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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 3.6


Fan Yuan stared at the male lead’s natural and unrestrained back as he left. He almost wanted to stretch out his Erkang hand, roaring out, “Male lead, don’t go! Let us gaze at the stars and moon, and chat about the wind, flowers and snow. We can talk about our ideals and aspirations in life, is! That! Okay!”

However, in reality, he could only helplessly watch as Pei Qi disappeared from his line of sight. As the wind blew, he felt like tears would flow out. qHgwS0

“Xiao Wu, why do I feel like tonight’s North wind is especially cold. Even my chest feels chilly.”


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Seeing that he didn’t move an inch, Cui Hong who was waiting by his side kindly reminded him, “Young Master Xiao, Master is waiting for you in the bedroom. I am afraid it is not very wise to let Master wait.”

Fan Yuan came back to his senses as soon as he heard these words. Not only was he ungrateful, he also gave Cui Hong a vicious glare. With slow steps, he headed for the bedroom, murmuring with dissatisfaction, “Your family’s Master is simply too willful. He’s already grown up so big, but he still needs people to serve him for a bath. He thinks he’s still a child ma.” VkerDq

Cui Hong, as the person nearest to him, heard Fan Yuan’s words clearly. He wiped the cold sweat dripping from his forehead, meditating inwardly, “I didn’t hear anything, absolutely nothing at all………”

Fan Yuan reached Pei Qi’s bedroom while his heart hesitated repeatedly. In the end, he still mustered up his courage and knocked on the door.

He comforted himself: Gu Qi, that bastard, was too young. His mind that was full of vigor and vitality had also been unstable, so it was very normal for him to have become bent when one was not careful. 

But Pei Qi was different ah. This rascal grew up in the military camp ever since he was young. There was the saying that soldiers were ruffians, so he was surely not pure. Who knows, he may have done even more scandalous things, so why did he need to worry? pm1Br6

Moreover, the appearance of the original host in this world could barely be considered beautiful. It could not be compared to Gu Yuan’s exquisite and beautiful face, so how could he hit the bullseye just like that? Actually, it was completely unnecessary for him to overthink this.

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As he prepared himself in his heart, Fan Yuan naturally relaxed much more. He patiently waited for Pei Qi to summon him in. After waiting for a long time, no reply came from inside, so he let himself in by pushing open the door.

It wasn’t his first time entering the male lead daren’s bedroom. Once upon a time, he had frequently patronised this area when he was a “gardener”. Following that, he had no reason to come again as he had begun to be used for more important matters. In a flash, a good few months had already passed by, so he actually felt a bit unfamiliar with the space.

He relied on his blurry memories and headed for the bathing pool. Pei Qi’s bedroom passed through a geothermal spring, and it provided a continuous supply of natural hot spring water every day, twenty-four seven.  wz54VS

Initially, he was still very envious of the male lead’s luxurious amenity. But now that he too  had the chance to enjoy it, he felt extremely unwilling instead. It really made people unable to help but sigh out a sentence of “The Heavens are playing with people ah!”.

As he slowly approached the hot spring bathing pool, Fan Yuan could faintly hear the sound of water. It was evident that Pei Qi had already entered the pool and was currently washing himself. He thickened his skin and walked in.

Pei Qi’s ink black hair was scattered all over as he stood in the pool. His beautiful yet unexaggerated abdominal muscles were vaguely visible through the light vapour, while a pair of strong shoulders casually leaned on the warm stone wall. It was as if he was a sleeping panther—sexy, yet dangerous.

His pair of eyes that were originally shut slowly opened when he heard the sound of Fan Yuan entering the room. His deep, black pupils swept across Fan Yuan, and he let out a complaint, “So slow, you let this prince wait till I almost got irritated.” dCrfw5

Fan Yuan was shocked to the point that he was a little stunned by the beautiful scenery in front of his eyes. On top of that, he heard Pei Qi’s coquettish tone, and he actually felt the illusion that he was being seduced.

He swallowed his saliva; The main point was that he seemed to really be seduced. F*ck, he couldn’t really be bent ba………No, no, no, this was absolutely not possible! He was known as the first straight man in the supporting male group, so straight to the point that he couldn’t be more straight. A! Straight! Male! Ah!

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Fan Yuan pulled himself together, as he fearfully replied, “This subordinate was late in coming, may wangye forgive me.”

Ufl Hl lwqjalfcais lcafggeqafv tlw, “Jbwf bnfg jcv tfiq atlr qglcmf kjrt tlr yjmx.” pwOR9k

Fan Yuan was extremely shocked. At this moment, he felt that his legs weighed over a thousand kilograms; even moving forward a small step was extremely difficult. He was very worried, once he advanced this small step, would it become the huge step that was at the historic level of stirring his foundations? Because currently, the frequency of his heartbeats were slightly abnormal ah!

“Xiao Wu, why do I feel that my mouth is parched and my tongue is scorched, like there’s a fire burning in my heart? This is too abnormal, I’m an absolute straight man ah!”

Wljb Qe lwwfvljafis gfqilfv, “Glcu, jmmbgvlcu ab atf gfreiar bo atf rsrafw’r rmjc, Zjrafg’r ybvs mbcajlcr rbwf agjmfr bo jqtgbvlrljm. Dfmjerf bo atf tlutfg afwqfgjaegf lc atf gbbw, la tjr jigfjvs rajgafv ab ajxf foofma. Wljb Qe rqfmeijafr atja atf Sjrafgc Ujijmf’r klcf tjv yffc ajwqfgfv klat.”

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Fan Yuan was startled, “What, the wine was tampered with?! The male lead drank quite a few jars! No wonder he’s so unusual tonight, acting as if he’s drunk yet not drunk. The Crown Prince is really too treacherous. Quickly help me exchange points for an antidote, I want two portions!” 28MugT

“Ding………This kind of drug has no antidote. There are only two ways—to let it out, or bear with it.”

Fan Yuan exploded for a moment, “Bear with it?! This is an aphrodisiac, to bear with it is easier said than done!”

Just as he wanted to let out a few more sentences of complaint to divert his attention, a sturdy chest suddenly appeared in front of him. On top of the healthy, wheat-coloured chest, a few beads of water were rolling down. Hair that was as black as ink hung loosely on one shoulder. That person gazed at him lazily with a tilted head; his entire person emitting an unspeakable type of charm.

Fan Yuan hurriedly turned his face away, and tried to calm down his breathing. He said with a low and hoarse voice, “Wangye, this subordinate suddenly remembered that there are still a few matters that needed to be taken care of. How about………ah!!” 6pZvF5

Before he had even finished speaking, he was pulled into the water by Pei Qi. His clothes were instantly soaked in the hot spring water, and the hot steam rose and muddled his already sparse reason. Fan Yuan found it increasingly hard to maintain his clarity, while the offender had simply curved the corners of his lips and smiled at him. However, his appearance looked quite innocent, causing Fan Yuan to be unable to get angry.

The gleam in Pei Qi’s eyes were dim and indistinguishable. He grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand and plastered it to his own burning cheek, and whispered in a low voice, “Xiao Yuan, I feel very hot, it’s very uncomfortable.”

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He didn’t use the self-address of “bendian”, nor did he use “benwang”. Instead, he used a pitiful tone and said “I”. Usually, Pei Qi would only act like this when he was drunk. Fan Yuan did not feel his heart soften, as this had already become a kind of habit. But sometimes, when one formed a habit, it was the most terrifying.

Just like this moment, even if Pei Qi was draped over his shoulders, tightly embracing him, Fan Yuan didn’t feel that anything was wrong. He instead tried his best to calm the heat and dryness in his heart. He patiently comforted Pei Qi, “Wangye, bear with it for a little more, it will get better very soon.” t2Qc8W

Pei Qi slowly shook his head, whispering a plea, “I can’t……..I suppressed throughout the entire journey, but I only feel more and more uncomfortable. Xiao Yuan, help me, okay?”

Fan Yuan’s heart missed a beat. A 1.9 metre strong man who had always presented a dauntless and iron-willed image, was currently draped next to his ear, softly pleading for Fan Yuan to help him. This kind of feeling caused his masculine pride to gain a huge satisfaction.

He unconsciously answered, “How does wangye want this subordinate to help you?”

Pei Qi grabbed his hand, slowly guiding him down, until he bumped into a certain scorching hot and hard object. Once Fan Yuan came to his senses, he immediately wanted to run away. But his wrist was tightly held and covered by Pei Qi to slowly stroke that person’s lower half. He breathed heavily, and shamelessly said, “Xiao Yuan, Xiao Yuan, you promised to help me.” hI3YgV

Fan Yuan wanted to sob but there were no tears; He practically wanted to knock himself in the head and die. In the previous world, he was forced by Fang Xu to do these kind of salacious things many times. Every time after it ended, not only would his wrists and palms hurt, his spirit would also suffer a heavy blow. He didn’t think that just after leaving one pervert, he would yet again meet another exceptional patient. Why was he so unlucky!

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Pei Qi brought him over to the side of the pool and made him sit on the stone slab, with both of Fan Yuan’s legs still soaked in the hot spring as before. Just when Fan Yuan let out a slight sigh of relief, thinking that Pei Qi was going to spare him, he realised that his lower body suddenly felt very cold. It turned out that his pants had been taken off by Pei Qi, that fellow.


He only heard Pei Qi sincerely offer a suggestion, “Let’s help each other, okay?” Xg6u0W

F*cking hell! Who wanted to help each other with you ah! You motherf*cker, quickly let go of laozi!

However………It seemed quite comfortable?


Two shichen later, Fan Yuan lay like a corpse on Pei Qi’s bed. A layer of skin on his hand had been practically been grinded off and the delicate skin on his legs had turned red.  KbsPBg

Pei Qi was currently holding a bottle of cooling Yulu ointment as he helped Fan Yuan apply it on the swollen spots. Fan Yuan slowly opened his eyes to stare at him, and then lifelessly closed them again—he was a broken pot that was broken even further after being dropped.

As for this bastard’s degree of shamelessness, Fan Yuan had once again been thoroughly acquainted with it. To put it nicely, it was helping each other out, but this kind of endurance was fundamentally different ah! Both of his hands simultaneously went into battle and were both defeated. In the end he had actually offered up his legs………Sh*t, had he and the male lead become friends with benefits?

Fan Yuan practically wanted to die. Why didn’t he stick with his bottomline? His iron will was actually defeated so easily by a thing like an aphrodisiac, this time he was done for, done for!

“Xiao Wu, what do you say I should do ah QAQ” cMIYUd


“I know it’s my fault this time. Blame me for not being steadfast enough, but as my comrade-in-arms, you can’t abandon me ah /ToT/~~”

“Ding, Xiao Wu was actually about to report to Masteralthough Master has severely twisted the original host’s plot and the main plot, the system has yet to receive any warning or reminder. The plot is still proceeding normally and has reached approximately 30%.”

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“What? Don’t tell me that plot-kun has died?” fFVMl4

“At this moment, the only explanation is the loophole that appeared in previous world’s system monitors. Till today, they have yet to repair it, so Master was able to dodge a bullet once again. May Master please take advantage of this chance to quickly amend your wrongs.”

Fan Yuan’s eyes lit up, and the originally depleted body was immediately revived within a moment. He pushed Pei Qi aside and applied the ointment onto himself, sincerely saying, “I do not dare bother wangye, this subordinate can do it myself.”

A touch of sympathy and regret flashed across Pei Qi eyes. He expressionlessly retrieved his hands, and squeezed that bottle of ointment into Fan Yuan’s hands.

“Today, this prince was muddle-headed and forced you. If you want this prince to take responsibility, this prince can………” x0YBbf

“No, no, no, you don’t need to take responsibility! No, this subordinate’s meaning is that wangye is speaking too seriously, such a trivial matter is not worth mentioning………”

Hey, hey, hey? It seemed like something was wrong, so he quickly tried to salvage the situation, “The things that happened today were because of none other than the Crown Prince causing trouble. Wangye and this subordinate are the victims after all, so wangye does not need to take it to heart. Just do not mention this matter again, and pretend that nothing happened at all, and everything will be fine.”

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Pei Qi fixedly stared at his good-looking eyes. After a long while, he said enigmatically, “Do not mention it again ah, truly a good plan.”

Fan Yuan suddenly felt a bit of danger. He inwardly thought he should just quickly leave to be safe, “This subordinate just remembered that there are some trivial matters that have yet to be settled. If wangye does not have any other orders, this subordinate will take his leave.” CDtqHQ

Pei Qi moved back a step, naturally giving a nod, “You should go busy yourself then, remember to apply the ointment.”

Fan Yuan replied with a sound and hurriedly climbed down from the bed, sprinting towards the door. After walking a few steps, he suddenly stopped.

He turned and said while gritting his teeth, “May wangye lend this subordinate a pair of pants.”


#At the moment when he realised the chill on his body, my inner world collapsed#

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#Discuss which is more embarrassing: Fan Yuan streaking or asking the male lead to lend him some pants#


#This male lead sir, don’t think that by turning your head away, I don’t know you are laughing secretly!!#

The Author has Something to Say:

Little Theatre

Fan Yuan (gritting his teeth): “May wangye lend this subordinate a pair of pants.” Zc6Ed9

Pei Qi (cold expression): “Not lending.”

Fan Yuan (argues to justify himself): “Does wangye still remember, how did this subordinate’s pants get wet?”

Pei Qi (comes to a huge realisation): “Oh, this prince remembers now. It was because this prince and Xiao gongzi wanted to help each other, and then………”

Fan Yuan (…………): “%&#%&&&$$$%%” PZsubL

OooOOoo what a steamy chapter, hope you guys enjoyed it. :blobnosebleed: Just a note, this chapter is the older version of the chapter, I will be updating it with a link to the newer one soon. 

Have a beautiful day ♡

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

The Erkang hand is a classic scene from the drama “My Fair Princess”, where the character Erkang stretches out his hand to say ‘wait, please don’t go’. The scene has achieved meme status, hence the reference.

Translator's Note

The author uses 风花雪月 which actually translates to ‘wind, flowers, snow, and moon’ but the moon is repetitive so…. Anyway, the idiom is actually implies that two people are talking about romantic things rather than literally the wind, flowers, etc. Honestly, Fan Fan’s sudden burst of emotions here is wild. But I think he really doesn’t want to bathe Pei Qi so this is all thought of in sarcasm.

Translator's Note

It just means that he has a bad feeling about the bath later…. :D

Translator's Note

Fan Yuan is referring to making Pei Qi bent.

Translator's Note

The author uses 虎躯一震 which translates to ‘tiger body one shock’, which just means that he was extremely shocked.

Translator's Note

Basically making him realise he’s gay.

Translator's Note

本殿 “bendian” means ‘this Highness’ as it has the same 殿 from 殿下 “your Highness”.

Translator's Note

“benwang” means ‘this prince’, which you guys occasionally see in the chapters for this arc.

Translator's Note

One shichen is 2 hours.

Translator's Note

It’s the plant Cooper’s Haworthia, kind of like aloe vera?

Translator's Note

I’m sure many of you know what the suffix -kun is; It’s the Japanese ‘kun’, yep. The author is using it to sound cute LOL.

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