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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 3.8


Halfway through the journey, the horse carriage abruptly came to a halt. Due to inertia, Fan Yuan nearly fell onto the floor. He had just left the crowded part of town and they had acted so quickly! The Crown Prince really couldn’t hold back his temper. Was he taking advantage of the fact that less people would be on the roads due to the snow today, or was his personality simply so rampant?

He acted as if he was clueless and lifted open the curtains of the horse carriage to look out. As expected, the coachman had already fallen onto the snowy ground, the ground stained by a pool of crimson blood. 4stEFL

Fan Yuan frowned as he took a glance and turned his face away. In the past when he used to play insignificant characters, he had acted in various kinds of roles. Death was simply a thing that lasted for an instant—he didn’t even have the time to feel afraid, and in the next moment he would feel nothing at all.

The sadness of the actor laid in this—knowing that what waited for you next was death, yet not being able to show a sliver of emotion. Having fought for so many years, his heart had also become colder and harder.

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Fan Yuan looked at Cui Hong who was currently fighting with men dressed in black. He then glanced at the accompanying guards who were also fighting. It seemed that because no one expected an ambush in broad daylight, the number of men sent to accompany him was insufficient. Not to mention, the guards themselves were also caught unaware, so they were already at a slight disadvantage.

Fan Yuan followed the script and got off the horse carriage, sprinting towards the prince’s manor. His white clothes were originally not very conspicuous in the snow, but he was wearing Pei Qi’s black cloak. X7Bpki

He was practically a gleaming, live target. If the enemy had the intention to take his life, a stealthy arrow from behind could have easily taken care of him.

Xiao Mingge knew that Fan Yuan’s character was one that would rather die than bend the knee, so he would absolutely never leave any accidental traces, and would only use others to kill him.

But the thing was that the Crown Prince was conceited, so he wanted to pry out Pei Qi’s secrets from his mouth. That was why he wanted to torture him alive. Hence, what Fan Yuan was about to do now was to run for his life, and at the same time he would be taken away by them without a trace.

This cloak from Pei Qi had helped him just at the right time. Some unintentional actions really did bring unexpected success. w51boM

He was currently patting himself on the back for having such good luck. On the other hand, Cui Hong was anxious to the point that he was sweating all over. On one hand, he was fighting intensely with the enemy, on the other hand, he had to divide his attention and shout at Fan Yuan, “Xiao gongzi! Please quickly take off that cloak, it is too obvious in the snow!”

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Fan Yuan turned back and gave him a glance. Seeing that he appeared to be so anxious, he felt a bit of pity. However, he really couldn’t take the cloak off, so he said to Cui Hong in a clear and loud voice, “Commander Cui, be careful with your sword. This cloak on Advisor Xiao’s body is a gift from Master. Even if I am killed by the enemy today, I will absolutely never discard this!”

After speaking, he uncaringly ran forward, and all that was left to be seen was Cui Hong’s resolute back.

The original host’s body was extremely weak to begin with. It was due to the lingering effects of falling ill when he was young, and on top of that, he did not recuperate properly. jSWFeX

Having been painstakingly nursed by Pei Qi during these two years, his condition had begun to take a turn for the better.

Today, he had sprinted wildly for two to three kilometres before he felt like he had no strength left to continue. Then, he carelessly slipped, allowing for someone to catch up. That person directed a hit at his nape, causing Fan Yuan to faint.


“………Xiǎo Yuǎn, have you really thought clearly? Just what is my place in your heart?” XftzHP

What is your place in my heart?

Among the thousands of years I have transmigrated across worlds, you are the only one I have met who treats me the best.

There has never been anyone like you who is so considerate and loving towards me. As long as you see me frown, you will also feel like you’re in pain. As long as I smile at you, you will look like you have gained the entire world. You are too good, so good that I almost forgot that I’m actually not this Fan Yuan; that I’m actually another one, a Fan Yuan who has no past and future.

I had once told myself, since I have chosen this path, I cannot love any women. So I’m extremely alert every time a woman gets close to me, to avoid any possibility of my heart moving. XVhyWk

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But no one had ever told me before, that men were equally as dangerous.

Two childhood friends; I was pretending to be in love, but you actually fell in love. We were both acting, but who would have thought, our roles would be reversed in the end.

Tbe tjv olcjiis obecv j kbwjc ktb yfibcufv ab sbe jcv j ibnf atja yfibcufv ab sbe. P rabbv bc atf rajuf jibcf, eckliilcu ab gfagfja fnfc atbeut P kjr j wfrr. P vbc’a xcbk lo atlr lr ibnf, yea obg atf wf ktb tlvfr lc atf mbgcfg, ktfc P rjk sbe ajxf tfg tjcv, P ageis ofia ws tfjga tega.

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Because, my man had been snatched away by someone else, but I had no right to get him back. icuBzG

Because, you two were a pair fated by the Heavens, while I could only be a mere passerby.

This is the first time I have developed genuine feelings for the mission target in a mission. Even if there is still a sliver of attachment and reluctance, I know I’m not the same person as before.

But, are you still you?

Or, is this simply my wishful thinking. m3l6pA


Fan Yuan suddenly opened his eyes in shock. A long-lost dream, a long-lost sound, and also that person’s long-lost smile. He really missed those.

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If it was really him, what should he do……..If it wasn’t him, then what should he do as well?

Fan Yuan let out a sigh. It was useless no matter how tangled he felt. The only one who could give him an answer, was that person. rdV5Dc

He moved his body, his entire self in great pain to the point that it was hard to bear. It was as if a huge rock had rolled over him.

Could it be that he had been stuffed in a sack and carried off? The more he thought about it, the more he felt the possibility of this was high. Pei Yu was extremely furious because of him, so it would be weird if he didn’t take the chance to make him suffer.

He swept his gaze across all his surroundings. This was a very plainly-decorated bedroom. From the looks of it, it hadn’t been used in a very long time. He could still see a layer of dust on the table, yet special attention had been given to the craftsmanship of said table. The red cedarwood table was extremely valuable—only nobles of the palace could use it, so this could absolutely not be a common official’s home.

Actually it didn’t matter where he was, the important thing was—this definitely wasn’t the underground dungeon in the Marquis manor from the original script ba?! fsTMtv

After the male and female lead screwed up one after another, even the supporting male lead has to start deviating from the plot, is that it? _(:3」∠)_

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#Where was the basic trust between people ne!#

His right hand had been shackled by iron chains. He lightly swayed his hand, and from the sound he could determine that these iron chains were very long. They were so long that they passed through the wall, and could even go through to another room. Was this so that they could conveniently monitor his movements?

Fan Yuan sat up straight, rubbing his sore neck. F*ck, it hurt a lot, which asshole was so heavy-handed! h7VtRK

“Xiao Wu, what is happening here? This is not the underground prison in the Marquis’ manor ba.”

“Ding, this is an abandoned hall in the Eastern Palace. Master has been hidden in a food container within the food storage room. You were secretly brought in.”

“Damn, no wonder my entire body feels like it’s falling to pieces. The Crown Prince is really too unkind. Now that the Emperor is severely ill, the security outside is so tight. He still dares to bring outsiders into his own palace, his guts are simply too big.”

“Ding, based on the supporting male lead’s IQ, he probably did not think of this point.” IbefGP

“………Fine, I will forgive him for the time being.”

Fan Yuan carefully examined the keyhole of the chains for a moment. For a lock of this level, it was extremely easy for him to unlock it if he wanted. However, he needed to wait and see what exactly the Crown Prince wanted to do, in case he was actually willing to properly follow the plot. After all, changing the location shouldn’t affect the plot ma.

“Ding, according to the plot, the male lead had found Master in the underground prison of the Marquis’ manor. If the location is changed to the Eastern Palace, the level of difficulty will also increase greatly. Even when this body is unable to withstand the torture and passes away ahead of time, the male lead may not have found this place yet.”

Fan Yuan lay down without a care, relaxing his body and slowly opening his mouth to say, “If it really is him, he will definitely find me.” k5JFtf

“Ding, Xiao Wu does not understand.”

“You don’t understand? Actually, I don’t really understand as well, but I have a feeling. Xiao Wu, do you know? If an accident happens once, it is an accident. If it happens twice, it is a coincidence. But if it happens multiple times, then it requires some careful consideration.”

Xiao Wu remained silent, as if it was thinking. After a moment, it suddenly reminded, “Ding, according to the system’s scan, the supporting male lead has appeared within a hundred metres. He is currently advancing towards you.”

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Fan Yuan slowly let out an ‘en’ to indicate that he knew. He had swayed the chains in the beginning. Naturally, there would be someone who went to report, but the Crown Prince’s speed was incredibly fast. 1HFdGO

Within the next minute, he could only hear a flurry of footsteps from outside. What followed was the Crown Prince’s voice.

“Open the lock. All of you wait outside, do not enter.”

Fan Yuan sat up with his eyebrows twisted. For a moment, he was confused—how would he carry out the torture if he came in alone?

Don’t tell him that he was resorting to threats and bribery to make him compromise? Or was he planning to move him with reason? Or was he simply planning to force him to drink poison, and then force him to confess using the antidote? PjcwHN

If it was the first two, then he only had three big words—you f*cking idiot! If it was the last one………damn, life was truly very tough!

The Crown Prince Pei Yu entered the room and saw Fan Yuan sitting on the bed blankly. From his angle, he caught a glimpse of Fan Yuan’s pale cheeks and delicate jaw. There surprisingly was a faint sense of beauty.

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He let out a snort and walked forward two steps, grasping Fan Yuan’s neck and exerting slight force. When he saw Fan Yuan revealing a pained expression, he grinned hideously, “Why aren’t you struggling? Aren’t you extremely angry? Didn’t you want to assist Pei Qi to ascend the throne?! Keep shouting at this prince ah! Let’s see if your Prince Duan will rush over to the palace to save you!”

Fan Yuan felt a bit breathless as his throat was squeezed. He frowned as he tried to break free, but the chains on his right hand let out a ‘Ding Ling’ as he tried to move. Qv39qO

Although the Crown Prince’s skills was mediocre at best, he had at least learnt a few years of horsemanship and archery. Naturally, he was not someone that a frail scholar like Fan Yuan could compare to. After struggling for a bit to no avail, he could only give up.

“Ding, may I ask if Master needs to exchange for any protective tools or elixirs.”

Fan Yuan was pale, yet his reply was straight to the point, “Wait for a while more.”

Pei Yu saw that he was having an increasingly harder time breathing, and his pained expression was as if he was at his limits. But in the end, Fan Yuan gritted his teeth, unwilling to beg for mercy. QhtRdE

Pei Yu flared with anger and dragged him off the bed, causing Fan Yuan to fall heavily onto the ground.

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“Why aren’t you speaking, are you mute? Are you admitting that you were blind to acknowledge the wrong master?”

Fan Yuan’s eyes swept across Pei Yu’s hideous and contorted expression. The corners of his lips curved scornfully, “What is there for caomin to say? Your dignified Highness Crown Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty, kidnapping a commoner off the streets, caomin has no power or strength to resist. My life is merely a cheap one—since the Crown Prince wants it, he can just take it.”

Instead, Pei Yu started laughing loudly. He crouched down to face Fan Yuan, shaking his head, “Die? Your father did indeed want me to directly kill you, but this prince refuses to let this go, that would simply be letting you off too easy! You betrayed this prince and pledged your allegiance to Pei Qi, simply because his goods were good and able to satisfy you? But you have not experienced this prince’s methods, so how would you know if this prince is inferior to him?” GANdXT

Fan Yuan pupils instantly widened. Immediately, he moved backward and said in a low voice, “Caomin and Prince Duan are innocent, we have never crossed that line. Not to mention that your Highness Crown Prince is in love with my sister, Mo Li. She hates those who molest males the most, if she finds out, I’m afraid………”

Pei Yu held his neck tightly, uncontrollably laughing, “You finally know how to be afraid? It turns out that you can also get scared. Haha, interesting, interesting. Don’t worry, Mo Li will never find out, because this prince will take care of you cleanly, not leaving a single trace.”

Fan Yuan turned his face away in detest, not wanting to look at the undisguised evil in front of his eyes.

Pei Yu could be considered one of the best specimens among the supporting males. However, it turned out that he merely appeared to have extremely deep feelings towards the female lead, but secretly he actually wanted to do such things to a man. This was practically ruining the style points of the supporting male group. K2N6PC

Fan Yuan watched as his top was ripped away by him. Pei Yu’s disgusting palms fondled his chest, causing Fan Yuan’s stomach to churn to the point where he felt like vomiting. Fan Yuan tightly clenched his fists, while desperately suppressing the urge to exchange for props to resist.

“Old Three really has a good eye. Normally, you are dressed in formal clothing so it is hard to tell, but it turns out that you are actually such fine goods. Serve this prince well, and who knows, I may spare you a few more days to live.”

Fan Yuan did not let out a sound, turning his head away and treating it as if he had only heard a dog barking beside his ear.

Xiao Wu got even more anxious upon witnessing the situation. It could not help but give a reminder, “Ding………” k0Q7CI

Fan Yuan shut his eyes and slowly said, “Xiao Wu, I know my limits.”

Just when Pei Yu was about to rip off Fan Yuan’s last piece of clothing—his pants, Fan Yuan felt a corner of his heart silently crumble.

It turned out that he had been indulging in his fantasies; if it was really that person, he would definitely not tolerate others treating him like this. No matter for what reason, he would never abandon him.

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Fan Yuan felt that he was laughable. How was it possible that such things, so disconnected from reality, would happen? No one could escape the rules, and no one could go against the world’s consciousness. WtDOf

That person was simply a son of fate from a lower plane, and he had already found someone he truly wanted to protect. Fan Yuan was simply a brother who was a total disappointment.

Those feelings of familiarity were merely his own imagination. Because he couldn’t let it go, because his ugly heart had grown jealous, hence such misconceptions had developed.

So, he really could give up now………right?

Fan Yuan controlled the throbbing pain in his chest, slowly opening his mouth to say, “Xiao Wu, help me exchange for………” yHJ SL

He had not finished speaking, yet he heard Xiao Wu anxiously say, “Ding, the male lead………”

‘Bang!’, a loud sound resounded. Fan Yuan felt that the force pressing him down had suddenly disappeared. The sound of Pei Yu falling down against a pillar by the side echoed throughout the room. Pei Yu abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood, and weakly fell onto the ground. Who knew if he was alive or dead.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A black fox fur cloak was gently draped over his shoulders, and someone scooped him into his arms from behind, tightly embracing him. A lingering, faint fragrance entered his nose, causing him to not help but tremble. Beside his ear, he heard that person’s familiar, low, magnetic murmur.

“I admit defeat baby, I’m sorry………” dLO915

Translator's Note

The author uses 无心插柳柳成荫 which kind of translates to ‘unintentionally poking a stick in the mud and it unexpectedly grows into a tree that shades you from the sun’.

Translator's Note

If you guys remember from Ch 3.2, this is Fan Yuan’s pet name, Xiǎo Yuǎn. It is not the same ‘Xiao’ as the original host in this arc. Also, this is the exact same line from Gao Yu in Chap 2.12.

Translator's Note

This is basically slang. It comes from the term 青梅竹马 which means to be childhood sweethearts. It is 竹马与竹马 for this case because it’s two men. If it’s two girls, it’s 青梅与青梅. It’s referring to Gao Yu and Fan Yuan when they were in World 1 I believe.

Translator's Note

yeah…THOSE goods.

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