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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 3.9


That person’s breath splayed across his ear, causing Fan Yuan to develop the illusion that he had been scalded in that instance. He said he admitted defeat—Fan Yuan had won this torturous game.

Fan Yuan couldn’t put a finger on the feeling in his heart. Just a moment ago, his heart had fallen from the high skies into a deep valley. This feeling of being unsure of what to do was so surreal, as if he was having a dream. VLIgGD

Actually, he should have realised long ago—although their personalities were not the same, no matter whether it was Gao Yu, Gu Qi, Fang Xu or Pei Qi, they all had the same idiosyncrasies. For example, they liked to gaze at his eyes, liked to drink wine, and they always got close to him, whether consciously or unconsciously, while performing those ambiguous actions.

Although he had not played supporting gay males for long, he had still passed through dozens of worlds. As the son of fate, the male lead had an innate attraction to the female lead. If it was so easy to make him bent, something like the “straight male disease” wouldn’t exist in the world anymore.

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Though it wasn’t true that all male leads had the straight male disease, they would definitely still be as straight as a pencil.

Once was an accident, twice could be considered a coincidence. But this world’s male lead, Pei Qi, had acted unexpectedly time after time. He simply couldn’t continue lying to himself. One coincidence after another were stitched together—no matter how improbable, that was the only truth. WDwIdb

—Gao Yu, had never left him.

When this guess had surfaced in his mind for the first time, it was quickly dismissed. This level of inconceivability was like a fool’s daydream. Gao Yu—he should have been in his own world and in a loving relationship with Li Yunxi, “holding each other’s hands and growing old together”.

This was the ending that belonged to him. Why would he chase him from world to world?

It was just that once the seed of doubt had been planted, taking root in his heart, he would unconsciously probe. BGrsf5

In front of Pei Qi, he had “gotten drunk”, leaving himself unguarded. Fang Xu’s bad habit in the previous world had naturally come out—he pulled open his clothes, carefully eating his tofu, presumably unaware that Fan Yuan had always been sober.

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Those little actions were Fang Xu’s habits, purely being a cut-sleeve was already insufficient to explain this.

This kidnapping scene had occurred at the right moment. If they were really the same person, no matter whether it was the underground dungeon of the Marquis’ manor, or the Crown Prince’s Eastern Palace, he would definitely appear at the most crucial instance. He would not allow a single shred of harm to come to Fan Yuan.

After all, that person had never cared for the plot, only caring about him. F4OEow

Actually, Fan Yuan also didn’t know whether he was actually looking forward to it, or if he was afraid. He didn’t feel that he had the capacity to love a man, yet he knew that he couldn’t bear to leave that man’s gentleness. After being alone for thousands of years, who could bear to refuse a warmth that had suddenly arrived?

He moved his Adam’s apple and wanted to speak, but he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to ask so many things, so much so that he couldn’t open his mouth.

After a long while, Fan Yuan asked, “You clearly know that I’ve been tricking you. Why did you still appear?”

Pei Qi faintly let out a sigh. His slender, jade-like forefinger lightly brushed across the corners of Fan Yuan’s eyes, “Because the sadness and disappointment in your eyes made me feel extremely upset. Anyway, after seeing you pressed under another man’s body, my endurance reached its limit.” cHIbYG

Fan Yuan pried away his hands, struggling from his embrace. Pei Qi didn’t dare to take too many liberties, so he could only let go of him.

Fan Yuan slanted his head and silently measured him up. Only when he saw his expression gradually reveal some slight uneasiness, he then raised his eyebrows and asked, “Fang Xu?”

Pei Qi nodded.

Fan Yuan gritted his teeth, and asked again, “Gu Qi?” AMKi5H

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Ufl Hl ralii cbvvfv.

Mjc Tejc ifa bea j ygfjat. Lf jrxfv ribkis, kbgv ys kbgv, “Ktfc, Xjb Te?”

Ktlr alwf, Ufl Hl vlvc’a cbv. Lf aglfv ab fzqijlc, “Xjb Te lr bcis j qjga bo wf, yea cba atf fcalgfas.”

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Llr kbgvr kfgf rlwqis abb njuef. Lbkfnfg, Mjc Tejc mbeiv tfjg tlr ecvfgislcu wfjclcu: Legalcu sbe kjrc’a ws lcafcalbc. hQA TP

Fan Yuan curved his lips and said, “Really? But my favourite one is him. Not only is he a gentleman, considerate and gentle, he also obediently followed the plot. As compared to those who always caused a disturbance—Gu Qi, Fang Xu, and you—he was simply too cute, no?”

Pei Qi’s face went black for an instant, but it was just for an instant. He reverted to normal at the speed of light, appearing with a smile in front of Fan Yuan.

“You really wished for me to follow the plot obediently? At the time when I said I liked Li Yunxi, weren’t you very sad?”

Fan Yuan frowned as he took a step back, “I’m playing the role of the supporting gay male, of course I had to show that I was extremely sad. That was just acting, aren’t you a bit too immersed in the play?” rDwlZ9

Pei Qi moved forward and pressed on, “Your words are the opposite of what you feel. Whether a person’s feelings are actually real or fake—I can still tell them apart very clearly. Actually, you can’t bear to see me go, right?”

Fan Yuan turned his face away, not wanting to look at that smirking face. That expression reminded him of Fang Xu, that big pervert’s appearance.

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Fan Yuan harshly pushed him away, “What kind of person are you exactly, an actor? Actors who can choose missions of their own accord usually have an extremely high level, they would never come to a lower plane to carry out a mission. Not only are the missions of lower planes simple, with no challenge at all, the rewards are also not much to look at. It’s a sheer waste of time. Moreover, if you are an actor, the system would have noticed it. The degree of compatibility between energy of the actor’s body and that of the original host will never achieve 100%, so how did you do it? Or could it be that you have disposed of the original script’s male lead?”

After listening to his analysis, Pei Qi gave a nod while maintaining his poker face. His eyes carried a touch of appreciation, as he curved the corners of his lips and laughed, “Curious? If you want to know, how about you give me a kiss, and I’ll tell you.” Cpwbuk

Fan Yuan was so angry that he felt an almost uncontrollable need to send a punch that man’s way. F*ck, the Gao Yu that he knew wasn’t like this! This bastard was a pure black belly; his bottomline was even lower than that scoundrel, Fang Xu.

“If you don’t want to say it, then forget it. I don’t care whether we’re in the same trade or not, and I don’t care whether you’re a god from somewhere. In short, please don’t obstruct me when I’m doing my missions. Since you’re already Pei Qi now, follow the plot diligently from now on!”

Pei Qi gazed fixedly at his pair of eyes, helplessly saying, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Fan Yuan found this to be ridiculous, “What do you mean by that?” GnTfP

What ‘I can’t do that’? Did he still have any sense after ruining his mission? Could he save himself some face?!

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Pei Qi moved close to him, a deep and profound look flashing across his eyes, “I can promise you anything, but just not this. You should know this Fan Yuan, I like you. You wanting me to be with a woman according to the plot, is truly asking too much of me.”

Fan Yuan felt a bit uneasy. Even if he had already guessed previously that the other party had chased after him from world to world, there was an extremely big difference between a guess and a loud and clear confession. At this moment at least, he felt incomparably awkward.

He raised his fist to his lips and coughed a few times, softly saying, “Although I play gay men, I’m actually a straight man.” 6FqaM8

Pei Qi was so amused by his cute reaction that he almost laughed. In the previous world, except for reaching the last step, they were old husbands that had done everything, now he was telling him that he was a straight man. Okay, okay, okay, a straight man, a straight man. Whatever he said would go. Who let him always go along with Fan Yuan ne~

He naturally approved, “I know you are a straight man………”

As expected, once he said that, Fan Yuan’s expression immediately improved greatly. Pei Qi had some hidden worries, did this little fellow rely on self-hypnotism to live till today?

Pei Qi followed up with, “But I just like you. I can’t even control myself. I didn’t want you to be put in a difficult position, so I kept hiding the truth. Since I have been discovered by you, I don’t want to make any excuses. In the missions, I will do my best to cooperate with you, but for the part of the plot with the female lead, I’m afraid I can’t fulfill your request.” dG4QK2

When Fan Yuan heard that he was willing to compromise, he genuinely let out a sigh of relief. The male and female leads’ plot didn’t actually have much to do with him, so he just needed to finish his own part of the plot. For the rest, that man could toss about as much as he wanted, anyway the one who would receive a deduction in rewards and experience points wouldn’t be him.

He looked as if he was considering it for a moment, then nodded, “It’s also okay like this. You have to remember your words, you’re not allowed to go back on them!”

Pei Qi nodded, smiling warmly and gently, “Naturally so. When have I ever lied to you.”

Fan Yuan’s heart that had relaxed immediately jumped up. Recounting his experiences from all the previous worlds, this scoundrel had already tricked him countless times. He had an eerie feeling that those words were not too reliable. MsZkUt

“Let’s not talk about the future. Let’s first talk about how to solve the problem in front of our eyes ba. I don’t know what on earth happened to Pei Yu, he suddenly twisted the plot………”

Fan Yuan had not finished speaking, but he stiffly came to a pause when he saw that the look on Pei Qi’s face had suddenly turned extremely terrifying. The gaze he directed at the supporting male lead was as if he was staring at a dead man. Fan Yuan had an ominous feeling, and he wanted to move forward and check Pei Yu’s pulse. He hadn’t moved even two steps before he was pulled back by Pei Qi.

“Don’t get near him. If you do, I’ll really be unable to hold back and make him an actual dead man.”

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Upon hearing such words, the tension in Fan Yuan’s heart was lifted. He let out a sigh of relief and said, “It’s good that he’s not dead. As long as he still has a breath left, he can still be saved.” rbvd1Q

Pei Qi looked away and faintly said, “You willingly let him take advantage of you, just to force me to show my true face? If I didn’t act, don’t tell me that you were going to let him have his way with you?”

Fan Yuan felt a bit frustrated. Though he had successfully forced Pei Qi to show his true colours, when he heard Pei Qi retell it, he couldn’t help but feel like something was off. The man’s words seemed to imply that he was extremely stupid and extremely childish, yes or no?!

He angrily quipped, “I’m not silly, how is it possible that I would let him do whatever he wants?! I had already prepared props to escape, but was merely interrupted by you. Speaking of taking advantage, you have also taken quite a bit, huh?”

Pei Qi asserted with a justified tone, “How could I be the same as him?” uvj0t9

“In my heart, you and him have no differences, both are lewd scoundrels!”

“But I’m only like this with you. With strangers, I find even sparing them a glance disgusting.”

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“So I should feel honoured ma?!” Fan Yuan rolled his eyes, “Since we have confirmed that Pei Yu definitely won’t die, let’s quickly leave. Although the rescue scene in the plot has been moved forward, at least it wasn’t removed. However, there are guards all around outside, do you have any ideas on how to avoid them?”

“We can just leave directly. When I came over, I used a concealment talisman. The cloak on your body also has one pasted on, so no outsiders can see us currently.” Akah5R

Fan Yuan’s eyes shone, a thing like a concealment talisman was practically a godly tool to avoid OOC. Although the system’s marketplace also had it, it was a pity his current level was too low. He had not even unlocked it, so no matter how many experience points he had, he couldn’t exchange them.

Fan Yuan eyes couldn’t help but turn hot with envy, “………You actually have such a high-end prop. Brother, how high is your level exactly ah, reveal it bei~”

Pei Qi held him close as they went outside. As they walked, he coaxed, “I didn’t exchange for it. I made it when I was in a cultivation world previously. You want it ma? I can send you a few, how about you accompany me to sleep tonight~”

“F*ck off! A few talismans and you want laozi to sell my body? You’re dreaming!” AdMVLm

“What I’m saying is just purely sleeping, where did you think off to.”

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“Hmm………That’s something that I can consider.”


As he tore off the concealment talisman, Fan Yuan felt that his inner world was collapsing. This was because he realised he was practically running around naked, and the only good thing was that he had draped a cloak on the outside to slightly obscure him. However, once they walked, those pure white and obscene pants on the inside were immediately exposed. It was simply too embarrassing! m3FaCp

Pei Qi lifted his lips while watching by the side. He suggested, “Why don’t we paste a talisman ba.”

Fan Yuan wanted to run away sobbing, “The people in the entire manor all know that I’ve been kidnapped. It’s ridiculous to suddenly show up in my own room!”

A glimmer of light flashed across Pei Qi’s eyes, “Well, it isn’t that there isn’t any other way………”

As he spoke, he picked up Fan Yuan in a princess carry. He left the little alley and walked towards the prince’s manor in large steps. The cloak barely covered Fan Yuan’s legs, but he didn’t even dare to struggle as he held on for dear life, afraid of being completely exposed and losing face to the point that it could be thrown out of this world. So he could only go along with Pei Qi. c0 Lkx

Pei Qi had already immersed himself in his role quickly. With a straight face he said, “This prince will tell them that Xiao gongzi’s leg was injured by thieves, so you can’t move.”

Fan Yuan inwardly sobbed while wanting to run away, “Many thanks to wangye for understanding /ToT/~~”

F*cking hell, do you dare to remove your salty pig hands from laozi’s butt ah! Do you dare to pinch with less strength ah! Do you dare to save some face ah!


#Mankind can no longer stop the hungry wolf!#


#The exposed male lead is getting more shameless by the day!#

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#The childhood friend-kun that we’ve missed for so many years has become completely different, what to do!!#


The corners of Pei Qi’s lips curved at a slight angle. He pressed himself near Fan Yuan’s ear and said in a low voice, “I forgot to tell you, my name is Yan Rui.”

The Author has Something to Say: oAgB4D

Those in the comments talking about ‘theft of purity’……are too dirty! This pure, slag author simply doesn’t understand (*/ω╲*)

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

Bamboo horse-kun is used here again to mean childhood sweetheart/friend u ω u

Translator's Note

I have no idea what this means actually haha! The chinese text is: 房道, which many of us assume is similar to ‘prevention of theft’ which is usually to prevent others from stealing chapters hahah. It probably has something to do with the previous chapter but it’s locked on JJWXC TuT. Let me know what you think it is if you have an idea~

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