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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 3.7


Time flew by, and in a flash Fan Yuan had already stayed in Duan qinwang’s manor for two years.

Two years were neither considered long, nor were they short. The situation in the imperial court had already undergone a tremendous change. The Crown Prince was severely reprimanded by the Emperor in front of the entire court due to his involvement in forming his faction. This caused enmity to start developing between father and son. DIhALK

Meanwhile, Duan qinwang, Pei Qi, was deeply favoured and trusted by the Emperor due to his effectiveness in suppressing the bandits.

Seeing the Emperor get more ill day by day, the hostility between the Crown Prince and the male lead got worse and worse. For a period, the court underwent turbulent, dark times. Many people had already started taking sides, but of course there were still a handful that were still on the fence about the matter.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Today was the An Le Marquis, Xiao Mingge’s, 45th birthday. Due to the fact that the Holy One was sick, everything was made to be much simpler and low-key. Guests were not invited recklessly to the birthday banquet, with only a few banquet tables arranged in the manor.

As the son, no matter how much of a slag this birth father of his was, Fan Yuan had no choice but to prepare huge gifts out of filial piety. He personally sent them to the Marquis’ manor. 3z5o8H

Moreover, today was the big day where he broke off all ties with the Marquis’ manor. As he thought about how he would never have to pretend in front of his slag father and the Crown Prince ever again, Fan Yuan felt as if his entire person was about to fly.

Pei Qi watched with a black face as Fan Yuan smiled from ear-to-ear. Pei Qi faintly asked, “You’re so happy that we’re going back to the Marquis’ manor?”

Fan Yuan resolutely shook his head. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was an important plot point that had to be followed today, he wouldn’t bother returning to that kind of place. If it were just the basic necessities—food, clothing, shelter—the Marquis’ manor  could not compared to the prince’s manor, though it was still alright. He also wasn’t a person who sought to live in luxury. But the thing was that the young misses and masters of the Marquis’ manor were too annoying. Every now and then, it would be “Everybody, let’s find faults together”. It was simply terrible.

He earnestly replied, “In this subordinate’s eyes, the prince’s manor is this subordinate’s home.” 8Gt2Zi

I drank well, ate well, and was supported by you for two years of my life. Wangye, you are my family ah!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A smile flashed through Pei Qi’s eyes. He untied his fox fur cloak and helped put it on Fan Yuan, and he even considerately tied it well. His gentle actions were completely inconsistent with his cold expression.

“The weather is very cold. Take good care of yourself, don’t catch a cold.”

These two years, Pei Qi would frequently behave unexpectedly. Fan Yuan was already used to it. This cloak was very effective against the cold, so he sincerely thanked him, “Many thanks, wangye.” m2sK5T

Pei Qi helped him tidy up his clothes, twisting a lock of Fan Yuan’s hair in his palm. He stared at Fan Yuan for a moment before gradually saying, “You really don’t need this prince to accompany you?”

“There is no need to trouble wangye. My father is the Crown Prince’s person, I’m afraid it’s not good for you to appear uninvited. This subordinate has taken this trip merely for the sake of fulfilling my filial duties. Wangye does not need to worry.”

Pei Qi nodded his head and let go of his lock of hair while saying, “Go early and return early.”

Fan Yuan replied with a sound of affirmation and exited Pei Qi’s study. It was snowing outside the house, the snow drifting freely in disarray. Duan qinwang’s manor appeared extremely silent amidst this snowy day. 6cD8Ja

Ever since the Emperor fell ill, Pei Qi had closed his doors and stopped accepting visitors. Except for attending court to handle government affairs and entering the palace to wait upon his ill father every day, he actually spent most of his time shut in the manor.

Fan Yuan turned his head and looked into the room. He could vaguely see Pei Qi’s tall and upright back. This man’s methods were much more brilliant than what was written in books. There was absolutely no point of comparison between him and the Crown Prince. When the Emperor passed away at the start of the next spring, Pei Qi would definitely inherit the throne.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

At that point, the main plot would unfold. Would this wise, brilliant and valiant Pei Qi disappear? Would he become weak and indecisive because of a woman, and even personally send himself on the road of destruction………

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At the side, Cui Hong bowed and said, “Gongzi, the horse carriage and gifts have already been prepared. This subordinate will escort gongzi to the front of the Marquis manor under wangye’s orders.

Fan Yuan said a few words of thanks, and took the lead by proceeding towards the door of the prince’s manor.

Since everything was prepared early beforehand, then he simply needed to go along with destiny’s arrangements, walking towards his own end one step at a time. Like this, everything would be good.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ding, the system detected that Master has developed some stronger feelings. May Master please make amends quickly, it will be extremely dangerous if things are dragged on any longer.” cQVLGm

Fan Yuan slowly said, “I am a person, not a robot. When someone treats me well, I will naturally be grateful. This is very normal and there is no need to amend. I won’t be like I was in the previous world and repay someone at the cost of sacrificing the mission, don’t worry. From now on, don’t secretly check my emotions again, I don’t like it.”

“Ding, yes.”

Such a reasonable and decisive Master was very similar to Master at the start. Ever since that world, he had become slightly abnormal, could it be that he was throwing a tantrum on purpose? People ah, were indeed hard to understand.

******************* JW5KaZ

When he reached the An Le Marquis manor, Fan Yuan held the gift box that the attendant from the prince’s manor handed over. He opened it and merely swept his eyes over. It turns out that it was a box of high quality thousand-year ginseng. It was not considered extremely valuable, but it expressed his good intentions. Even for such small things, he took them to heart. He really considered everything from all directions ah.

Fan Yuan entered the Marquis manor smiling, and two page boys came over reluctantly. They both had fake smiles on their faces, and said, “Second Young Master, Old Master has given orders to bring you over to the study if you returned.”

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This was within his expectations. Fan Yuan had an unchanging expression and said unconcernedly, “Lead the way.”

He slowly headed towards the study, looking all around. When he first came to this world, he stayed in the Marquis’ manor for quite a few months. However, he had never actually strolled around to take a good look. Now looking at it, the scenery was actually not bad. k506nj

Who knew when it started, but his eyes only had the mission and stopped desiring enjoyment that used to be there before. He got more and more impatient, and also more and more calm and composed. It was practically not like himself.

He turned his head and saw that the two page boys, who were supposed to bring him over, currently had foreheads full of sweat due to anxiousness. He laughed, “What’s the rush? Even if the Marquis wants to blame someone, it wouldn’t come to the two victims who had to pass on the message.”

After speaking, he laughed and walked forward.

The two behind him were at a loss. He dared to be so bold even when the Marquis had called for him urgently, the Second Young Master was really getting more and more weird. ycUDCA

The Crown Prince Pei Yu and Xiao Mingge had already waited for a very long time in the study. When they saw that Fan Yuan had come extremely late, their expressions were both quite bad.

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Fan Yuan repeatedly asked for forgiveness, “Caomin has seen the Crown Prince, seen father daren. It was snowing all the way here and it only just stopped, so the horse carriage was much slower than usual. I have caused the two of you to wait long.”

Hearing Fan Yuan speak so perfunctorily, the Crown Prince was originally very unhappy, but he saw the An Le Marquis give him a look. Just as he was about to speak, he held back from speaking words of blame. He then remembered he still had matters entrusted to Xiao Yuan, so he could only adjust his expression and say, “It is no trouble, sit down ba.”

Fan Yuan was also not too polite. He directly sat down and picked up the hot tea at the side of the table, slowly sipping it. zMji1D

The Crown Prince had an impatient character. Seeing him move so slowly, he anxiously said, “What information is there over on Old Three’s side recently?”

Fan Yuan, “Crown Prince, you are also aware of this—the previous times caomin was getting information for you two, I carelessly messed up. It is almost as if Duan qinwang has discovered something, so how can it be so easy to get the information now?”

The Crown Prince said angrily, “You still dare to mention the previous time? Didn’t you say Old Three accepted a bribe from Li Zhizhou? This prince had just submitted a folder of impeachment, but in the afternoon of that very day, he brought the taels and presented it in front of the Emperor, righteously reporting that Li Zhizhou had bribed him. As a result, this prince’s reputation has fallen to a point where it seems like I cannot even be accommodating of my blood brothers. I was reprimanded by father Emperor, and mocked by hundreds of officials!”

Fan Yuan had an innocent expression, “Your Highness, how would caomin know that Duan qinwang was so morally upright like this? Those weren’t just a few thousand taels, it was an entire one million taels of silver ah! Caomin is lacking in knowledge and is a vulgar person. How would I have known that Duan qinwang would act as such.” bWLisK

The Crown Prince heavily let out a snort, but also did not make things hard for Fan Yuan. He turned and laughed darkly, “Since you can’t steal any information, you should at least know how to drug him ba.”

As he spoke, he gave Xiao Mingge a look. Xiao Mingge understood his intentions, and retrieved a white paper packet from his sleeve. He passed it over to Fan Yuan and blandly said, “This is Qijue poison. Add it in Duan qinwang’s food or tea, and within three minutes he will cease to live.”

Fan Yuan took the paper packet and opened it to take a look. He then took a sniff, and carefully wrapped it back up properly. He diligently said, “Father, you are truly capable. You could even get your hands on Qijue poison, these kind of prohibited drugs, from the Jianghu. Your son truly admires you.”

Xiao Mingge coldly gave a laugh, “Say less of such rubbish. Once the job is done, you will receive your benefits. Helping you obtain an important post within the government is also not a difficult matter, it all depends on whether you will live up to our expectations.” OocnCv

Fan Yuan almost burst out laughing—after the job was done he would still be able to live? What benefits, what important post within the government, it was practically like tricking a child.

“It isn’t that this son is unwilling. It’s that wangye’s meals and tea can only enter his mouth after being checked. I am simply a little advisor, where would I get the chance to act? I am afraid that drugging him is not feasible.”

The Crown Prince sneered, “Xiao Yuan, what are you pretending for? In the entire Great Xia, the only person left who has a chance to get close to Old Three is you. This prince has sent over so many beautiful ladies and men, but they all returned in failure. It is rumoured that Duan qinwang is a cut sleeve, and you are the apple of his eye.”

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Fan Yuan frowned and said seriously, “The rumours cannot be taken seriously. Caomin is merely an untrusted advisor.” 0WjrAS

The Crown Prince slammed the table hard, furiously saying, “Xiao Yuan, you take this prince for a fool! The rumours are not real? You still want to lie to others when you have this cloak on your body? Could it be that your heart has really moved for him, and thus you have betrayed this prince? The words you said at this prince’s birthday banquet two years ago, you then clarified later on that they were words said when drunk. Don’t tell me that you had actually spouted the truth because you were drunk?”

Fan Yuan drooped his eyelids, his palm lightly caressing the black fox fur cloak on his body. He clearly knew that it was inappropriate, but he couldn’t bear to leave this warmth; that was his mistake. However, it was no matter—he needed to turn against them anyway, so the reason for turning was not important.

“The drunken words two years ago cannot be taken seriously. It is only that caomin has received wangye’s care and hospitality over these two years. To perform a task such as drugging him is indeed something I am unable to do. May your Highness Crown Prince forgive me.”

The Crown Prince said with a black face, “What if this prince is unwilling to forgive you?!” 9rzXcp

Fan Yuan slowly replied, “The horse carriage from the Duan Prince’s manor is currently waiting outside the Marquis’ manor. If caomin does not return safely, I am afraid that Duan qinwang will not let the matter go.”

The Crown Prince stood up, fiercely sweeping the teacup and fruit platters at his side onto the floor. He pointed at Fan Yuan and furiously scolded, “Good, Xiao Yuan! You really did harbour the intentions of betrayal since the beginning! What benefits did Pei Qi give you, to cause you to dare to treat this prince like this! Could it be that you think this prince is someone easy to bully! You are willing to be Pei Qi’s dog, but in the days to come this prince will ascend the throne, what ending will you have then?!”

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Fan Yuan took a sip of tea and said uncaringly, “The person who will ascend the throne in the days to come…still remains to be known.”

He placed the gift box he brought beside Xiao Mingge, “Initially, I came here today to celebrate father’s birthday. This is the gift. It is not convenient for this son to stay for long, I will now take my leave.” WyfNvO

Without any delay, he walked out. In the study, Pei Yu was furious. He smashed all the items within his field of vision, his anger showing no signs of ceasing.

He scolded, “A mere little rabbit, yet he still dares to argue with this prince! How preposterous!”

From the start to the end, Xiao Mingge had been sitting calmly in his seat. He opened the gift box and saw the high quality ginseng.

A sliver of a smile was evident from the corners of his lips, “Your Highness, please calm down. Although this subject’s unfilial son has a strange temperament, not doing things in an organised way, but he does truly have some ability. If not, how could the qinwang suddenly rise from being an unfavoured prince to his position now?” 6oLalV

The Crown Prince said, “But he has already pledged his allegiance with Pei Qi! Don’t tell me you want this prince to lower my pride and beg him?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Mingge shook his head, “Why do we need to go through such trouble? His personality is extremely twisted. Once he sets his mind on something, no one can stop him. How about we cut off the grass and remove the roots, at least that would be much more straightforward.”

The Crown Prince stared at him for a while, and suddenly laughed, “But Old Three is still waiting for him to return ne.”

“As long as he has left the Marquis manor, if any accidents occur, who can peg the blame on you or me? Even if it is the qinwang, he can only swallow his grievances in silence.” X7jHqZ

“The Marquis is truly willing? Xiao Yuan is your own son after all.”

Xiao Mingge properly closed that box of thousand-year-old ginseng, his tone detached and cold, “What is there to be unwilling about, he is merely a vile spawn.”


“Ding, in the plot to come, Master will be captured by the Crown Prince to be tortured in prison. May I ask if I should exchange for a pain-nullifying elixir?” LFZmoP

Fan Yuan leaned on a cushion, silently pondering for a moment before slowly answering, “For now there is no need, wait till I can’t hold on anymore then we’ll speak.”

Let him see if things were truly like what he was thinking. So many coincidences—if he still pretended to be oblivious, that would be most improper.

My dear Fan Fan & ML, aren’t you guys dating already _(:з」∠)_

Also, thank you guys for your feedback on which version you guys wanted for Chapter 3.6! Seems like the general consensus is to keep the older version those of y’all saying ‘keep the smut! keep the smut!’ y’all……….(。´//ε//`。) I did see a comment mentioning how they were interested to read the newer version though, so I’m thinking of translating the newer version when I’ve got more time and perhaps just putting a link to it in Chapter 3.6. bPav7T

Have a beautiful day ♡

Translator's Note

The author uses 兔儿爷 which is a toy rabbit usually sold during Mid-Autumn festival.

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