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Discussing The Correct Posture To Enjoy Dog Food

Discussing The Correct Posture To Enjoy Dog Food 论食用狗粮的正确姿势[快穿]

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Author: 谢亦
Total Chapters: 315+3 extras
Genre: Yummy flavors
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Translators: KunLin. Editors: Amaris, Grump
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Gou Liang travels through worlds in order to complete a mysterious and arduous mission…

Foodie, flirtatious and good looking shou VS  Dimpled, domineering, lord god gong + haunting~~

Reading guide:

Keywords: Quick transmigration! Main character shou! System! Irresistible teasing!

16 worlds in total: 

  1. School Campus: Strawberry Flavored Scholar Gong √
  2. Entertainment circle: Lemon Flavored Film Emperor Gong  √
  3. Ancient Time: Honey Tangerine Flavored Shadow Guard Gong  √
  4. WuXia: Melon Flavored Senior Brother  √
  5. Beastmen: Pineapple flavored Beastmen Gong  √
  6. Ghost Spirits: Snow Pear Flavored Dead Gong  √
  7. Ancient Time: Grape Flavored Regent Gong  √
  8. Apocalypse: Banana Flavored Boss Gong  √
  9. Interstellar: Pomegranate Flavored Sentinel Gong  √
  10. Modern: Citrus Flavored Aristocrat Gong  √
  11. Mecha: Sweet Jujube flavored Lunar New Year Gong  √
  12. Ancient Time: Durian Flavored Battle God Gong  √
  13. Magic: Watermelon Flavored Blacken Gong  √
  14. Cultivation: Cherry Flavored Disciple Gong  √
  15. Fantasy: Blueberry Flavored Demon King Gong  √
  16. Celestial World: Bayberry flavored Senior Immortal Gong  √


Gou Liang was originally a small office worker of the Space-Time Administration Bureau but because of a weird questionnaire, he was sent to multiple worlds in order to complete a mysterious and arduous mission — to use the correct posture to awaken lord god.

Traveling through space and time, he experienced world after worlds of lives before realizing something. It turns out that the gentle and sentimental lord god has been alone by himself, guarding the long and endless period of time that he had forgotten… this book is a quick transmigration novel, this is the story of a foodie go-getter and a dimpled lord god.

A strawberry flavored scholar youth, a lemon flavored cold and aloof film emperor, a snow pear flavored black belly… however, the edible target became the person whom he shared the rest of his life with. Gou Liang’s life underwent sky toppling and earth turning changes.

The you in the next world as well, what flavor would you be?


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  1. Hmmm, I’ve never tried jujube before….


  2. Can’t wait for the melon flavored senior brother~~ sounds really interesting especially the flavored titles really pique my curiosity lol. I shall return once the first arc finishes!

  3. Looks interesting! I will wait for more chapters. I wonder what kind of posit… postures the little shou will use when ridi… awakening his gong 😂

  4. I’m getting hungry in every each title 😂😂

    Will wait until the first world finished then i will read this 😂😂

    Im worried that I’ll get hungry for more chapters if i don’t let the first world finished.. 😅😅

  5. The gong whose flavor changes in every world got me interested. And he’s the lord god to top that? Sign me tf up! And DiMpLeS

    Thanks for picking this up! 🙂

  6. Very Interesting though I won’t read it as of the moment because there’s only few chapters and I don’t want to be thirsty for more hahaha