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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 2.5


Actually, when Fan Yuan had just arrived to this world, his heart was extremely excited because this time he, the ten-thousand year sissy, was finally able to throw off his pretty boy mantle and stride forward to become a mature, handsome, unruffled, and charming man. This was truly worth shouting from the rooftops!

But he quickly discovered that he had celebrated too soon. Why was that? Because when he took off his glasses, and especially when he opened his eyes wide, he was once again beaten back into his true form—a pretty boy, just like before. This was some kind of unbreakable curse, you know! Come on, can’t a person just complete his mission in peace?! How on earth was this “self-restrained” and “outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside”? He’s clearly a weak, delicate, and tempting lil’ shou, all right?! GTump2

Right then, Xiao Wu gave a very timely suggestion: “Ding. Master can continuously wear glasses. With Master’s godlike acting skills, he can completely change his appearance just by changing his mannerisms.”

Fan Yuan silently put on his glasses. He squinted his eyes and looked in the mirror. As expected, his mannerisms underwent a huge change just like that and at once became more mature and self-possessed. Fan Yuan wordlessly touched the frames of his glasses. He thought to himself, how had he never discovered how useful glasses could be before?

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Xiao Wu: “……” It really couldn’t bear to look straight at such an improper host.

For Fan Yuan, this pair of frameless glasses was nothing other than those of Saeki Katsuya’s in Kichiku Megane. With them on, he was a mature and composed manager. Without them, he was a weak shou, you know! Just a weak lil’ shou. So he rarely took them off. He wished he could wear his glasses 24/7. jPWwrH

As one can imagine, when the male lead wanted him to change to contact lenses, he almost had a nervous breakdown, crying a river of tears in his heart.

His face stiffened as he weakly protested, “Fang Xu, I don’t want……”

The male lead-daren glanced back at him. It was as if Fan Yuan could see his eyes flash behind his sunglasses for a moment, “Hm? Don’t want what?”

Fan Yuan unconsciously recoiled a step, his voice softly trailing off: “Don’t want to switch to contacts……” umfLIC

Fang Xu turned around and advanced toward him. He whispered in his ear, “You’re my manager. There’s nothing wrong with me requesting that you improve your appearance for the sake of my reputation, right?”

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So it turns out he was upset that Fan Yuan was causing him to lose face! Does this guy think that everyone wants to be like him, so handsome that he inspires jealousy and hatred in gods and man alike? In fact, Fan Yuan could be considered a handsome lady-killer too, okay? The only time he won’t be able to show his face in public is when his glasses are taken off, okay?!

Fan Yuan thought that he had sustained a blow, but… He thought he could still save it.

“I look even uglier when I don’t wear glasses, my appearance is even worse. I’ll still make you lose face in public.” eu70TH

“It doesn’t matter. It pleases me and that’s all that matters.” Saying that, he towed Fan Yuan in to get his eyes examined.


Fan Yuan felt somewhat helpless. He grabbed Fang Xu’s arm to forestall his movement. Fang Xu didn’t even turn his head. It seemed like his mind was made up.

Fan Yuan inhaled deeply, his tone dismayed and even a little begging: “Please, Fang Xu. I really don’t want to change to contacts.” 7USBDT

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At this, Fang Xu finally turned his head. He stared at the hand Fan Yuan had placed on his arm, his gaze darkening. After a few minutes of this, he smiled lightly and patted Fan Yuan’s head, suddenly much gentler and softer than before. “I was just kidding around, I just wanted to see you scared. Let’s go eat dinner at home.”

Mjc Tejc: “…………” Tbe’gf jigfjvs oeii—oeii bo rt*a!! Df mjgfoei bg P wluta pera qblrbc sbeg obbv!!

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What the heck was this? Specifically coming in just to PDA? This brand of dog food—please, sir, I want some more~ ~\(≧▽≦)/~ fNej0n


Ktf qiba kjr qgbugfrrlcu ja jc jnfgjuf gjaf. Snfg rlcmf atf uijrrfr mglrlr, atf wjif ifjv rffwfv ab tjnf j riluta offilcu bo uelia(?) abkjgvr Mjc Tejc. Pc rtbga, tf mbwqifafis rabqqfv abgwfcalcu tlw. Mjc Tejc ofia fzagfwfis rjalrolfv jybea atlr. Yc wbgf atjc bcf bmmjrlbc, tf fnfc rlutfv klat ugfja fwbalbc jcv gfwjgxfv atja atlr wjif ifjv ralii tjv rbwf tewjclas lc tlw!

In the end, Xiao Wu didn’t even bother replying with a “Ding.”

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#On the Horrors of Slavery# djOC63

On this day, it was Fan Yuan’s turn to advance the plot. As was custom, Xiao Wu routinely asked him, “Ding. Master, would you like me to buy pain eliminating pills in advance?”

Fan Yuan went back and forth on this for a while, but he finally decided against it.

Xiao Wu was silent for a few minutes and then asked again, “Ding. Master is sure he doesn’t want to use pain eliminating pills?”

Fan Yuan immediately bristled. He exploded, “I had a seriously hard time making up my mind in the first place. Why the hell are you asking this? Now I’m wavering again, you knowwww QAQ” 2MaSeR


“It’s not like I don’t want to use it but I’m afraid of OOC, you know? It’s been such a long time since there have been any plot developments that involve me getting beaten like this. If it’s not realistic enough, I won’t get any of my reward points. Again. Orz”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Wu: “……” For no reason, it felt bad for him.

The female lead was completely unaware of Fan Yuan’s internal torment at the moment. She knew only that this manager was slightly cold and indifferent. He looked like he was hard to get along with. But, for the sake of her god, she had to strike up a conversation with him no matter what. RH0Fvk

“Hello, Mr. Tang.”

Fan Yuan raised his eyes to see the female lead beaming brilliantly at him. As she stepped closer and closer toward him, Fan Yuan’s heart turned chilly.

If someone were to ask Fan Yuan at that very moment what could be more terrible than death, Fan Yuan would unequivocally reply, it’s knowing perfectly well that you are going to die here, but you must sit and just wait for it to happen.

Despite clearly knowing that the plot calls for him to be severely beaten, he not only can’t escape, but he can’t even use pain eliminating pills—it really makes him feel sorrowful to the extreme TOT WkLdXD

“Mr. Tang, may I ask if Fang-qianbei is in the break room? I wanted to ask him to sign an autograph for me. It’s like this: I’m his loyal and faithful fan, and I’ve liked him forever. I’ve pretty much been a fangirl of his since he first debuted. It’s only an autograph and won’t take much time, at most five minutes, so please, is it okay?”

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Fan Yuan really wanted to say, if you want to go in, just go in, what are you doing asking me? Yet he could not say that because the original host was madly in love with the male lead to the point where he wanted to completely monopolize him his entire life. How could he let this girl who posed a threat to that get close to the male lead?

So he could only wrinkle his brow and refuse her in an unfriendly tone: “Fang Xu is resting. He doesn’t like to be disturbed when he is napping. Please go back, Ms. Tan.”

Tan Ling was faintly disappointed, but she still managed to muster a smile. “Okay, then I won’t disturb him. I’ll wait until he’s awake and then come look for him again.” 7r5tKs

Yet Fan Yuan suddenly stopped the female lead, who had turned preparing to leave. He darkened his expression and recited his lines. “Ms. Tan, you can’t be considered a newcomer anymore. How is it that you don’t understand basic manners? Fang Xu isn’t like you, Ms. Tan, who relied on a sex scandal to become famous……”

Tan Ling’s eyes widened and the rims of her eyes began to turn red. Fan Yuan clenched his hands into fists and forced himself to go on.

“With his status and position, if some small star pulls him into some kind of filthy relationship, it’ll only pull him down from classy to trashy. It’ll become a black stain on his perfect life. Ms. Tan, please conduct yourself with a little more dignity. Don’t do this kind of classless, mooching thing again……”

Fan Yuan silently closed his eyes and waited for the male side character-jun’s left and right hooks, just waiting for his teeth to be scattered all over the ground. OQnNwA

And then……

This kind of scenario was strangely familiar……

A strong fist halted a centimeter away from his face having been intercepted by a fair, slender palm. It was utterly immovable.

In the previous world, it was the male side character-jun who was just passing by who had saved him, but this time the person beating him was the male side character-jun. Then, the only one capable of restraining him was…… TAdjwy

#Male lead, how do you always turn up everywhere?!#

#Laozi doesn’t want to be rescued by you at all, you bastard!!#

#Male leads who don’t follow the established pattern should all be executed by firing squad!#

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fan Yuan was so distressed he felt suffocated: “Xiao Wu……I didn’t get beaten. Can this be considered a plot deviation?……” RyK5OF

“Ding. The lines Master had to say have already been said. Master getting beaten up was in order to display the male love rival’s affection for the female lead. This probably shouldn’t be considered a major distortion. Although……”

Hearing this shift in tone, the heart that Fan Yuan had just managed to swallow leapt back up into his throat.

“According to the original work, after the male lead discovered the original host had spoken excessively harshly to the female lead, he severely reprimanded the original host. In this current situation, seeing as how the male lead is taking Master’s side, perhaps it’s because his impression of the female lead isn’t good enough yet, so he chose to support the person to whom he feels closer.”

Fan Yuan’s heart was like ash. “Right now, I just have one question. Why would the male lead, who was in the middle of a nap, suddenly appear over here?!” Vk7rs

Xiao Wu: “……”

Meanwhile, the male lead who had appeared out of nowhere, was in the middle of aggressively confronting the male side character.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Min Zihang, who are you to dare to touch him?”

The male side character-jun Min Zihang’s face was pale with rage. He indignantly jerked his fist back and spoke through gritted teeth, “He insulted Xiao Ling. You mean to tell me that he doesn’t deserve to be hit?” 9jdTa1

Fan Yuan silently endorsed him in his heart. Yeah, that’s right! He had gone completely overboard with his words and should indeed be beaten. Male lead, I beg you, can’t your values and outlook be a little more normal, please?!

He heard only the male lead, with his abnormal morals and outlook, laugh coldly. His severe, icy gaze leaked all kinds of aggression. “The words he just said—which one was incorrect?”

Fan Yuan: “…………” Even if Fan Yuan was supported due to loyalty and nothing else, male lead, you’re not making any sense! This is simply making trouble without reason! You’re being deliberately provocative!

The female lead was so stunned her pupils dilated. The next moment, she covered her mouth with her hand and fled, weeping. When he saw this, Min Zihang hurried out to chase after her. However, before he went out, he turned and savagely eyed Fan Yuan and Fang Xu. 4vGPlV

Fan Yuan silently watched the female lead’s lonesome back as she ran outside. In his heart, he was actually even more enraged than the male side character. However, he quickly calmed down as he suddenly remembered that the female lead was a trembling M! This situation was still redeemable!

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He deliberated for a moment, and sincerely and earnestly spoke to Fang Xu: “It’s not very good to speak to a girl like that, y’know. All of us are in entertainment. At the moment, we’re all in the same production team, even. You can’t not run into her. How about you call her and apologize, yeah?……”

Fang Xu gave him a sidelong glance, the corners of his mouth still quirked up in a wicked smile. “What did I say? You were the one to say it, I was just agreeing with you. Shouldn’t you be the one to apologize?”

Fan Yuan ( (⊙o⊙) ? ): “……………” eAxwG2

Xiao Wu couldn’t bear to watch. “Ding. Master, you’ve broken character.”

#On the Sorrows of Breaking Character While Trying to Rescue the Plot#

#On the Sorrows of Having Not Only Not Rescued the Plot, But Also Having Broken Character#

#On the Sorrows of Not Even Being Aware That You Had Broken Character# MwP8Ne

Translator's Note

You see this phrase somewhat frequently in Chinese for emphasis. It’s not literally saying he’s ten-thousand years old (though that might even be true due to the amount of time he’s spent transmigrating and world-hopping), it’s emphasizing that he’s one extremely girly dude.

Translator's Note

Shou(受 – shòu)= the bottom/receiving partner in a gay relationship (also called uke in Japanese). It literally means “to receive, to accept, to bear.”

Translator's Note

According to Wikipedia, Kichiku Megane is an 18+ Japanese BL video game. Kichiku translates as pervert or beast and megane means glasses. Saeki Katsuya is the main character. Like this paragraph suggests, when he puts on these glasses, he turns from a weak shou who’s prone to mucking everything up into a perverted beast of a gong. (Gong(攻 – gōng) is the opposite of shou. The gong is the top partner in the relationship. It literally means “to attack.” The more you know.)

Translator's Note

In Chinese slang, unhappily single people are (slightly derogatorily) referred to as “single dogs.” As that’s the case, someone who is engaging in public displays of affection with his/her partner in front of a “single dog” is said to be making him/her “eat dog food.”

Translator's Note

The literal translation of this phrase is “to lose money instead of being paid (i.e., sb should pay me, but is actually taking my money)”(倒貼 – dà0 tiē). It didn’t translate really well, so I just changed it to mooching instead.

Translator's Note

This actually refers to the so-called “three values”: one’s worldview, life philosophy, and system of values. Most commonly seen in the phrase “[sb’s] three values are abnormal/warped”(三觀不正 – sān guān bú zhèng).

Translator's Note

Here, the raws originally said “帮亲不帮理,” (bāng qīn bù bāng lǐ) which basically describes the situation when two people get in a confrontation and one party’s friend supports him/her not because s/he is right, but because s/he is a friend. Kind of like when someone’s friend is obviously in the wrong, but his friend supports him because he’s her friend.

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