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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 4.8


Fan Yuan stood at an elevated position, wordlessly looking at two figures in front of him. One figure in white and the other in xuan fought fiercely back and forth, and Fan Yuan’s heart secretly felt anxious.

From the looks of it, Yan Rui seemed to have taken his words to heart. Although his blows were vicious, he made sure to avoid all of Hong Wu’s vital points, conjuring water without any traces. However, the other scoundrel didn’t know what was good for himself and ruthlessly attacked, as if he would only be willing to cease if Yan Rui was put to death. qwIlBc

Fan Yuan inwardly broke out in cold sweat. If things continued going on like this, it was hard to say whether Yan Rui could hold himself back anymore.

Who knew when Immortal Shangxian had already walked over to his side, but by the time Fan Yuan noticed, the old bastard was already clicking his tongue next to him, stating in a tone of pleasant surprise, “I didn’t expect ah, didn’t expect, that my Xuan Tian sect would actually have such a talented young man. Immortal Luoxia, is this your disciple?”

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Fan Yuan had been irritated to begin with, and was only further annoyed when looking at the face of this old fox, but the guy was the Sect Master. A Peak Lord such as himself who was still under the guy’s shelter had to still depend on him for a living. Thus, Fan Yuan had no choice but to hold back his temper and reply, “He is precisely this one’s inferior disciple, Sect Master has overpraised. This child’s qualifications are pretty good and he is willing to work hard. For him to be able to have today’s achievements, Lin is already very gratified.”

Immortal Shangxian nodded in a seemingly understanding manner, “From what I can see, he is a good child, it’s just that he looks quite young. Even if he was god-blessed with the talent of Xuan Tian’s founder, I’m afraid it’s hard to have such achievements. May I ask if he has had any fortuitous encounters?” D6slev

Fan Yuan felt completely helpless, the old thing had asked in such an obscure manner, but in fact, his hidden meaning was already very obvious. No matter how talented and sharp-witted an 18-year-old boy was, no matter how diligent he was to progress, he would not be able to reach the Dujie stage of cultivation. If such a thing really happened, there was only one possibility, that is, he had been possessed by a superior person.

Possessing someone was a matter that would damage one’s virtue, and it had always been criticized in the cultivation realm. Once a person who seized a body has been discovered, it was necessary to expel them from the original body, regardless of who the possessor when they were still alive.

Fan Yuan darted a glance at the old fox who was smiling at him with squinted eyes and felt his head ache greatly. He blamed Yan Rui that scoundrel for stirring up trouble when there was none, leaving this mess for him clean up!

He pondered for a moment and suddenly turned his face, walking over to Immortal Shangxian’s side and whispering something into his ear. xZTmUn

“My Tu’er has none other than the qualifications of single mutated ice spiritual roots.”

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After vaguely brushing over this point, Fan Yuan stopped speaking, not looking at Shangxian’s suddenly widened eyes as well as his face that was as if he had seen ghosts, no, more precisely, seen the gods.

The mutated ice roots that had never emerged in a millennium had suddenly appeared on a teenager who was suspected of being possessed. Such a possibility was much food for thought.

Although Immortal Xuantian had passed away thousands of years ago, his position in the minds of the Xuan Tian sect members did not diminish as time flew by, and had even long since elevated from the human category and become akin to that of a god. 1KunXJ

If this possessed person was Lin Xuantian, Immortal Shangxian would naturally keep everyone’s mouths shut as tight as a jar. Some peak lords from Po Yun sect and Guan Lan sect had managed to retain their consciousness during the conflict, so if this matter was publicised, it would inevitably attract trouble. But now he didn’t need to worry about these things anymore, the old fox would definitely try every method possible to solve it quietly.

It was a long while before Immortal Shangxian regained his senses. He eagerly moved closer to Fan Yuan, suppressing his wild excitement as he whispered, “Immortal Luoxia, is what you said true?”

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When Immortal Shangxian glanced over carefully, sure enough, he saw Yan Rui holding a bamboo flute glimmering with golden light. He pondered for a moment, then uttered with surprise, “Could this be?! Could this be……….” He quickly swallowed and marveled, asking with a hushed voice, “Is this the jade flute that has been missing for thousands of years?”

Fan Yuan slightly nodded, then chuckled lightly and flattered, “Sect Master has good eyes.”

In this world, except for that person, who else would be able to find the jade flute? Naturally, Immortal Shangxian was no longer doubtful, and instead quivered with excitement. How could he still maintain his shrewd fox appearance of the past? He muttered, “It’s truly the founding ancestor’s return! It’s truly the founding ancestor ah!!”

Fan Yuan saw him transform in an instant from an experienced and astute Sect Master into a diehard fanboy. Fan Yuan was really worried that the man’s IQ would soon go offline as well. He tried to maintain his composure as he reminded, “Currently, he is simply my disciple. His name is Xu Moran, not some founding ancestor. Sect Master should remember this clearly, and by no means utter incorrect statements.” N1YfbW

When Immortal Shangxian heard Fan Yuan say these words, as expected, he recovered some of his reason. He nodded his head gravely and solemnly assured, “Immortal Luoxia’s words are reasonable, very reasonable. These vulgar things, I will cleanly resolve them myself and definitely not allow founding ancestor to be put in a difficult position.”

Although the top three sects had always been allies, in fact, their internal relations were very delicate. The explanation was very simple, it was simply that Xuan Tian sect was the lone dominant sect, while the other two were foils in contrast. Especially in the past hundred years, the top names of the cultivation realm rankings⁠—six or seven out of ten⁠—were from Xuan Tian sect. This was evident when one looked at the cultivators who had managed to retain their consciousness, having to be Soul Formation stage and above—it was clear that the majority were from said sect.

However, despite the inner gunpowder taste being very strong, the top three sects had maintained a superficial harmony over these few years, never really provoking trouble on the surface. This was thanks to Immortal Shangxian, this smiling tiger. He was very talented in managing the sect and skilled in communicating with those outside, so the other two sects who were unconvinced had no choice but to be convinced.

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Hence, when Fan Yuan heard the Sect Master daren solemnly make such a guarantee, he could at long last be relieved and dedicate his attention to observing the fight. SlBTY1

Mentioning the other side, Hong Wu had fought till his eyes had gone murderously red, his blows incomparably lethal and vicious as he sent fatal strokes towards Yan Rui.

The system hurriedly reminded him, “May Master please remain calm. If the son of fate dies, the consequences will be very serious.”

“Son of fate?” Hong Wu let out a loud sneer of disdain, “How could he be the son of fate? It just dawned upon me who he is, I have seen him in another world. Although we did not interact much, his gaze is too familiar. He is definitely not the original host, even if he is killed here it probably doesn’t matter. ”

“The system is unable to detect any anomalies regarding the male lead, the Master might have gotten carried away in anger and made an error in judgment.” 4ddQuU

Hong Wu’s eyes were blood-red, “I would never recognise the wrong person!”

How could he not recognise that man’s gaze………

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At Gu Yuan’s funeral, that man carried a gaze as if he had seen dead things and stared at him. That man only said two sentences, but they were enough to completely defeat his spirit, becoming the nightmare he could never escape from every night.

“Who was it that killed Xiao Yuan? Don’t tell me that you don’t know.” R9bTOM

Even though he had executed missions for hundreds of years, he still couldn’t forget that kind of deep despair and powerlessness that made him feel as if he was thrown in a freezing river, sinking gradually.

Initially, he was just an ordinary person. The part of him that differed from others was that he had realised very early that he liked the same sex, not the opposite one. Later on, a traffic accident took his life, and he miraculously came to life in a novel. It was a Mary Sue romance story that he had bought by mistake, and he had transmigrated into the novel as a little triad prince of the same name, Yu Kai.

At that time, he didn’t know that the novel had a sequel, or that he would be the ultimate BOSS. He simply cherished this hard-won second chance at life and earnestly lived his life every day.

Perhaps it was because life was so dull, or perhaps it was because there was a person in the novel that liked the same sex just like him, but nonetheless, he felt curious. He gradually began to approach Gu Yuan and teased him from time to time in the naive way that high school boys would, wanting to see how Gu Yuan would react. jGDT6H

Gu Yuan was always very silent, regarding his provocations and malicious attempts to pick faults soundlessly and never giving any response. Yu Kai felt that things had become more interesting. He always wanted to test where the boy’s bottomline lay, he wanted to see Gu Yuan show a different expression. Yu Kai thought, that would definitely cause himself to be surprised.

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After that, Gu Yuan finally revealed his sharp claws to him, like a domineering kitten who clearly had no aggression, but could not tolerate other people infringing on his pride.

At that moment, he noticed that his heart had moved. It had moved towards that boy who had a serious brother complex.

However, he had read the original story and knew very clearly that all of the boy’s love was given to his brother, that abominable man. 4W1uGD

Watching him fall further into the abyss of incest day by day, Yu Kai wanted to save him, but he was helpless. Jealousy had turned him into an ugly devil. It was all until that day, where he felt like he was possessed and actually wanted to force him.

Following that, something happened that caused him to break down.

After the collapse of that world, if he hadn’t been lucky enough to be chosen by the people above, learning about the matter of the plot and the actors, he would have died thinking that his atrocities had hurt the sensitive and delicate boy, causing the boy’s spirit to be unable to bear the burden and resort to suicide.

In fact, for hundreds of years, he had often wondered who had he fallen in love with. Was it the original Gu Yuan, that string of data, or this soul with its own autonomy, but was always acting—Fan Yuan. 7ivRVo

Later on, he thought it through. He realised that it didn’t really matter who it was, he had pined and felt guilty for an entire lifetime. Since Fan Yuan was still alive, Yu Kai had to take care of himself as well.

As for the man whose origin was unknown, he had to die even more!

That same gaze, once again remaining by Fan Yuan’s side, how could there be that many coincidences in the world? It was that man that forced Fan Yuan away, but let Yu Kai feel guilty for decades. Even if Yu Kai had made a mistake in the beginning, this man’s intentions were simply too insidious, he absolutely could not forgive him!

Yan Rui saw that the killing intent in Hong Wu’s eyes become more and more intense. It was as if he wanted to kill him even if he lost his own life in the process. For a while, Yan Rui was in a dilemma. He had promised Fan Yuan to spare him from death, but that would be hard to keep to if this scoundrel kept pressing on relentlessly. JRrX2f

However, a sword had no eyes, if he killed by mistake, it shouldn’t be his fault, right? Xiao Yuan would definitely be able to understand.

The coldness in Yan Rui’s eyes became increasingly stern. The jade flute in his hands shone brightly and it turned into a sword that emitted a golden light. He looked at Hong Wu with a cold smile on his lips—the underlying meaning was very obvious.

He silently moved his lips and uttered a single word, “Farewell.”

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Hong Wu was stunned. It was too late for him to take back the silent blazing saber and defend himself. He could only watch as sharp golden blade stabbed towards him. FSsyOH

Fan Yuan had been watching the situation here all along. He understood Yan Rui. He was not the kind of person who let others push him around. He definitely wouldn’t be able to hold back. Seeing that the situation had changed, he quickly recited a wind incantation and instantly appeared at Yan Rui’s side, wanting to stop him.

This was the advantage of having a single wind-type spiritual root—his speed was extremely fast.

But someone was faster than him.

A cultivator clad in shabby robes appeared out of thin air between Yan Rui and Hong Wu just like that. xhIZYk

An enlarged Qiankun Fan blocked the attack from the two men in an instant, causing an enormous tremor to rumble through heaven and earth. All the cultivators who were still watching the fight, Soul Formation stage and above, could not sustain it anymore as they vomited blood and collapsed.

Fan Yuan was protected by Yan Rui and escaped from the disaster. He vaguely heard Yan Rui interrupt, “You actually brought the immortal tool over, Li Yanlong.”

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Fan Yuan felt that his brain was buzzing. If he didn’t know who Li Yanlong was, his acting for so many years would be all in vain.

Li Yanlong—among the senior law enforcement advisors, was it not the name of the Chief Law Enforcement Advisor? ibkJHh

Just a reminder, I’ve uploaded the nsfw scene for Chapter 4.5 for those who are keen on reading it. ♡

Translator's Note

red and black

Translator's Note

Chinese slang to describe the hostility among the 3 sects, and more specifically what we would refer to a bitter taste in your mouth.

Translator's Note

Qian kun refers to Heaven & Earth.

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