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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 5.4


When he arrived at the hospital, the smell of disinfectant cooled Fan Yuan’s head down a little. He changed into his work clothes quickly, wanting to divert his attention from his frustrations through work.

The man who had gotten bribed with a pair of couple pajamas this morning definitely wasn’t him! He merely got a fright! zQfG0X

Along the corridor, he happened to bump into Nurse Su who was on her rounds. When she saw him, she was quite surprised and asked in confusion, “Doctor Shi, didn’t you ask for a day off to rest? Why did you come back?”

Fan Yuan was stunned for a bit, then said, “The hospital has been lacking hands recently. I’m feeling a lot better after getting a long bout of sleep, so I came to take a look.”

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Nurse Su worried, “Don’t push yourself, your body is most important. Yesterday when you fainted, I………we were really terrified.”

Fan Yuan smiled gratefully at her, patting her on the shoulder he said, “Thank you for your concern, but I’m really alright now.” dGMNu2

Nurse Su nodded, blushing as she went on with her work.

When Fan Yuan saw that the little lady was flushed all the way to her ears with just two to three sentences from him, he couldn’t help but take out his phone to take a good look at his face. He nodded secretly; this was one of the most aesthetically pleasing bodies he had ever seen.

The appearance was elegant and handsome, and the brows were full of heroism. This was a 100% masculine face, full of the charm of a mature man. Moreover, the original host always insisted on going to the gym in his spare time, so he had a lot of substance when he took off his clothes. It was just that his frame was a bit too small and didn’t look very strong.

When it came to being strong, Fan Yuan immediately thought of that scoundrel Yan Rui. In the original story, Yuan Cheng was set to be a writer and artist. Let’s not talk about his figure, but his height was only around 180cm. He should be about the same height as Fan Yuan’s original host, but why did Fan Yuan feel that he was much shorter than him? 2kFa0J

“Xiao Wu, have you recorded Yan Rui’s height data?”

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“Ding, according to the system’s scans, Yan Rui’s height is 190cm.”

The corners of Fan Yuan’s mouth drew up slightly. That f*cker still dared to tell him off about not going OOC, what about himself?! He actually changed the data of the original host’s body without permission, f*cking shameless!

Fan Yuan was furious deep in his heart, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Who let others use a plug-in! He couldn’t fight the son of fate, plus he was a person who was struggling at the lower plane. When he thought about it that way, his heart indeed felt much more peaceful. Forget it, it was better for him to flirt with the male lead. Sb8LyX

When he arrived at the VIP suite, Fan Yuan politely knocked on the door and waited for the call to enter. After which, he went in with his hands in his pockets.

The male lead’s personality was bright and sunny, so he was always surrounded by all kinds of friends, and ever since he woke up, the whole ward had already been packed with visitors. A group of handsome young men that were full of vigour and vitality were extremely obedient when they saw the doctor, thanking him profusely and rushing to give him their seats.

With so many people present, it wasn’t easy for Fan Yuan to make a move. He simply asked a few questions as per routine and heard Yuan Song answer clearly. Fan Yuan also carefully gave some instructions on what to watch out for, and one boy even took a pen and wrote the tips down on a post-it note, pasting it beside Yuan Song’s bed so that he could remember it later on.

With things going this way, he had no reason to stay here at all, so he could only smile and say, “Then you have a good rest, I’ll see you tomorrow.” leLcrE

As soon as he went out, Yuan Song and his friends went silent.

The boy nearest to the door took a peek outside and made an OK gesture, which caused a commotion to break out inside the room like a burst pot.

“My god, the quality of the doctors are too high now. Such a face and such a temperament, tsk tsk, he can even become a celebrity.”

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“I heard Yuan Song say that his doctor-in-charge was a handsome man before, but I didn’t believe it eh. Can he look better than our handsome big brother Yuan? But really, knowing a person by repute is really not as good as seeing him in the flesh!” F0oLUn

Pwwfvljafis rbwfbcf jugffv, “Pa’r agef, la’r agef! Qtfc tf rwlifv pera cbk, P fnfc uba ubbrfyewqr, la mjc’a yf atja P’nf yffc yfca ys tlw?”

“Haha, you try to be bent ah. Later I’ll call your girlfriend, I hear she’s a female judoka. I’ll see if you’re still alive to go back to training tomorrow.”


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“Shi Yuan, I’m back. I won’t run away this time.”


When the end of the workday finally rolled around, Fan Yuan planned to go back to where the male lead was to take a little look before going home, to show his dedication as an actor.

Before arriving at the ward, Fan Yuan neatened his clothes and hair immaculately; he must maintain his perfect image in front of the male lead. As he was just about to knock on the door, he found that the door was not closed at all, and there was a fierce quarrel ensuing. AIdUr5

This kind of situation was really unexpected ah……….

Fan Yuan hesitated for a moment. It seemed that this time was not very good. Maybe the guy was settling personal matters, it would be impolite for others to rush in during this time as it would make the atmosphere incredibly awkward. How about he just come back tomorrow.

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Xiao Wu timely came in with a reminder, “Ding, according to the system’s scans, there are only two people in the ward. They are the male lead and the supporting male lead.”

Fan Yuan who was turning away froze at once. He could decisively leave if it were anyone else, but Yan Rui was inside. He had learned from way too many experiences with this scoundrel before, as expected, he could not be rest assured! Eedctr

“Xiao Wu, I want to listen to what they are saying inside, help me exchange for a pill to improve my hearing sensitivity.”

“Ding, Master has unlocked the low-grade items of the cultivation plane. The items that can be exchanged according to Master’s needs are: Heart-clearing pill, Concentration pill, Hearing and Sight Enhancement pill. The functions, methods of use and experience points required for exchange are………”

Fan yuan interrupted it impatiently, “Enough, enough, stop being so long-winded. Exchange for whichever that’s useful!”

If he let things drag on, he didn’t know what would happen inside. Yan Rui often didn’t play cards according to common sense. YMmb5u

“Ding, after the exchange of Concentration pill, it will take effect in three seconds and become invalid after half an hour.”

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In order to prevent being regarded as a peeping tom, Fan Yuan changed into a normal posture, crossing his arms and leaning leisurely against the wall, looking as if he was waiting for someone.

Gradually, he could hear various sounds in his ear. An intense, blood-pumping battle BGM was introduced into his ear — this was the Year 2 middle school student from downstairs who was admitted due to a street fight. He was currently watching a hot-blooded animation; Fan Yuan was really curious about the content of something with such hot-blooded music?! Unfortunately, he had no time now.

He continued to search when he suddenly heard a series of moans, followed by a ramming sound of ‘papapa’. Fan yuan was slightly embarrassed. That man’s voice, if he didn’t hear it wrong, it should be Director Wang. Normally, he couldn’t tell, but this old man gains vigour with age ah! BeJjGp

The effect of the pill that Xiao Wu had exchanged for him seemed to be too effective. He just wanted to hear the dialogue across one wall, but instead, he could hear the voices throughout the whole hospital building now! For him, the most terrible thing at this moment was not the mouse’s squeaking in the broom closet, but hoarse conversation from time to time in the morgue! What the hell was going on!

When Fan Yuan was on the verge of collapse, Xiao Wu finally opened its golden mouth slowly, “Ding, to use the Concentration pill, Master needs to focus on a certain direction, adjust the distance, and concentrate on listening.”

Fan Yuan was not in the mood to accuse it of holding more and more grudges. He quickly concentrated on Yuan Song’s ward and calmed his heart to listen to the dialogue inside.

“I’m already 20 years old. What’s good for me, what’s bad for me, I can judge it for myself. I don’t need you to be so nosy, and don’t you think you’re caring too much?!” CxE5TL

As Fan Yuan just heard that, his cold sweat was dripping down. Was this the rebellious mentality of an adolescent? He actually dared to say these kind of words to his most adored nii-san, but the main point was………his nii-san was now Yan Rui ah, did he want to die?!


#Is it not good to live? Why did you let yourself despair!!#


He was hesitating whether to rush in directly to avoid the tragedy, but he heard Yan Rui’s low voice.

“So, you’ve already made up your mind?”

Such a calm tone of voice, he was angry ba, he definitely was angry ba!

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Although I don’t know what you guys are talking about inside, male lead daren, please change your mind quickly! What you are facing is not a person, but an unknown species with no discipline, no bottom line, and a lack of any of the three views! tNhGJF


“Yes, no one can stop me!” The middle school year two youth really cannot be saved any longer!

After which, Fan Yuan heard a clear sneer. It was light and shallow, but it was enough to shake Fan Yuan’s mind. His body reacted quickly and he immediately knocked on the door.

The atmosphere inside went momentarily stagnant, and no one answered. Fan Yuan was afraid of Yan Rui’s would do something, so he raised his voice and said, “It’s me, Shi Yuan. I’ve come to check the patient’s post-op condition.” 4Es8CO

The rebellious-period male lead answered quickly, “Doctor Shi, please come in.”

Fan Yuan pushed the door and entered, ignored Yan Rui’s near-scorching sight. He moved straight to Yuan Song and asked with a smile, “How is the recovery? Do you feel any discomfort?”

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Yuan Song’s mouth spread wide open, revealing a bright smile. His neat big white teeth almost blinded Fan Yuan’s dog eyes. He only heard the boy speak with a cheerful smile, “There is no discomfort, Doctor Shi’s skill is very good!”

Fan Yuan was at ease on the surface, but he couldn’t help but throw out a spout of unspoken criticism in his heart. Does this male lead have multiple personalities? He switched channels so fast and isn’t even afraid of being seized up! Just because you’re acting so obedient, don’t think that I don’t know you’re actually a bear child! m6rqnQ

Yan Rui looked at him, his eyes dark and intentions hard to see, “Coming to check the patient’s condition even when it’s time to get off work, Doctor Shi is really responsible. For my brother to have met a doctor like you, it is his fortune.”

Fan Yuan’s face went stiff. He knew that the guy was blaming him for interrupting his actions and being difficult. However, he couldn’t really say any placating words in front of the male lead, so he only smiled, “Mr. Yuan, you flatter too much.”

However, the male lead wasn’t in agreement, as Yan Rui’s words seemed to ruffle some of his feathers. He stared at Yan Rui with a tiger face, his tone extremely irritable, “Doctor Shi was so nice to come to see me, if you can’t speak anything good, can you keep quiet!”

Fan Yuan’s legs went soft, and he looked at Yan Rui subconsciously and tried to persuade quickly, “No, no, Mr. Yuan is praising me, how can it be as severe as you say? Even if you are his brother, you should pay attention to the way you speak. Fortunately, Mr. Yuan dotes on you and so he won’t be too particular over trifles, right Mr. Yuan?” BeEglh

Yan Rui looked thoughtfully at the boy on the hospital bed, and turned his gaze on Fan Yuan. He saw Fan Yuan’s little gaze of earnest hope, and after a moment of silence, he suddenly chuckled while nodding, “Of course, I won’t fuss over these kind of little things with my own brother.”

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Fan Yuan gulped, this meant that this debt had landed on his head? F*cking hell, what did he do to deserve this?!

Seeing Yuan Song give a ‘hmph’ as if he still wanted to burst out in anger a little more, Fan Yuan was quick to say, “The patient has just finished the operation and needs more rest. How about Mr. Yuan and I leave first.”

It was a great relief to see that neither of them had a problem with this. 8heU6m

Exiting the ward, he directed at the male lead a smile as warm as the sun, told him to have a good rest, and then closed the door gently.

Before he even turned around, someone’s warm chest pasted itself against his back. Yan Rui’s calm voice was like a clap of thunder, “So, you want to take his place?”


#I really don’t want to carry the male lead’s pot /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~# AxDehz


#Why is my life so tiring _(:з」∠)_#


#Hey male lead, how long will your adolescent rebellion last ah QAQ# QMqD1S

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This is the bloody scene of three men 233333

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Translator's Note

A judo practitioner.

Translator's Note

It just means a mouth that spouts very valuable words.

Translator's Note

A naughty boy.

Translator's Note

Equivalent of lol in Chinese internet culture.

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  1. Dang. If the male lead was reborn then like…quick, someone get the original cast back in here! I want to see this story!!

  2. The ML’s arc is that one who fell in love with FY and is chasing him. He became a transmigrator after he awakened and find FY. He was that second boss in the novel where the school arc in the early arcs of this story – the arc where FY is the closet timid but black-bellied gay adopted (?) lil bro of the ML but committed suicide in the end after due to shock of his big bro Yan Rui OOC-ed when he kissed him. The one who fell in love to FY is the bully who actually has crush on FY thus he bullies FY and when the original host (of FY) died in the original story (of the school arc) he became the boss of the second novel (of the story of the school arc). After that arc ended, he awakened. And finally he appeared before FY in the previous xianxia arc where he is the demon cultivator who, again, is in love with FY’s character (I just noticed the three of them – FY, YR, and this guy, their set up as love triangle is like in the arc where they first met, school arc – this guy is in love with FY, but FY is in love with YR 😂😂😂).