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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 5.3


Fan Yuan was once again stunned by Yan Rui’s lack of a bottom line. Even such shameless words were not beyond him. What love at first sight………he was really….really SHAMELESS!

He turned away from the other’s direct gaze, looking into space as he gave a firm refusal, “I’m sorry, I’m not gay, it’s not possible between us.” EAjfSe

Yan Rui pretended not to see the redness peeking through the tips of Fan Yuan’s ears, casually sweeping his gaze across the exquisite curve of his neck. A glint of black light flashed across his eyes, and he let out a chuckle, “I’m afraid Doctor Shi doesn’t know me well enough. For someone like me, the two words I dislike the most are “giving up”. In the future, there are plenty of opportunities for Doctor Shi to slowly understand this. ”

Upon hearing what he said, Fan Yuan felt a bit anxious. This was because his character was very important this time, being especially crucial in the early and late stages of the plot. Such rash actions from Yan Rui’s would affect the plot.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Speaking of this world’s plot, it was like a breath of fresh air that made Fan Yuan feel pretty satisfied. Even from the perspective of the original host, he did not feel that there was any resentment or unfairness, it was simply that destiny did not allow it.

As the perfect man in the eyes of all the women in the hospital, the original host Shi Yuan naturally had many good qualities, such as being conscientious, responsible, and devoted to his job. Of course, he also paid close attention to the patients who he had performed surgery on, especially people like the male lead who were handsome and sunny big boys. No one could be indifferent to such a character, but he never thought that through their day-to-day interactions, his heart would gradually waver for the male lead. EKZGPa

In a sense, the original host was not gay, because before the male lead appeared, he had no thoughts about other men. However, he did not have any interest in women either, so he very cooly accepted the fact that he was bent.

He was a man who demanded perfection in everything. He only dared to act after he found out that Yuan Song had no girlfriend and no set sexual orientation. He first approached him as a close friend to open his heart. Yuan Song was not impervious to such an excellent man as an elder brother, so they gradually become good friends.

If the story went on smoothly like this, it wouldn’t be a BG story but a BL one. It was a pity that the a huge mountain appeared in the way of the original host’s pursuit of love. That’s right, this person was precisely Yuan Cheng.

Yuan Cheng was the male lead’s half brother. Towards this sole little brother of his, he would always dote on him, thus he was the first one to notice Shi Yuan’s intentions. He did not want his brother to be entangled with a homosexual, so he transferred Yuan Song from the hospital back to their home, and asked the medical staff to go over to take care of him. 2YNz68

Although the original host felt unresigned, he had no way to stop Yuan Cheng. He was only a doctor, so he was in no position to dictate the decisions of Yuan Song’s family members. He could only accept the sad news in silence.

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Fortunately, Yuan Song had already regarded him as a good friend and occasionally called to chat with him after he had moved back home. Hence, it was not odd or sudden for the original host to visit him during the weekend. This kind of situation was considered more satisfactory for Shi Yuan. It was a very difficult thing for a man to pursue a man. After all, not everyone was as shameless as Yan Rui.

Although he had been extremely satisfied for a long time, this great mountain of an onii-san still stood firmly in his way and naturally would not let things go as Shi Yuan wished. One of the times when Shi Yuan went to visit Yuan Song, he happened to bump into Yuan Cheng. Who knew how dissatisfied Yuan Cheng was with the original host. He expressed his thoughts directly and asked the original host to stop harassing his younger brother again.

It was a bitter pill for the original host to swallow, but he had always been very rational. He knew that Yuan Cheng was a famous writer and had a wide network of people, so it was not a good idea to confront him head on. Moreover, if Yuan Song knew about this in advance, it would only waste all these days of his hard work. As a result, he had no choice but to lower his  banners and muffle his drums, and think of some other another way. j5sP2o

What he did not expect was that when he had found another chance to get close to Yuan Song, the female lead appeared, because the official plot had begun.

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The female lead, Yue Feng, was a probationary psychologist as well as the male lead’s fan. When she first learned that he had gotten into an accident, she had already been worried. Later on, her classmates working in the orthopaedic department disclosed to her that Yuan Song, the professional tennis player, had suffered a serious leg injury and would never recover in his life. As a fangirl of the male lead, with a heart of pain, the woman decided to take care of him in this life and help him out of the bleak haze.

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Thus, the original host had already lost the game of love before he had even started his attack, it was truly a tragic story. Who let him be a supporting male? Who let this be a BG story? As a gay man, he could only be a passerby in this tale of love. fRuVNH

However, the original host’s role did not end here, because he accidentally learned a secret, that was, the male lead’s accident was not an accident at all, but a premeditated attack. His heart still couldn’t let go of Yuan Song, so he secretly investigated the matter and finally found out the truth.

It turned out that the real perpetrator was Madam Lu, Yuan Cheng’s biological mother.

She and Mr. Yuan had lived abroad ever since their divorce. Later on, in a tennis match, she saw Yuan Song. She had always held a grudge against Yuan Song’s mother, thinking that her husband had been robbed from her by that woman. She was worried that history would repeat itself, that everything belonging to her son would also be robbed away by that woman’s son, so she paid someone to cause the accident.

When the truth was revealed, the one who felt most painful was undoubtedly Yuan Cheng. His biological mother had taken away his brother’s dream and endless possibilities in the future. Madam Lu married an American and had been living abroad for many years. So naturally, she could continue living her life in peace. However, as her son, he had to spend the rest of his life atoning for her sins. TnqGZh

Although Shi Yuan didn’t like Yuan Cheng, he reluctantly agreed to keep it a secret. After all, Yuan Song had deep feelings for this brother. If he knew that Yuan Cheng had been carrying the guilt to atone for his mother, he would definitely feel extremely upset.

Of course, the issue was discovered by the female lead in the end and she told the male lead. After that, the two brothers got into a huge fight, reconciled, and pushed the story towards the grand happy ending.

Long story short, Fan Yuan’s mission this time was very important. He not only needed to be a doctor, a warm-hearted big brother, but also an excellent detective. No one could be busier than him!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

If Yan Rui dared to do mess anything up for him, hmph hmph, he would see. UJ72zq

“Yan Rui, we agreed on this, you should cooperate with me and follow the plot,” he said seriously through the system.

Yan Rui replied, “That goes without saying, I keep to my words. But that has no contradiction with my pursuit of you.”

He was clearly trying distorting the right with specious words. Seeing Fan Yuan’s eyebrows twist, Yan Rui went on, “I guarantee that Shi Yuan’s plot and the main plot will not go off course. Is that okay?”

Fan Yuan’s eyes lit up with some disbelief as he skeptically asked, “Are you serious?” oY8fLi

The corners of Yan Rui’s mouth curved up as he put down a pillow for Fan Yuan to lie down, and carefully tucked in the corners of the quilt for him.

“Of course it’s true. Anyway, my character role is intended to cause trouble for you and keep you away from Yuan Song. Whatever reason behind that doesn’t really matter since it will never affect the plot. But if I can help you, shouldn’t you give me some sweetness”

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Fan Yuan’s eyes flashed with a smile. As expected, this scoundrel was unwilling to eat any less, but if he was willing to listen, giving a little sweetness wasn’t too impossible. He said helplessly, “Got it. After going through the plot, I’ll give you the rest of my time.”

Yan Rui shook his head and said extremely seriously, “That matter goes without saying. It’s not any kind of sweetness.” 0mc9SF

Fan Yuan initially assumed that he would be very happy to receive such a promise, but he didn’t expect this kind of reaction. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and say, “What else do you want?”

Yan Rui came close to his ear, and the hot breath from his nose brought out a touch of eroticism, “Baby, how about you let me eat meat?”

Fan Yuan subconsciously wanted to pry away the quilt and sit up to beat him, but he was pressed on across the quilt with his arms locked. The guy laughed innocuously, “Calm down, don’t OOC.”

Fan Yuan: %$&@¥%#[email protected]& dknQXz

F*cking hell, he still dared to mention ooc?! Yuan Cheng’s character was designed to be a serious and indifferent young writer. What was up with him falling in love with a man at first sight! He even had skin that was thick enough to want to live in other people’s houses. What happened to saving face? Ah?!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Rui spoke with a long drawl, “I’ve already sent a text message to my assistant, he’ll bring my luggage tomorrow morning.”

Fan Yuan gritted his teeth and reminded him, “Did I agree to this? Isn’t Mr. Yuan being a bit too casual? We haven’t even known each other for 24 hours yet, I’m afraid we’re not familiar enough to live together. ”

Yan Rui said shamelessly, “I’ve already helped you bathe. Since I’ve seen your body, of course I will take responsibility.” dIWLpT

Fan Yuan was so angry that he wanted to yell at him “I am a man, I don’t need you to take responsibility!”, but suddenly his lips were pressed down by an index finger. Yan Rui fussed over him, “Be good, you were exhausted yesterday. The sky hasn’t even brightened and you woke up again.”

After speaking, he took the empty bowl Fan Yuan had eaten out of and left the bedroom. Fan Yuan stared at the ceiling, grinding his teeth till it made his teeth ache.

It wasn’t that he disliked Yan Rui, but it was really uncomfortable to be suppressed by him every time! All in all, he was still a man, why was he always at a disadvantage every time!

He turned over and covered his face under the quilt, his heart still indignant and disturbed. 7pJOxG

“Eat meat? F*ck you and your meat!”


The next morning, Yan Rui’s assistant did his best to help deliver all his luggage, one by one. Fortunately, Fan Yuan’s house was spacious enough, otherwise it would not be able to hold this many things.

Fan Yuan couldn’t help but rub his chin when he looked at his house filled with cardboard boxes. Didn’t this fellow Yan Rui have way too many things? Could it be that there was some hidden secret? fvVh5B

Yan Rui went down to move his luggage, so he would not be able to come back for a while. Fan Yuan’s lips raised in a cunning smile and grabbed the pen knife beside him, opening up a big cardboard box only to see two sets of identical pajamas on top. He glanced at it bemusedly, and found that the label had not been cut yet. Was this newly bought?

Curiously, he picked them up to take a look, and found that this one was in his size while the other was slightly larger………. Fan Yuan’s hands shook, causing the clothes to fall to the ground as he retreated hurriedly as if he saw a formidable enemy. No second glance was given to the two sets of pajamas as he turned and went directly to the bathroom.

Yan Rui moved in the last box and saw that Fan Yuan was sitting on the sofa quietly drinking water, seemingly a little absent-minded. He glimpsed at the two sets of clothes on the ground. How couldn’t he know the reason for this.

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He shook his head in amusement and picked up one of the pajamas while walking over to Fan Yuan. He asked in a gentle voice, “You saw it? Come here and see if it fits. ” xK0BPv

Fan Yuan face went red as he stood up, “Try…try what clothes! I’m going to work. Before I come back, you have to tidy up the whole house!”

He hurriedly ran out after spouting such words, and even forgot to close the door. Yan Rui stared at his back as if in thought.


#Was this him being shy, shy, or shy?# O1tpMg


#Just a pair of couple pajamas could please his love, wasn’t he a bit too easy to coax?#

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


#If he unpacked all his luggage, would he be so moved that he would offer himself up?# 2piUeh

Translator's Note

T/N: possibly pansexual?

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  1. So many violations of their duties as a doctor and patient and a psychologist and patient… It hurts me.

    Also, wow, this ML leaves no questions about his intentions.