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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 4.1


Cultivators seek enlightenment through cultivation while pursuing their true selves. To disentangle truth from falsehood, is what it really means to “cultivate”.

The Minglan continent was a place full of spiritual energy where righteous cultivators and demonic cultivators both dwelled. Among them, the three great sects and the demonic sect had the strongest powers, but the two sides had been standing on opposing sides for thousands of years, with neither having emerged victorious. QgOjBu

The three great sects were divided into the Xuan Tian sect, the Po Yun sect, and the Guan Lan sect. Amongst them, the Xuan Tian sect assumed the role of the leader. All of this had to be attributed to the Xuan Tian sect’s founding ancestor—Immortal Xuantian.

According to legend, demonic cultivation was rampant thousands of years ago. Many righteous cultivators were bullied and humiliated, but because their levels of cultivation were far from that of the demonic cultivators, they had to bear with such treatment wherever they went. Later on, a genius that only appeared once every thousand years emerged in the cultivation realm, and that man was Lin Xuantian.

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This person’s cultivation body was excellent, as he had none other than the extremely rare mutated ice roots. On top of that, his luck defied the laws of Heaven, as he was able to unintentionally obtain a treasure—a top-grade immortal jade flute.

Within 17 years, he formed his cultivation base, and within 30, he formed his golden core. Within a mere 50 years, he formed his Nascent Soul, and before he turned hundred, he had already broken into late stage Divided Spirit, and soon after, he had entered the Body Fusion phase. oL3sQ0

He founded the Xuan Tian sect single-handedly, trained hundreds of outstanding disciples, and spearheaded the way for righteous cultivators to be on the same fighting level as those of the demonic sect. In the cultivation realm, it was none other than him who sat at a position where thousands would rally at his call.

Subsequently when heavenly fire fell, Lin Xuantian used his own cultivation body as a medium to condense black ice to resist against the heavenly fire. He saved the Xuan Tian sect’s hundreds of disciples, but he instead perished because his cultivation was completely depleted.

The genius of a generation had fallen in such a tragic manner, it was truly sad and worth lamenting over, to the point that some felt like they were about to die from sorrow.

Although he had passed away, the Minglan continent remembered him forever, and even demonic cultivators respected him from the bottom of their hearts. j741MH

Hence, the Xuan Tian sect had the highest position in the cultivation realm, being a place where all cultivators eagerly scrambled towards. There was even a saying that the mountain Xuan Tian sect resided on, Wangyou Mountain, was a place where spiritual energy gathered. Even if one became an outer disciple of Xuan Tian sect, it was much better than being a disciple in the direct line of succession in other sects.

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With such a powerful sect, naturally the requirements for accepting a disciple were also high. Ordinary people couldn’t even dare think about entering, let alone act imprudently in front of the Xuan Tian sect’s gates. However, such an unimaginable thing actually happened.

The three large characters which spelled out “Xuan Tian Sect” were carved onto glowing white moonstone, exuding a white aura. At the sect, one could occasionally hear pleasant chirps of cranes and witness the plants of all four seasons bloom at the same time in their most brilliant state. Fruit trees of all colors continually grew bountiful fruit all-year round.

The atmosphere was meant to be dignified and sacred amidst the elegant and breathtaking scenery, but this was completely destroyed due to a little beggar dressed in tattered clothing that was kneeling in front of the sect gates. wba4ZY

He had been kneeling there for three days without rest, food, or drink.

A young cultivator dressed in white and blue robes walked quickly to the front of the mountain. His tone was slightly impatient, “This little brother, the acceptance of disciples in Xuan Tian sect has its own regulations. You have to undergo numerous selection tests, and only after you pass the sect’s test can you then enter. Even if you die right here, we still can’t accept you.”

The child’s lips were cracked, and his voice was extremely coarse, sounding as if one was ripping paper apart, as he hadn’t eaten nor drank in a long time. Yet, his eyes still revealed great determination, “Senior, no matter what test you give me, I can pass it. Please give me a chance.”

The cultivator shook his head with some pity, “It’s not that I don’t want to give you a chance, but it is the rule of the sect. Every five years, one selection will be held. The previous selection was last year, so there are still four years till the next selection. Why don’t you return four years later?” qwRDC4

The child said, “I’m already ten years old. I’m already considered late if I begin my cultivation now. How can I wait for another four years? Senior, I beg you to make an exception this once.”

The cultivator in the white robe left helplessly. He let out a sigh, “What a stubborn child. If it were other sects, it wouldn’t be difficult to enter with his perseverance. It’s a pity that this is the Xuan Tian sect. How could it be so simple………”

Luoxia Peak, Snowless Hall.

In the center of the main hall, a transparent water sphere was suspended. The scene reflected in it was exactly the same as the one outside the sect gates. The boy’s face was gradually enlarged. gH1iAk

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On a pure, carved white jade seat, lay a man with long hair that hung loosely as he lazily lounged. He was dressed in a white brocade robe while he held a white spirit fox in his arms. His slender and perfect fingers gently ran over the spirit fox’s head, as he muttered, “Look at that child, doesn’t he look like Senior Brother when he was young?”

The spirit fox snorted but didn’t answer. The man’s finger paused as suddenly smiled and said, “Right, who would still remember him ne, a thousand years have already passed. The entire world knows the Xuan Tian sect, and they know that Immortal Xuantian sacrificed his life for the greater good. Who would even remember that his name was Lin Xuantian ne, simply no one would remember………”

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The outer disciples were absolutely stunned to the point they couldn’t speak, unsure of how to react. They only heard some random person shout, “That’s the Peak Lord of Luoxia Peak, Immortal Luoxia!”

Only then did everyone react. This man was the most mysterious Peak Lord of the sect. It was rumored that he was a true cultivation genius in the realm, and his cultivation level was immeasurable. Even the Sect Master didn’t dare to let be imprudent in front of him. However, he was extremely low-key and didn’t accept disciples, so there were very few opportunities for the sect members to see him.

Rumour had it that the Peak Lord of Luoxia Peak had a peerless appearance, and was none other than the most beautiful person in the realm. Today, it seemed that such words were not lies.

One could only see Immortal Luoxia, Lin Yuan, resolutely standing in front of the mountain gate, seriously staring at that little beggar. He had a faint smile evident from the corners of his lips and a slight hint of nostalgia visible within his eyes, as if he was recalling a fond memory. tBLRh4

But in fact, Immortal Luoxia was feeling extremely conflicted at this moment.

“Xiao Wu, do you think that he’s Yan Rui?”

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“Ding, the system is unable to detect it. Xiao Wu is unable to answer Master’s question. But if he is Yan Rui, according to Master’s performance in the last world, this time Master will be extremely miserable. ”

Listening to Xiao Wu mention the last world, Fan Yuan was so scared to the point that his legs went soft and he almost collapsed. Fortunately, he managed to hold on and maintained his flawless image of being noble and unsullied. However, what Xiao Wu had mentioned was indeed a problem. If it was really that guy, this time he would definitely not let him off easily. Then what should he do? WmrXbT

“Ding, regardless of whether he is Yan Rui or not, Master still has to follow the plot. There is no need to feel so conflicted.”

Fan Yuan solemnly refuted Xiao Wu, “No, if he’s Yan Rui, I have to hang him dry for a few more hours. Anyway, I will be treated very miserably by him afterwards. It’s better to collect some interest first.”

“………” No zuo no die….

Fan Yuan was currently considering whether to go back to his own territory first to observe the situation, and then act. Yet, he saw the child in tattered clothes suddenly raise his small head to look at him. A trace of hazy confusion flashed across his eyes, then his eyes gradually drooped as he fell towards a side. ImDeSN

Fan Yuan was shocked. Before he knew it, his body had already reacted as he held the thin, weak little boy in his arms.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“So light.”

That was his first impression. Was this child really ten years old? Why did it seem like he only had the weight of a seven or eight year old, and his height was not tall. His whole body had barely any meat, and he was just poking bones.

Fan Yuan changed his position slightly to allow the boy to lay more comfortably. Fan Yuan then recited a spell and disappeared from the mountain gateway. grcTks

On the other hand, the remaining outer disciples were boiling over with excitement.

“Immortal Luoxia took that little beggar away. Could it be that he wants to accept that boy as a disciple?”

“How could that be, Immortal Luoxia never accepts disciples. It should be that he thought the boy was pitiful and brought him back for treatment. Such a beautiful person must have a Bodhisattva’s heart and mind.”

“Precisely so. Suppose that Immortal Luoxia wants to take in a disciple, he would definitely pick the most outstanding one in the grand selections. How could he pick a little beggar?” k qvAT

“Makes sense, makes sense………”


Fan Yuan took the boy back to Snowless Hall and lay him on his bed. Fan Yuan pinched his fingers together to form a hand seal and cleaned the child. He turned and looked at the spirit fox who had followed in out of curiosity. He softly whispered, “Go prepare a few sets of children’s clothing, for a child around eight or nine years old.”

The spirit fox turned into a human figure. The fox was actually a beautiful woman dressed in a blue robes. She asked with big eyes, “Does Master really want to take in this child? There are many people who look similar to him in the world, aren’t Master’s actions a bit too rash?” znGNMY

Fan Yuan clasped his hands behind his back, but his gaze didn’t leave the child’s face. He whispered, “I just met him.”

That woman smiled and said, “It seems that it is this child’s blessing.”

After speaking, she curtsied and left to prepare the clothes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fan Yuan let out a sigh and took out a bottle of recovery pellets from his storage ring, pouring one pellet into the child’s mouth. Only when he saw the colour of the boy’s face turn a little better did Fan Yuan’s expression slightly relax. 1M2fFK

He stared at the child’s face and eventually broke out of his trance. He softly murmured in question, “Are you him………?”

This was the original host’s line. In fact, it also coincided with Fan Yuan’s innermost thoughts. The holistic assessment was of great importance. On top of that, what he had chosen was an upper plane task. This boy was the son of fate of this world, so his luck wasn’t something that could casually be snatched away for others to replace him.

Could Yan Rui really chase him all the way here? If he didn’t follow, that would naturally be good. Fan Yuan could also feel a little more relieved, there were some things that he needed time to think through clearly.

Due to the fact that the child had taken a medicinal pellet of the highest grade, he gradually awoke. At first glance, he saw a celestial-like figure. That person stared straight at him, and the boy almost thought he was still in a dream. LUmqs3

“Excuse me………”

Fan Yuan came back to his senses, only to see that child staring at him with eyes full of doubt. He curved the corners of his lips and said, “This place is the Snowless Hall of Luoxia Peak. I am the master of this place, Immortal Luoxia. You said you wanted to enter Xuan Tian sect, why?”

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The child listened to him as he introduced himself as some immortal, and he even asked him some questions. The boy quickly got up from the bed and knelt down, “This little one’s name is Xu Moran, I’m just a child from an ordinary family.”

He continued, “It’s only because of a cultivation treasure my ancestors handed down that they entered the demonic path and started killing and stealing. Only under the protection of my parents was I able to survive. I want to avenge my parents, but I can’t beat demonic cultivators. I heard that the Xuan Tian sect is a holy place in the cultivation realm, so I want to learn under the Xuan Tian sect. May this immortal please accept me as a disciple.” PrpChT

After speaking, the boy kowtowed with a ‘BAM’. As Fan Yuan listened to the sound, he unnoticeably furrowed his brow. This child’s words followed the script to perfection, was he really not Yan Rui?

Fan Yuan proceeded to help Moran up, the tips of his fingers gently brushing past his forehead, and only then did the redness disappear instantly. The child widened his eyes in amazement as touch his forehead with his fingers. He said with surprise, “It doesn’t hurt anymore!”

Fan Yuan was so humoured by his lovely reaction that he gave a laugh. He whispered, “The loud kowtow just now will be considered as the ceremony where you formally acknowledge me as your master. I will be your shizun in the future. I will teach you the mystical arts and let you personally take revenge on your enemies.”

Xu Moran’s rabbit eyes immediately turned red, “Shizun………Thank you shizun!” A5d3Nu

Fan Yuan saw that the boy had turned red-eyed because of a single sentence, and his heart became even more doubtful. Would Yan Rui do such an embarrassing thing? It was too strange. This wouldn’t do, he had to sound him out a little more.

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His face became more gentle and affable, “Tu’er, there are too many wounds on your body. It’s difficult to completely cure you even with the healing arts of your shizun. You’ll have to spend an hour in the jade pool. Let your shizun take you there to wash, okay?”

Xu Moran blankly asked, “Shizun wants to take Moran to bathe?”

Fan Yuan gave a slight nod and quietly watched how Xu Moran would react. If it was Yan Rui that big pervert, he would definitely be so happy that he wouldn’t be able to help himself. No matter how much he tried to restrain himself, his eyes would reveal a devious light. iKnS1p

He only saw the little white rabbit go blank for a few seconds, then……….he suddenly blushed.

That’s right, he blushed! That small little red face was so cute that Fan Yuan wanted to die!!!

He squeezed the corners of his own tattered clothes and bashfully said, “To be honest, Moran has been bathing myself ever since I was seven. I never thought that a day would come where I have a shizun who wants to help Moran bathe. It’s really…….it’s really a bit overwhelming to be spoiled like this………”

Fan Yuan suppressed his urge to vomit blood and calmly interrupted him, “Since you can wash yourself, then go bathe alone ba.” 4RsOuB

Xu Moran: “(⊙v⊙)???”

Fan Yuan didn’t say a word. With a wave of his hand, he sent Moran to the jade pool. He walked to the window alone and stared into the distance. His eyes were filled with a complicated look of faint melancholy.


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The Author has Something to Say:

Cultivation scripts are really hard to write. I did tons of research before I dared to give it a try, it’s really no zuo no die /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

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Translator's Note

Some of you may have seen this phrase because it’s so popular. It’s “不作不死” which is no zuo no die. It means that if you didn’t do it, you wouldn’t have been so miserable lol.

Translator's Note

Affectionate way of addressing one’s disciple.

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