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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 5.5


Of course, Yan Rui wouldn’t do anything to Fan Yuan in the hospital. Though he was angry, seeing Fan Yuan reveal such an apologetic and cautious face, Yan Rui’s anger had already dissipated by half.

He has lived for countless years, yet no one had ever been able to make him nurse such grievances, or more accurately, no one could live well after embarrassing him so. However, once he met Fan Yuan, he had been forced to give in regardless of all his principles, and was actually more than willing to do so. l94wxA

Fan Yuan was obediently silent as he was carried by Yan Rui into the car. As the car speedily backed out of the parking lot, his heart felt very unsettled.

Although he didn’t know what exactly happened in the ward, at least two things were obvious. First was that the male lead suddenly resented his brother Yuan Cheng, and second was that the male lead had angered Yan Rui and didn’t seem to have any intention of making amends.

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Fan Yuan was 100% certain that if he didn’t show up in time, the male lead would probably have been on his way to heaven by now.

He knew Yan Rui better than anyone else. His identity and status had allowed him to become arrogant and unbridled. In the eyes of the Main God, a son of fate in the lower plane meant nothing at all. kmoqbw

It was just like the emperors of old, killing a subject at will without any psychological burden. More so in his eyes, the characters in the plot weren’t even subjects, but strings of data that could be tampered with and deleted at will.

However, the reason why Yan Rui stayed in worlds of the lower plane time and time again was actually all for him, so Fan Yuan felt he was the least qualified person to criticise Yan Rui. That was also why that scoundrel acted on his own to break the rules and plot in the previous world. Fan Yuan would just remind and admonish him for these transgressions, but he would never really lose his temper.

If one had experienced countless years of loneliness, and a person who would never leave them suddenly appeared, there would be no person willing to reject that, and Fan Yuan was no exception. He knew that in his heart, he hoped Yan Rui would accompany him all the time, even if he knew that the man’s company would bring along all kinds of troubles.

Precisely because of this, he felt extremely vexed and guilty at the moment. Although he didn’t regret saving the male lead, the reason why Yan Rui suffered such a grievance was all because of him. He was the high and almighty Main God, why should he bear with this? Fan Yuan often took advantage of Yan Rui’s feelings for him to make him yield again and again. In fact, Fan Yuan was also very despicable ba.

vO U6w

Due to the fact that the effect of Concentration pill had yet to end, Fan Yuan’s brain was full of voices from all sides; noisy ones, joyful ones, tired ones, and sobs………. For a while, he felt very much on edge.

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He focused all his concentration on the man beside him, quietly listening to his steady heartbeat as it went “badump, badump, badump”, striking with force within his own heart.

Fan Yuan clenched his fist, turned his head and gazed at the side of the man’s well-carved face. He slowly opened his mouth and spoke through the system, “Yan Rui, I’m sorry.”

The man didn’t speak, not even moving his eyebrows ever so slightly, and his face was as cold as frost. Fan Yuan could clearly hear the man’s heart beat faster and faster, and those drum-like beats sold away its owner’s honest emotions. EBWUhJ

Fan Yuan subconsciously stared at Yan Rui with his two large eyes. Yan Rui…Yan Rui would actually lose control of his heart rate over just three words. If he didn’t hear it, he would never believe it.

He didn’t know what came over him, but he opened his mouth and asked carefully, “Yan Rui, do you really like me?”

Yan Rui’s hand gripping the steering wheel slightly paused, after which he wordlessly drove to a fork in the road. How could Fan Yuan notice this, his entire heart was completely messed up by the intense beating of Yan Rui’s heart at that moment.

It turned out that no matter how calm he looked and easily he completed tasks, a word from Fan Yuan could utterly defeat him. It turned out that between them, it was not Yan Rui who had the upper hand, but him. aJCrlD

This kind of realisation made Fan Yuan feel happy from the bottom of his heart, so much so that his previous unhappiness and uneasiness were completely forgotten. He felt like a victorious general, as he said with satisfaction, “So you like me this much ah……….”

Yan Rui’s indifferent expression finally loosened. He couldn’t help but glance over at Fan Yuan’s face, and finally the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but lift slightly, “Didn’t I confess to you long ago, I didn’t see you so happy at that time.”

Fan yuan groaned, “That wasn’t the same.”

It was true that Yan Rui had confessed long ago, but his behavior did not match his words. extShb

Fan Yuan had never been in love before, but he also knew that when he loved someone, he would try his best to make the other party happy and give him all his care and indulgence. This was what a lover would do. But what about Yan Rui? In addition to trying to block him, provoke him to burst into anger, and trick him, he would also pester him to eat his tofu and eat meat, so he really didn’t think the guy liked himself much.

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It turned out that it wasn’t that Yan Rui didn’t like him, it was just that he didn’t know how to express it. This was unexpectedly…cute.

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After a long time, Fan Yuan asked in deliberation, “What happened between you two in the ward today? Why did Yuan Song get angry with you?” p0jdzO

The originally warm scene froze within a moment, and Fan Yuan noticed that the hand caressing his face had stopped. He was about to say a few words to ease the tension, but he heard Yan Rui blandly say, “Nothing.”

What did ‘nothing’ mean? Fan Yuan felt very vexed, and as he just wanted to ask again in a more roundabout manner, he suddenly heard the cold mechanical voice of Xiao Wu.

“Ding, a warm reminder, at present, the direction the vehicle is driving in deviates from the expected one, so the system is unable to detect its specific location.”

What the?! Fan Yuan hurriedly glanced out through the window in shock. He could hardly see anything in the dark, but this shouldn’t be the case since the route from the hospital to the original host’s home always passed through a bustling urban area. There would be a lot of street lights, and the amount of traffic was endless. What the heck was going on now? vghVwZ

He could not bring himself to care about using the system to speak and turned to Yan Rui, asking straightforwardly, “Where are we now?”

Yan Rui chuckled and slowly brought the car to a halt. He untied his seat belt slowly and raised his arm to glance at his watch. He said in an unhurried manner, “It hasn’t even been ten minutes and you found out, it’s much shorter than I expected.”

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Fan Yuan snorted. His attention was all on Yan Rui, so he didn’t pay attention to the outside at all. If he hadn’t been reminded by Xiao Wu, he wouldn’t have realised it even after half an hour.

Within only ten minutes, it was impossible to drive too far, but it was too dark and weird here. He spread his concentration all around and stilled his heart to listen attentively………. Just a moment later, he was shocked. Although the sound was very faint, he indeed heard the sound of the tyres revolving at full speed, vague chatting, and sounds of broadcasts. He was certain that he was still in the downtown area! 6we8Tg

Fan Yuan immediately connected the dots to Yan Rui’s identity. What else he couldn’t he understand? He simply tore open a spatial rift that had dragged along both the people and the cars into a void space.

F*ck, there were probably cameras along this road. They had all just disappeared into thin air, they would make the headlines tomorrow ba!

He looked at Yan Rui, a headache beginning to form, and saw that the man was looking at him innocuously. Fan Yuan was reminded of Yan Rui’s words to “take his place” in the hospital. It seemed that he was really taking it seriously.

“I’ve already apologized!” He stressed it earnestly. BM2znY

“I didn’t accept it.” Yan Rui replied seriously.

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Fan Yuan leaned back on the chair dejectedly and said, “What do you want then? To shake the car up? ”

Yan Rui lowered the seat and rolled over to press Fan Yuan down. On one hand, he helped Fan Yuan unfasten his seat belt while on the other hand, he asked softly, “If so, are you willing?”

Fan Yuan didn’t say a word as he reached his hand out to push against Yan Rui’s chest. He shut his eyes and felt the wildly-beating heart underneath his hand. He said with a chuckle, “You can really pretend. I thought you were a master at this, it turns out that……….” jfAuRa

He poked Yan Rui’s chest with his index finger and smiled cunningly. He was completely unaware of how alluring he was at this moment, “You’re just putting on airs.”

Yan Rui’s eyes grew darker and deeper. He grasped his mischievous hand and slipped Fan Yuan’s index finger into his mouth, lightly nibbling on his manicured nails. He replied in a low and hoarse voice, “Because I only have you.”

Fan Yuan felt that his heart had been hit heavily, and a warm feeling flowed through him. He could not help but lift the corners of his mouth and reach out his arms to hook around Yan Rui’s neck, “Main God daren, so you’re actually an inexperienced rookie. No one would believe you if you said it.”

Yan Rui said with a smile, “Who said I have no experience, that time at Sunset Cliff……….” rHXq4l

Fan Yuan quickly threw Xiao Wu into the little black room and covered his lips with his to block the annoying words that he was about to blurt out.

This was the first time he ever initiated a kiss with Yan Rui, but his movements were very skillful. Thanks to Yan Rui’s teaching and guidance from the last world, he sucked on his lips and stirred them unambiguously with his mouth. He could be considered a very excellent student. Yan Rui enjoyed his rare initiative and did not want to attack his confidence, so he tried his best to cooperate with him.

Fan Yuan carefully sucked Yan Rui’s lips with his eyes closed. Yan Rui went with the flow and opened his mouth to let Fan Yuan’s tongue in, where Fan Yuan swept his tongue over his gums and also rolled his tongue to tangle with his. He liked kissing Yan Rui very much, it was very comfortable, as if his soul was going to be sucked away.

The two were just like that, hugging and making out in the car. They were both men, more so at the vigorous age where they were ferocious like wolves and tigers, so naturally, a little provocation was enough to get them going. DQC04e

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Due to the fact that the space in the car was narrow, many actions could not be performed, so Fan Yuan could only lie on Yan Rui’s body and plant strawberry marks on him. In particular, Yan Rui’s two nipples were being sucked so much that there were loud, slick sounds. It did not take long before the two tips stood erect, and Yan Rui’s breathing had gradually accelerated into heavy pants. It took a lot of self-control to suppress his desire to throw Fan Yuan down and fuck him hard until he was satisfied.

Of course, how could Fan Yuan know what he had provoked. He secretly felt happy seeing Yan Rui’s cooperation, thinking that the man really loved him to the point where he couldn’t help himself, otherwise, how could he be so obedient!

He felt like he was sparked with a sudden burst of vigour as he became more energetic, stretching his little claws towards Yan Rui’s firmness. He began stroking it through the man’s pants, and a certain stiff object got bigger and bigger. Fan Yuan then unbuckled his belt and released it. When he realised how big the guy was, his hands trembled.

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Did Yan Rui transform this body according to his own spiritual body?! He once again felt a strong sense of rejoice that he had taken the initiative, otherwise if he let such a big thing into his own body, no one could say whether he could keep his life! lu4J1L

He used both hands to stroke that big guy. After a while, he found that the object in his hands was getting thicker and harder, but it showed no indication of release. He raised his gaze and immediately met Yan Rui’s black irises. Fan Yuan was not willing to be teased, so he ignored the embarrassment and opened his mouth to envelop the object with his mouth.

His mouth was not big; he had just shoved in the tip, but he couldn’t fit any more. However, just from that, it was enough to cause Yan Rui to tremble. He stroked Fan Yuan’s hair, and his voice was hoarse. He whispered, “Darling, deeper.”

Fan Yuan’s face was already bright red. He tried his best to open up his mouth to allow Yan Rui’s girth to enter deeper until it couldn’t go any further.

Yan Rui felt that his tip had reached Fan Yuan’s throat. He continued to coax, “Baby, lick it, just like I did to you.” 9Xn3oH

Fan Yuan’s whole mouth was occupied by Yan Rui’s stiffness, so his throat and eyes were both firmly blocked, it was very uncomfortable. But he thought, Yan Rui had done oral for him several times before, so he should at least pay back once ba. Moreover, he inwardly thought that by doing oral on Yan Rui, he was eating him, and this kind of mentality made him ignore the physical discomfort.

He began to lick Yan Rui’s big guy slowly with his tongue, similar to how one tasted a novel food. He first tested the waters carefully, then became bolder as he tried his best to please Yan Rui.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Rui was already on the verge of bursting. How could he stand being teased by Fan Yuan like this? He exerted a little force through his palm and pressed Fan Yuan’s head down. Fan Yuan was forced to deep throat his girth, causing actual tears to flow down unconsciously. But when he heard Yan Rui inhale in pleasure, he felt satisfied. He then made use of Yan Rui’s previous examples by moving the man’s girth in and out of his mouth, repeating the action dozens of times. Just as Fan Yuan felt that he was approaching his limit, Yan Rui finally cummed.

Fan Yuan had no time to withdraw, so his throat was scalded by a continuous stream of hot, thick essence. In discomfort, he pulled away from Yan Rui’s hardness, and several spurts of white liquid directly hit his face. He shut his eyes and let Yan Rui’s essence smear all over his face. He heard Yan Rui’s low and deep sigh in his ear, and felt the man’s thick and large palm rub his cheek, which raised unprecedented satisfaction in his heart. 5YZVcA

He thought to himself that since Yan Rui had just let out so much, he would probably not be able to get it up for a while. Hence, he didn’t wait for Yan Rui to come back to his senses from the pleasure of his climax, as he promptly and opportunely decided to straddle his body. He thought about what Yan Rui had done to him when he was stuck in the illusion, and resolved to do the same back.

Yan Rui stared at the little guy who was randomly gnawing at him without restraint. He thought in his heart, this was the probably Fan Yuan’s counterattack ba.

Fan Yuan was currently biting down hard when he suddenly felt his world being turned upside down. Yan Rui had once again pinned him underneath his body. Before he could protest, his pants were torn off and his lower body suddenly felt cool. He held back the urge to curl up for a moment, but Yan Rui had rubbed some unknown liquid along his crotch. It was cool and slippery, which made him afraid.

Yan Rui lifted Fan Yuan two long legs and placed them on his shoulders. His fingers were stained with some lubricant as he slowly inserted them into Fan Yuan’s asshole. Fan Yuan murmured in dissatisfaction, “It’s my turn this time, I’ve even done that for you…….” OP8tM3

Yan Rui couldn’t help but smile. His fingers were still ravaging the insides of Fan Yuan’s body as he lowered his body to kiss the little quivering Yuan Yuan that had stood to attention. He then proceeded to suck Fan Yuan’s beautiful object into his mouth. His skill was simply on a different level from Fan Yuan’s, and instantaneously, he had caused Fan Yuan to melt beneath him. It felt so good that he only remembered to moan.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At the same time, he started loosening up Fan Yuan’s body. When that place could hold three of his fingers, he could not help but press himself firmly and mercilessly into Fan Yuan’s chrysanthemum cave. Simultaneously, Yan Rui’s low sigh rang out along with Fan Yuan’s gasp of pain.

Naturally, the thickness of the three fingers could not be compared with Yan Rui’s hard length. Fan Yuan didn’t expect that Yan Rui would enter him so suddenly. His face was white with pain, and his originally hard, swollen object also softened. This was different from the last time where he had been patient; Yan Rui was obviously very impatient this time. Fan Yuan didn’t know that this fire was caused by his own constant provocation. He just felt aggrieved, and continuously refused Yan Rui.

But this time, Yan Rui didn’t take pity on him. He ignored the Fan Yuan’s weak resistance, lifting his body to completely expose his pink hole. He held Fan Yuan’s pair of white legs and began to work hard. Fan Yuan’s inner walls absorbed his meat stick tightly, and every time he entered it would be extremely difficult. Whenever he pulled out, it would be followed by the pink, rolling tender meat, as well as white lubricant that had already been turned into foam. zxRbJC

Pain and great pleasure came at the same time. Fan Yuan was being fucked so hard that he couldn’t close his mouth. He let his lecherous body fluids flow down from the corners of his mouth, while tears also flowed down slowly as the thrusting accelerated. At first, he tried to repress his reactions in protest, but later, he couldn’t remember anything. He only knew to hold on to Yan Rui’s arm tightly, yelling and urging him to move faster. His long legs tightly encircled Yan Rui’s waist, not allowing the meat rod that brought him supreme pleasure to leave him.

While thrusting in and out at an inhuman speed, Yan Rui smacked his supple buttcheeks until they had turned completely red. Only then did he let out a low groan and ask, “You still dare to be naughty in the future?”

Fan Yuan could not hear what he was talking about at all, but instinctively replied, “Ah…I don’t dare anymore……Yan Rui…it feels so good, don’t stop…….”

Yan Rui’s black eyes glowed with a red gleam. He vigorously thrust over a hundred times with force and shot all his essence into Fan Yuan’s chrysanthemum cave. Fan Yuan could not help but convulse at the sensation of such hot, scalding waves. He only knew to reach out his hands and hang onto Yan Rui, as if he were his only life-saving straw. F XpCK

Yan Rui held him tightly in his arms, leaving no gaps between their bodies. Their most intimate places were still connected as he lay a kiss on Fan Yuan’s snow-white neck, and his hoarse voice rang in Fan Yuan’s ear, “Baby, do you still want to go on?”

Fan Yuan hadn’t eased from the high of the climax yet. He simply hugged Yan Rui’s neck obediently, causing Yan Rui to chuckle, “Okay, I know.”

What came after was a long night’s expedition……….

Afterwards, Fan Yuan thought back about what happened. He came to a conclusion: A single slip can cause a lasting sorrow. 3P08L5

Yan Rui concluded with satisfaction: It’s very important to do your homework in advance.

In the end, Fan Yuan was exhausted. It was late at night when Yan Rui carried him back to his apartment. He laid in the bathtub lazily and allowed Yan Rui to help him clean the unspeakable place. When he thought about how the culprit of his backache was the scoundrel in front of him, he angrily splashed water at him. He saw that the guy did not hide or shy away, letting him mess about, making him lose all his interest in doing any more.

After he was done cleaning, Yan Rui used a hair dryer to dry his hair. He wasn’t willing to give up as he asked, “You haven’t told me what happened with Yuan Song today.”

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Yan Rui unconcernedly said, “Oh that, in fact, it was nothing. He came out of the closet to me and got angry after I said a few words in scolding.” ydV9O8

Fan Yuan reached out and unplugged the hair dryer. The bedroom suddenly became quiet. He stared at Yan Rui with wide eyes and asked, “What did you say just now? The hair dryer was too loud. I may not have heard it clearly. ”

The corners of Yan Rui lips curved slightly as he put down the hair dryer and picked up a dry towel to wipe the water on Fan Yuan’s head. He slowly said, “I said, the male lead came out of the closet.”

Male lead………came out of the closet??!!


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