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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 7.3


Though he put things that way, Fan Yuan’s heart was actually in a state of extreme unease! This was because he had already collapsed so many plots to the point that he was afraid!

The mission was to finish the original host’s plotline without going OOC, so it wasn’t his responsibility to maintain the stability and harmony of the main plot. However, if the main person influencing the plot’s collapse was him, he would naturally have to bear more responsibility for disrupting the story. TcDOQe

In other words, he had to hug a thigh without leaving any traces. This was crucial as he couldn’t let the laws of the world discover that he was messing around with the plot. Otherwise, once there was a deviation in the main plot, he would probably be the one held responsible.

As Fan Yuan followed Jiang Meng, his mind constantly worried as he looked up at the sky. He really wanted to just raise his arms and shout, “Dear Heavens, just drop a bolt of thunder down and finish me off!”

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Suddenly, there was a huge bang of thunder in the distance, causing Fan Yuan’s body to tremble with shock as he scurried to hide behind Jiang Meng. When he received a disdainful look from the other person, he couldn’t give a damn. His mind was filled with only a singular thought: Oh f*ck, my words can’t really be that spot-on, right?! I was just kidding!

Xiao Wu, having long gotten used to its Master’s occasional outbursts, calmly reported the situation, “Ding, that should be the attack of a thunder-based ability user.” Izmic8

It was then that Fan Yuan remembered it seemed that the script did mention that the original host and female lead had heard a strike of thunder, and had proceeded to investigate the source of it together. In the end however, they weren’t able to find anything, leading Fan Yuan to ask his next question, “Are you able to detect the identity of the other user?”

Xiao Wu replied, “Ding. As the attack took place beyond a hundred meters from our current location, it is out of this system’s capability to find the attacker’s identity. According to the system’s power estimation, the other user has, at the very least, a level three power.”

Fan Yuan did not reply as he sunk into deep thought — it had only been a month since the beginning of the new world, so even a person with excellent capabilities like the female lead had only broken through the second level, and even fewer had reached the third. Besides the male lead, a few important supporting male leads, as well as the final villains, there was probably no one else.

A level three thunder ability user…thunder ability…wasn’t that……


The female lead quickly perceived the gravity of the issue. Although she couldn’t guess the exact level of the other party, their strength was evident from the force of that thunder strike. She dragged Fan Yuan in the direction of the attack hurriedly, and Fan Yuan simply followed, letting her go down the path of self-ruin.

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Very quickly, they saw the ground scattered with zombie remains all over. It wasn’t hard to guess the intensity of the fight that had just occurred here. Witnessing this scene, Fan Yuan pulled at the corner of Jiang Meng’s coat with fear evident on his face, only to be pushed away in irritation. He continued to follow her with perseverance, but he didn’t dare to follow too closely. He was just like a pet dog who was afraid of being abandoned by his owner.

“Pfft………” A chuckle came from an unknown direction.

Jiang Meng turned, looking for the source of the sound. When she was able to clearly see the other man’s face, she immediately stepped back several steps and put her guard up. FkdsJy

Meanwhile, Fan Yuan stood still in the same position, looking a bit confused. He blankly lifted his gaze, only to see a man with a bit of stubble squatting on a container truck that was two to three meters high, unlit cigarette in hand, as he watched Fan Yuan with a pair of sharp eyes.

Fan Yuan glanced back quietly. His mind was racing with possibilities and questions, but on the surface, he asked curiously, “Did you just see that burst of thunder just now?! It was a purple flash with hints of blue, and the strike was extremely big! You could even hear it hundreds of meters away!”

After hearing his question, the man went “pfft” again, before bursting into loud laughter. The rough and bold laughter practically shook his ears. Fan Yuan tilted his head to look at him, his expression confused as if he didn’t get what was so funny.

Jiang Meng frowned and exclaimed, “Jiang Yuan! Come on, we have to get going. ” lAdi4

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Mjc Tejc ujnf j rbecv bo jmxcbkifvufwfca jr tf kjnfv tlr tjcv, “Zs bivfg rlrafg lr mjiilcu, ubbvysf.”

Cr rbbc jr tlr nblmf ofii, tlr rtbeivfg kjr mjeuta. Mjc Tejc mbeiv offi atja tlr gluta rtbeivfg kjr meggfcais ibmxfv ys j vfnlmf, foofmalcu j rfjglcu qjlc atja cfjgis wjvf tlw megrf bea ibev. Lbkfnfg, tf yjgfis wjcjufv ab tbiv tlwrfio yjmx. Ktbeut tlr fzqgfrrlbc ibbxfv jr lo tf kjr lc j agjcmf, tf kjr megrlcu ibevis ja atf ecmbeat yjrajgv lc tlr tfjga. Lf uijcmfv ja atf mbcajlcfg agemx, jcv atfc ja atf wjc rajcvlcu yfobgf tlw. Lf mbeivc’a tfiq yea eaafg, “Vb ojra……”

The man burst out laughing again. Hearing this, Jiang Meng’s eyebrows twisted even deeper as she beckoned again, “Jiang Yuan, you’re still not coming over?!”

Fan Yuan really wanted to move, but he couldn’t. He protested in a low voice, “My sister is calling me. Let go.” F3K5Dv

The man glanced at Jiang Meng coldly. With his cold gaze, the man saw her face turn pale and her mouth snapped shut. He then turned to Fan Yuan, “Is that woman your sister?”

Seeing him nod, the corners of his mouth pulled down in disdain, “You take her as a sister, but she doesn’t take you as a brother. When she realised there was danger just now, she was all focused on avoiding it herself. It seems that she doesn’t care about whether you live or die, despite the blood between you.”

Fan Yuan’s expression turned a little ugly, and a touch of darkness flashed across his eyes. His hand unknowingly reached down to cover his abdomen, but he quickly put it away, pretending that he didn’t care. He raised his head to look back at the man as he said with a smile, “I only have her in my family left. I can’t leave her anyway. Please let go.”

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The man’s stare became sharper and sharper. With a pull, he pushed open Fan Yuan’s shirt and saw blue and black bruises all over his pale skin. Stunned and in sudden disbelief, he asked, “She abused you?” xwVL8f

Fan Yuan immediately replied, “No, I fell down myself.” As if someone had stabbed at his sore spot, he forcefully slapped away the man’s hand that was pushing open his shirt.

“Why not run away?” the man asked.

Fan Yuan pursed his lips. His dishevelled hair covered his eyes, and one couldn’t see his emotions clearly. He murmured, “I’m a piece of waste without powers. It’s not that I didn’t escape, it’s that I don’t have any way to do so.”

To begin with, the man was only interested in him. He was trying to be nice and give him some advice, but he didn’t expect that the truth was like this: the sister abused her younger brother. The boy seemed to be young, weak, pale, and had no skills to support himself. He did not know how long this boy could endure. 90NHGT

But he wasn’t some kind of saint. Furthermore, it was the apocalypse, who could guarantee that he would live to tomorrow? All he could do was take out a Browning from his pocket and place it in the boy’s hand, “Know how to use a gun?”

Fan Yuan’s hand shook slightly, his voice similarly trembling, “I’ve learned some basic shooting before.”

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The man didn’t say any more. He left the gun and walked away in huge strides.

Fan Yuan looked at the man’s tall, large back, and his gaze gradually deepened. Lei Siye, a former mercenary, was an effective general under Han Lang. He turned to look at the highly perturbed Jiang Meng — it was precisely her who killed him in the previous life. Naturally, she was uneasy. uLdMzn

Fan Yuan also understood– faced with the apocalypse, it was a dog eats dog world where you die, I live. It was nothing to sell out one or two people to protect your own life. However, Lei Siye was the first person to be killed by Jiang Meng, that was why she had a particularly deep impression of him.

“Ding, Lei Siye’s favour has increased by one.”


“Ding, Lei Siye’s favour has increased by one.” ZIdcNq

Fan Yuan’s forehead twitched, only one?! He was pretending to be miserable for practically half a day! He thought this guy was the type that looked cold on the outside, but warm on the inside, so he was probably easier to please than that Feng Ze! But the result was that he had a heart made of f*cking stone!

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While he was feeling extremely aggrieved, the female lead took his Browning and placed it in her own pocket. She directed a scornful look at him, “As long as it’s a man, you want to seduce him. Aren’t you too cheap?”

Surprised, Fan Yuan stared at her with wide eyes and quivering lips, “You…how do you know that…I’m….”

Jiang Meng was expressionless, “Not only do I know that you’re gay, I also know that you’re a slut who likes to climb into men’s beds. You’d better not cause any trouble. If you disgrace me again, don’t blame me for being rude to you.” CEznS9

Biting on his lower lip, Fan Yuan put on an extremely aggrieved appearance, trembling as he nodded, “I understand.”

Jiang Meng snorted coldly and rushed forward. Lei Siye’s appearance meant that the army was probably just in front. She was eager to see Han Lang, so whether Jiang Yuan could be obedient or not was the least of her concerns.

Fan Yuan had made a costly bet, pretending to be pitiful to draw out Lei Siye, but unfortunately there hadn’t been much of an increase in favour. Now he had forced the female lead to reveal the original host’s secret in advance, it was truly a bigger loss than gain. Next time, he really had to be more careful.

“Ding, a huge wave of zombies is approaching. Please catch up with the female lead as soon as possible, or you may have to collect your lunchbox in advance.” hXfwHG

Fan Yuan snorted and gave chase, but it wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped. An ability user’s physical fitness and five senses were heightened in comparison to an average person, whereas he was a not-so-healthy teenager. How could he catch up? He watched as the female lead disappeared from his sight and collapsed on the ground, stretching out his Erkang hand and silently calling out, “Sister, you’ve left your nemesis behind!”

Lying on the ground, he gasped for breath for a good while. He simply lay down on his back, facing the sky. The sky of the apocalypse was dull and bleak, always being covered with a layer of haze, and even the occasional passing cloud was also an ugly gray.

After gradually regaining his breath, he said, “Xiao Wu, give me an invisible rune.”

“Ding, copy that.” fBGoQs

With a great deal of heartache, Fan Yuan pasted the rune on his body. He had very few of such high-level things, but it couldn’t be helped. If he died, the mission would fail and he would not only get no reward, but also be punished.

He got up in silence and located a hidden corner to sit in, waiting for the wave of zombies to go away. While waiting, his charm began to burn into ashes. Instead of looking for the female lead in a hurry, he asked Xiao Wu to scan for a safe apartment as a place to temporarily hide.

After arriving at the apartment, Fan Yuan used some of his points to exchange for two barrels of mineral water from the omnipotent system marketplace. These kinds of things were cheap, so he could buy as many as he wanted. Fan Yuan drank a little of the water and used the rest to wash his body and hair.

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He then went around the apartment to pull out a clean set of clothes. The original host’s figure was too slim, so when he wore the average men’s size of clothing, it looked like a size larger. Regardless, Fan Yuan rolled up the sleeves and trouser legs and made do with them. xFLsXl

The actual appearance of the original host was excellent, otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to seduce the male lead with such courage. However, over the course of the past month, he had only been focused on running for his life, so he looked extremely shabby. After a little tidying up, Fan Yuan’s appearance changed from that of a dirty beggar to an elegant and noble young man.

Later on, he got himself cozy on the bed and slept with ease, waiting for the female lead to come back and find him.

Where did he get such confidence? Well, Lei Siye had just met them in the morning, and a few hours later, the female lead appeared alone in front of his army. It was inevitable that a certain someone would wonder how this little brother, the oil bottle, had been dealt with by his sadistic sister.

It had only been one month since the advent of the apocalypse, so most people still retained their sense of humanity. They would never accept a woman with a snake-like heart as their comrade. If she could abandon even her brother, in a formal battle, who would dare to entrust her to have their backs? 5h0Kme

Moreover, the female lead’s act of abandoning him today had merely been the result of an angry tantrum. She still wanted to take revenge on him, so how could she let him die outside so easily?

Fan Yuan slept till the evening, and was finally awakened by Xiao Wu. Dissatisfied, he mumbled, “What’s the matter, Xiao Wu?”

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“Ding, the male lead is approaching.”

The two words “male lead” immediately woke Fan Yuan up. He gave out a soft ‘en’ in acknowledgement. E0co8d

The dark corridor was filled with an unknown smell of decay. Han Lang frowned, feeling even more disgusted with the young man named Jiang Yuan. He had run around without telling his sister, and now that he got separated, it only made his remaining relative more worried and guilty. He must not be a sensible child. Even if he found the boy and took him back, it would just be a waste of resources.

That was what he was thinking, until the moment he opened the door——

A sixteen to seventeen year old boy was curled up within a white sheet, his figure horribly thin. The setting sun reflected its rays against his delicate sleeping face through the window. He was a beautiful and pure boy, wearing clothes that were obviously ill-fitting as they revealed a glimpse of his pale leg and pink toes that shook slightly. It could be seen that he wasn’t sleeping well.

Han Lang unknowingly held his breath as he approached slowly. The boy’s thick eyelashes were covered with glistening tears, and his pale pink cherry lips opened and closed. He leaned over to listen to the boy’s murmuring cries. 7U6wKZ

“Sister, don’t leave me, wait for me……. Sister, I’m really not a piece of waste……”

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His brows furrowed and his chest suddenly rose with a burst of anger — so things turned out to be like this!

The Author has Something to Say:

That’s right, I’m beginning to lose all my morals! This story will probably shock all of you! Those little ones who don’t have enough fighting power, withdraw! All those complaints, take it back! (This slag author has gone crazy. Everyone, please don’t pay attention to her_ (:з」∠)_ ) hdGwdy

Translator's Note

A kind of gun.

Translator's Note

It means to die.

Translator's Note

A discriminatory way to refer to step-sibling.

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