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As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het NovelsChapter 1.9


Traveling one hundred meters in a single second? What kind of crazy notion was that?

If this was a cultivation world, any random person could accomplish  it. After all, if people could even become immortals there, what couldn’t they do? Or if it was in an interstellar system set in the future, this wouldn’t be a strange occurrence. After all, limitless possibilities could be created with a high level of technology. Es5nLU

The key thing here was that this was a Mary-Sue het novel set in the present. Was teleporting something that any ordinary person could do?

Fan Yuan expressed his trepidation.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He furtively eyed the cold-looking male lead-daren. Gu Qi still had that same handsome face and his  actions were still gentle, but for some reason, they seemed to send a chill up one’s spine. Fan Yuan swallowed his saliva, his heart telling him that this was surely a figment of his imagination.

“Xiao Wu, is it possible that the system made a mistake? The male lead looks pretty normal, you know. If he was an anomaly, how could you not pick that up? Dl4AEw

“Ding. The possibility of a system error is virtually zero, but a scan of the male lead did indeed fail to reveal any abnormalities. Every aspect and characteristic completely match with that of the original host. A person not of this world would be unable to accomplish this. But if we eliminate this possibility, we have no way to explain the male lead’s extraordinary abilities.

“He’s the male lead, yeah? His attractiveness is off the charts, his fighting ability is off the charts. Who knows, maybe his 100-meter dash time is also off the charts.”

Xiao Wu: “……”

Fan Yuan felt a little embarrassed. Even he had a hard time believing this logic of his. PdEVpw


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Returning home, Father Gu and Mama Gu were away on a business trip, so there were only a few servants left.

Fan Yuan was taken directly to the bathroom by Gu Qi. Being pushed under the hot spray of water, he subconsciously wanted to run, but was firmly locked in place by Gu Qi. He could only endure the slow soaking of his clothing.

He couldn’t help but put a hand up to block the water from his face and  urgently said, “Ge, what are you doing? This is so uncomfortable.” f9 LuN

Gu Qi locked him in his embrace. His voice was low and rough, as if he was making an extreme effort to suppress something. “Ge knows you’re uncomfortable, but Xiao Yuan, Ge is really uncomfortable too.”

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He firmly pressed Gu Yuan’s hand to his own chest and made him listen to his rapidly beating heart. “Do you hear it? My heart is really uncomfortable. You know why? Because, Xiao Yuan, you were touched by another person.”

“……” Qts atf tfmx  vlv tlr rqffmt rbecv rb kgbcu?

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Gu Qi gently caressed his fair, flawless neck. His eyes dark, he haltingly asked: “Was it here?”

Fan Yuan had become aware that this  situation was not quite right. He wanted to draw back, but he was firmly trapped in place by Gu Qi, unable to take a single step.

His 5’5 frame was shorter than Gu Qi’s by almost 8 inches. His weak resistance and struggles could be almost entirely disregarded and ignored. His delicate brows trembled and his eyes presently shone with panic and fear as he struggled to contain himself and remain calm. Though weak, he was stubborn. All of him emanated an enticing sense of wretchedness. In Gu Qi’s eyes, he was undoubtedly a fatal poison. rZOHYD

Fan Yuan was unaware of all this. He couldn’t struggle free, so all he could do was to soften his words and feel out his brother, saying: “Ge, what’s up with you? I’m a little afraid of you acting this way.”

Gu Qi’s long, slender finger stroked up and down Fan Yuan’s neck, as if wiping it clean. That was the place where Yu Kai had kissed. His actions were ambiguously gentle, his voice mild: “I ought to just straight-up kill him.”

Those who had seen Yu Kai’s total devastation earlier in that day wouldn’t doubt his words. If his blow had been just a little heavier, it was possible that at this moment, Yu Kai would already be dead in the prime of his life.

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Gu Qi hooked a finger under his chin and met his helpless eyes. The violent storm in Gu Qi’s eyes gradually dissipated. The corner of his mouth quirked up as he said, “Your expression now is exactly like it was that day when you came out of the bathroom completely naked. You clearly had that enticing, seductive body, but your expression was so pure. At the time, I thought ‘How can this world have such a beautiful pair of eyes? If he was mine forever, wouldn’t that be perfect?’” UnKasP

“……Ge, you’re kidding, right….?”

What…What kind of freaky circumstance is this…

Gu Qi didn’t answer his question and instead used his actions to answer it. He lowered his head and softly kissed Fan Yuan’s wide eyes. That motion of his was infinitely soft and full of love. The adoration and devotion in that kiss was enough to make even an oblivious idiot like Fan Yuan sense it. For a moment he was  completely unable to respond.

Gu Qi’s forehead gently rested on Fan Yuan’s, his nose rubbing Fan Yuan’s cheek. “Xiao Yuan, I didn’t want to be this hasty, but there’s always someone trying to steal you away from me. I drive out one and another comes to take his place. So annoying! You hate it too, don’t you? We’ve been together since we were small and should continue on just like this.” pWuOLr

“But Gege, we’re both men. Not only that, we’re brothers. You’ll get married one day, have children and have your own life. And I, too, will…”

Gu Qi stretched out his index finger and placed in over Fan Yuan’s lips, preventing him from speaking any more of the words he so disliked. He slowly ran his finger over Fan Yuan’s cherry colored lips and said, “Different blood flows through our veins. Technically, we aren’t considered brothers at all. So what if we’re both men? Doesn’t Xiao Yuan love Gege the most and want to be with Gege forever? Gege promises, from now on, no one will ever come between us again. We’ll have only each other. Okay?”

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Fan Yuan closed his eyes, hiding the chaos in his eyes.

“No problem. Ge knows you’re confused right now. Ge can wait for you, but don’t make me wait too long. My patience has its limits.” mPxu I

Saying that, Gu Qi kissed his cheek. He turned and walked out of the bathroom, leaving Fan Yuan standing stupidly frozen in place.

After a long time, Fan Yuan’s soul finally returned to his body. His voice trembling, he said, “Xiao Wu, I seem to have unintentionally made the male lead bent…”

“Ding. I can see that.”

********** v2WSbf

When Gu Qi returned to his own room,  the first thing he did was to take a cold shower. He waited until the dark flames of desire had dissipated before leaving the bathroom. He poured himself a glass of wine and walked over to the window, taking small, savoring sips.

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“Congratulations on awakening, Master! Gui La is dedicated to serving you ^_^”

The mechanical voice similar to that of Xiao Wu sounded obviously overjoyed. The intellectual capabilities of a system was related to its level. Those that had clear emotions were absolutely at an extremely high level.

Gu Qi appeared to have not heard it. He looked at the distant scenery, his eyes full of a complicated and unfathomable emotion. It was only after a while had passed that he coldly asked, “What’s the situation over there?” sySVn1

“Now, because of Master’s accident this time, everything has turned into a complete mess. Li Yanlong-daren tried several times to reach Master. May I ask if Master has given him a reply?”

“For now, we don’t need to care about him. Since those people love to stir things up, let’s let them stir things up. It just so happens I’ve taken this opportunity to go on vacation.”

“Gui La doesn’t object to Master taking a holiday, but during this period, you have already destroyed three plots, one of which completely collapsed. The other two are still in disarray. Given this trend, being found by Li-daren isn’t a matter of if, but when.”

“Is that a complaint?” 9ysMAB

In the space of a second, Gui La became terrified. “Yingyingying, this lowly slave would not dare~ This lowly slave is only worried, you know~”

Gu Qi didn’t feel like paying him any attention. He put the wine glass down on a small side table, then turned around to go grab a towel to towel off his wet hair.  When he turned his body, he heard the sound of the wine glass shattering. The bright red wine spilled on the ground and stained the carpet blood-red, pretty and flirtatious like fire or a lotus blossom.

He stared blankly for a minute and walked a few steps forward. All of the sudden, his heart felt unexpectedly sore. This kind of pain was not unfamiliar to him. He had deeply experienced it before.

Gu Qi charged into Fan Yuan’s room as if possessed. He kicked open the door only to see Fan Yuan lying in the bathtub, his delicate white skin soaking in the red water. He looked like Sleeping Beauty lying in a thicket of lushly blooming roses, so beautiful people would lose their breath. But those tightly closed eyes would never open again. B3AOyW

He was again one step too late……


Fan Yuan returned to the cultivation room.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ding. Xiao Wu seriously despises the cowardly actions of Master to escape right before the climax.” GwbueQ

“If not escape right before the climax, what else could I do? The male lead is bent now. According to the original host’s lovesick scheming, if I didn’t die, then I ought to live in married bliss with the male lead until death do us part! Go on, look at what the original plot has been warped into. The female lead and the male side character have secretly pledged themselves to each other, the boss was dispatched by the male lead before he finished growing. The male lead not only became bent, he even wanted to spend forever with the gay male love rival. There’s no reason to stay in that world. In any case, the original host died by slit wrists. Me dying like that is not out of place. At least it can give some plot points. But slitting your wrists is so painful.”

“Ding. Although I don’t want to attack Master, the scripts of both volume one and volume two collapsed at the same time. As the responsible party, it’s still unknown whether or not Master will be punished, never mind the plot points.”

Fan Yuan asked incredulously, “Why am I the responsible party here? Is it my fault the plot collapsed? Could I prevent every single person from being OOC? I was the only normal person in that entire world! I even adapted my character to help the male lead advance the plot, so can you give it a rest?! Please be reasonable!!”

“Ding. Okay, Xiao Wu will be reasonable. The male lead was made bent by Master. The male side character fell for the female lead earlier than expected only because he encountered Master. The boss’s secret love turned into a brazen chase due to Master’s extreme actions. If……” omQd1U

The corners of Fan Yuan’s mouth tightened. This little butterfly’s wings were just too impressive. A careless flutter and the plot was blown entirely off course. His bad temper was completely extinguished. “Okay, let’s not talk about it. I know I was wrong. I’ll pay more attention in the next world. I will definitely not strip down in front of the male lead. I won’t do any drastic motions in the midst of anger, either. If everything is going to plan, I won’t go out and blindly hang around. It should be okay like this, right…?”

“Ding. I hope Master will follow through on what he just said. The results of Master’s mission this time have already been evaluated and announced.  The original host’s story-line was not completed and the mission failed, so the rewarded energy has been reduced by half. Experience points have also been reduced by half due to the severity of Master’s OOC. Master indirectly caused the collapse of both the first and second volumes. Taking into consideration the serious trouble Master took and the amount of effort Master put into repairing the plot, Master was let off with this one warning. Would you like to start the next world’s mission now?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Wait a minute! Let me relax a bit first QAQ”

B35N o

Translator's Note

Literally “in defiance of the natural order”(逆天 – nì tiān).

Translator's Note

Literally, “the hot water was splitting the head and covering the face,” “being pelted with the hot water” (劈頭蓋臉 – rè shuǐ pī tóu gài liǎn).

Translator's Note

Literally, “to lose one’s head out of fear”(驚慌失措 – jīng huāng shī cuò).

Translator's Note

Polite form of you.

Translator's Note

Sound effect for crying in a cute manner.

Translator's Note

As its translation suggests, this is a very humble pronoun to refer to oneself(奴家).

Translator's Note

Referring to Fan Yuan.

Translator's Note

Referring to the so-called butterfly effect in chaos theory, this is the idea that the light flapping of a butterfly’s wings may be enough to cause (or at least heavily influence) the formation of a tornado several weeks later.

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