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Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the Trash BinCh80.1 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (17.1)


translator: baumkuchen  editors: serefina, glitterypanda

People reached the other monitoring points one after another. Some were together, and some were on their own. wfdAI5

Zhan Yanchao was the seventh “tenth place” to arrive, and just so happened to come to the same monitoring point as Chi Xiaochi and the rest.

When he was led to the rest area and saw Rosie, Zhan Yanchao quickly looked away. But when he thought about what Rosie being here meant, his heart thudded. As soon as he turned his gaze, he saw Chi Xiaochi, who had just entered the tent, shaking the water off his hands.

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The look in Zhan Yanchao’s eyes was as if he’d seen his saviour. He walked over to him with quick steps.


When spying on him in private, Zhan Yanchao had felt like he had countless things he wanted to say to him, building up in his throat. But when he saw him, he felt as if his entire body had been hollowed out, and the only thing he could still feel was his heart that was beating faster and faster.

He adjusted his clothes, then touched his face. Only after confirming that there was no dirt on him did he squeeze out a bright smile.

Chi Xiaochi sat down. He sat down as well.

Finding that the other wasn’t trying to avoid him, Zhan Yanchao’s originally slightly stiff and ingratiating smile became a lot more relaxed.



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When they had formed a team with Zhan Yanchao in the beginning, Wang Xiaoqing didn’t have many negative feelings about him. She’d only known that Ji Zuoshan had been his human sacrifice and had left the Zhan home afterwards.

But now, after yesterday night, she wanted nothing more than to spit on this thing’s face.

Sensing her becoming restless, Rosie patted her on the leg. “Xiaoqing, let’s go.” RGZhBY

After spending so much time with Rosie, Wang Xiaoqing of course already knew what mistake she’d made in the beginning. As she stared at those two people, she whispered, “What for?”

Rosie, “The helicopter is outside. Let’s go to headquarters to see your mecha.”

Wang Xiaoqing, “I’m not going. What if that surnamed Zhan bullies Xiao Ji?”

Rosie looked at her, smiling. piCnVK

Wang Xiaoqing had a sudden realisation.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

……Al Iebrtjc’r rqlglaeji qbkfg kjr rb ragbcu. Cr ibcu jr tf kjcafv ab, tf mbeiv vlgfmais rtbmx jcsbcf bearlvf atflg wfmtjr lc atlr ilaaif wbclabglcu qblca lcab jrt klat tlr rqlglaeji qbkfg.

Dea Qjcu Wlhtbe gfwjlcfv abajiis ecjkjgf. Lf qjaafv tlr mtfra jcv rjlv, “Alf, ub klat Ebrlf-plf, P’ii tfiq Wljb Al.”

Without allowing any explanation, Wang Xiaoqing picked up the big talker Wang Xizhou and dragged him outside. TnIxa

This little thing saying that he was going to “help” Xiao Ji was as ridiculous as him saying that he was going to “donate money” to the Zhan family.

Before leaving, Wang Xiaoqing didn’t forget to forcefully flip Zhan Yanchao the bird.

Rosie laughed, then reached out and pressed down her slender middle finger, wrapping that palm in her own calloused hand as she did so, and pulling her out the tent.

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Only after these uninvolved people left did Zhan Yanchao let out a light cough.

Chi Xiaochi ignored him, looking through the prize booklet that a supervisory office staff member had given him just now.


He’d won second place. His prize was a desert-camouflage-patterned speed-type reconnaissance mecha. McAwg1

This military grade single person mecha had different specifications from Chi Xiaochi’s Blue. It was more than one hundred metres tall, with a weight of approximately one hundred tons. It had the ability to navigate through space and was equipped with heavy firepower. It had enough strength to bear jumps through space, and the amount of firepower it was equipped with was enough for an entire regiment to use.

The military didn’t have any extra large-sized mechas for students to practice with, so they usually split the students into many courses according to the various functions of the military grade mecha. These included driving through simulated space and using various kinds of light and heavy firepower, while the somatosensory mechas they usually used were used for training their close combat skills. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When they met the Zerg army from further away, using firepower to suppress them was still useful, but once they were dealing with the Zerg army up close, they could only rely on close combat to fight for their lives.

There weren’t many pilots qualified to use single-person mechas. Most were young Alphas in mechas like the one Chi Xiaochi had won, following behind the single-person mecha in a manned warship. They were like little cans placed inside a big can, staring blankly at the darkness before them, waiting for orders from above and for the doors of the cabin to open, prepared to fight to the death with the Zerg at any moment. Ud7Hmk


Finding that he had been ignored, Zhan Yanchao coughed again.

Chi Xiaochi asked him, “Is your throat itching? Do you want to drink water?”

Seeing the paper cup placed by the other’s right hand, Zhan Yanchao nodded nonstop. oBJqD

Chi Xiaochi handed him the cup of water.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhan Yanchao took quite a few sips, cherishing each one. He felt like the water was so sweet it seeped straight to his heart.

Chi Xiaochi added the second half of his sentence, “Xiao Wang drank from it before, no need to be polite.”

Zhan Yanchao choked on his mouthful of water. FJhpbz


Xiao Wang was referring to Wang Xizhou.

If not for him having to consider Ji Zuoshan’s original character, Chi Xiaochi would definitely call Wang Xizhou Da Wang.

Zhan Yanchao coughed so much he started to tear up. When he wiped his mouth, he didn’t forget to grit his teeth and glare at the cup. Only when he remembered that Xiao Ji had touched this cup did he feel a little better. MsE4X8

He held up the cup and gently rubbed the pads of his fingers against the cup’s surface, waiting for Ji Zuoshan to talk to him.

But after waiting for a long time, only then did Zhan Yanchao remember that Xiao Ji already wasn’t the Xiao Ji who was awkward with his words but would wrack his brains to think of a topic in order to avoid an awkward silence anymore.

Upon thinking of this, a slight sourness rose in his throat, choking Zhan Yanchao and making his eyes go dizzy.

He rubbed his eyes and asked softly, “First?” ck 62H


He was asking how Ji Zuoshan had placed. 

Chi Xiaochi pointed at the second mecha in the booklet.

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Zhan Yanchao, having found a conversation topic, began to become more enthusiastic. “How did that happen? You should be first.” R0V6rC

Chi Xiaochi didn’t continue the topic, “You’re seventh.”

Zhan Yanchao knew this kind of thing was about luck. If they were too far from the monitoring point, even if the team worked together it would still be useless. Thinking that his luck wasn’t bad, he puffed up his chest. “Yes.”

Chi Xiaochi, “You stole someone else’s key.”

Zhan Yanchao, “……” The smile on his face slowly disappeared. d6PUZb

He was stunned for half a moment, then hurried to explain, “No. It was another person who was alone who attacked me first…… I……”

Chi Xiaochi said, “You don’t need to explain anything to me. This is tacitly allowed in the rules.”

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Zhan Yanchao didn’t utter another word. He said in a small voice, “I’m scared that you’ll hate me.”


Chi Xiaochi looked up and stared at him for a while, smiled and shook his head, then lowered his face.

Zhan Yanchao panicked, but he didn’t dare scold him fiercely and force him away again, like he had those times before.

He’d seen enough of Ji Zuoshan leaving him. Even just thinking about it made his heart throb with pain.

If he’d known earlier that he would fall to this point, he would rather have died than let Rosie take Ji Zuoshan away in the beginning. 1 uZqs

He called out to him, his voice filled with the pain of wanting to speak but having to stop himself, “Xiao Ji.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ji Zuoshan’s attitude was indifferent, but it wasn’t to the point where he completely ignored him. Rather than that, it was more like he was talking to an ordinary classmate. “En?”

Zhan Yanchao couldn’t bear this kind of cold treatment. He reached out and grabbed his hand. “Xiao Ji, come home with me.”


Chi Xiaochi, “……” Bleurgh.

baum: another 5k+ chap, so it’s been split orz


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Translator's Note

thinking that Rosie was a guy, I’m guessing

Translator's Note

the term they used is an employee with no fixed duties, so I’m taking it as those without a role in this situation

Translator's Note

I think it’s meant to be like big bark? In line with his puppy like character

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