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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 4.9


Worlds where acting tasks could be executed were divided into three thousand large worlds, three thousand medium worlds and three thousand small worlds, also known as the upper plane, the middle plane and the lower plane. Whatever the level of the world, all of them were managed by the original source world.

Fan Yuan, for example, was a minor gay love rival actor, so he belonged to the supporting male group. However, due to the fact that among the supporting males there were also distinctions between levels and the nature of the acting roles, the supporting male group was divided into many departments that were carefully managed. vTPDbY

And watching over all these departments was a very mysterious organization called the Law Enforcement Group, which consisted of ten senior law enforcement advisors. The number of senior law enforcement advisors was fixed at ten, but the number of people waiting to fill the spots numbered to way more. The birth of a new law enforcement advisor had to be accompanied with the fall of an old one.

One of the ten law enforcement advisors, who was rumoured to have never been replaced, was Lord Li Yanlong, the chief advisor.

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Fan Yuan, as a small figure who had worked hard for thousands of years in the lower plane, was somewhat curious about this kind of person who only existed in legend. However, what he never expected was to actually meet the master in his own holistic assessment.

On top of that, this daren was not as cool and tyrannical as the legend stated, but was instead a little bit………cough, smart. PQ3m0p

Upon seeing the smart Lord Li Yanlong, the Chief Enforcement Advisor, calmly retrieve the immortal tool Qiankun fan with a body of ragged clothes, dirty hair and a dirty face, he looked completely like a dirty uncle. Even if one said he was a beggar, people would believe it.

Fan Yuan’s forehead scrunched up as he glanced at Yan Rui who looked arrogant and upset. Fan Yuan asked through the system, “The Li Yanlong you’re talking about is that Li Yanlong? The legendary Chief Enforcement Advisor, Lord Li?”

Yan Rui heard the disbelief in his tone as he slowly retracted his jade flute. He curled his lips and nodded, “That’s him.”

Fan Yuan closed his eyes as if his heart had dissipated into dead ash. He wanted to cover his ears and shout, “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! I absolutely don’t believe it!” F*cking hell, how could his idol appear in such a manner? Shouldn’t his appearance be more aggressive and overbearing?! Even if you couldn’t ride the seven-coloured auspicious clouds, even if you couldn’t look awe-inspiring, even if you couldn’t blind people’s eyes as soon as you came out, it should never be like this! It really destroys one’s three views on life ah!! uWLpd

Yan Rui saw that Fan Yuan seemed to have received a huge blow, and he evilly added oil and vinegar as he spoke into Fan Yuan’s ear, “He’s not only a sloppy and weird uncle, but also very, very cold and heartless, and very, very unreasonable. He’s simply a stubborn old man.”

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Fan Yuan gave a ‘uh huh’ and cast a sidelong glance at Yan Rui as he said, “You’re very clear about this, huh.”

Yan Rui immediately shut up, fawningly leaning his head on Fan Yuan’s shoulder. He coquettishly said, “Shizun, it’s not very interesting here. How about I take you to the other side of Minglan continent to play, I heard that there are some mermen and mermaids there, we can catch some and raise them back here.”

Fan Yuan ignored his crazy words and his heart became increasingly doubtful. Yan Rui seemed to really want to avoid the Chief Enforcement Advisor. If it was like this, he wanted to stay even more. He would like to see how many secrets the man still had. 5B4PeX

He waved his hand and said, “We can go around to play anytime, but shizun is very interested in that Taoist leader, why don’t we stay.”

On this side, the two⁠—shizun and disciple⁠—were deeply affectionate, but each had their own plans. On the other side, the two people drew their swords and fought like fire and water.

The Hong Wu who had just retrieved his small little life was not only ungrateful towards the benefactor that had rescued him, but also seemed to be greatly humiliated. He gritted his teeth and hatefully said, “You’re being nosy again! We had agreed that I would be allowed to choose the mission this time. Don’t tell me that the dignified Chief Advisor actually wants go back on his word?”

Li Yanlong calmly glanced at him and said with a bland expression, “This time, I didn’t come for you. Besides, you did not abide by our agreement either. If you remember, you promised to execute the mission conscientiously.” 7Ndh1Y

Hong Wu let out a ‘tsk’ and turned his face away, not looking at Li Yanlong any longer.

Li Yanlong expression turned gentle for a moment before regaining his composure and his putting his iceberg face back on, “Now is not the time to wash the Xuan Tian sect in blood, you should return to Weimin Mountain.”

Naturally, Hong Wu was reluctant. He said, “I’m not leaving. Since you have brought the immortal tool, help me kill that scoundrel.”

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Li Yanlong raised his gaze and gave a look at Yan Rui before furrowing his brow slightly, “Not possible.” 4WGMvN

Lbcu Qe xcfk atja tf kbeiv cba jugff, jcv fzqijlcfv, “Lf lr cba atf wjif ifjv. Ciatbeut atf rsrafw mjc’a vfafma jcs jcbwjilfr, atlr yjrajgv tjr atf jegj bo vfwbclm meialnjalbc, qier tlr wsralmji jgar jcv wfcaji meialnjalbc wfatbvr jgf bvv. P rerqfma atfgf lr rbwfatlcu jwlrr jwbcu jii bo atlr.”

Seeing that the man was silent, Hong Wu urgently pressed, “You don’t believe me?”

Li Yanlong’s tone sounded somewhat helpless, “No, if it were possible, I would want to destroy him as well. It’s just that it’s not possible for the time being.”

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With a sneer, Hong Wu said sharply, “There’s something even you are unable to accomplish? This is truly novel. ” 6VrRvW

Li Yanlong took a step toward him, his face still expressionless but his tone much gentler, “There are many things I can’t do, such as towards you………”

Hong Wu quickly stepped back, drawing an even larger distance between them. He yelled, “Your body is dirty as hell, stay further away from me!”

Li Yanlong stopped advancing and explained earnestly, “This is a body that I temporarily found under the mountain. The deceased was a cultivator who had no qualifications and he died of typhoid fever in the end, so his body inevitably has some odour………”

Hong Wu could not take any more and interrupted his words angrily, “Who asked you about that? I’ll give it to you, you’re tough. I’ll go back to Weimin right now!” HgQFtG

After speaking, Hong Wu took a deep look in Fan Yuan’s direction.

But what he saw was Fan Yuan carrying a light smile while interacting with Yan Rui, and there was a glimmer of cunning in his eyes. He said something that caused that terrifying man to surrender instantly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Is this man still the Gu Yuan in my memory………”

He asked himself blankly, yet, he couldn’t get the answer. Hence, he headed in the direction of the Weimin Mountain while feeling somewhat helpless. JDs5mQ

Fan Yuan witnessed Hong Wu, who was still fierce and aggressive just now, be convinced to leave in an instant, and looked at this smart Chief Advisor with a newfound respect.

Yan Rui saw that he was distracted and turned Fan Yuan’s face towards him in dissatisfaction. He re-confirmed, “Is what shizun said true? You will not play tricks on Tu’er again ba?”

Fan Yuan felt somewhat guilty, but when it came to matters like lying, one would only become more and more skilled. He furrowed his brow and said, “Whether you believe it or not is up to you.”

Sure enough, Yan Rui immediately yielded and repeatedly said, “Believe, believe, of course I believe in shizun.” 5cDtxq

Fan Yuan lowered his gaze to conceal a glimmer that flashed across his eyes, but simultaneously, he missed Yan Rui’s profound gaze that expressed a million words.

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The two men had just made an agreement, and Li Yanlong had already come over from the other side.

He completely ignored Fan Yuan’s existence and bowed down to Yan Rui in reverence and respect, paying his respects.

——This was a gesture of absolute submission. RKYG0m

Fan Yuan felt a bit square. What-what was this situation?! Chief Advisor bowed towards Yan Rui to show his submission? He really wasn’t dreaming?!

Yan Rui that fellow had tried to avoid meeting him, so Fan Yuan had subconsciously thought that Yan Rui was afraid that the Chief Advisor would condemn him. Fan Yuan had intentionally made him stay as he also wanted to take the opportunity to teach the man a lesson so that he wouldn’t fool around in the future.

But………who could explain the current situation for him?!!!

“Xiao Wu, what’s going on? Isn’t the Chief Advisor the person with the highest position in the source world? cmOG52

Xiao Wu’s mechanical prompt sounded for a long time before it rang, “Ding, regarding the hierarchy in the source world, this system has no authorisation to access such information.”

Fan Yuan wanted to break away from Yan Rui’s hold and stay a little further away. Due to the fact that the Lord Chief Advisor had still maintained his previous posture, it was a bit rude for Fan Yuan to stand here.

However, Yan Rui refused to let go. He looked at Li Yanlong coldly and did not speak, and the two men remained in a stalemate for a long time. This kind of atmosphere was so weird that Fan Yuan couldn’t help but poke Yan Rui’s arm, telling him to quickly reciprocate.

Yan Rui raised a handsome eyebrow and grabbed Fan Yuan’s bewitching finger, pulling it over to give it a little kiss on the lips. QRM2P3

Fan Yuan: “……….” F*cking hell, he really didn’t mean it like that!

Yan Rui saw Fan Yuan’s stoic face begin to loosen at last. Only then did he break out in a laugh and ask Li Yanlong, “What do you want?”

Li Yanlong straightened up and looked at Yan Rui indifferently. His tone was still very cold and the respect from his actions previously were completely imperceivable.

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“To request you to go back.” 5qf8Io

Yan Rui’s face still carried a smile, but his gaze directed towards Li Yanlong emanated frost. He slowly said, “When did it become your turn to stick your nose in my business?”

Li Yanlong didn’t seem to notice that he was angry, and still slowly replied, “After you left, all the work left behind, I’ve been doing it all.”

He only said this one sentence, and Yan Rui decisively fell silent.

Fan Yuan raised the corners of his mouth, so…that’s why he wanted to avoid the Lord Chief Advisor?! The boss was lazy and ended up being caught by his subordinate, what kind of style was this? You a**hole, do you dare to be even more irresponsible ah?! VpabAX

He suddenly thought back to the time when he hadn’t died yet, and heard a divine song in his world.

“Huang He, the owner of the Wenzhou Jiangnan Leather Factory , ate, drank and gambled. He owed 350 million yuan and ran away with his sister-in-law……”

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Fan Yuan wanted to cover his face, it was too immoral.

However, Yan Rui was Yan Rui, his moral compass was not comparable to Fan Yuan’s. Not only did he not feel guilty, he even confidently said to Li Yanlong with self-righteousness, “You can split the work among those few guys.” 1bQcDj

“Because I couldn’t contact you all this while, I couldn’t ascertain your safety. Cheng Wei, Hughes and Ming Qi have been looking for traces of you outside. Who knows which world Old Bai and Miao Miao went to for their honeymoon. The remaining bunch haven’t stopped working, if the work is passed on to them, the law enforcement team has the ability to change who’s in charge tomorrow.”

He uttered such a statement entirely in a declarative tone. Fan Yuan couldn’t hear a trace of complaint or discontent, but he felt the fiery rage coming from Li Yanlong’s face. Only a bastard like Yan Rui could calmly ignore it.

Yan Rui didn’t feel ashamed, even laughing softly as he said, “Let me see if they have the ability to…change who’s in charge. By the way, you can take a vacation for yourself. This period of time has been hard on you.”

Li Yanlong’s rigid iceberg face had a slight rupture, but he quickly returned to normal, confirming, “Are you serious?” c76qrX

Seeing him nod his head, Li Yanlong asked again, “The accident that time………”

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Yan Rui interrupted him, his voice low as he said in an unhurried manner, “I will naturally settle these accounts, let them enjoy themselves for a while first.”

——For Heaven to want to destroy it, there must first be madness.

Li Yanlong nodded and said calmly, “I understand.” tD7MU2

With a few words, he sent away the Chief Advisor. Yan Rui tightly embraced his own dearly beloved shizun, showering him with all kinds of coquettish caresses and taking little advantages from him, but he still failed to stop Fan Yuan’s intentions to make him f*ck off.

That fellow’s mouth didn’t have a single shred of truth, no wonder he could calmly collapse the plots of a good few worlds, no wonder his physical strength value could break through the sky, no wonder his cultivation speed was Heaven-defying.

In the short span of ten years, he had risen from a mere mortal to late-stage Dujie, HAHA! This was already no longer a strange miracle, this was called god’s miracle! Wasn’t it a godly miracle? This dude should be the legendary Main God ba!

Fan Yuan also felt it was weird—how could an organization possibly have ten big BOSSes? This was already Heaven-defying enough, they could provoke war in mere minutes! It turns out that the behind-the-scenes BOSS was so hidden that there had never been any news of him. gdhEF5

What male lead actor, this scoundrel actually let him misunderstand for so long, never explaining anything! Fan Yuan only had one problem now, and that was—where was the original male lead?

Previously, he had already thought it odd. An actor could only enter roles that had data loss or damage, like those with missing souls. However, this fellow could chase him every single time, it was way too strange. It couldn’t be that in every single world, each male lead had met an accident, right? If it were so, Fan Yuan could simply change his name to Conan!

As for the issue of the system being unable to detect this, he didn’t feel complicated about it any longer. This fellow’s golden finger was so thick and strong, it was way too simple if he wanted to cover up the whole issue.

Hearing Fan Yuan’s doubt, Yan Rui calmly replied, “The rest have gone off to where they’re supposed to go. ” PmYrVf

Fan Yuan: “……….” HEY, explain things clearly ah!


#As expected, it was I who was too naive orz#

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


#Male lead daren, really sorry to have dragged you down QAQ#


#Never would have thought that the Main God is actually the shameless pervert!#

gy MHf

Translator's Note

I’ll be italicising this to refer to this version of ‘smart’. It doesn’t literally mean ‘smart’ in this case, it’s just a loanword. It actually has a pejorative meaning to refer to people with punkish styles: and they are usually regarded as scruffy or lower-class which obviously shouldn’t be the case lmao let ppl dress however they want~

Translator's Note

respectful version of ‘you’ used here

Translator's Note

So this is a legit song by Dong Junyang. part of the Divine Songs of Jiangnan Leather Factory that spawned from this incident. Not sure why it’s divine, but here’s the general gist of the real story is similar to what the lyrics let in on. However, I don’t think the debt of the factory amounts to 350 million. It’s 230. He also ran away with his wife instead I think? But the general idea is that this caused a lot of issues for the company that lasted for many years and presumably negative impacts on other factories in Wenzhou as well.

Translator's Note

The meaning of this quote is something from Laozi, pretty legendary philosopher. It’s trying to say that if you act in ways that are too unruly, there will be retribution (from the Heavens). The quote is trying to teach people humility.

Translator's Note

yea…it’s the Conan we all know…DETECTIVE CONAN!! It’s probably because every world he goes to, there’s a murder, hence the reference lol

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