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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh80.2 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (17.2)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

061 immediately pasted a stick-on heat pad from the storehouse over his stomach, then covered the heat pad with his palm. As such, even though Chi Xiaochi felt a little unwell, he could still keep up the act. bfwDU2

Chi Xiaochi cocked his head slightly to the side, watching Zhan Yanchao.

Zhan Yanchao’s head was lowered so far down that it was practically buried in his chest, only leaving Chi Xiaochi the view of his fluffy hair whorl. “I know my wrongs now.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When he said those words, there was a bitter taste on the base of Zhan Yanchao’s tongue, making it numb, but he was, at the same time, full of anticipation.

Give me a chance, I’ll never do that to you ever again. I’ll treat you well. Once I go back, I’ll burn both the whip and the coffin. I’ll let you be an Alpha, the strongest Alpha. LrMGxV

You’ve been with me since I was eight. It’s already been close to ten years now, longer than half my lifetime.

Please be as softhearted as you used to be…… Please.

There were thousands of words he wanted to say, but when they came to Zhan Yanchao’s mouth, they condensed into a single sentence, “I know my wrongs now”.



Chi Xiaochi looked at him. Zhan Yanchao didn’t know how much time passed before he asked, “……So?”

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Zhan Yanchao, “Don’t hate me. Don’t hate me. I want you to come home with me. I’ll make it up to you. I restored your room a long time ago, I bought new furniture, the old ones…… I…… threw away all the old ones. As long as you come back, I’ll listen to everything you say from now on……”

After speaking this string of words, he was almost a little out of breath.

The huge pressure made him unable to lift his head. Even when he had been surrounded by seven or eight Zerg in these past few days, he hadn’t felt this kind of despair, but at the same time, he was full of hope. PRZ6si

After a while, he heard Ji Zuoshan’s judgement, “I don’t hate you, because that’s not necessary.” 

Zhan Yanchao felt a surge of joy, but before he could grab onto Ji Zuoshan’s arm in happiness, he heard said person continue, “I won’t go back, because that’s also not necessary.”


Zhan Yanchao abruptly stood up. His head was still lowered, but his tone had already started to become hurried, “Why isn’t it necessary? Why isn’t it?! To me, it’s really important! Really important!” XziRms

He hated his crazed self in the beginning!

If he hadn’t burnt all of Ji Zuoshan’s things just for the sake of a moment of satisfaction, he wouldn’t be left with nothing but an ordinary notebook as the only thing with a trace of Ji Zuoshan’s past.

His heart was beating wildly in his throat, making him hurt terribly.

Chi Xiaochi’s emotions, however, were as indifferent as ever. “I feel that my opinions are also very important. Can you respect my opinions?” HdBwLj

Zhan Yanchao’s childish temper which had been suppressed for a very long time flared up once more. “If you feel like there’s anything bad about me, I can change it. I can change anything, but you can’t not give me a chance.”

Chi Xiaochi asked, “Why can’t I?”

Zhan Yanchao’s knuckles cracked, which previously would be a sign of his anger.

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“Are you going to get angry again?” Chi Xiaochi asked calmly, “Going to pull your whip out again?” tdIc3l


Zhan Yanchao’s fingers unclenched.

He lifted his head and stared at the person in front of him. 

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In those memories of Ji Zuoshan’s, he was strong and overbearing, innocent yet barbaric.

And these Zhan Yanchaos, entirely different from the past, Chi Xiaochi saw them all in the span of a few minutes. YGO0Ua

Ji Zuoshan, in his body, had seen it all as well.

Soon, Ji Zuoshan spoke, “Let’s go.”

There was no sadness, no anger, no joy. He just said, let’s go.


Chi Xiaochi readily followed this good advice, closing the booklet, planning on going to take a look at this new, accidentally acquired mecha.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhan Yanchao wiped away the tears staining his long lashes. “Ji Zuoshan, I love you.”

Chi Xiaochi didn’t have a very big reaction, just pausing in his footsteps, but the tip of Ji Zuoshan’s heart trembled.

When he had still been alive, Zhan Yanchao had never once seriously told him “I love you”. Even when they were having sex, he would only place his mouth against his ear and tell him roguish words that would make his face turn red. gCln8j

He hadn’t thought he would actually have the fortune of hearing it now.

Ji Zuoshan let out a self-deprecating, melancholic laugh, “……Ha.”

Hearing Ji Zuoshan laugh like this, Chi Xiaochi could already guess his attitude. He continued towards the exit without hesitation.

Zhan Yanchao chased after him, shouting painfully, “Ji Zuoshan! Do you dare say that you don’t love me? Do you dare say it?!” wXZqto

Chi Xiaochi, who’d walked to the entrance of the tent, lifted the tent flap and waved backwards lazily.

“I don’t dare,” Chi Xiaochi said, candid, “I loved you, it’s nothing I can’t admit.”

If he’d never loved him, Ji Zuoshan couldn’t have been so sad and hateful, hating him to the point that he would rather burn himself to death than be taken back and given a funeral by Zhan Yanchao.

But that was all in the “past”. fFkylw


A long time after Ji Zuoshan disappeared from the tent, Zhan Yanchao finally sat down, disappointed. He picked up that disposable cup, smoothing it out, stroking it, unwilling to throw it away. In the end, he placed it in his inner jacket pocket.


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Upon leaving the tent, Chi Xiaochi looked up at the sky. leSnLB

One of the countless rays of dawn shone down, engulfing the youth’s slim figure, making him squint slightly.

061 checked the data. He said, “The regret value has risen to 30 points.”

Chi Xiaochi, “En.”

061 tried to hold back, but in the end, he still couldn’t help it. “……Not going to exchange them for cards?” d3j769

Chi Xiaochi closed his eyes, but the corners of his mouth slowly rose in a smile.

061 coughed lightly, “May this student not laugh at his teacher.”

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Chi Xiaochi replied, wronged, “Laoshi, I didn’t.”

061 made his voice a little rougher, “Your scores are so inconsistent, what’s wrong, can’t you distribute your points in the class of goodwill value a little more evenly?” pdP1aw

Chi Xiaochi explained, saying, “I’m not using goodwill points because, against Zhan Yanchao, goodwill points are the best tool.”

061 was as strict and righteous as a civics teacher, “Little kids shouldn’t be talking about tools.” 

Chi Xiaochi was shaken. “……” Liu-laoshi what’s wrong Liu-laoshi, quickly return the original Liu-laoshi to me.

Ji Zuoshan puffed out a laugh, “You two are so close.” paPUDn

061 finally remembered that there was still another person in this body. His ears burned slightly.

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Chi Xiaochi, however, said naturally, “We’re just joking, this is my teacher.”

Having said that, he said to 061, “Pah! Give up, I won’t tell you my party’s secrets.”

061, “……” Changing settings so fast? nI4kw7

But he quickly followed along, “You’re still so young, why don’t you think a little about your future? Why must you insist on going down the wrong path?”

Chi Xiaochi remained unyielding and unafraid. “Because our ideology is progressive, while yours is regressive.”


Ji Zuoshan didn’t really understand what they were talking about, but he still couldn’t help but laugh. 6pWrgs

061 and Chi Xiaochi thought at the same time: When he laughs, he sounds pretty good.


Since coming back from the summer training, Ji Zuoshan’s personality had changed a lot. He began trying to join in on 061 and Chi Xiaochi’s conversations. He borrowed a few books from different worlds to read from 061, trying to understand different types of societies.

One day, after they received their mechas, Rosie found Chi Xiaochi in the mecha repair room and said, “I’ve run the calculations on the Naman metal you brought back. You can strengthen Blue completely from head to toe, and still have some left over.” ZNMOaD

Chi Xiaochi came out of Blue’s cabin. There was some machine oil on his cheek. “Thank you very much.”

Rosie, “No need to thank me. Did you go mining? Where did you get all this Naman metal?”

Chi Xiaochi just smiled, not saying a word.

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Since Chi Xiaochi wasn’t going to say, Rosie wouldn’t force him. No matter how close two friends were, they would always have a few secrets. jUPAcf

She said, “Don’t you have a new mecha, why do you still want to use Blue?”

Chi Xiaochi pasted some gold on his face, “I cherish my old friendships.”

Rosie suddenly thought of something. “My mecha’s arrived, what about yours? Let me study it a little.”

Chi Xiaochi, “Oh, that. I sold it.” qOgYl

Rosie, “……???”

Chi Xiaochi stroked Blue’s back. “Just Blue is enough for me.”

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Rosie blinked her blue eyes, a little reluctant, “Who did you sell it to? Didn’t we agree that I could study it?”

Chi Xiaochi used a towel to wipe off his sweat, “I sold it to Wang Xizhou. Since he happens to be a speed type. If you think it’s inconvenient to have to go to the Wang home to study it, I can ask for it back for you?” 0GsdHU

Rosie raised an elegant eyebrow, then gave him a thumbs-up. Just as she was about to leave, Chi Xiaochi called out to her, stopping her, “Rosie, you want to work in the field of scientific research, right?”

Rosie was stunned for a moment. “Yes.”

“If you want to be a scientist, you need to first be an Alpha so that you can get access to the top resources, right?”

Rosie smiled. “Yes. Isn’t that very normal? Why are you suddenly asking this?” 9Cg2dw

As he went back into the cabin, he said in a soft voice, “No. It shouldn’t be like this.”

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Rosie shook her head, not knowing what strange idea he had gotten into his head now.


Everyone could feel that Ji Zuoshan was a little different now. jCN7Gb

After he returned to school, this change was particularly obvious.


His personality became a lot more cheerful. He would pull over his classmates to chat with them, regardless of whether they were from a noble family, or if they were one of those human sacrifices accompanying their young masters to school. He would also often swap pointers with his classmates, not at all stingy with giving guidance. At times, he would even make a few slightly stiff wisecracks.

Once, he ran into the classmate whose mecha he had exploded in the shooting range. 8h0ZPY

After that incident, he had transferred classes.

He purposely loaded empty shells to interfere with Chi Xiaochi’s shooting, but Chi Xiaochi, sensing his intentions, shot the gun out of his hands.

Extremely humiliated and angry, that person jumped up and shouted, “Surnamed Ji, I’ll fuck your uncle!”

Chi Xiaochi had already completely used up the energy in his energy gun. He picked a flower and placed it in the still-smoking muzzle, then hugged the gun to his chest and said, “Then I’ll thank you on behalf of my uncle.” fUD4Ct


Rumour had it, that since Ji Zuoshan had fallen out with Zhan Yanchao because of a dispute, then going by how Zhan Yanchao had treated Ji Zuoshan in the past, it would be strange if Ji Zuoshan didn’t beat him into an Omega.

Hearing about this matter, Zhan Yanling called Zhan Yanchao back home to ask about it.

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Zhan Yanchao, however, wasn’t at all affected. He was even very happy about it. “Let him. If he beats me into an Omega, then can he not want me?” x3Iksp

Even the good tempered Zhan Yanling couldn’t help but get angry. “……Do you know what an Omega is?”


The author has something to say:

The stupid bird is still in the process of growing up qwq dMjWPI

sere: big regrets now huh

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

to clarify, he’s using a metaphor to ask why CXC isn’t using the goodwill points

Translator's Note


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