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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 5.2


Among the lower plane male leads, there was one thing in common — except for love, they were all winners in life. Whether it was the hardware or software, both were the most advanced configuration. Every single time, they would roll over all the supporting male leads and cannon fodders.

Although the readers were very happy to see such a plot, Fan Yuan, as a character in the story, felt extremely bitter. This was because the nature of these kind of character roles was to go against the female lead. As people usually say, no zuo no die, but he had no autonomy over whether he could do it or not, so he was often killed by the male lead before he had even started to do anything formally, barely having any room to struggle. SRhApC

Of course, this kind of situation had not happened since that fellow Yan Rui’s appearance, but he has been bullied by many “Dragon Proud Sky”-type male leads for too long, resulting in some small resentments that have accumulated in his heart.

So when Yuan Song, the disabled and weak male lead, appeared, Fan Yuan was extremely surprised. This man could be said to be a clear spring among many muddy men! He was not too innocent or pretentious, not being the same as those coquettish and cheap goods from outside!

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Moreover, this guy was the always strong and domineering Yan Rui. When he thought about the image of Yan Rui lying in bed unable to move and having no choice but to rely on Fan Yuan, he felt a burst of joy in his heart! What a delight! It cheered one up greatly!

Xiao Wu decisively poured cold water on him, “Ding, Xiao Wu wants to remind Master that if the male lead has been replaced by the Main God, it’s hard to say whether he will be disabled for life.” gdloE

Fan Yuan’s mouth curled up as he casually threw out a sentence, “Don’t worry, I’m the main surgeon.”

Xiao Wu: “………….” This…this means that he has the intention to meddle with the operation?


#Master is getting more and more naughty# dwjm4f


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#It’s all a habit cultivated by Main God#


#I really want light candles for the one in the emergency room# WRZSrO


Before long, Fan Yuan and the little nurse reached the emergency room together and witnessed many people blocking the door.

Observing the situation, Nurse Su raised her voice before Fan Yuan could open his mouth. “Could you all please make way? Doctor Shi is the best surgeon in this field, the patient will be in danger if the treatment is delayed.”

A short, stout lad among the crowd rushed towards Fan Yuan and grabbed his hand, uncontrollably pleading, “Doctor, you must cure Yuan Song. He is a professional tennis player, he absolutely can’t have any injuries! He is still young and has a long way to go, please try your best to cure him! ” 8rB7AI

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ktlr wjc’r jqqfjgjcmf kjr fzagfwfis vlralcma. Lf rtbeiv yf Wljb Qjcu, Tejc Vbcu’r ilaaif rtbgalf jufca lc atf bglulcji rabgs. Vfflcu tbk cfgnber tf kjr, atf wjif ifjv’r mjg jmmlvfca kjr qgbyjyis nfgs rfglber.

Mjc Tejc olcjiis ofia gfilfnfv jcv mbwobgafv klat j ufcaif abcf, “Ktlr rlg, P mjc ecvfgrajcv sbeg kbgglfr. Cr j vbmabg, jii qjalfcar jgf atf rjwf ab wf. Rb wjaafg ktfatfg atfs jgf qgbofrrlbcji afcclr qijsfgr bg bgvlcjgs qfbqif, P klii vb ws yfra ab tfiq atfw. Uifjrf kjla qjalfcais bearlvf atf bqfgjalcu gbbw.”

After he was done fronting, he made his way to the operating room in all seriousness. To his surprise, he saw that all the facilities and personnel were ready. The President had changed into his light green overalls and was talking with the big boy on the operating table.

“Xiao Song, you can be rest assured. Uncle Li and your father have been good friends for many years, I will accompany you all the way during this operation, and there will be no accidents.” uOEflN

Fan Yuan did not say a word. If he wanted to meddle a little, he was afraid to say that the old eyes of the President and the doctors and nurses present would not be able to notice a thing.

That’s right, he was that confident.

But was this guy really Yan Rui? He carefully looked at Yuan Song; a boy over 20 years old looking very pale because of the excessive blood loss, but his eyes were full of a youth’s unique vitality. The boy nodded hard at the President with a sincere and brilliant smile on his face, “Thank you Uncle Li, I believe in the doctors at your hospital.”

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Fan Yuan furrowed his brow slightly, why did he feel a little odd? aizq19

When he was about to open my mouth to test the waters with a few sentences, he suddenly heard a hoarse voice in his ear that was mixed with a hint of imperceptible teasing, “The main surgeon, is that right? Why are you staring at my little brother? Don’t tell me that you have some weird intentions?”

Fan Yuan((⊙v⊙)??): “…………”

He turned around with a wooden face and looked at the man behind him. Although he was wearing a sterile surgical suit, a disposable mask, and a disposable surgical cap, the intimidating momentum was not concealed at all. A pair of profound, deep black eyes stared at him closely, and the burning gaze almost burned his body through.

Alright, there was no need to test the waters any longer. This time, the protagonist had narrowly escaped a disaster. It was time for the supporting male to suffer. TXfKBh

The supporting male lead in this world was not the same as supporting male leads in general. Although he did not like the female lead, he played a very important role, because he was the male lead’s half brother as well as the male lead’s biggest golden finger.

Fan Yuan could barely hold back the smile emerging from the corners of his mouth. He lifted his gaze to meet the other’s, a hint of strain evident in his voice, “This gentleman, you really know how to jest. I am just observing the patient’s condition. If possible, I hope you can wait outside the operating room. Would that be alright?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

With a low smile, Yuan Cheng approached him slowly. His eyes swept across the thin waist under his white coat, “Why must I go out and wait? Can’t I stay here?”

Fan Yuan re-adjusted his spectacles and smiled politely, “I am afraid not, because it will affect my state during the operation.” NZkfea

Yuan Cheng lowered his gaze and faintly replied, “According to President Li, you are an expert in this field. You are so easily affected, can you still be called an expert?”

Che, his meaning was that he had hardened his heart to stay. Fan Yuan was too lazy to argue over such minute details any longer. He directly went to change into his surgical gown and prepared to start the operation.

The male lead was not Yan Rui, that big pervert. So how could he dare to delay any longer? If he really left any traces of injury, its after-effects would cause the plot to be troublesome.

The operation lasted over four hours, and it was already dark outside by the end of it. UpNeQc

The original host had been on duty the night before as well, so he didn’t have much rest to begin with. In the morning, he had a big operation and only ate lunch after it was finished, but he was dragged here for this emergency before he could even get some rest. His body had already reached its limit, and though his mental strength had improved, it was still a little hard to bear.

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Fortunately, he had successfully completed the task. He looked at the skin under his hands that had been stitched properly together and finally let out a sigh of relief. However, he was very clear on the fact that the male lead’s injury was too serious. Even though the operation had gone very smoothly, it would be difficult for him to stand up in the future, let alone play tennis again.

As a doctor, he could only do so much. The mental pain could only be handed over to the female lead to handle.

When he moved away from the operating table, his vision was a bit blurry. He had to steady himself before exiting the operating room. Outside the door, a large number of Yuan Song’s friends, coaches and assistants all gathered over to ask him about the progress of the operation. kR9rxc

He took off his mask and replied in a mechanical voice, “The operation went very smoothly. From here on out, it depends on his recovery. However, please make sure to psychologically prepare the patient’s family and friends. His injury is very serious. Even in the best scenario, he can only stand and walk. It is impossible to do any vigorous exercise.”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the people present went silent and some of them were already sobbing. For an athlete, this was too cruel.

When Yuan Song’s agent, Xiao Wang, originally heard that the operation had gone well, he was just about to let go of his worries. However, when he heard the doctor’s words suddenly take a dramatic turn as he said that Yuan Song could never exercise vigorously again, his mind went blank, but his body had already reacted first.

Fan Yuan was caught off guard as his shirt was seized and he was pushed onto the wall. The little ancestor roared furiously, “What kind of joke are you making?! Yuan Song is an athlete! What do you mean that he can’t exercise vigorously! It must be that you didn’t try your best to cure him! You useless doctor! Quack doctor!” A8fPtk

Other people rushed to pull him away and persuade him to come back to his senses, but his body was huge and he was very strong. It took quite some time before anyone could pull him away. Being shaken so roughly by the man, Fan Yuan felt quite disoriented, and  his back that had been slammed so hard against the wall was in excruciating pain. If he didn’t retain a trace of reason, he would have long exchanged for medicine and launched an attack.

Just as his consciousness became more and more blurry, he suddenly felt that his collar was loosened. He squinted at the front and saw a simple, casual black coat. It was clearly a low-key way of dressing, but it gave such a sharp feeling. The cold momentum was very consistent with the character design of Yuan Cheng from the original text.

At the last moment before losing consciousness, he thought——so slow, Yan Rui.

******************* nIYukb

Fan Yuan woke up late that night, and the room was very dark. He could  roughly determine that he was in the original host’s home. He relied on the memories he had received to switch on the bedside lamp, and as soon as he turned around, he saw a certain someone staring at himself with bright eyes.


He would never admit that he had just been startled. F*cking hell, if you’re a living thing, breathe for god’s sake! It really scares people to death, OK?!

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He calmed down his chaotic heartbeat and said to him angrily through the system, “Why are you here?! The male lead has suffered such a big blow. Now is the time to comfort him ah! As an elder brother, please do your duty! ” CvcbgA

A smile flashed through Yan Rui’s eyes as he put wrapped his arm around Fan Yuan’s waist and dragged the man into his embrace. He sniffed his hair gently and went off on his own without answering Fan Yuan’s words, “I’ve helped you change your shampoo. Do you like the smell of mint?”

Fan Yuan’s mouth twitched as he tried to push him away, but his struggles did little except have him rub up against a sturdy and well-proportioned muscle. For a while, he harboured monkey-feelings and horse-thoughts, yet his words remained prim and proper, “Mr. Yuan, this is my home. Isn’t it not too good for you to come here without an invitation?”

Yan Rui replied, “Today, I saved you in the hospital.”

Fan Yuan retorted with no expression on his face, “So what? I saved your little brother too. We’re considered even. ” lmuHKg

Yan Rui nodded in favour of his words, and then continued, “The elevator is broken. I climbed to the ninth floor with you on my back, and then I bathed you, washed your hair, and cooked a pot of porridge for you. I am not sure if these favours can be used to exchange for a night here.”

Fan Yuan: “………….” He just wanted to know what else this scoundrel did while he was unconscious!!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Rui naturally didn’t confess voluntarily. His expression was very upright, but his hands were not very honest. His calloused hands felt and rubbed all over Fan Yuan’s waist, causing a wave of shudders to go through his body. Just when Fan Yuan was near the edge, about to erupt, Yan Rui sat up and sincerely asked, “You must be hungry. I’ll help you grab a bowl of porridge.”

Fan Yuan: “…………” Damnit, you asshole, do you still want any face (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Vod9L5

Yan Rui scooped a small bowl of white rice porridge and personally handed it over to Fan Yuan. He leaned against the side of the bed and watched him with a burning gaze.

Fan Yuan ignored his hot gaze and stirred the porridge gently with a spoon. He scooped a spoonful into his mouth and felt that the taste was very good. It was light and fragrant; the man’s cooking skills were slightly better than his.

Speaking of his cooking skills, he suddenly remembered that he had been in a certain world where he had dug his own pit with his own porridge.

While he was eating his porridge seriously, he asked casually through the system, “That time I added salt to the porridge, you actually knew it right?” OMCH7t

Yan Rui looked up at him doubtfully and asked innocently, “What salt?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fan Yuan’s face went black. You bastard, continue pretending then! He quickly finished the bowl of porridge and put the empty bowl on the tea table by the side. He took the paper towel Yan Rui passed over and wiped the corners of his mouth, before stating very seriously, “Mr. Yuan, go back in the morning.”

Yuan Cheng shook his head and lightly rubbed his index finger over Fan Yuan’s cheek. A grain of rice appeared on his finger. Fan Yuan’s face went red, and as he was about to quibble, Yan Rui had already sent the grain into his mouth.

Fan Yuan: “…………” o(///-///)o tC9JbS

Yan Rui gently curved his lips and said slowly, “Because I fell in love with Doctor Shi at first sight, I will not leave this place for the time being.”

Translator's Note

From Sylver Translations: Internet slang used to mock the main characters who are very strong from the beginning, do things without common sense and don’t use their heads but are able to easily get rid of the enemy using their main character aura.

Translator's Note

his mind be in that gutter yoO

Translator's Note

Recall the congee scene in Chapter 2.10 :blobblush:

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    And male lead’s agent – daren… what’s with manhandling the main god’s sweetheart, huh? Do you *want* to end up worse than your client?

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