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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 7.6


When Fan Yuan gazed at the Lei Siye in front of him who was looking as if what he had said was entirely natural, he simply felt his head ache. He tried his best to maintain his appearance as a little white rabbit, silently keeping down a mouthful of old blood that was threatening to spill.

Da ge,” Fan Yuan said, “Please don’t think about me ever again, alright?” cEuiAS

The man’s favour increased by 27 points from just thinking about him during the day. If the guy thought about him for just another night, it was hard to say that his favour level wouldn’t have unlocked the “Devoted Love” achievement in the wee hours of the next day’s morning!

Lei Siye’s brows furrowed at his words as he stubbed out his cigarette butt in silence. He gave a nod, “If you’re always by my side, I don’t need to think about you any longer.”

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Fan Yuan, “……” Damn it, that’s not what he meant!

Seeing Fan Yuan’s despondent appearance, Lei Siye, though unable to figure out the reason behind it, knew that it probably had something to do with him. Thus, he changed the subject, “Do you still want to learn the trick?” QFM1dA

Fan Yuan’s eyes brightened and he pushed aside the complicated feelings he was experiencing. He silently brushed against Lei Siye’s side and gave a reserved nod.

Lei Siye wrapped his arm around Fan Yuan’s shoulder and said seriously, “Some parents stretch their children’s bodies to help them grow taller when they are still young. Have you ever heard of this?”

Seeing Fan Yuan’s obedient nod, he went on, “It goes by the same logic. If you stretch your bird often, you can naturally alter its length.”

Stunned, Fan Yuan asked in doubt, “If it’s stretched longer, won’t it become thinner as well?”


Lei Siye: “……”

With a “the world is really wonderful” look in his eyes, Fan Yuan glanced at Lei Siye’s place. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t hold himself back as he burst into laughter, rolling onto the bed while clutching his stomach.

“So it turns out that you’re an enoki mushroom?” He laughed, “No, it should be an extremely long enoki mushroom. Hahahaha……!”

Lei Siye’s face was black and he had gone silent. Witnessing that Fan Yuan was increasingly oblivious of when to stop, he caught the wrist of a certain little brat who was rolling around and brought it to his own crotch. uBZmgK

Fan Yuan, “!!!”

Lei Siye grabbed his palm and directed it to rub gently against his lower half. With a smirk, he said, “Is it an enoki mushroom?”

Fan Yuan felt the appalling size under his palm, the abnormal warmth, plus its gradual upward lift. He burst out swearing, “Shameless ≧口≦”

Lei Siye: “……” RLtKu

Lei Siye was pretty embarrassed by himself. He had wanted to play with the child, but he didn’t expect that he had played himself. All along, his self-control had been very good, but seemed that the main reason for his arousal was this bewitching little devil in front of him. The child’s skin was too tender and his hand was too smooth. He was afraid of holding it too hard in case he hurt the boy, yet he couldn’t bring himself to let go.

Fan Yuan noticed that the other man was staring at his hand with a complicated look. Who knew what kind of perverted plans he was coming up with now! Well now, he could at least say that he understood that this ex-mercenary had no idea how to write the word “Morals”! If he took the guy seriously, he would get angry at him in any case, so he quietly pulled back his hand and snuggled under the covers to rest.

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Ofl Vlsf vlvc’a vjgf ab fzfga jcs obgmf, rb Mjc Tejc’r tjcv kjr qeiifv jkjs klat fjrf. Vajglcu ja tlr fwqas qjiw, tf ofia j ilaaif ecmbwobgajyif, yea tf mbeivc’a afii ktja fzjmais tf kjr ecmbwobgajyif bnfg. Lf mbeiv bcis qgbmffv ab ilf yfrlvf Mjc Tejc jcv ktlrqfg jr tf ojmfv Mjc Tejc’r ilatf nlrjuf, “Cgf sbe jcugs? Wljb Tejc, Tejc Tejc, Olaaif Tbecu Zjrafg, ilaaif jcmfrabg?”

Initially, Fan Yuan intended to ignore the guy till the very end, but he suddenly heard those three familiar words. His entire body went still in shock, and he abruptly flipped over and straddled Lei Siye, grasping his neck while glaring, “ So it was you?! I was still saying how could there be such a shameless pervert in this world!” cUOpoT

Lei Siye’s inner fire had yet to die down. To be straddled by him in such a way, he couldn’t help himself from letting out a groan. He reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s slender waist to keep him from moving. He was helpless, “Little ancestor, with the way you’re acting, you really want my life.”

The corners of Fan Yuan’s mouth curved as he snorted. Meanwhile, his thumb gently rubbed against the man’s prickly stubble, causing the expression in Lei Siye’s eyes to deepen even more. Noticing the man’s state, Fan Yuan smiled, “Old pervert, I knew you wouldn’t let me go like that and would come following. You’ve made me suffer so much today, say, don’t you think you should be punished?”

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Lei Siye felt that he was going to be forced to death by this child. How could he find the time to think about the hidden meaning behind Fan Yuan’s words? With a hoarse voice, he muttered, “How do you say you should punish me?”

Fan Yuan leaned down and gently coaxed with a whisper to his ear, “Kiss me.” Lg4dM9

As soon as his voice fell, Lei Siye pinned him down and kissed him fiercely. Fan Yuan felt that this kiss was different from any of the ones they had shared before. Yan Rui was typically gentle and restrained, making sure that he wouldn’t feel any discomfort. However, the man in front of him couldn’t care less. He was fierce and unrestrained, he only knew how to constantly invade and demand, and the pain of being pinched by the waist made him feel like he was crumbling to pieces.

Fan Yuan couldn’t take it any longer and pushed him away, but the man ruthlessly quelled his resistance. He continuously attacked and plundered, which made Fan Yuan feel scared from the bottom of his heart.

When Lei Siye finally released Fan Yuan’s battered, pink lips, he proceeded to kiss Fan Yuan’s clavicle roughly, and moved lower bit by bit. With a trembling body, Fan Yuan sobbed softly, “Yan Rui, don’t…”

Suddenly, Lei Siye halted his ministrations. All he felt at that moment was as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water over his head, and it was one with added ice at that. He finally stopped as his mind sobered up, then he digested Fan Yuan’s words carefully and finally figured out the problem. qdLMnp

With one pull, he grasped Fan Yuan’s chin, his eyes belying a brewing storm. He asked in a deep voice, “Who did you think I was? Who is Yan Rui?”

It was at that moment that Fan Yuan finally realized that he had recognized the wrong person. His entire person felt unwell; he couldn’t accept that he had been so intimate with someone else. Even before everything, he would have felt this way, and more so now that he had Yan Rui. At that instant, he felt anxious and angry, so he grabbed Lei Siye’s hand and bit him fiercely.

Lei Siye’s hands hurt, and his heart hurt even more. The child was willing to let him kiss him, but he thought of him as someone else. So it turns out that it was all for another……?

When Fan Yuan tasted blood in his mouth, his mood gradually cooled down. He knew that this had happened all because he was muddled, it was wrong of him to vent his anger on others. However, he couldn’t bring himself to apologise, so he could only cover his face with the blanket and act as if he were a turtle shrinking into his shell. iV5c9W

After a long while, he heard the man let out a sigh. The man pulled him, along with the blanket, into his arms and lightly whispered, “Sleep.”

Fan Yuan had received such a fright that he was completely restless even in his dreams. He kept dreaming of Yan Rui. The man questioned whether he had been touched by others, while he shook his head and said no. Yan Rui didn’t believe him, so he pulled apart Fan Yuan’s clothes to see for himself. It was only then that Fan Yuan discovered his whole body was littered with traces of love, so he was left with no excuses as he sweated nervously.

As soon as the scene changed, he was locked up in a little dark room where no light could reach, completely nude. Before him, Yan Rui stood there holding a small leather whip. He directed a fierce blow at Fan Yuan’s body and asked, “Still dare to do it next time?”

As soon as Fan Yuan lowered his head, he saw a red mark on his chest. He felt so wronged that he let out a “wa” and wailed, “Yan Rui, you bastard, how can you wrong me like this? I hate you most!” hFZ28O

Yan Rui’s expression was calm as he rubbed Fan Yuan’s cherry red lips, and he whispered, “If you aren’t obedient another time, I don’t want you any longer.”

He shook his head and said, “I will be obedient……”

Before he was done speaking, he was held up and kissed by Yan Rui. He pouted and responded, but he suddenly felt something prick at his lips. He opened his eyes in confusion, and what he was faced with turned out to be Lei Siye! The bastard ignored his struggle and continuously rubbed his stubble against his face, and even he began to grow a beard that was slowly getting longer and longer. He was so shocked that he fell headfirst into the pond beside him.

Once they came into contact with the water, the beard disappeared. Instead, Fan Yuan realised that he had transformed into a mermaid, sporting a blue tail that allowed him to swim extremely fast. While underwater, he noticed Yan Rui fishing along the bank, so he caught hold of the man’s golden fishing hook. Naturally, Yan Rui fished him up and carried him home. Fan Yuan was feeling very happy, but that was when he saw Yan Rui set up a big pot of water to boil. Odxbl9

Yan Rui caressed his beautiful mermaid’s tail and the corners of his lips lifted, “Such a big mermaid, I can eat for many days.”

All of sudden, Fan Yuan was shocked awake. Still badly shaken, he patted his chest. When he finally recovered, he remembered what had gone down the previous day, and it made him feel extremely very depressed for a long time.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Xiao Wu, where’s Lei Siye and the rest?”

“Ding, they already left at daybreak. According to the development of the plot, they have likely gone north of the city in search of materials.” SF81sY

Fan Yuan was stunned and he pressed for more, “How long has it been since they left?”

“Ding, slightly under three hours.”

“Three hours……” Fan Yuan’s heart felt like dead ashes, “F*ck, this isn’t good.”

On this very day while on the way to find supplies in the city north, the female lead would meet the second male lead, Shu Ce, as he was being besieged by zombies, and conveniently help him out. Since then, the second male lead would foster a deep sense of adoration for the female lead, and could never be pulled back. dcOgeD

Within his original plans, he had figured that the big thigh Feng Ze could pretty much be given up since the man hated him for some mysterious reason. On the other hand, Lei Siye was too fond of him, so he couldn’t get too close to him, and had to instead distance himself from him. Meanwhile, the male lead was not an easy one to win over since he would be under the heavy influence of the plot. Thus, Shu Ce was the best choice, but now, it was too late to do anything.

Feeling horrible, Fan Yuan got up, made do with a pair of slippers, and exited Lei Siye’s tent.

From top to bottom, the shirt, trousers and shoes he wore didn’t fit him well. Not only did they look awkward on him, he simply looked just like a child who had stolen an adult’s clothes. It was the worst with the pair of extremely ill-fitting slippers he was wearing. Fan Yuan was just walking a few steps before he fell, and on top of that, the ground was scattered with broken stones, so just in a short while, his knee had a big gaping bruise that caused him to grit his teeth in pain.

“Che……” eGgkcI

As soon as Fan Yuan lifted his gaze, he saw that someone was looking at him with disdain on his face. Following the person’s line of sight, he realised that there were several red marks scattered across his neck and clavicle. His shirt wasn’t just one size bigger, but even more, it couldn’t cover anything at all!

He looked away uneasily and asked, “Can I help you?”

Feng Ze bent down to meet Fan Yuan’s gaze directly. Seeing the innocent look of the boy in front of him, he gave a huff and pinched Fan Yuan’s chin. His voice dripped with sarcasm, “Seducing Han Lang in the daytime and seducing Lei Siye at night. Jiang Yuan, you really do eat anything.”

Fan Yuan: “(⊙v⊙)???” irmZDR

“The young master of the Jiang family, Jiang Yuan — a child everyone considers to be blessed by God. But now it has come to the point where he has to sell his body just to survive. Say, isn’t that ridiculous?”

With brows furrowed, Fan Yuan pushed away the man’s hand and stood up by himself. This man was simply sick. It was useless to say anymore.

Feng Ze didn’t intend to let him go so easily. Covering Fan Yuan’s mouth, he dragged him to the small bamboo forest beside the resting area. Once they reached, Fan Yuan was pushed down to the ground and forced to kneel. His knee was already bleeding a lot because of the bruise, and now, it was f*cking painful. Fan Yuan glared at him angrily, “What do you want?!”

Feng Ze sneered and grabbed Fan Yuan’s delicate neck, forcing Fan Yuan to look up at him as he said with a vicious tone, “What do I want? I sincerely pursued you for such a long time, but you keep humiliating me. Now you even climb into other people’s beds so casually. Jiang Yuan, you said what do I want? I wish I could kill you!” atNEz8

“……” Forcing himself to appear calm, Fan Yuan said, “Calm down first. We can talk this out nicely.”

“Oh my god! So it turns out that in the original host’s memories, the perverted big brother neighbour who’s always stalking him is Feng Ze!”

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Xiao Wu searched the script several times before it weakly uttered, “Ding, the original story only says that the original host and Feng Ze hate each other, they pretty much have nothing common. The rules of the world will automatically fill this loophole.”

Right now, Fan Yuan really wanted to drag Xiao Wu out to beat it up. What kind of plot is this! Let a person live!! jaZ 8T

Feng Ze- Feng Ze was the final big boss of this world! Although it seemed that he had a good relationship with the male lead at present, after they got rid of all the opposing factions, may it be big or small, the two would be at a deadlock, confronting each other for decades. Compared with Han Lang’s frank and forthright attitude, this person was ruthless and lacked any basic principles. In short, he was a very difficult person to deal with.

When such a person said “I wish I could kill you”, he most probably really wanted to kill you. At this moment, Fan Yuan felt that saving himself was beyond the realms of possibility.

Feng Ze noticed that Fan Yuan was so scared that he started shivering. With a sneer, Feng Ze patted Fan Yuan’s delicate face, “So tell me now, what is there to talk over?”

Fan Yuan gulped and ignored the pain from his knee, racking his brains before finally attempting to curry favour, “For example- for example, for my 16th birthday, you made that airplane model by hand. I really like it.” oCf6td

Feng Ze grasped his neck with increasing intensity as he laughed coldly, “Wasn’t it you who threw that model away? I saw with my very own eyes, you completely destroyed it and left it in the trash can by your door.”

“……” Fan Yuan almost felt like crying. For f*cks sake, the original host was too sloppy with his work. No wonder this man wanted to kill him. He said with reddened eyes, “I was young at that time, I wasn’t very sensible. Every time I think about the past now, I feel very regretful.”

Feng Ze gazed down at him and asked expressionlessly, “So you’re very sensible now?”

Fan Yuan: “……” dJszGq

He was kneeling on the ground in his unkempt clothes as he looked at Feng Ze stupidly. There were traces of fierce possession on his neck, and his lip seemed to have been bitten by someone. No matter how one looked at it, he didn’t look like a “sensible” person.

The Author has Something to Say:

It’s very obvious who the Main God is, right! I know you guys are all smart babies, so I shall not say too much any longer haha ε=ε=ε=(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Fan Yuan are you okay???? What the heck is up with that dream???? Also I can’t tell if Yan Rui is Lei Siye anymore (´。`) 8NCODP

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