placing them on a plate, and sticking one, two, three, four, five toothpicks into them.

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Chi Xiaochi leaned against the wall, his body bathed in the warm light of the corridor. He cocked his head to the side as he watched his younger siblings, his expression earnestly gentle. TalHW5

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Seeing him like this, 061’s heart moved slightly, but he himself didn’t know what he was thinking, his heart only repeating his name, Chi Xiaochi, Chi Xiaochi.

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061 couldn’t help but ask, “Xiaochi, why are you called Xiaochi?”

Jtl Wljbmtl aegcfv jcv tfjvfv lcab atf xlamtfc, ufaalcu gfjvs ab qgfqjgf j ajyif oeii klat vlrtfr obg tlr sbecufg rlyilcur. Lfjglcu atlr, tf lcrajcais gfqilfv klat, “Y Ebwfb, Ebwfb, kts jga atbe Ebwfb.” s6NMZJ

061’s lips pursed in a smile. “I’m not playing around with you, I really mean it.”

Chi Xiaochi said, “My parents came up with this name, go ask them.”

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“Didn’t your manager tell you to change your name?” After all, this name, Chi Xiaochi, was very cute in everyday life, but in the entertainment world, it really sounded a little like he was joking around.

Entering the kitchen, Chi Xiaochi swiftly tied an apron around his waist, pulled out a head of garlic, sat down on a stool and began to peel it. “I have a stage name, it’s July (in english). There have indeed been people bringing up their opinions on the name Chi Xiaochi, saying that it doesn’t sound good, and wanting me to change it.” Ou8lrx


061 waited for his answer.

Chi Xiaochi threw a plump, white clove of garlic into a porcelain bowl. He looked down and said, “If I changed my name, then if he were to reincarnate, he wouldn’t be able to recognise me.”

061 fell silent. PbD2LO

……It was Lou Ying again. 

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Why was Lou Ying’s influence always still lingering on?


In the end, Ji Zuoshan chose to join the West Road Army, which had the most combat-related tasks, the division Zhan Yanling was in. N2Ka1D

Given that he didn’t have any combat achievements, Ji Zuoshan was awarded the rank of major general, and was to serve as a deputy commander of a certain unit, enjoying the right to drive a single-person cosmic mecha.

Meanwhile, after a period of being in low spirits, Zhan Yanchao also realised his transformation into an Alpha.


He listened to Ji Zuoshan’s words, and stopped fussing about wanting to turn into an Omega. OcXf2D

Because only this way, would he be able to continue to properly stay by Ji Zuoshan’s side.

Zhan Yanling, unable to stand his idiot younger brother’s wheedling, could only ignore his father’s objections and pull his younger brother into the West Road Army, arranging a position as Ji Zuoshan’s adjutant for him.

Their meeting ceremony was set up in a small meeting room.

Zhan Yanchao, newly changed into his uniform, kept stroking the buttons of his new military uniform, feeling like this body of his wasn’t bad. The only thing he wasn’t too satisfied with was almost non-existent milky scent on his body. He did all he could to use all kinds of spices to cover it up, but in the end, contrary to his wishes, he ended up with a sweet scent all over, as if he soaked his entire body in Want Want Children’s milk. UYG4A7

Not long after, at the scheduled meeting time, Ji Zuoshan pushed open the door and entered the room.

Upon seeing the Zhan Yanchao waiting inside, his footsteps stilled.

An official introduced enthusiastically, “General Ji, look, allow me to introduce your new adjutant, Zhan Yanchao.”

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While Zhan Yanchao was struck dumb, staring straight at Ji Zuoshan. LY zfq


Compared to his subtle changes, Ji Zuoshan’s entire person had changed completely.

In just a few months of rest, he had grown a lot taller, almost reaching 1.9 metres. His whole body exuded the mixed fragrance of red wine and mint. His waist was narrow and his legs were long, the proportions of his lower back and hips absolutely perfect. A first-class male body was wrapped in a dark black military uniform. His cufflinks shone, and his gloves were snow-white. Further down were his long, lean and slender legs. Finally, a pair of high, black, matte military boots capped off his look. Standing there, he simply tugged seductively at people’s heartstrings.

He stared at Zhan Yanchao for a moment, then turned and left. As he left, he didn’t even forget to close the door behind him. 9qwjJZ

His abrupt exit had been too gentle, to the point that after being stunned for a moment, the official even laughed heartily as he placated, “The general must have been too pleasantly surprised, he probably wants to come in one more time.”

However, the general he spoke of never returned.

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He ran over to the door in disbelief. Pulling it open and looking around, only then did he confirm that General Ji had already left, to the point that they couldn’t even see his figure any more.


Zhan Yanling, who’d walked over with Zhan Yanchao, looked at his younger brother’s pale, ashen face and shook his head helplessly. “He doesn’t accept. You should start from the position of deputy major of a division.”


From the beginning, Chi Xiaochi had never planned on allowing Zhan Yanchao to remain by his side to bug him day and night.

Even if he wasn’t by Ji Zuoshan’s side, his regret value was still steadily rising. It seemed like the day they would be leaving this world was right around the corner. NzYCGm

Soon after the change of staff, the higher-ups in the military got the message that the Zerg were ready to make a move, and seemed to be planning an attack.

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The troops were put on standby, to be ready at all times.

Soon, a satellite detected that the first troop of Zerg had set out from the Zerg planet.

……This was the task that Zhan Yanchao had received from the military last time, and the task that had brought Ji Zuoshan to the place of his demise. Bfej8t

When Ji Zuoshan himself heard this news, he was only stunned for a few seconds, before saying to start the preparations.

Chi Xiaochi brought Blue into the cabin, making it his number one mecha candidate.

Upon seeing Blue, Chi Xiaochi’s new adjutant, Yin Shaofei, almost laughed out loud. “General, this is a training mecha?”

Chi Xiaochi glanced at Blue, then glanced at him. “Does it look like a specialised mecha to you?” scdrTi

Yin Shaofei said, stunned, “……No, you’re using this? This is too…… Generals should use specialised mechas, this is the usual practice in the military, and it’s also the rules……”

Chi Xiaochi said, “Look at it more, it’ll be fine once you get used to seeing it.”

Yin Shaofei, “……” Alright.


This was Ji Zuoshan’s first time leading a troop. Naturally, he wouldn’t be in charge of commanding them. What the military valued were his solo combat skills. This time, his task was to take three airships along with him, leading them along and protecting the right flank of the front lines.

Before getting into the mecha, Chi Xiaochi went to the training grounds, and checked the soldiers he wanted to bring with him one by one, counting them out like potatoes, “Number one, number two, ……number seven, ……number two hundred and eighty four, ……” 

When he reached the three hundred and first person, a young soldier who looked to be about one or two years older than him protested, “Sir, we have names. Don’t call us numbers, we’re soldiers.”

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He pulled out the dog tag hanging in front of his chest, showing Chi Xiaochi his name. 3enAGV

He said, not without a bit of pride, “Our names are also engraved on our mechas. I don’t want the general to refer to us using numbers.”

Chi Xiaochi had already walked over to three hundred and two. Hearing this, he said, “Do you know what dog tags are used for in war?”

Three hundred and one was stunned.

Chi Xiaochi said, “They’re for identifying bodies.” qSVlGo

Three hundred and one, “……”

Chi Xiaochi, “Especially when you’ve been burnt to a crisp, when your arms and legs are all jumbled up and no one can recognise who you are anymore.”

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Three hundred and one insisted, “This is also our glory.”

“Glory?” Chi Xiaochi raised his eyelids. He asked, “Whose glory are you talking about? The dead aren’t worthy of discussing glory. If you die, that shows that you have no ability, and bad luck. Only the living are worthy of talking about glory. Besides, I’m going to bring all of you back alive, so why should I bother remembering your names?” ZQYdf5

After that, he ignored the dazed three hundred and one, and patted three hundred and two on the chest.

In just a few words, he had inspired half the people on the training ground, making hot blood flow through their veins.

Three hundred and two straightened up. “General, I’m three hundred and two!”

Following that, without needing Chi Xiaochi to order them to, three hundred and three, three hundred and four, just like that, sounded off all the way down, their voices as loud as a giant bell, harmonious and with a steady cadence. f2N D3

A total of five hundred soldiers stood at attention.

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In Ji Zuoshan’s first battle, the human side won without any suspense.

With Ji Zuoshan guarding the right flank, it was as resolute as a boulder, even forcing the Zerg to send troops from the middle and the left flank to provide support. UcOD4h

In the end, the Zerg retreated, landing on the nearest planet to wait for support.

Ji Zuoshan had brought with him five hundred people, and brought back with him five hundred people in a satisfactory state, not leaving a single person behind.

sere: our baby has grown up <3 

baum: our little seal is so cool~ :blobaww: EIPo7Q

also, 061 getting jealous of himself never fails to amuse me lol. I still remember how smug he was when he sent Chi Xiaochi that star, being all like “Lou Ying could never” XD


Thank you to Somebody, Missvieve, evesdropper and Divi for the ko-fis~ <3


Translator's Note

head of the household

Translator's Note

CXC’s name is very simple and base. Translated, it’s literally Pool Little Pool. kinda like naming your kid John Johnson

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