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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het Novels


Author: Ying A Mu (嚶阿木)
Official Publisher: JJWXC
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Translator: Lanlan
Editors: Linglong, Airy

Translations into other languages:
Indonesian translation by Akaji00

Associated names:

Summary (from Novel Updates):

There are always four kinds of people in the traditional Mary Sue world. The Male Lead, the Mary Sue female lead, the woman who never wanted to see the female protagonist live a good life, and the infatuated man willing to destroy heaven and earth to get the female lead.

However, with the rapid expansion of the army of rotten women, there is also a growing type of character, and that is a character who is also infatuated with the male lead… A male character, also referred to as the minor gay love rival. They share the same kind of infatuation as the second man, also have a tragic end and work together in hindering the male and female protagonist’s love.

Fan Yuan has walked in every time and space playing the gay man. He had always enjoyed it, until one day, with superb acting, he made the male lead bent. O (╯□╰) o

Fan Yuan (emotional confession): “I do not want to be your brother, in fact I have always loved you.”

Someone (fondly looking back): “Me too.”

Fan Yuan (⊙_⊙): “…”

You’ve got the wrong line, bro!

Translated Chapters:

Campus Cinderella

Showbiz Counterattack

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    • Count me in. Cause I love the story

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    • Hi Lanlan-san, I’m here to ask you something. Can I translate MGLR into Indonesian?
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      • I personally don’t mind as long as you credit the original author (maybe link to the Chinese raws as well?) and don’t charge any money for it or otherwise make a profit from it. If you give me the link to your blog or site I can put it on this page here so other Indonesian-speaking fans can also enjoy your translation 🙂

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