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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 2.7


With Fan Yuan’s fervent expectation, the final shoot of the film was getting closer day by day. Fan Yuan’s initial joy gradually turned into anxiety. And why was that? Because lately, the male lead-daren has been E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y  A-B-N-O-R-M-A-L!

His abnormality was concretely manifested in his sudden uprightness, consideration, and reservedness. That is to say, he actually resembled a normal person! h7xcgG

According to Fang Xu’s formerly repellent personality, every time Fan Yuan would bring him home, he would always mess around, pick fights, and cause all sorts of trouble, like making Fan Yuan run the water for his bath, give him a massage, cook all sorts of complicated late night snacks, organize his closet, and clean his room. Sometimes he would get an idea in his head and make him drive to the seaside to enjoy the wind blowing in from over the sea—what kind of sea breeze blows in the middle of winter?! He didn’t even fear catching a cold from this, either……In short, he wouldn’t be satisfied until Fan Yuan was tormented to the point where he was totally drained of all energy.

But now, he wouldn’t do this at all. Every time they arrived at his building, Fang Xu would coldly toss out a “Get some rest, don’t stay up too late,” and then leave, his departing back confident and at ease. It was seriously like he had been replaced by someone else!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fan Yuan watched Fang Xu go upstairs through the glass. For the millionth time, he confirmed with Xiao Wu: “Xiao Wu, you’re really absolutely certain that the male lead’s fuse hasn’t been swapped out? Why do I feel like that’s not true?”

“Ding. The system has already run many scans. The fluctuations of his consciousness 100% match those of the original host. No outsiders have crossed over.”


“Then how do you explain his weirdness? Now whenever he smiles at me, I feel like it’s kind of sinister and a little terrifying. Why can’t he just torture me like he used to QAQ”

Xiao Wu: “……”

#Master has been unwittingly conditioned to be a trembling M, what do I do? Waiting online for replies, this is urgent!#

“Ding. Now the plot has progressed to 48%. The male and female leads should be at the stage where they have heart-to-heart talks. Perhaps the female lead has had an influence on the male lead and he’s becoming a kinder, better person.” zqpJ92

“……Kind?” The corners of Fan Yuan’s mouth pulled tight, expressing his skepticism. “You want me to believe that that pervert will become a good person? I’d have less trouble believing that the plot will end with the female lead turning into a lesbo!”

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Standing at the French window in his bedroom, Fang Xu watched the black sports car at the foot at the building slowly drive away until it was swallowed up by the darkness. It took a long time for the black storm in his eyes to subside. sjzpym

His lips raised in self-mockery as he turned around and closed the shades. He leaned back on the sofa, forehead in hand, and laughed in a low voice. After countless years of living, he had thought that there was nothing in the world that could make him lose his reason. Even he couldn’t believe that he had actually lost control to the point of almost breaking character all because of an upcoming kiss.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ktja ilaaif ues kjrc’a raeqlv. Po tf kjr vlrmbnfgfv, tf mbeivc’a uejgjcaff atja Mjc Tejc kbeivc’a gec jkjs jujlc, pera ilxf yfobgf. Vb tf wera fcvegf atlr qfglbv bo alwf.

Dea nfgs rbbc, tf kbeivc’a tjnf ab kbggs jcs ibcufg.

Lf tfiv j uijrr bo Dbgvfjez, ajxlcu iluta rlqr ogbw la. Pc tlr wlcv, tf jrxfv, “Pr fnfgsatlcu ajxfc mjgf bo?” CF9fgT

Gui La immediately replied, “Yup, yup! The person in charge of the male side character’s team has already started to work on it. The additional punishment of the gay male love rival’s actor Fan Yuan will soon be transmitted to him through System #10018, but Master’s actions this time seem to have been discovered by Long-daren and may soon be traced to this lower plane……”

Fang Xu coldly interrupted. “Gui La, if I don’t want to go back, no one can force me to. Even Li Yanlong is unable to.”

Gui La was silent for several seconds. A tremor could be heard in the mechanical voice as if somewhat fearful. “But Master’s responsibilities……”

His lips curved up. His voice lazy, he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll go back eventually, but it’s not that time quite yet.” miLx0u

Gui La didn’t have much to say after that either. For many systems and actors, the system was both a helper and a shackle. They depend on and make use of each other. The relationship between them can be said to be fairly equal, just like that of System #10018 and his master Fan Yuan. However, Gui La’s master was different. As long as he wished it, he could abandon it at any time and replace it with a better system. After all, it was only a tool, a pet, completely dependent on its master and obliged to obey his every command.

In spite of this, there were still tens of thousands of systems in the origin world who wanted to take its place. After all, it was an incredible honor to become that person’s exclusive system.


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Today was the last day of filming for “Hidden Edge.” The last scene is of the male lead in his old age, his hair white and his face full of wrinkles. Innumerable medals of honor decorated his chest as he stood in front of his wife’s grave thinking of the past gone by. Qw8BRN

Though it was obvious that he did not cry, it made people feel sad to the extreme. His turbid eyes were no longer clear and bright and full of spirit like they were in his youth. His face was no longer noble and handsome. Only his loyal heart had never changed.

His rough fingers caressed the woman wearing the military cap in the photo. His voice had greatly changed, but it was deep and resounding and seemed to have endless power. Yet in reality, though he still had great aspirations, he was an old man. The martyr was in his declining years.

He said, “In my life, I did not let down the parents who birthed me and raised me. I did not let down the comrades of mine who risked life and limb. I did not let down my wife, whom I accompanied as time passed and our hair whitened. I also did not let down my country, did not let down the Party……There was only one person who I turned my back on. If you see her down below, apologize for me. I owe her that.”

Saying that, secret tears shone in his eyes for just a moment. Yet at the same time, nothing seemed to be there. t7oqkU

The sun set in the west and the tableau of man and grave, glowing golden in the light of the setting sun, slowly disappeared as the story came to an end.

Fang Xu profoundly captured the moving and tragic old hero as well as his youthful regrets. It was as if he had already become one with that old general. That unadorned tombstone was his wife who had accompanied him for over half his life. They told each other everything and he could tell her any of the difficulties that were in his heart or on his mind, but because of his stubbornness and pride, he could only mention a little of these and swallow the bitterness down alone.

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The surrounding people were all struck dumb watching this. Even the director was so entranced he forgot to yell “Cut!” until Fang Xu flung a sharp gaze back. Only then did Lin Zhuo seem to wake up as if from a dream and hurriedly called, “Cut! Okay, the last scene is over. We’re done, it’s over.”

Fang Xu scoffed out loud and turned to see his manager staring stupidly at him. He couldn’t help but curl his lips up in a smile. Right when he was about to walk over and tease him a little, his way was barred by a suddenly appearing Tan Ling. d LY1U

He raised an eyebrow and hid the impatience in his eyes. Just like a polite and gentle qianbei, he said, “What’s up?”

Tan Ling’s cheeks turned slightly red. In a soft, shy voice, she said, “Fang-qianbei, your acting just now was incredible. The gap between us is really too large. If only one day I could be as amazing as you.”

Fang Xu declined to comment on this, his expression gentle as always. “Keep working hard. The path ahead of you is still long.”

When Tan Ling heard her god encouraging her, she was beside herself with joy. “Qianbei, we’re done filming. In a little bit, the crew will have a party. Will you be there?” VIKLZp

Of course Fang Xu didn’t want to go, but so as to not ruffle that little guy’s feathers and keep Fan Yuan’s mind on developing the plot, he couldn’t help but make this small sacrifice. He accepted the female lead’s invitation to take part in that chaotic gathering in accordance with the original text.

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The corners of his lips quirk up and he nodded slightly. “The cast and crew are all going, of course I can’t be absent.”

The female lead scarcely had time to feel happy when Lin Zhuo, who was standing to the side, laughed and said, “Why have I missed you at previous production dinners then? Could it be that His Imperial Majesty of Cinema Fang’s decision is different because the asker is different?”

Fang Xu nodded solemnly. “Of course, that’s only natural. How could the invitation of a middle-aged old uncle like you compare with that from a beautiful young miss?” Saying that, he turned and walked to the makeup room. “I’m going to take off my makeup. I can’t stand this stuff on my face. Tang Yuan, come and help me.” x cGbg

When Tan Ling heard him say such ambiguous words, her face flushed and her heart raced momentarily. She lowered her head and didn’t say anything, but Lin Zhu fingered his chin thoughtfully. After a moment, he looked at Tan Ling, his expression mild. “Tan Ling, I think you have a lot of potential. I have a new film coming up. Come try Woman Number One, what do you say……”


Fan Yuan followed behind Fang Xu to the makeup room. His opinion of Fang Xu had risen greatly. Before, he had thought that Fang Xu was just a pretty face and nothing else, but who could have guessed that he actually really did have a considerable amount of skill. In that scene just now, even if Fan Yuan had been tapped to act it out, he wouldn’t necessarily have done as good a job as Fang Xu. It must be said, that golden finger and skills of the male lead were seriously too OP.

Fang Xu was unaware that his casual showcase of his acting skills had raised Fan Yuan’s favorable impression of him. Being in the same space as him, he felt only that his mouth and tongue were dry, especially when that party showed such an innocent look and carefully helped him remove his makeup. Fan Yuan’s extreme devotion to his work caused a burst of guilt to rise in him, but he couldn’t help but long for more. GyaPvN

Thankfully, he had latex stuck to his face, or else he most likely would have been discovered.

When the latex had all been removed, Fang Xu’s expression was indifferent as he said, “I’m going to have dinner with the cast and crew next. You go back by yourself, okay?”

Fan Yuan silently let out a breath and inwardly gave him a thumbs up. On the outside, he put on a look of shock and uncomprehendingly asked, “Didn’t you not like that type of thing before?”

Naturally, Fang Xu also dedicatedly read out his lines. “I suddenly feel like going.” fBy6u8

Fan Yuan kept pressing. “Do you want to go, or do other people want you to go?”

Fang Xu laughed quietly. Slightly helpless, he said, “You’re my manager, not my mom. What are you trying to do, prying so much?”

“Fang Xu, with your status, if a rumor was to get out about you and that type of actress, it would have a huge impact on your image. The company, the Fang family, no one would allow this……”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“That’s enough. I’ll take care of this myself. Tang Yuan, remember your place. Don’t come get me tonight, I’ll get the company to send a car.” 9M18bO

Having said that, he left the makeup room, leaving Fan Yuan by himself.

“……” Fan Yuan was silent for a long time. He said to Xiao Wu, “The male lead actually spoke his lines in accordance with the script. Am I dreaming? Why doesn’t this feel at all real?! I feel so touched I have a sudden urge to cry QAQ”

Xiao Wu: “……” Its heart hurt beyond words.

The translator has something to say:
Man, this kiss scene build-up has lasted f-o-r-e-v-e-r. This kiss better be good ._. rWmTF1

Translator's Note

This term (尿性 – niào xìng) literally means “pee/urine characteristics,” but it seems to have quite a few different meanings. Though it isn’t a negative term on its own, it’s usually used to insult or mock the person being described and is used to speak of her/his “true colors.”

Translator's Note

This term can mean wick (of a candle), fuse (of a firecracker), or core. I feel like fuse is most fitting in this circumstance because Fan Yuan seems like he’s waiting for the male lead to explode at any moment :blobrofl: Core would also work well, though, if fuse is confusing.

Translator's Note

Literally “an old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop 1000 miles.”

Translator's Note

I don’t think that Chinese necessarily has the same connotations of “down below” equaling hell that Western readers may have. Just to clarify, I’m pretty sure he’s saying she’s in the underworld, which is not necessarily hell.

Translator's Note

The text clarifies several times that at this point the general is over 70 years old. I couldn’t find a good place to insert that, so I’m just going to put that here.

Translator's Note

“Golden finger” is a term often used to describe OP (or Mary Sue) protagonists in Chinese web-novels. It basically just means the character has a protagonist’s halo and nothing can go wrong for him/her.

Translator's Note

Dedicatedly as in Fang Xu was dedicated to his work, just like Fan Yuan.

Translator's Note

Technically, the raw said parents, but I just went with mom instead.

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