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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 2.11


Following the ambulance all the way to the hospital, Fan Yuan’s whole person was like a soulless wooden doll. He thought only of tightly holding Fang Xu’s hand and repeatedly chant: “Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die.”

Fang Xu’s body was almost entirely saturated with blood and the blood-red color covering his body made him look wretched like Fan Yuan had never before seen. Streaks of blood trickled from the corners of his mouth as he expended an enormous amount of effort curving his lips up into a slight arc, struggling to produce a sound. SfJT0x

Fan Yuan was startled and unconsciously bent his body towards Fang Xu to listen to his words. He distractedly heard a weak, barely audible voice as Fang Xu uttered, “I won’t die. In exchange, be by my side forever…… All right?……”

Fan Yuan’s eyes widened as he didn’t know how to respond, but in the next moment as Fang Xu suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, Fan Yuan hurriedly gripped Fang Xu’s hand and repeatedly nodded. He solemnly promised, “All right, I promise you. I’ll be by your side forever. You must not die or else I’ll never forgive you.”

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Fang Xu smiled in relief and slowly slipped into a deep slumber.

Fan Yuan was frightened by this and almost threw himself at Fang Xu, but he was restrained by a doctor. “Sir, if you keep preventing us from commencing with the surgery, this patient might really be beyond all help.” KSMyDL

Saying that, he had someone wheel Fang Xu in and closed the door of the operating room, shutting Fan Yuan out completely.

Fan Yuan’s eyes stared at the light above the door to the operating room. He slowly slid down to sit on the ground, feeling like all of the strength in his body had been pulled clean from him, leaving only a shell behind.

Fang Xu had saved him……

If Fang Xu had not, then the person laying with his life dangling by a thread would be Fan Yuan…… With that direct of a collision, perhaps he would not have even been able to last until the ambulance came and would have died at the scene. F8TUgS

And for what?…… Fang Xu was no kindhearted person, no one was clearer on that point than Fan Yuan. He should be the kind of person who would do absolutely anything and use any means necessary to achieve his goal, forever wearing a malicious smile, toying with the people he had under his thumb. He should be incomparably strong and formidable to the point of complete fearlessness, strong to the point where no one would be able to harm him.

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Using his own life to exchange it for that of another, that wasn’t Fang Xu…… Even if that was Fang Xu, the kind of person he would stake his life trying to protect should not be Fan Yuan, but girl he was preordained by fate to fall in love with, Tan Ling.

Preordained by fate, huh…… It was the first time Fan Yuan felt a disgust for that phrase. He knew he shouldn’t, because as an actor, his duty was to protect those things “preordained by fate” so that things could develop normally. No matter the number of pits dug for the characters he had to play, no matter the unfairness he would have to face in those lives, no matter the number of potholes lining the path of his life that he was to walk, he should never harbor any intention of rebelling. Such was the fate of an actor.

Everything he did was for the purpose of survival. Letting his life continue indefinitely in this way, that was the reward he had acquired. He had no right to say he was unwilling or resentful. qLNYx

He had also never before nursed any negative feelings, at least that was what he thought. But in reality, it seemed as if it was not like that at all. At least in this moment, Fan Yuan felt just a tinge of envy towards Tan Ling.

Perhaps he had already harbored that resentment since even earlier, when that suddenly appearing female lead had snatched away the boy who had held his heart since he was small.

The love and friendship he had guarded for so long had been smashed with no difficulty at all. The term “preordained by fate” sometimes made people feel loathing. It also made them feel dread.

“Ding. Master need not worry too much. The male lead has the protagonist’s halo and also the protection of the entire world and its fortune. It’s definitely enough to avert disaster and restore safety.” HqrVG0

“Xiao Wu, the protagonist’s halo is not almighty. The plot will automatically protect the protagonist, but when the protagonist places himself in harm’s way, the halo will be of no use no matter how large. That serious of an injury…… He really could die. What he was actually thinking at that time? How could he make such an honorable, split-second decision…… to save me.”

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“Ding. Xiao Wu isn’t sure what the male lead was thinking, but Xiao Wu knows that if a human is willing to use their own life in exchange for something, it must be extremely important.”

“Pwqbgajca, tet……” Mjc Tejc’r ujhf kjr delaf vfnjrajafv. “Wljb Qe, P cfnfg abiv sbe atlr yfobgf, yea jmaejiis, yfobgf P wfa sbe ktfc P kjr ralii tewjc, ws qjgfcar uba vlnbgmfv. Coafg atja, atfs fjmt tjv atflg bkc ojwlis, rb P yfmjwf atf reqfgoieber bcf. Ca atja alwf, P gfjiis klrtfv atja atfgf kbeiv mbwf j vjs ktfc P, abb, mbeiv yf njiefv ys jcbatfg jcv gfujgvfv jr lwqbgajca. P klrtfv atja atja qfgrbc mbeiv ibnf wf. Pa’r abb yjv atja P’nf yffc mjggslcu bea wlrrlbcr obg rb ibcu. Ktja gfugfa tjr cfnfg jcv klii cfnfg yf rjalrolfv.”

After a long time, he said with relief, “I promised Fang Xu that if he lives, I will stay by his side forever.” HxkKbs

“Ding. Has Master really thought this through? Once Master is voluntarily with the male lead, Master must assume part of the responsibility for the warping of the plot.”

“Mm, I’ve thought this through, but for these next twenty years, if he wants it, just give it to him.”

“Ding. Xiao Wu respects Master’s opinion.”

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Meanwhile, in the operating room. qSu7ze

Fang Xu indifferently asked, “Is this body still usable?”

Gui La honestly replied, “The original traumatic injuries from the car accident are already sufficiently large. In order to forcibly solicit a promise from Tang Yuan, Master caused unauthorized damage to his lungs and internal organs in order to cough up blood. As it stands, even if it can be saved, it will be difficult to live on for a long time.”

“It doesn’t matter if the lifespan is short. It will be fine as long as it can outlive him by even a single second.”

“Master can use the core pill from the cultivation plane. Living for twenty more years shouldn’t be a problem with it.” lpCdd

The corners of Fang Xu’s mouth curved up in a smug smile. In fact, with his ability, it would have been absolutely no problem for him to avoid the car along with Fan Yuan. But making Fan Yuan’s heart soften to the point where he would be willing to stay by Fang Xu’s side for his whole life was far more difficult.

This wounded-gazelle gambit, the effect seems to be pretty good, no?

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Fang Xu’s life was naturally guaranteed—adding a huge mound of nutritious panacea to the protagonist’s halo, the speed at which he recovered could be said to be a marvel of medical history. Of course, he would not inform Fan Yuan of this. 9d5vs7

So when Fan Yuan came to see him carrying nourishing medicinal dishes, he was that white-faced, strengless-limbed, unable-to-lift-his-hand patient in grave condition who couldn’t even feed himself and needed another to lift utensils and glasses to his mouth.

Fan Yuan was also unaware that the almost half-handicapped man before his eyes had been aggressively threatening hospital leadership not even ten minutes before, pressing them keep his condition absolutely confidential, especially from his manager Tang Yuan. In all actually, he would have no problem if you ordered him to fight on a battlefield, let alone the trivial matter of eating.

Fan Yuan scooped a spoonful of soup and carefully blew on it before he placed it in Fang Xu’s mouth. He saw Fang Xu’s frown and quickly asked, “Did you get scalded?”

Fang Xu lightly nodded his head. 09drYj

Fan Yuan understood. Every time before placing it in Fang Xu’s mouth, he first tested the temperature by touching it to his own lips and then fed him. As Fang Xu was not disgusted with dirt, what did he have to complain about? In any case, he wouldn’t suffer any losses.

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#On the Tragedy of the Straight Male Cancer#

After he had been fed an entire bowl of soup, Fang Xu coaxed and wheedled Fan Yuan into not departing. As an injured party, one always had special privileges, especially this particular injured man with his angelic mien. When he sheathed his claws and acted cute, practically no one would be able to refuse a request from him. And so although Fan Yuan didn’t enjoy the smell of hospitals, he patiently kept Fang Xu company in the hospital.

Whenever Fang Xu needed to pee during this time, of course Fan Yuan played the role of living crutch and personally escorted Fang Xu. After Fan Yuan had brought him, he wanted to leave immediately. He had already seen that thing of Fang Xu’s—any man would feel an unspoken sense of competition. Although he did not say anything, he wouldn’t feel comfortable. He certainly didn’t want to say hello to that thing at close range again. jHqz2Y

But Fang Xu did not easily let him off. Fan Yuan only heard him weakly utter, “Fan Yuan, help me take off my pants. My hands lack the strength.”

Fan Yuan’s face shuttered. “Don’t tell me you mean to make me hold your dick, too?”

Fang Xu smiled ingratiatingly. “I’ll be troubling you.”

“………” Come on, man, don't push your luck! ivLWRA

After the matter, Fan Yuan helped him pull up his pants. As he turned to go wash his hands, he felt his psyche collapsing “Motherfucker! Is that size normal?! What do I do if he wants to go all the way with me?! Xiao Wu, I regret it! I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with that pervert QAQ”


Of course, this was only him saying that. One could not fail to pay back a life-debt. Although this guy was a pervert, thankfully he was still pretty obedient and at least didn’t enjoy making things difficult for Fan Yuan like before. Fan Yuan had the strange feeling that his family’s bratty little child was finally growing up. Although he seemed to have grown up a little bent, in any case he still knew how to treasure and love others dearly.

Fan Yuan escorted Fang Xu back to his room. As “both of his legs had no strength,” it was like his whole person was draped on Fan Yuan’s body. They hadn’t even taken a few steps before Fan Yuan was all tuckered out. Fang Xu seemed to feel a little guilty as he said, “Right now, I’m practically crippled. I’ve been troubling you, huh.” 5g62n1

Fan Yuan was unused to hearing this kind of self-deprecating talk from the Fang Xu who had always been so supremely confident and dominating, but Fan Yuan remembered that Fang Xu had just been through a life-and-death crisis and again felt tenderly towards him. He hurriedly comforted him and said, “This is only temporary. You’ve suffered such a terrible wound, this inconvenience is totally normal. But you will definitely be able to recover. You became this way in order to save me—I should be taking care of you. You don’t need to feel bad about it.”

Fang Xu melancholically asked, “You’re taking care of me just because I saved you?”

Fan Yuan dumbly replied, “Yeah.” Why else would he?

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A radiant light flashed through Fang Xu’s eyes. This guy was brutally honest. It made Fang Xu want to teach him a lesson. E2wVZD

Seeing that they had reached the bed, Fan Yuan let out a relieved breath. He had just thought to lower Fang Xu down, but without warning, he suddenly stumbled and fell onto the bed himself. Fang Xu immediately followed him down as he was thrown off balance, landing squarely on top of Fan Yuan. The two’s gazes caught as they lay in a heap, one on top and one on the bottom.

Fan Yuan just thought to move Fang Xu over when he unexpectedly removed Fan Yuan’s glasses. Fang Xu brought his face closer and nuzzled his lips, slowly rubbing against them. Their cool, soft feel made Fan Yuan feel pleasant as he indulged Fang Xu, all the way until something moist and slippery parted his lips and teeth and repeatedly invaded his mouth, at which point he finally reacted and made to push Fang Xu away. Fang Xu certainly didn’t agree to withdraw from his mouth. Fan Yuan’s hand had just touched his strong, sturdy chest when Fang Xu instantly groaned. It was as if a sore spot had been pressed on and Fan Yuan was immediately scared and froze.

Feeling like he had been utterly ravaged by Fang Xu, Fan Yuan’s tongue and lips were sucked until they were sore, and even his breath had been completely stolen. He wanted to resist, but under this rougher invasion when he did not have the haze of drunkenness, his sober brain told him that the person whose lips and tongue were entangled with his own was Fang Xu as his heart beat faster at the thought. His rationality gradually faded under Fang Xu’s dominant yet tender treatment. He could do nothing other than respond to the assault.

Fang Xu saw that Fan Yuan had been kissed into a haze of desire devoid of reason and wanted to cajole and trick him into doing some other things, but he suddenly heard a thump as a heavy object was dropped on the floor, accompanied by a girl’s astonished exclamation. VdyQpu

Fang Xu glanced over through the corner of his eye, his displeasure at the interruption almost tangible. His sharp gaze turned the shock of those two people to fear.

—Tan Ling and Min Zihang.

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Looking on, Tan Ling appeared as if she was about to cry. She pointed at Fang Xu and Fan Yuan and stuttered, “H-how can y-you, you two…………”

She tried but was unable to form any complete thought and in the end, turned tail and ran away, weeping. Min Zihang tightened the corners of his mouth as if it were below his dignity to respond and said, “Doing such a thing in a sickroom, the great emperor of the silver screen Fang is truly interesting. But thank you for the good show you put on today, I will take good care of Xiao Ling.” oNVu1b

He turned and left, not forgetting to close the door.

Fan Yuan wrinkled his brow. In a low voice, he said, “What do we do, we were seen……”

Fang Xu bumped his forehead against Fan Yuan’s and used his nose to lightly rub Fan Yuan’s cheek. In a deep, magnetic voice, he said, “It doesn’t matter. They wouldn’t dare publicize this. What you should be worried about is, what should you do.”

Fan Yuan blinked, not quite understanding his words. He suddenly felt a thick, hard something pressed against his lower abdomen. In a split second, he felt so awkward he couldn’t speak. r4dPB8

# Just showing off your length without any sort of pleasing accompanying words, the level of shamelessness is seriously off the charts#

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#Male lead-daren, what about your virtue?!#

#Let’s talk about the Platonic ideal of love, how about it?#

************************* jmlgb

The female love rival was suspected of a conspiracy to commit murder and was brought in by police to cooperate with the investigation. From the start, she had not played coy and make a full admission of guilt and confessed her crime.

As for the female lead, she seemed to have suffered a great blow due to bumping into Fan Yuan and Fang Xu at that time in the hospital and never got together with the male side character. She also never had any sex scandals come out. Her reputation was very good in the entertainment circles and always had higher-ups come to her aid in the field of performing arts. Things went extremely smoothly.

After many years when she had already become an empress-level celeb and household name, she came out of the closet along with another actress with whom she had lived for many years, setting off huge waves.

Fan Yuan had never guessed that his words that year would become a prophecy—the female lead actually became a les! If he had known, he would have never spoken such careless words. CL4syX

At that time, he had already peacefully passed away in Fang Xu’s arms. They had spent eighteen years together.

This chapter hasn’t been edited yet, so please let me know of any glaring errors that you see. I will hopefully post an update in a day or two with edits.

Translator's Note

“Core” as in the “golden core” often seen in cultivation novels.

Translator's Note

“To get one’s way”

Translator's Note

Raw text literally refers to the legendary magic potion of immortals.

Translator's Note

I’m not sure if this is a typo that the author just didn’t catch or if it’s another glaring indicator that Fang Xu knows who Fan Yuan really is, distinct from the roles he’s playing.

Translator's Note

Alternate (more literal) translation: “Don’t take a mile after [I’ve] given [you an] inch!”

Translator's Note

I have a thing about saliva so I chose not to translate this phrase literally, but here is what the raw text was: “Feeling as if his bodily fluids had been milked dry by Fang Xu.”

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